Why do the public eventually HATE every single political leader since Thatcher?

When will the gullible British public every learn? The political scumbags are NOT there to take care of the general population, no matter what they tell you, they only serve the interests of the ruling mafia and why they sign up to the QUEEN first before the country.

When a vast army of freemasons, who swear loyalty ONLY to the British crown, block any hope of the UK getting somebody with the right credentials of decency and compassion it is a very long way from evolving into somewhere worth living . Once you have spent time away from Britain you start to see why the dark forces that protect the royal mafia and their vast army of secret society goons you realise how massive the infestation of twisted and ruthless bastards, with no soul, that are getting hand picked into key positions of power . All of it under the guise that we have elections when we are only allowed to vote for those already on the freemason royalist leaning bandwagon.

Only one British politician refused to stand for the Queen and he was taken out by the Murdoch press and with the assistance of Scotland's evil judicial mafia who backed his evil rag to the hilt when stitching him up. Until Britain's sheeple waken up to the reality that they are living in a nightmare scenario that is cruelly punishing millions of it own citizens for their evil ends Britain will continue to sink into the quagmire of filth that so many are deluded into believing is the correct way to behave towards their fellow citizens struggling on the edge of life thanks to a demonic force that has taken over all positions of authority. The LUNATICS really are running the asylum.

  • Daily Rat reports today that a "Wave of 'nastiness and hatred' against politicians is driving top talent out of public life, watchdog warns"