Email to Murdoch's 'The Sun' about the legal mafia
TO THE SUN (cc'd to all the Holyrood mafia)

re: Brief attacks Shock figures reveal one in eight solicitors are attacked for doing their jobs…weeks after lawyer slashed in face outside Glasgow Sheriff Court

I feel that you owe your readers an apology in that you didn't quite tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, with regards to Scotland's legal profession [mafia]. The suggestion that lawyers are somehow more likely to become the innocent victims of crime any more than say, paramedics, health professionals, teachers, taxi drivers etc is utterly shameful.

It appears that your newspaper is becoming a mouthpiece for Scotland's legal mafia. And yes, this is what they are. They are a mafia, in that they collude, they protect each other from the consequences of civil and criminal misconduct, they'll do nearly anything for money (especially cash money) and they routinely go into business with gangsters and other suchlike criminals. They aren't meant to, but this is what they do. I'm surprised you haven't got this figured out yet.

So what was Joe Shields doing 'working' at 7 p.m. a stone's throw from Glasgow Sheriff Court? A court that conveniently finishes early every single nice summers day, sometimes as early as lunchtime, so as the Sheriffs and Lawyers can hit the golf course, or shops.

You took a piece of Law Society of Scotland propaganda and turned it into a piece of legal fiction, for all of Scotland to see. They must have the same stranglehold on you, as they do our politicians.