UK councils and government murdering for the British state

Rock Feilding-Mellen, Theresa May and Nicholas Holgate

The peasants of Britain no longer matter. We have been reporting for over two decades the most oppressive regime disguised as council and government powers that have been, sometimes through stealth, bumping off the population but it is only since the disaster at Grenfell Tower that people are now beginning to notice and WAKEN up.

When you see mass murder, due to gross incompetence or more like corruption and a complete disregard for the welfare of a whole tier of society, you know you are living in a psychopathic paradise. The lunatics really are running the asylum and it doesn't matter if you are poor, vulnerable or disabled the British government and its councils will ride roughshod over every area those individuals rely on to survive in a hostile world made much more so by the mistreatment of those they regard as NOT WORTHY.

Despite our own personal experiences alongside many other victims we have seen the tory mafia voted back into power, even with the slimmest of margins, and shows it is not only those in power who are shameless but the millions of vile scumbags who, despite their murderous reputation continue to vote for them. They can then continue the mass culling spree that has been going on for far longer but kept under the radar by a malicious media now forced to report when a whole glut of victims are burned to death in an inferno that could so easily have been avoided. But only if those in power where sensitive to the needs of those who died BUT THEY ARE NOT.

There is a mindset in British power, and has been since Margaret Thatcher, that the peasants do NOT matter and thousands of British citizens have died long before Grenfell but not as blatantly in your face as a huge tower taking light and citizens are seen going up in a bonfire created by corrupt and uncaring councils the likes of Kensington emanates.

We hope many more will start waking up to the vicious cost cutting that had to, in time, led to many more deaths and we have been saying for a very long time the tory scum have a trail of the dead hanging over their heads. Despite this their head faltering honcho Theresa May tries to continue to hold power even in their now weakened position. It will take an uprising, long overdue, to rid Britain of that EVIL and the memories of Grenfell victims cannot be allowed to silence the growing anger now reaching sections of the population that for to long ignored the suffering of so many of the targets of ruthless tory policies.

Every last bastard that voted tory should hang their head in shame for the complete lack of concern for their fellow citizens who have been trodden under foot by the fascist boot that masquerades as government and if that tragedy had happened weeks before the election and exposed what can happen when ruthless draconian measures are put in place they may never have been voted back in. BUT in time they must be removed for the sake of the millions living in squalor and danger from their uncaring control.

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