The British legal system run by dangerous madmen

The top masonic scumbag and the royal parasite and her lunatic judicial mafia

Patrick McGoohan in the Prisoner with the masonic black and white squares of the Village

Those inducted into the ranks of the lawyers and judges that run the British legal system are a bunch of deranged megalomaniacs. They have convinced themselves that spending years at university spinning the lies and deceit that masquerade as the foundation for a JUST system of law is a fully functional and world leading legal entity, or so they keep telling the unsuspecting public.

For anyone who has faced years of brutal oppression that emanates from the courtrooms that these fucking twisted lunatics operate out of knows the only thing that comes from CROWN courts are brutal corruption and destruction of any victim getting in the way of their maniacal behaviour and who will find themselves dragged away to the many psychiatric gulags for a large dose of anti-psychotic drug treatment to ensure they can carry on with their wanton destruction and mayhem.

Patrick McGoohan the actor who played and wrote sections of the Prisoner series many years ago was warning us about how the system operates when the drama portrayed him as a secret service agent that resigns and finds himself in the Village where all sorts of psychiatric machinations are used to get INFORMATION from him and it's surprising this even got shown on British TV that clearly shows the lengths the British establishment will go to get their way. Trapped in a psychiatric gulag where it is impossible to escape and the retribution dished out to anyone trying to break free.

For anyone who has faced the madmen in their robes and regalia that operate inside British courts the reality is that these evil bastards are charged with stripping heterosexual families to line the pockets of the ruling royal mafia and are fucking ruthlessly breaking men on a daily basis with many preferring suicide to get away from their utter madness and lunacy. The manner in which they break good men to satisfy the greed of the British royals and the Dukey Kent the terrorist that heads the global network of lunatic freemasons who are embedded in the many layers of the legal and judicial mafia instigating the orders that see men brutally, psychologically and financially torn apart in their quest to use the law to destroy anyone not part of their satanic club and the sinister reasons for stealing children into care homes where they are far from the protection of their biological fathers and into the hands of the perverts that run these dens of iniquity.

There are no words to describe the truly horrific consequences of being a separated father in Britain and all the former colonies of the British Empire where brute force was used to thieve on the grandest of scales by the madmen that MUST BE STOPPED while their gutter rags pump out the legal crap that passes as some sort of legitimate law enforcement and glorifying those at the head of the vile legal snake.

Some of our own members have spent time in these psychiatric gulags for daring to expose the abuse rings that bind this mob together and who use blackmail to ensure their evil regime goes on unabated aided by the godlike status given to them by the madmen running the printing presses that portray them as some sort of force for good. Nothing in Britain is as it seems and HETEROSEXUAL men and their children are the main targets for their evil regime despite what their gutter rags pump out.

For proof check out the Speculative Society in Edinburgh a high level masonic den of mass murdering abusers behind the cover up of Dunblane, Lockerbie Bombing and Shirley McKie fingerprint scandal HERE . Also Atos, Maximus and the DWP the political assassins responsible for the mass suicide of the poorest and most vulnerable sections of British society HERE and the family courts where there are regular cover ups of men who were driven to suicide when their lives had been destroyed by ALL of the above HERE , and only one example of the psychiatric MIStreatment dished out to one of our members HERE

  • The perverts caught running Norway's child protection services (Same thing going on in Britain's child theft network and biological fathers protection is being removed from their children making them vulnerable to attacks by the paedo's running the system for their own perverted ends)