Why you'll never see a homeless freemason

Why? Because they are to busy organising the theft of non mason men's estates while ring fencing the global money system to ensure only they and they alone gain from a global banking, financial, political, legal and property fraud .

There are many young men still unaware of the mortal danger they are in when finding employment and trying to build a home for their family, in effect the family they are trying to provide for are the very family that will be turned against them to steal with impunity everything they have toiled for as the legal system has been hijacked by a satanic cult intent on using marital demise to grab men's estates with impunity.

The MAIN reason NON mason men are lining the streets while masons are lining their bank accounts with a grotesque financial system that preys on targeted men who find the judicial mafia will go to any lengths to shut them up in jail or psychiatric gulags if they DARE to challenge their enormous abuse of manufactured laws to steal with impunity.

All other forms of reported terrorism are a smoke screen to hide the enormity of the men who have fallen to the psychological and financial pressures these evil bastards impose to wipe out any men who may be a challenge to their draconian power. Only a massive wake up call can protect any more men from falling to the monstrous and wanton destruction freemasons are inflicting across the globe under the guise of 'THE RULE OF LAW'.