Why do the BBC select a homosexual to produce BBC Breakfast?
James Laidler BBC Breakfast producer showing children around the BBC Breakfast studio's

Heterosexual men know the lengths the BBC go in their endless smear campaigns that come especially from BBC Breakfast. Non stop attacks on heterosexual men from the many feminists that control its output. But they also have a homosexual James Laidler behind the production and training and we believe one of the major reasons the BBC are heavily homosexual leaning while anti heterosexual thanks to them selecting male hating feminists and homosexuals for one of the most influential programs on British TV.

Laidler is a peddler of all things homosexual and being allowed to use a major BBC platform, paid by the majority of the population who are NOT homosexuals, and used to smear straight men while glorifying everything to do with homosexuality, lesbianism and feminism.

Here is a background to Laidler who brags on Linkedin that he is a

Board member (BBC Pride/BBC Diversity)

November 2007 – November 2012 (5 years 1 month)Civil Rights and Social Action

Board member of BBC’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender forum which represents such staff and also acts as an advisory service to programme makers on LGBT issues. As well as organising a variety of quarterly events, each attended by hundreds of people, I assisted the BBC Academy in the creation of its new diversity training course.



I am a dedicated journalist, innovative storyteller, and skilled trainer, with extensive experience across television, radio, online, and social platforms.

Professional achievements:
• Senior Broadcast Producer for the UK's most watched morning news programme - BBC Breakfast.
• Created and delivered bespoke training for new journalists across the BBC.
• Described as 'instrumental' in planning and output of BBC News General Election 2010 morning special. Worked directly with show's main anchor to brief, block, rehearse and broadcast.
• Originated the role of Social Media Editor for BBC Breakfast. Conducted extensive audience research before developing and implementing the programme's social presence. Developed social media policy and best practice for BBC News, and trained other teams including staff from the New York Times, Financial Times and Reuters.
• Worked with BBC Breakfast's Executive Producer planning and implementing the relocation of almost 100 staff from London to new facilities in Greater Manchester - part of the biggest relocation in Britain's broadcasting history, and becoming the country's first national news programme to be based outside of the capital.
• Co-ordinated training and piloting for the state-of-the-art gallery automation system ahead of its rollout across BBC News.

  • James Laidler, a producer in charge of "all things social media for BBC Breakfast"

  • James Laidler twitter images including Brighton's Gay pride, Jedward and hot guys(SUSPENDED)