The Law of the Jungle

A global mafia control the law. When a criminal wants to steal your stuff its done to avoid scrutiny but when the scum and filth that control the law want to steal your stuff, but especially the biggest item you will ever buy YOUR HOME, they make up a law that lets them repossess. No serial criminal can steal your home but the biggest terrorist group across the planet, the global law society, are given carte blanche by the political mafia to steal with impunity under the guise of the law.

Ned's can steal your wallet for a few bucks but the political and legal mafia can convince you that their TAKE on fuel prices is a legitimate tax when it's them rifling through your wallet to help themselves. Energy, one of the major necessities of life, is controlled behind the scenes by governments knowing when they want another cut of your pay packet they just hike the tax and then can seize more of your hard earned dollars.

Few if any governments around the world are really looking after ALL their citizens and until those citizens get a massive wake up call the crooks will continue to plunder the ordinary Joe's until there is very little left to steal and why so many men across the globe are being made homeless and living on the edge thanks to their laws severely fucking up men's lives in the divorce courts they control with an iron fist. A global hierarchy of hand picked freemason's at the very heart of this murderous regime.

There is a dog eat dog mindset now operating within the political and legal systems that are uniting to try and justify the vast theft of the world's resources and no amount of spin, like enforced austerity or regular banking system failures, can stop them pushing their victims from continuing to face a downward spiral into debt and misery that they are inflicting and who are unable to balance the family books while fighting a losing battle to make ends meet.

But how long can these criminals continue to pursue policies that see larger and larger sections of society living impoverished lives? We are long overdue the revolutions that in the past our forefathers were forced to endure to stop the rot that many governments across the world are pursuing to inflict enormous hardship on billions of citizens who are being left out of the asset sharing by those who control the global purse strings and who are lining their deep pockets at the utter expense of everyone else.

It's NOT the good guys that are in power it's the evil bastards that have seized power through subterfuge and a propaganda they generate to claim it is democracy at work but nothing could be further from the truth.