ABC Australia SMEAR elderly activist as a terror threat


John left being attacked by thug cops and only one example of the mistreatment of this elderly activist

James Thomas and Jeanavive McGregor are two numbnuts claiming to be journo's who have smeared a 73 year old activist as a terror threat in Australia HERE.

Lawyers control Australia's media as they do globally and John has spent years exposing the crooked judges, lawyers and bankers who have been destroying thousands of Australian citizens using draconian court orders that have allowed them to steal vast swathes of land and property across the country.

So instead of these scumbags hailing him a hero for his efforts to assist others to keep their land and property Thomas and McGregor do a hatchet job and claim in the most ridiculous article maybe ever written in an Ozzie newspaper that a 73 year old retired dentist is a potential threat to the public.

We don't know who put these two gangsters up to this and what information they gathered to present this elderly statesman as some sort of terror threat but as friends and acquaintances of Mr. Wilson for over 20 years we find this misrepresentation of this activist's spirit a massive blot on the landscape of Australia and the lengths Australia's criminal elite will go to stop anyone prepared to stand up to their tyranny.

Satanic EVIL has taken over Australia instigated by freemasons who are controlling the mass eviction of citizens of this country and smearing activists like Mr. Wilson prepared to suffer the appalling treatment and beatings he has been given by the thugs masquerading as law enforcement and court staff when he tried to protect his home and business and who has gone on to assist others in the same position.

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