With the new Bond film Spectre getting so much publicity we rerun a previous article on the BOND facade.

Roger Moore recently knighted by the Queen, Sean Connery previously knighted and likely Pierce Brosnan will be next in line for the ceremony. All have played James Bond, the suave, debonair defender of justice, yes as far as the film makers are concerned, but if you live in the UK you may have a very different perspective of what on the surface seems a good idea to have a good looking, well funded, gadget freak working for 'QUEEN' and THEN country. However the myth perpetrated by this Illuminati funded dinosaur is so very far from the truth. If you compare BOND with the movie "THE SKULLS" about the secret society fraternity at Yale University you will see the same sinister connections with the establishment were money, women and fast cars corrupt those so called elite few who can afford the funding to get to Yale and who are later used when in high positions of office to aid the hold the Illuminati have over much of Western society .

Bond does not truly fight for JUSTICE, he fights to protect an illusion and the Illuminati hold on the Western world by corrupt state assassins (Legal and political with royal assent) who will use any means possible to destroy those who expose their devious, corrupt and brutal ways. A country that has the arrogance to call itself GREAT Britain and the British Empire , built on rape and pillage by the British establishment, lost then renamed the COMMONWEALTH makes you wonder what kind of mentality that elite have in using absurdities to promote their very warped perspective of life.

The mass media brainwashing is cleverly seen in James Bond films where the suggestion is, if you protect the establishment you can expect some of those material rewards. Unfortunately living in the UK and watching that machine rob its citizens daily makes that notion seem even more absurd.

Every boys dream of having those material rewards psychologically brainwashes them at an early age to serve the system in the hope of the utopia it suggests will come from that service. MEN eventually realise, in time, this is the very opposite of what happens after being enslaved by it and that by keeping such a system,indeed protecting it, will allow the continued barbarous acts to be perpetrated in the lie they promote. Many men having fallen to it when their home, family and life is stolen by judicial crooks protected by that illusion of fairness. James Bond is a blunt tool of the illuminati to foster false assumptions of the decadence that can flow from supporting such an EVIL system.

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