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    Israeli police have spent three hours questioning Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
    over whether he illegally accepted gifts from wealthy supporters.
    "Every Couple of Years Israel Launches Horrific Military Campaigns Killing Thousands!" Hanan Ashrawi VIDEO
    Israel cuts working ties with 12 nations VIDEO
    Israel paying bloggers to manipulate online content VIDEO

    As many of you may have suspected, Israel is paying and training internet bloggers to delete, rewrite, and revise internet content to shape public opinion to Israel's benefit. Video of the Israeli-sponsored training programs have been leaked to the web (like the video here).

    Additionally, investigative reporters that infiltrated these groups have reported that Israelis are being trained to spread disinformation and to try to create conflicts among different religious, racial, and ethnic groups if it would benefit Israel. Some of the seminars also encouraged the workers to spread disinformation on the internet and to attempt to recruit free (unpaid) labor. For example, many of these bloggers have been trained to attempt to make friends with you by pretending that they share an interest in your favorite sports team or movie, or that they went to the same school, but they will ultimately try to recruit you to attack other groups or individuals that Israel thinks is against its national interests (e.g., 'Muslims,' 'Russians,' 'Germans,' 'Latinos,' 'United Nations representatives' and 'human rights groups').

    Others have been trained to personally attack, stalk, and harass anyone personally that does not agree with Israel. Not only is this type of behavior a terrible injustice to the accuracy of content (it's actually state-sponsored propaganda), it is also damaging to the public trust because people are being misguided into working as unpaid servants of a government through false pretenses. People really should speak out about this.
    Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson Israeli-American tycoons pledge to punish Israel boycotters VIDEO
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    Israeli military assassinate Palestinian student girl in public VIDEO
    Shimon Peres' funeral was nothing more than a show of Zionism power

    Bill Clinton and Obama at Peres' funeral in Israel

    Blair and Charlie boy at Peres' funeral in Israel

    The whole funeral circus was a show of power by the Zionists because they know the people are on to them now and they know the people know Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism. So what is a better way of showing power through the Zionist media? A good get together celebrating an "Israeli hero" who has just passed away.

    Shimon Peres was no hero he was the "founding father" of Israel who committed war crimes in Palestine with the help from the British government and the UN. The anti-Semitism card is being thrown around a lot in the UK lately labelling anyone who is anti-Israel or anti-Zionism when Zionism has NOTHING to do with Judaism.

    But why is the Zionist media and governments throwing around the anti-Semitism card so much lately? because the simple answer is people are waking up to it all and Labour has a leader who knows all this hence the ridicule, smears and blatant lies in the media. They don't think Corbyn is some leader who can't win a general election they know he can win a general election and that is why they are afraid of him not because of his anti-Zionist stance but because he cares for me and you, yes a politician who cares for us peasants and poor people and they can't have that can they?

    So they had to play (if you like) war games with us and show power and this is exactly what the funeral was, I'm not saying the funeral was fake and I'm not saying Shimon Peres isn't dead he is dead but this was their chance to show us who they all are.

  • Shimon Peres' funeral exposes USA LAWYER presidents jewish leanings VIDEO

    Bill Clinton and Obama at Peres funeral in Israel

    Blair and Charlie boy at Peres funeral in Israel
    Israel has 200 nuclear weapons ‘all targeted on Tehran’ - Colin Powell email leak VIDEO
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    Israeli tells the truth about the zionist occupation of Palestine VIDEO

    Watch this video to see what the best Israeli looks and sounds like, an Israeli who has won friends for the Jewish people worldwide, instead of enemies.

    By Henry Makow Ph.D.

    In his speeches, Miko Peled tells the story of how Zionists literally expelled Palestinian families from their homes and took them for themselves. Sometimes the coffee on the table would still be warm after the Palestinians fled for their lives, ending up in refugee camps in Gaza or elsewhere. The Zionists took their furniture away in truckloads in a scene reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

    Miko's father was a senior officer in the Haganah (IDF). So his mother was offered a gracious Palestinian home in one of Jerusalem's better districts. She didn't accept. She could see that this was fundamentally wrong. She could not accept the pathetic Zionist lie that the Palestinians had fled of their own volition and therefore it was alright to take everything they owned. They fled for their lives. Miko is definitely his mother's son: the rare example of an honest Israeli who can admit the ugly truth and has the decency and courage to state it far and wide.

    Israel was supposed to be a refuge from anti Semitism. Instead it has become one of the major causes of anti Semitism. Watch this video and see what the best Israeli looks and sounds like, an Israeli who has won friends for the Jewish people worldwide, instead of enemies. Peled's father, Matti Peled, was on the General Staff in 1967. After his retirement, he also became a peace activist. Although his grandchild was killed in a terrorist act, he said that under the circumstances, Palestinian terrorism was understandable. After the 1967 war, he called upon the Israeli elite to use the opportunity to establish a Palestinian state and end the conflict once and for all. He predicted the occupation would coarsen and degrade Israelis and he was right. Ironically, Miko Peled, like another dissenter Ilan Pappe, no longer lives in Israel.

    Like Communism, Zionism was a ruse, designed to enlist Jews in the cause of banker world tyranny, a "powerful weapon in a far reaching plan" in the words of banker Louis Marshall. Remarkable in Peled's talk is his conviction that the Jewish injustice to Palestinians is unsustainable and that conciliation is inevitable, better sooner than later.

  • Inside Israel's Mossad VIDEO
    UN concerned about Israel use of excessive force VIDEO

    But still take no action and its taken them a very long time
    Israeli nuclear whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu has been indicted for violating his release terms VIDEO
    Transgender Euro winner a zionist leaning Israeli

    Sharon Cohen , professionally known as Dana International and born Yaron Cohen , is an Israeli pop singer of Yemenite Jewish ancestry. She has released eight albums and three additional compilation albums, positioning herself as one of Israel's most successful musical acts ever. She is best known as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 in Birmingham with the song "Diva".

    Assigned male at birth, Sharon discovered that she was transgender at an early age, and came out as a trans woman when she was 13[when?]. She underwent sex reassignment surgery in 1993 and in that year released her first album, Danna International, basing her subsequent stage name on it. After consolidating her initial commercial success with the albums Umpatampa (1994) and Maganuna (1996), she was selected in 1998 to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest with her song "Diva". Placing first at the international competition, she came to public attention throughout Europe.


  • Israel appoints terror apologist as new UK ambassador VIDEO
    UK protesters accuse Thales of profiting from “Israeli crimes” VIDEO
    Jewish group seeks to battle BDS movement VIDEO

    A Geneva-based organization representing the world's Jewish communities is attempting to counter an anti-Israeli movement on college campuses. The president of the World Jewish Congress said the body plans to send people to campuses around the world to train students on how to respond to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, BDS. Ron Lauder also accused the BDS campaign of trying to destroy Israel. The American billionaire promised to fight against the movement by cutting donations to campuses. The BDS is a global movement aimed at banning Israeli entities that are involved in the violation of Palestinian rights.
    Israel seals Gaza's only crossing over Jewish holiday of Purim VIDEO
    Israel hires lawyers to battle global boycotts VIDEO

    Global legal system controlled by zionist / freemasons
    Israel HAS Killed Americans From The Crew Of The USS LIBERTY To Rachel Corrie!" VIDEO
    Israeli's storm Palestine Today TV offices in Ramallah VIDEO
    Hitler: Israel is HQ of Future Jewish World State
    Otto Wagener briefly headed the Nazi SA and was Hitler's constant companion from 1930-1932. Wagener's memoirs reveal that Hitler clearly understood the Masonic Jewish banking conspiracy yet chose to serve it.

    He attacked its appendage (the USSR) instead of its heart, the City of London. This is more evidence that Hitler was an Illuminati agent and false opposition.

    "In the years 1931 and 1932, I accompanied Hitler on most of his very frequent trips. In 1931, the first year of my marriage, I spent only 42 days in Munich. All the rest of the time, I was travelling with Hitler, usually by car....'Germany' was our only thought -- the German volk and the German future." (177)

    by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    According to Otto Wagener (1888-1971), Hitler said in 1932 the Jews wanted Israel not as a "homeland" but as a "worldwide Jewish headquarters." They "intended in time, [to use their] international financial power -- to seize absolute control of the destinies of all the peoples in the world." He said the ultimate goal was a "the expansion of the League of Nations into a kind of world state."

    "Then, if this world state [were] able to wield military might... as a world police -- then Judah will finally have stabilized its financial power in the world." " [This will be] guaranteed and secured by the... international military force into which the oppressed are conscripted to to serve their oppressors. That is the meaning of Palestine!"

    He said this will fulfill the promise of the Old Testament: "'All nations shall be subject to you , their kings shall serve you.'" He said "This financial power would be broken once and for all by our idea of [printing] currency" but world Jewry and its myriad allies in industry and commerce will oppose this measure. That's why Hitler swore his confidants to secrecy. ( Above quotes, pp. 187-188)


    Hitler opposition to the banker agenda is questionable. He knew that the British Empire was the instrument of the Masonic Jewish world conspiracy. He compared Britain to a private company: "The governing board is the government -- or rather, the Masonic lodge organization behind the government." (154) The Protocols of Zion told Hitler that Freemasons were errand boys for the Jewish Satanists. Hitler knew that Soviet Communism is Jewish Cabalism, i.e. Satanism, Freemasonry. He knew the USSR was established by British and American Freemasonry. Yet he insisted that Germany and England were natural allies in the war against Communism. He told Wagener:

    "England also recognizes the danger Russia presents. England needs a sword on the continent. Thus our interests are the same-- yes, we are even dependent on one another. If we are overrun by Bolshevism, England falls as well. But together we are strong enough enough to counter the international danger of Bolshevism." (157) Wagener, lamented that Hitler didn't recognize that England would regard an empowered Germany as a threat and would throw its weight with Russia rather than against it. Hitler kept insisting on a racial bond between Germany and England despite the evidence of Jewish interbreeding with the English aristocracy. They were part-Jewish just like he was.

    He knew that Russia is a Masonic-Jewish entity: "National Socialist Germany cannot enter into alliances with Russia. Rather, I see Jewry's determination to use Russia as a springboard from which direct the removal of the existing order in other nations as well! ...the Comintern is purely Jewish." (167) Hitler failed to acknowledge that the UK and America had already succumbed. His obtuseness may be due to the fact that he was financed by the same London and NYC-based Masonic Jewish bankers he was railing against.

    Below, I list some articles that support my view that Hitler was false opposition. His role was to smoke out all opposition to satanic world domination and lead it to destruction. He was able to play this role effectively because, I suspect, he was a multiple personality. He may have been trauma brainwashed at Tavistock during an eight-month period in 1912.

    Wagener was a genuine German patriot, not an opportunist and traitor like Hitler. He raised contradictions and asked embarrassing questions about Hitler's and Goering's finances. He was almost murdered during the SA purge of 1934. By happenstance, the truck carrying him and fellow SA veterans to their execution broke down and they were transferred to a jail. Friends were able to secure his release. Wagener later served in the Wehrmacht and rose to the rank of Major General. He was interned from 1945-1952 when he wrote his memoirs. They express a level of intelligence and culture rarely seen today.

    In conclusion, in May-June 1940 England lay prostrate. Hitler had an opportunity to pluck out the heart of the Masonic Jewish money monopoly that holds mankind in its thrall. Instead he allowed 330,000 British and Allied soldiers to escape at Dunkirk, proof that he was their agent, not their nemesis.

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    Israel Suspends Communication With European Countries Involved In Palestinian Peace Process VIDEO

    Or the countries that wont play along with Israel's murderous plans
    Poll: 53% Of Israelis Support Execution Of Palestinians With NO Trial! VIDEO
    You Want People To Say To Israeli's "Masters You're Doing Good With Your Settlements and Killing" VIDEO
    War criminal Netanyahu Holocaust remarks condemned (Gaza holocaust denier) VIDEO
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    Satanic zionist Israel using thousands of Gaza children as sacrificial lambs for their devil VIDEO

    1991 Palestinian children killed by Israel since 2000
    ‘Israel may have one of biggest nuclear stockpiles in the world’ – whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg VIDEO
    Israel Gaza War Crimes VIDEO

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  • Petition: Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes when he arrives in London
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    Israeli rabbi charged with sexual assault of women who sought his counsel VIDEO
    10% rise in physical violence against Palestinian child detainees by Israel VIDEO
    Israeli banks fear EU boycott VIDEO
    Jewish people from around the world are becoming increasingly more critical of Israel VIDEO

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