Global judicial tyranny still the biggest killer before pseudo terror

Their lunatic mass media can continue to try and brainwash the sheeple on terrorism threats but the single biggest threat to men's futures are the freemasons disguised as some sort of legal system that is busily stripping men while destroying their families infrastructure .

The chance of a man crossing the path of a terrorist and them doing you harm is probably less than being struck by lightning but the chance of being destroyed by a judge is extremely high. So why do their controlled media bleat on endlessly about terror threats? Because they are using those threats as smoke screens for the mass rape and murder of men across the globe.

Freemasons and the wealth accumulating infrastructure they have built around themselves is devouring wealth on the grandest of scales with total impunity and with Cameron in the UK and Obama in America allowing judges to cause vast destruction while ranting about what is going on across the Middle East that is an enormous distraction to the damage these evil bastards are inflicting on the majority of the male population in their own countries.

NOTHING repeat NOTHING comes close to the vast reservoir of stolen loot and the accumulating dead bodies associated with the freemason gestapo riding roughshod over every right men should have, but torn up when these evil scum come to take the spoils of a lifetime of graft.

The sheeple can blindly be led down the garden path by the gutter media's bullshit, but men are becoming ever more aware of the real threat that creates terror across the supposed democratic WEST that Obama and Cameron are totally responsible for turning a blind eye to the mountain of dead men's bodies caused, NOT by their claim of Middle East terror threats, but by the very scum indoctrinated into the judicial system to fleece and murder on the very grandest of scales and why they call themselves the masters of grand deception 'GRAND MASTERS'.

We personally know of no one who as ever been damaged by a terror attack but we know THOUSANDS destroyed by the organised crime ring of a judicial mafia right across the world and that is from decades of being caught up in their sinister scams they claim is some sort of justice system. We have NEVER had anyone contact us about personal issues regarding so called terror threats but have had literally thousands of communications and queries regarding the judicial mafia and lawyers.