Global gutter rags complicit in selling off mens stolen property

Every last one of the gutter rags globally are complicit with lawyers, who control their output, in flogging off property stolen from men during divorce. This is the biggest racket globally into the $trillions yet NOT one gutter rag reports on it because they are being BOUGHT OFF by the terrorists who operate out of the global law society.

How much longer can these evil bastards think they can avoid being held to account for the fraud and corruption that passes as some sort of legal machinations when men , not part of their satanic death cult, are being robbed en masse by a court system that only freemasons have control over.

The tentacles of evil circumnavigate the globe and into every editors office where dodgy money changes hands that ensures the legal mafia can continue to operate their global fleecing system while failing time and again to expose the massive injustice that flows when the royals , via their masonic godfather the Dukey Kent issues the orders to ensure non cult men are destroyed keeping their satanic network of power enriched by those mens sweat and toil.

BUT NOT IF WE CAN HELP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!