Johnson in hospital exposes Israeli lobby in total control of the UK

Dominic Raab jewish lawyer and now unelected tory leader and Prime Minister

Deviously the Israeli lobby had been controlling British politics for decades until it was exposed now they are open about it and anyone who dares criticize Israel is labelled an anti-semite. At the last election the zionist leaning gutter rags ensured Corbyn, who supported Palestine and Gaza, was smeared and framed endlessly and allowed the jewish run tory party to walk into 10 Downing street thanks to every English voting tory. They should hang their fucking heads in shame.

DO they work for the best interest of Brits or Israel? Just one look at the streets of Britain shows the vast homelessness they have been responsible for and the mushrooming food banks British peasants are forced to rely on thanks to the tory scum who DO NOT GIVE A FUCK about Britain while endlessly pledging allegiance to Israel and its merry band of global helpers like MOSSAD.

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