Are the lunatics running the asylum or those who vote for them?

Theresa May has called for another British Election and we have to ask?

Any decent concerned citizen of Britain who has watched the last few general elections must feel disgusted that Eton groomed gangsters, despite a long trail of the dead, keep getting voted back into power.

When psychopath Thatcher was elected questions started to get asked as just who are voting for, what turned out in the end to be, a mad woman who finally got booted out after her deranged policies destroyed much of the infrastructure of Britain and whole communities to this day are still suffering.

The tory scum have whole swathes of England voting them in and says more about British values than the psychopaths that time and again get voted back into power.

Those voters seemingly are prepared to show

No concern for the millions suffering under dodgy austerity while the rich get richer.

No concern for the massive suicide stats triggered by the tory's vile policies.

No concern for the elderly who are forced to work until they drop due to massive tory pension age rises

No concern for the elderly dying in care homes that have a total lack of 'care'.

No concern for the sick and dying as hospitals can no longer cope with patients.

If the tory scum get voted back in it will show the depths some sections of the UK have stooped to that ignore the death and destruction instigated by the tory gangsters, who despite horrific policies that destroy whole chunks of Britain and its people, seem to have a mass of voters happy to see that destruction taking place leaving Britain no hope of leaving behind a fascist style of governance.

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