Will 2018 be better than 2017?

As the eternal optimists and by god you have to be in such a deranged world, or at least a world that has previously been dominated and controlled by those with the most heinous traits, we sometimes take time to review what has happened previously and compare what we expect to see in the future.

One thing stands out above all else and that the WORD is getting out. When a global citizenry are finally getting alternative views to the staged and fake corporate news the world becomes a place were what was covered up before is beginning to be seen in plain sight. The chaos created by the psychopaths at the top continues unabated and the MORE they get exposed the more ruthless they manufacture that chaos to distract attention from what is going on behind closed doors.

While the murderous thugs go about their routine business of destroying heterosexual men who have always throughout history been the thorn in their side, the methods used are being continuously exposed and their victims now have platforms that they could never have had previously when a few rich press barons controlled ALL outlets via their printing presses, tv and radio all heavily LICENCED by the ruling mafia to ensure only their form of propaganda gets into the long suffering people's psyche.

The complexity of their methods underlines a simple plan of them trying to ensure all forms of wealth and power remain in the hands of the few at the top. That system by the day is breaking down and every last political lackey that bows to their demands is being exposed and why they are so desperate to try and block off that alternative viewpoint. Technology is now ensuring however hard they try and stifle that alternative dissenting voice will continue to provide avenues for that message to go on unabated.

We can say with certainty even in the hallowed walls of London city where much of this madness emanates the workers are waking up and know those in charge have ulterior motives for the disturbing political and legal moves that they seem to think will allow this rot to go on ad infinitum. We have not spent so much of our time and energy on this matter if we did not have the absolute belief that in time good always wins over evil.

Those ivory towers are now resting on very dodgy foundations as the ruling elite scramble to return to a past fiefdom where a few controlled the many. Those days are slowly but surely coming to and end and that we have no doubt . Money is no longer required to ensure adequate resistance to an evil force that has been getting away with murder for centuries that cannot and will not be allowed to continue to affect future generations as it has done throughout history to our forefathers enslaved by a ruling elite for way to long.