Divorce / family courts have far more destructive power for men than any virus VIDEO

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: The Truth and Timeline of The Case

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Abuse Claims: Australia's Bloody Aftermath! NEW UNCENSORED AUDIO!!

Firstly have a listen to the above recordings that show how Johnny Depp has been having to deal with a psycho golddigging witch using hysterical claims of DV acting as a victim of Depp's 'violent' tendencies. She is even granted a restraining order, and for any married man unfamiliar with that term that allows the legal mafia to virtually wipe out the finances of any man even to the point of being jailed if they dare try and fight back while the mob plunder EVERYTHING from those targeted men.

The judeo / masonic mafia that control the courts and all the crooked judges and lawyers who use the law to support psycho witches who give them the excuse to take charge of men's lives blocking them from entering the homes they may have spent decades paying for, from seeing the children they care for and shutting down their finances to the point they become homeless and destitute, many men prefer suicide to the persecution being meted out by thugs running the courts for their own self enrichment aided by DV hysterical feminist driven females . Men even considering marriage need to listen to the SHIT Depp has had to put up with and then being accused of the very abuse she herself meted out. Every masonic judge would back these wicked bitches as it is their hysteria that feeds the masonic coffers groomed by lawyers all part of the mob.

A false allegation of domestic abuse or violence is enough for these evil bastards to wipe innocent men out and to weaken men not part of their satanic cult by leaving the plunderers richer and the men they plunder much poorer to ensure the long term survival of a group of satanists only to happy to destroy men who dont sell their soul to the devil with the British royals dominating freemason persecution squads via the Dukey Kent and their over 5 million global network of DUPES.

All of this a master plan to keep the self appointed elite living in vast opulence while their dim witted goons do their dirty work and it is heterosexual men not part of their vile cult that face the most horrendous upheavals in their lives when the unchecked powers of secret courts can destroy men at the stroke of a masonic judges pen. That we will continue exposing until men globally fully waken up to what is going on with their brothers and without the distractions like what is happening presently.