Homelessness doubles in five years in London
The number of people sleeping rough in London has surged by 13 per cent in a year, more than doubling the total since Boris Johnson became Mayor.

The official annual count recorded 6,437 in 2012-13, including 4,353 sleeping on the streets for the first time. Almost half were British citizens but more than 600 were from Poland and nearly 500 from Romania. Experts said the increasing numbers were a consequence of housing benefit cuts, soaring rents and the closure of a dozen hostels and day centres — leaving 784 fewer emergency beds in the capital. Leslie Morphy, chief executive of the Crisis charity for the homeless, said: “The Mayor pledged to eliminate rough sleeping in London by 2012.

Instead today we see that the number of people sleeping on the capital’s streets — in absolute destitution in one of the world’s richest cities — has more than doubled on Boris Johnson’s watch.” Ms Morphy called on the Mayor to demand that the Government reverses the housing benefit cuts which she blames for the rise in homelessness and rough sleeping. “Continuing failure to do so will lead to more of his citizens facing the horrors of life on the streets,” she said. There were 3,017 rough sleepers in 2007-8 — the period immediately before Mr Johnson became Mayor.

However, today’s report from the Combined Homelessness and Information Network shows that he has had some success in preventing people spending a second night sleeping rough. Some 75 per cent of people new to the streets did not spend a second night sleeping there — up from 70 per cent the previous year and 62 per cent the one before. The Mayor’s No Second Night Out initiative introduced public helplines for reporting rough sleepers, meaning they are more likely to be contacted by outreach workers and given help. This has also been a reason for the rise in the official count of rough sleepers. UK citizens accounted for 47 per cent of those sleeping out — with the next biggest group, 28 per cent, from Central and Eastern Europe.

There were 615 Poles, more than 50 per cent higher than three years ago, and 497 Romanians — a fivefold increase on the same period. At the end of this year Romanians and Bulgarians, of whom 60 were found sleeping rough, will gain the same access to work in the UK as other EU citizens, prompting fears of a further increase. About half of the Central and Eastern Europeans ended up on the streets within 12 weeks of arriving in the UK. The bulk of rough sleepers — 2,442 people - were found in Westminster.

Mental problems were found in 44 per cent of rough sleepers, alcohol dependencies in 41 per cent and drug problems in 28 per cent. About a third have been in prison and 10 per cent in the armed forces. Of the 6,437 total, 1,413 had slept rough the previous year — while 671 had returned to the streets after at least a year in accommodation.

Darren Johnson, a Green member of the London Assembly, said: “The Mayor has helped more people off the streets but has failed to tackle the reasons why they end up there. “He has supported welfare cuts, overlooked cuts to homelessness services and opposed reforms to our private rented sector.”

    There is a definite conspiracy within western governments to weaken men who were former soldiers. There is hardly a day goes by that we don't hear of a former soldier struggling to cope on civvy street after supposedly fighting for his country or at least the powers that be forcing young men into illegal wars. In Britain ex-soldiers are regularly found on the streets homeless and penniless and were even local councils do not see injured men as a priority and now the latest fiasco in that the state murdering machine ATOS is DELIBERATELY providing the ammo for the DWP to refuse injured servicemen welfare benefits.

    Divorced men have seen how the system has weakened them with family courts stripping them of their estates and children and thrown onto the streets homeless and penniless . The powers that be clearly do not want ex-soldiers with the training to kill turning on the very same government that sent them to war and why there is growing evidence that they are undermining those men by severely weakening them to the point were they are withdrawing state assistance even for the most seriously injured and clearly to take away any strength they might have that may be used against the scum and filth now using all arms of the state to weaken men not part of their creepy satanic secret society network.

    We have had discussions with the HELP FOR HEROES group who themselves see this as a major problem but are unaware of the reason why so many ex-soldiers are treated abysmally and end up on the street.

  • Hundreds of injured ex-soldiers declared fit for work by Atos Healthcare
  • THOUSANDS OF British soldiers are living on the streets
  • Invisible People Fighting Homelessness VIDEO

    For anyone who is sitting comfortably in their home watching this, if serious efforts are not made to unite globally on this most important of issues many more, which may include yourself, could end up on the streets homeless and penniless. For anyone who thinks they are immune ask any man who has been kicked out of their home by the masonic mafia stripping men of their estates in a global attack on men not part of their creepy satanic network of self enriching power.
    Robert homeless in Seattle VIDEO
    Hidden hungry as half a million people forced to use food banks to help to stave off hunger
    foodbank queue

    And what is even more astonishing is that these stats are published by the same evil RAG that supports the vile tory policies that have led to this state of affairs in the UK were victims are being left to literally starve. Sanctions similar to those imposed on foreign countries to force them to comply with Western dictatorships are now being used on our most vulnerable citizens leading to at least 32 deaths a week thanks to this wicked system.

    Up to half seeking help were doing so as a result of benefit payments delay. Biggest provider of food banks reported a trebling of people needing help

    Shocking figures have revealed that more than half a million people across Britain are now forced to use food banks to stave off hunger, the government was warned today. Up to half of those seeking help were doing so as a direct result of having benefit payments delayed, reduced or withdrawn, a report by Church Action On Poverty and Oxfam said. Other factors behind the increase on those using emergency help - the 'hidden hungry' - include rising food prices, unemployment and energy costs.

    The charities accused the Government of failing to properly monitor the numbers now resorting to emergency help. The Commons work and pensions select committee should launch an urgent investigation into 'the relationship between benefit delay, error or sanctions, welfare reform changes and the growth of food poverty', they suggested. Energy Secretary Ed Davey told MPs this month that it was 'completely wrong to suggest that there is some sort of statistical link between the benefit reforms we're making and the provision of food banks'.

    The charities drew a direct link however with the Government's two-year below-inflation cap on working-age benefit increases. 'There is clear evidence that the benefit sanctions regime has gone too far and is leading to destitution, hardship and hunger on a large scale,' the report - Walking the Breadline - concluded.

    'There is a real risk that the benefit cuts and the introduction of Universal Credit... will lead to even larger numbers being forced to turn to food banks. 'Food banks may not have the capacity to cope with the increased level of demand.'

    It said: 'The national minimum wage and benefit levels need to rise in line with inflation in order to ensure than families retain the ability to live with dignity and can afford to feed and clothe themselves and stay warm.' Referrals to food banks by Government agencies should be recorded, monitored and published to give a clearer picture of the extent of the dramatic recent rise in use of the facilities, the report said. And there should also be independent monitoring of the new Universal Credit to assess its impact. The UK's biggest provider of food banks has reported a trebling of the numbers using them to more than 350,000.

    But the charities said at least half as many again were receiving help from banks run by organisations other than the Trussell Trust. Oxfam CEO Mark Goldring said: 'Cuts to social safety-nets have gone too far, leading to destitution, hardship and hunger on a large scale. It is unacceptable that this is happening in the seventh wealthiest nation on the planet.' Niall Cooper, Church Action on Poverty CEO and the report's lead author, said: 'Food banks are not designed to, and should not, replace the 'normal' safety net provided by the state in the form of welfare support.'

  • Anthony homeless in Chicago VIDEO
    John homeless in Portland, Oregon VIDEO

    John is relativity famous in Portland, Oregon. I first heard about him while talking to a barista at Starbucks. One of the other employees has started work on a documentary about John's homeless life. Then, after walking back from a meeting with a small group of people, one of my friends starts sharing the story of an interaction with a homeless person she had earlier. No sooner does she end the story, there's John! I introduce myself and start sharing about me work, but before I could finish John pulls out an Invisible People business card I had left at the Starbucks earlier. It's as if we were meant to find each other.

    John is very candid about how he ended up homeless. At 9 years-old he was molested and abused. For most of his young life he repressed all of the horrible memories. Then in his 30s, the memories started to surface causing PTSD. John eventually was unable to work. He lived in his car for a bit, but when his car was towed, his only choice was homelessness.

    For nearly 7 years, John drifted throughout the south, spending most of his time in small towns in Texas. John's self-esteem was at it's lowest. He didn't take care of himself. He didn't wash or clean! At the time, John weighed over 300lbs and survived by eating thrown-away chicken and donuts out of dumpsters. John has always been a spiritual person. One night, outside a Chili's restaurant in Texas, John saw a vision of Christ. In John's own words "it helped me regain my heart a little bit, and I have been climbing ever since."

    John says that most folks don't realize that the homeless people you see are "the walking wounded." Many have been abused beyond imagination, and everyone has a story. John's third wish is that Christianity start acting out of kindness. He'd like to see people act out of kindness and love instead of preaching and being judgmental. Amen to that!
    Veterans and Homelessness VIDEO
    Bobby on the streets in Chicago homeless VIDEO
    Bullying American Cop slashed Homeless Man's Tent VIDEO
    Homelessness on the rise in America VIDEO

    Mike takes responsibility for ending up homelessness. He had some sober time, but after an illness regressed back to old behaviors. Now, Mike wants to better his life and get out of homelessness, but more often than not, homeless services doesn't make it easy for people to get off the streets. I met Mike while walking across a downtown street in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We struck up a conversation, and being honest, I was not sure he was homeless. I asked him if he wanted some socks and that's when the conversation changed. In this interview Mike shares how hard it is to go to a job interview when you don't have buss money or clean clothes.

    The local shelter kicks people out into the cold at 6am everyday, and with no resources to go look for work. People are not allowed back in to the shelter until 7:30 at night. As much as I hate this model of kicking people out during the day it is very common. Normally, business and public services don't open until 9am, so homeless people have to wander around outside even in freezing weather. Mike told me the shelter makes people blow into a breathalyzer to get in at night. I understand and actually support abstinence based models as long as there are other 'low barrier' options in the community available. Alcohol and drugs eventually take over a person's life and they cannot simply quit. By only allowing sober people into the homeless shelter in severe weather states like Minnesota, chronic alcoholics are then refused services when they need them the most.
    DAVID: HOMELESS ON THE STREETS OF AMERICA(The land of the free right?) VIDEO

    David worked as a chimney sweep for 23 years in Minneapolis, but when the economy crashed, work slowed and he lost his job. Both David and his wife ended up homeless going from shelter to shelter. Right now they are couch surfing, staying in a over-crowded apartment with friends.

    I cannot imagine living homeless in Minnesota. David tells the story of how they lived under a freeway bridge for a time, and were lucky to not be hurt when the bridge collapsed.
    Can abnormal behaviour affect the welfare policy debate?
    mick philpott Is there a case for regarding Mick Philpott’s behaviour as in some way, normal enough, common enough, to dictate welfare policy?

    In my reporting experience, what he did was wildly aberrant, abnormal, horrific, and indicative of very little beyond the need to spot, and respond, to so dangerous an individual at a much earlier stage in their development. Some six months ago the excellent Channel Four News fact-checker Patrick Worrall came up with the statistic that there are thirty families in the whole of the UK with eleven children, who like Philpott, have claimed child benefit.

    See this link to see the figures – the vast majority of claimants have just one (over 600,000), or two (400,000), children. The idea that an entire system should be re-jigged to cope with a lunatic who burnt to death half the children he’d fathered seems questionable at the least. It is unfortunate for both the proposed welfare reforms, and claimants themselves, that they should have become ensnared by something that almost certainly revolts them as much as it does the policy makers themselves.

    All I can do to assist, is to commend our Mr Worrall’s researches. They render the true state of affairs with enviable clarity.

  • DWP JSA Sanction Targets Exposed VIDEO
    Welfare reforms will have 'devastating' impact on benefit claimants
    atos killer

    The UK Government's welfare reforms will have a "devastating" and "often shocking" impact on benefits claimants, Citizens Advice Scotland has warned.

    Disabled people and their families stand to lose a total of more than £1bn in benefit payments, the charity said. Meanwhile tens of thousands of families have already lost their entitlement to tax credits as a result of cuts made last year, a report by Citizen Advice Scotland (CAS) said. The report is published on the same day that Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith visits Scotland and comes 18 months after CAS published a paper estimating the impact that UK Government's welfare reforms would have.

    The new report points out that more than 100,000 people will lose their entitlement to sickness benefit and more than 50,000 will lose entitlement to payments for disabilities. Tens of thousands of families lost their entitlement to tax credits in April last year. "Bureau have seen a significant rise in the number of clients who require a referral to a food bank or charity as they cannot afford food," the report also notes. Susan McPhee, CAS head of policy, said: "Today we have the real evidence of what has actually happened, as seen by Citizens Advice Bureau advisers across the country. Our predictions were worrying enough. The real picture has been worse. "We expected families and individuals to struggle as their incomes were cut. However, the extent of this struggle has been even worse than we had anticipated, and often shocking.

    "We did not expect, for example, to see so many people fall through the 'safety net' so completely that they would be unable to feed themselves. But this is increasingly the reality for many people in Scotland." She claimed the changes would take £2.7bn out of the Scottish economy, saying this would delay any chance of economic recovery. She also warned of the impact of changes still to be implemented - such as cuts in housing benefit for those deemed to be under-occupying their home.

    This change, which has been dubbed the 'bedroom tax' would be the "next major blow " Ms McPhee said. She added: "What concerns us most is the devastating impact these measures are having on real people, on their health and wellbeing." CAS argued the changes to housing benefit for those with spare bedrooms would have a "disproportionate impact on people with disabilities" stating that of the 105,000 households in Scotland affected by this, 83,000 include a disabled person.

    A range of benefit changes "have impacted on families across the country and across income brackets," the report said. These include the scrapping of the Health in Pregnancy Grant, restrictions in eligibility for the Sure Start Maternity Grant, the freezing of Child Benefit rates, and a tightening of the eligibility rules for tax credits, with CAS estimating that 73,300 families lost Child Tax Credits worth around £545 per year in April last year. Meanwhile the benefits cap, which will restrict the total amount a household can receive to no more than the average weekly wage for working households, will affect 4600 families in Scotland, according to the report.

    It stated: "The Government's series of benefit reforms, changes and cuts have had significant consequences for thousands of people across the country. "People with disabilities are facing significant cuts in support; families are coping with the loss of their tax credits, many jobseekers are facing hardship due to harsh sanctions, and Housing Benefit claimants are struggling with reduced support." While the report accepted "public opinion supports many of the policies that are causing these problems" it added: "This opinion is not based on the experiences of real people who are living through these policies.

    "Citizens advice bureau see these people every day and are able to provide an insight into the experiences of their clients who have found themselves on the wrong side of the Government's welfare reforms. "As benefit changes continue to be implemented, it is not the impact assessments or economic analyses that really matter. It is the impact on real people, on their health and wellbeing, which determines the success or otherwise of government policies."

  • Tory ratbag Iain Duncan Smith heckled by protesters in Edinburgh
  • Senior USA citizens help feed the hungry VIDEO
    Jobcentre sanctions: 'Your money is stopped, you go into freefall' VIDEO

    Record numbers of jobseekers are being 'sanctioned' - losing all of their benefit for weeks or months if they are deemed to be not trying hard enough to find work. Here we find out what happens to claimants when this happens, and reveal the pressure on jobcentre staff to cut off people's money.
    Rob VIDEO

    Probably hundreds of people walked by Rob on Hollywood Blvd. The very few that gave money didn't stop long enough to actually meet Rob and listen to his story. Rob sat on the most famous sidewalk in the world while most of the world passed by as if he was invisible. Rob doesn't want to be called homeless. He prefers the term "domestically challenged". Rob says his story is the classic sob story. Ron was working putting himself through college. He was even engaged to be married. A drunk driver hit his car. The accident started a downward financial spiral, and over time, the end result - Ron lost everything and hasn't been able to recover since.

    The night before this interview Rob slept on the streets in Hollywood, which is illegal. Rob has actually been ticketed for sleeping outside. It's very sad, and very costly to taxpayers, that communities continue to increase the criminalization of homeless people as a solution to ending homelessness! Rob speaks very candid about the recidivism of homeless people being placed into housing and, mostly because the housing was a wrong fit, or lack of community, or real support, the person goes back to living on the streets. Its the side of the housing first model you don't often hear about. The pressure to get housing placements up is felt by all homeless services. Often to meet those numbers, people are placed in housing that is not a match for their needs. The pressure needs to be placed on getting people into the right housing and not just any housing!

    When I asked Ron for his three wishes he responded "eating, sleeping, or for using the bathroom there should never be a charge!"Distributed by OneLoad.com

    There is NO excuse for poverty NONE. We are being fooled into believing poverty is an incurable disease , or so the ruling global mafia and their twisted propaganda machines would have us believe. If you tell a massive lie for long enough, as they have done throughout history, the sheeple can be fooled into thinking that it is the truth including the fact that there has seldom if ever been one single solitary political leader that has prioritised poverty at the top of their agenda.

    The political elite are all handpicked into positions of power who then work only for the global elite and to sustain large sections of the global population in abject poverty, ensuring the vast bulk of the world's wealth is in the hands of the few pulling all the strings. However things are changing or at least one part of the conspiracy has changed dramatically in that the control of the free flow of information is now heavily biased in favour of the peasants who previously had no influence over how information was dissected. When you have the utter scum and filth running the media like Harmsworth (Associated Newspapers) and Murdoch (News Corporation) who provide their global masters the platforms to endlessly explain WHY poverty will forever be a scourge on the landscape of planet earth they hope their propaganda machine will continue the reign of terror and fear that they create to stop the citizens of this world uniting, NOT for the greater good of these mobsters , but to raise the level of the planets population so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve a decent life instead of continuing to look at the ruling mafia as something to aspire to. That is not some utopian dream that is the reality if the mass of the world's population put their minds to the task of achieving that goal.

    These are the most heinous scum on the planet who have incalculable wealth thanks to the murderous history of their forefathers and nothing to do with their philanthropic kindness. The British Royal family are a perfect example as to how the sheeple have been browbeaten into looking up in deference at these despots as some sort of moral compass when their only talent is that they are the feckless offspring of some of the most evil bastards on the planet who have gained that wealth through the raping and pillaging of the globe via British Empire building.

    There is no doubt the self appointed ruling elite's systems are failing as more of the population become aware of the schemes that they have used to keep the peasants in their lowly place and poverty is the major way of ensuring the peasants remain subservient to their global masters. Poverty should be a priority for every human being on the planet who has any conscience and who should be aware that failing to follow the ruling mafia's agenda will lead to the very abject poverty that so many of their victims have succumbed to through no fault of their own. Ask any man who has been stripped of his life's work by their judicial mafia and who found out how quickly abject poverty can be imposed on decent men purely by the greed and legal systems of the ruling elite.

    Their ivory towers are sitting on very rocky ground, and they know it, as their victims unite to expose and explore alternative ways to circumvent their banking, political and legal machinations that have , up until recently, kept them in control , but for how much longer? Ask any Cypriot peasant how quickly these bastards can take away their life savings ONLY because THEY control the very banks that have captured their money?


    Last year Street Treats, a new social enterprise helping homeless people, launched at SXSW. I was there but most of the world didn't hear about it because the noise from Homeless Hotpots was maddening. Street Treats only ran one ice cream cart last year, but it was such a success, they are launching with four vending carts at this year's South By South West Interactive. If you've been following me you already have heard me talk about Alan Graham, who is near tops on my hero list. Alan runs catering trucks in several cities because he believes by giving our homeless friends a choice he is also giving them dignity.

    I agree with Alan. Just think about it. True homelessness is absence of choice. A homeless person rarely has any say in how life is thrown at them, When one of Alan's Mobile Loaves & Fishes catering trucks pulls up, a homeless person can walk up and make their own choice of food. That choice helps Mobile Loaves & Fishes build relationships, which they then use to rapid house people in used RVs. That's right, Alan has his own "Texas Style" version of the housing first model he calls "community first".

    Today I was invited to a training and started to talk to a few of the homeless vendors. To my surprise, they are not living in a shelter. All of them are sleeping outside. To me, that makes this program even so much cooler. See, often opportunities like this go to sheltered homeless. Providing a social enterprise for streets homeless people takes a lot of trust on everyone's part. That trust alone my be better at restoring a life than the money these vending carts will generate. For the next few days you'll be seeing these vending carts all around downtown during SXSW. Please take a moment and buy an ice cream or coffee, and please make sure to leave HUGE TIPS. Remember, helping homeless people is not only delicious - IT"S GOOD!
    Billy Ray Harris Billy Ray Harris enjoys massive windfall after returning diamond ring

    A HOMELESS man who returned an engagement ring to its owner after she accidentally dropped it in his cup has received more than £100,000 in donations to help him off the streets. Billy Ray Harris discovered the platinum and diamond band about an hour after Sarah Darling dropped some spare change into his cup. She had taken off her ring earlier due to a small rash and put it in her purse, before pulling it out with the coins.

    Realising her mistake the next day, Sarah frantically dashed back to Billy’s spot and told him that she might have given him something valuable. “Was it a ring?” Billy recalled asking her. "And she says, 'Yeah.' And I said, 'Well, I have it.' " Sarah thanked him and handed the beggar, who had been living under a bridge, all the cash she had in her wallet.

    But soon afterwards, Sarah's grateful fiancé set up a website to raise donations for Billy after his selfless deed earlier this month. By this morning, more than 6,400 people had donated more than $152,000 (over £100,000) to the pot. Sarah, from Kansas City, said: "It seemed like a miracle. I thought for sure there was no way I would get it back.

    "I think in our world we often jump to like the worst conclusion, and it just makes you realise that there are good people out there." When asked why he gave back the ring, Billy – who now has enough money for a three-bedroom house in Kansas City – put it down to his religious upbringing. He said: "My grandfather was a reverend. He raised me from the time I was six months old and thank the good Lord, it's a blessing, but I do still have some character."

    On their giveforward.com page, the couple wrote: "Billy Ray Harris is a great man who could use some help. "You may have heard the stories. A friend of my wife's told a local Kansas City news station, KCTV. They ran a story, and it went viral big-time, eventually being picked up by many national and international news outlets. "After friends expressed interest in helping out Billy Ray I put this site together to take donations for him.

    "All donations will be given directly to Billy Ray at the end of the 90 day GiveForeward Campaign. Thank you for your generosity." One donor who gave $1,000 wrote on the GiveForward page: "I'm not sure of how you ended up in your situation, but after what I witnessed you do, I am most definitely sure that you are a honest man with a good heart."

  • Billy Ray Harris donate page
    Mark Smithies and Jess Railton
    20 billion dollars

    We have just obtained a new batch of $20,000,000,000 notes to hand out to the homeless.
    Guido v Owen Jones on Philpott VIDEO

    Once again NYPD officers have been caught on video tape beating a half sleep homeless man and then arresting him on false charges to meet their quotas. Had this savage beaten not been captured on video tape, this homeless man would be facing prison time for a slew of bogus charges.

    Only now are the American people beginning to understand why Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants everyone disarmed but the police. This organized crime syndicate wants to secure a monopoly on safety and security by banning guns so citizens will be forced to depend on the NYPD for protection.

    This police protection comes in the form of ticket extortion, brutality, racial discrimination, rape, robbery, false arrest, murder ...there is literally no crime an NYPD officer has not been caught committing.


    In the UK the sheeple believe there is a democracy and that Eton groomed rich kids have been voted into power thanks to an election system that they assume is FAIR when it is rotten to the core. Today the MP parasites who operate for the sole interest of the Royal parasite herself will vote to limit increases in benefits for the poorest sections of society to 1%.

    The argument coming from Cameron's hatchet man Iain Duncan Smith is that WHY should benefits increase more than wages? This is backed by the feeble minded Clegg helping run a country with only 57 MP's thanks to a patently flawed democracy that see these evil bastards groomed by old Lizzie's henchmen at Eton, next door to Windsor castle, are guaranteed political power thanks to the freemason press and tv barons who refuse to give any political party a platform unless rubber stamped by the Royal mafia.

    Also the tory scum and filth are railroaded into power by their rich tax dodging backers and why their policies are always heavily biased in favour of the rich while they cripple the poor with ever tightening screws on the financial system that ensures the rich prosper while the poor are kept in their lowly place.

    Until the morons waken up to the fact that what they assume is a political system that promotes fairness, justice and equality is a corrupt network of the utter scum and dregs of the earth lining their pockets and the UK's establishment using very warped propaganda. How 1% of peanuts can be classed in the same way as 1% of decent wages shows the lengths these bastards will go to justify murdering the poor with crippling reductions in the already paltry sums that are a drop in the ocean compared with the trillions being fleeced by the tax dodging corporations funding the tory filth. Even the labour party are a patently weak alternative to a political system now run by evil bastards that would not look out of place at a Gestapo meeting.


  • UK Penalising the poor: Lib Dem MP vows to vote against her own Coalition's benefits cap

    Once again the BBC miss the opportunity to show the MEN slung onto the street due to draconian divorce methods perpetrated by crooked crown judges on behalf of crooked lawyers and banks. The suggestion is it is ONLY the banks that ultimately are behind the mass ejection of victims of both genders but they never touched the MAIN ISSUE where men are part of the raid on their estates by the freemasonic hierarchy who are behind the ruling mafia's evil plans.

    Last March, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter outlawed serving meals to the homeless in city parks, citing health concerns as the primary reason for the ban. Chosen 300, a private charity with a mission to serve the city's homeless, is in the midst of a lawsuit against the ban. They insist that the new regulations are harmful to the homeless community.

    "These laws are really designed to eliminate people out of plain view so that we can have this idea that the city doesn't have a homeless problem," said Chosen 300 executive director Brian Jenkins. The ACLU, which sued and won a temporary injunction against the new law, said the real reason for the ban is to protect the city's image as a tourist destination.

    The federal lawsuit will be brought to trial early next year and both the city and Chosen 300 are working to resolve the standoff out of court.

    A new study reveals Britain as one of the toughest countries to live in when it comes to paying taxes. The research shows that some households are paying around 73 percent of their income into tax, with no hope of getting valuable benefits in return.
    Never have the poorest and most vulnerable been more viciously attacked with HATE campaigns, manufactured by the UK's evil press barons, operating for and behalf of the Royal parasite and her henchmen, than at the present. We are seeing propaganda pumped out reminiscent of Germany's Gestapo that targeted any group they felt were in need of extermination.

    Those same press barons only to happy to supply the banal drivel that constantly states the sun shines endlessly from the UK's right royal arse . The murderous tory government, headed by Eton groomed toff Cameron and his murdering merry henchmen, have been manufacturing vile legislation that has been killing en masse using psychological torture to push the vulnerable over the edge.

    The terminally ill and those with mental health issues are facing outrageous pressures from corporate scum like ATOS, a French firm making billions from dodgy UK government backed contracts who are connected to the House of Rothschild through its directors. Rothschild one of the major financial backers of the tory scum and filth who are redirecting money allocated for the disabled into a gravy train for their backers with little or no oversight. How else could the tory mafia repay their gratitude to their friends and allies while the other major parties turn a blind eye to the murder of those least able to defend themselves from the smear campaigns and attacks by Cameron's henchmen of the apocalypse like Iain Duncan Smith , Chris Grayling and George Osborne?