When crooks are left in charge of what is law then you have tyranny

The top masonic scumbag and the royal parasite and her lunatic judicial mafia

Thanks to the massive theft of men's property in divorce into the £billions

The peasants for centuries have been FOOLED into believing that enforcing laws ensure our well being but NOTHING absolutely NOTHING is so far from the truth. As victims of the purveyors of how the legal system gets to dish out harsh punishments against anyone caught up in their criminality the reality quickly sinks in that the law, or those charged with the enforcement of the law, are the utter dregs of the earth who have removed juries to give themselves untold power.

The terror threats claimed in the controlled gutter rags are NOTHING but a smokescreen for the real terrorists who operate out of every law society office across the planet. The more they realise their victims are waking up to what they are all about the punishments get exponentially much harsher and anyone who has stood up to the legal mafia and told them inside their dens of iniquity that they are a bunch of crooks will soon find themselves being accused of contempt and locked up in one of their psychiatric gulags for daring to tell the truth right to their face.

Heterosexual men are the biggest target for the perverts and low life scum who parade in their robes and regalia disguising the fact that beneath the opulent exterior lies the very essence of evil and who, with impunity, murder en masse in the most devious and dangerous way. There is a long trail of heterosexual men who have faced the utter tyranny of these twisted evil bastards and paid a heavy price with their lives when extreme measures are taken to strip good men who have toiled for decades only to find a single solitary masonic judicial pen can remove it all at a stroke.

Make no mistake until the political windbags get to grips with the evil in those courts they themselves will be held accountable for each and every death that occurs due to their failures to rein in a mindset that still operate in some sort of medieval facade that allows them to continue to plunder vast estates. What is worse is that only recently they have been informed they will be getting HUGE salary increases for the damage they are inflicting daily on the peasants and shows a complicity between government and a legal mafia increasingly exposed on the internet for their crimes against the citizenry and who are doing the governments dirty work.

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