Google translate and Youtube embedding used to stifle alternative reporting

Different name but the same sinister abuse of data with dodgy search results

We have been aware for years now that using any form of code that is controlled by Google / YouTube is a disaster for alternative websites. As well as the mass removal of activists video's from Youtube without notice and with the most paltry of excuses we are also aware of another reason they pull video's.

For any websites using Youtube embedding to show their video's any one of those video's that are removed also have a knock on effect in that the webpage using that video will become so slow that it is almost impossible to access. The same thing has happened with Google translation code.

Google can control websites using their translation code by switching it off making it almost impossible to access webpages using code that unsuspecting activists think will enhance their pages for foreign readers when the exact opposite is the case in that some vital piece of information may become inaccessible thanks to how google can switch off code that causes a chain reaction across the internet.

Google has been abusing our data, they have also been removing our video's en masse and now it seems any use of code they manufacture to supposedly enhance websites may in fact be a means to stifle alternative media as well as shut down any competition Google have in terms of providing alternative views to the mass media. This is just another sinister development in the Google master plan that even changing their name to alphabet wont deter their sinister abuse of the internet. What at first seemed a great idea for searching for stuff has turned into another arm of the big brother system controlled by malicious government interference.

We recommend stripping webpages of ANY code manufactured by Google or YouTube.

Even adsense their advertising code may have similar destructive properties.