The Law Society: A global masonic pariah
clinton obama blair with queen
The Obama's, the Clinton's and the Blair's all part of the global law society henchmen regime

You'll here the muppet politico's rant endlessly in the media (their media) about the need for the 'rule of law'. That 'rule of law' has been used by the RULING parasites to feed from the peasants unaware that their form of law does NOTHING to protect the ordinary members of public and everything to protect the power and riches of the Law Society miscreants who pull the strings.

Those strings pulled by everyone controlled, manipulated and blackmailed to do the bidding of the gangsters directing the traffic of money right into the incalculable coffers of the global parasites and pariah acting for and on behalf of Queen Bee Lizzie and her merry band of 5,000,000 masonic henchmen (under the thumb of her patsy the Dukey Kent ).

They impose their 'rule of law' on the dupes and unsuspecting public who are endlessly brainwashed by the controlled media into believing that 'rule of law' is there to protect them and NOT the global ruling elite. We are in the constant process of exposing the devious tricks of the trade and how the 'rule of law' is NOTHING but a nasty bunch of rules and regulations masterminded by the royalist scum and filth to thieve with impunity from peasants directed to enter the schemes of 'BUYING' land, business or property only to later find how easy their laws are used to lever them back into the monopoly racket that has duped millions of men worldwide.