Lawyers the child procurers for paedo's
How can paedo's gain EASY access to children?

Lawyers and judges are deviants with clubs dotted across countries primarily to satisfy the S&M tendencies they enjoy thanks to the power trips they start to venture into once they leave law school and where their ego's have been massaged by law professors when told how THEY and they alone are responsible for keeping law and order.

However once you indoctrinate a group into believing they are an all powerful monopoly very quickly that monopoly becomes corrupt as the initiates find out how easy it is to manipulate laws to enrich themselves. The very bastards who have charged themselves with ensuring multi nationals are not the sole providers of goods and services are the very bastards with the biggest monopoly of all. A global pariah called the LAW SOCIETY that ensures only their interpretation of the law matters.

There is NO ROOM for good lawyers as the system only operates in their interests when they act unitedly to rape and pillage across the globe under the guise of what they and their political allies chant LAW AND ORDER. Those politicians in many respects ALSO lawyers like the Clintons, Obama's and in Britain the Blair's. No coincidence both presidents and Prime Minister's wives just happen to be in the same club. When lies pass as evidence in family courts across the world you get the most horrendous injustices and when those lies leave children vulnerable and without parenting then the real sinister stuff begins a trail that leads right to the controllers who require a steady stream of children to satisfy their satanic lust for young blood especially young boys and lawyers provide the tacky evidence that allows judges(NOT juries) to decide to remove children into care.

This is maybe the most sinister aspect of courts across the globe and that, under the radar, judges have given themselves total control, not only of where a mans wealth is redirected, but where his children will end up and with little critical look from the mass media who happen to have lawyers at their heads dictating what they can and cannot publish. Only that the internet is now exposing the brutal tyranny that lies behind their form of LAW AND ORDER are people beginning to understand that they themselves, at some point in the future, may face what millions of fathers and their children are having to tolerate usually under the guise of helping the poor wee wifey who unwittingly plays into the hands of the paedo procurers by mouthing off the verbiage provided to them by lawyers ensuring they have all the excuses to remove children from the protection of their biological fathers. Those mothers later find out they themselves will see those children removed from their care using the same malicious lies and deceit feeding the paedo empire that sits right at the door of the British Royal family and their freemason minder the Duke of Kent and head of a global network of scum using and abusing children for their own ends.

The royals are so rich because of this network of filth and the blackmail techniques that ensure their masonic lackeys do not deviate from a master plan that is now only breaking the surface thanks to their knighted predatory paedo Jimmy Savile who has opened the gates of hell that leads right into the heart of buckingham palace where all of this monstrous evil emanates.

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