The aftermath of the Dunblane massacre was the perfect scenario for the coming UK police state to create the propaganda, via its complicit media, to justify the removal of ALL guns from ordinary members of the public. Thomas Hamilton was a deranged paedophile who was allowed access to guns despite a LONG history of reports to masonic cops about his conduct especially around children. These same cops failed time and again to remove Hamilton by refusing to conduct proper investigations into those reports until it culminated in him shooting and murdering 16 children and a teacher that fateful day on 13 March 1996. It was the failures of the cops charged with policing the area he operated in that was the ultimate reason why Hamilton was allowed to get away with so much, including the authorities failing to remove his gun licence despite endless reports on his conduct.

So in effect one deranged gunman created a scenario were all of the UK's citizens were disarmed, or at least those that previously kept a gun for their safety and security. People had then been convinced that we were all much safer with guns OFF THE STREET. Of course that is NOT the case as there are still plenty of guns but they are all now totally controlled by the growing police state and in the hands of the masons that dominate the cops and armed forces and who in the past we would have relied on for our safety and security. However they DO NOT disarm the forces when they misuse guns as in the murder of Jean Charles De Menezes an innocent victim of trigger happy cops who mistook him for a terrorist.

Here is were the deception lies , when a member of the public misuses a gun they strip all of them from the public , while the opposite is the case when a gun is misused by the armed forces or cops. So how can a population believe that Hamilton's murders were sufficient reason to disarm a population now facing a country that has been taken over by MASONIC THUGS and who are ruthlessly abusing their powers and with a population left without any means to defend itself from a tyranny that is increasing everyday?

The Queen has a standing army outside her front door who have access to gun arsenals that would make any third world countries armies pale by comparison. The prime minister has machine guns surrounding 10 Downing Street and Westminster . A corrupt and tyrannical judiciary have police swat teams ready to deal with ANY dissent when they destroy lives on a daily basis. Banks, that at a minutes notice, have police swat teams ready to descend on anyone who dares challenge their security. So they HAVE NOT removed guns from the streets of Britain. All of the above, who head the police state we are now in, have PLENTY of guns , bombs and all the latest high tech munitions to deal with any dissenters . But there is now a defenceless public completely at the mercy of the thugs and bully boys who masquerade in their robes, regalia, military and police outfits who are ruthlessly abusing their powers and none more so than in the evil dens of iniquity of British courts were lives are being destroyed for the greed of the crown and its myriad of legal hangers on, who have set in motion a multi-billion pound scam that presently seems unstoppable.

We are all now, in one way or another, being destroyed by judicial pens that at a stroke are removing our lifes work without any resistance , due to the population being disarmed. Our only hope of restoration of justice is civil disobedience, and we have seen this happening with the G20 protests, were cops have been using thuggery to beat up protestors and then the judiciary jailing many activists who were prepared to stand up on the streets of Britain for their rights and the rights of the victims of illegal wars and corrupt bankers.

As a group we have watched in horror at the descent into fascism created by a cabal of thieves masquerading as judges and who with stealth have taken over OUR courts and taken charge of decisions that previously juries would have decided on. This same scenario has been repeated throughout history and caused the wars that brought about the MAGNA CARTA in the UK and the war of Independence in America. We are once again set upon a course that if NOT corrected , future generations will become enslaved by the grip high level masons have imposed on every area of law and order and in all key positions of power across the UK.

This has happened in a very short space of time and we will continue down that slippery slope of fascism unless the population is made fully aware of the repercussions for not having checks and balances in place that may restore power to the people and not left in the hands of a few evil scumbags that have deviously left us wide open to ruthless rule by a MOB . We know the repercussions as many of our group , supporters and allies have faced intolerable treatment by these mobsters who think they can get away with this ad infinitum. There will come a time when the population will have to rise up against this tyranny and the internet is one of the main means to re-educate the population that has been browbeaten for so long by the complicit media's propaganda and how they hold the political and legal mafia up as some sort of hero's worthy of our praise and continued support through elections. NONE of the political parties promoted by that complicit media will save this country only a united and growing body of activists and dissenters will stop these thugs from destroying any more lives.