Freemasons are the only REAL terrorists MEN need to worry about
air force mason

While the freemason controlled media dig up every and any names of suspect groups that THEY consider terrorists they themselves protect the only terrorist group men need to be concerned about . The chances of being destroyed by THEIR named terrorists are microscopic compared with the chances of being destroyed by freemasons that is so high few men go through life without being targeted by them for fleecing.

They may not use bombs or guns but they use their LAWS and psychological pressure to steal from men before pushing them into an early grave. The global freemason mafia run by the 5,000,000 scum and filth, who are elevated into key positions thanks to their hold over the legal and political mafia's, is cause for such serious concern when the mass media fail time and again to identify who are really behind the biggest scandals globally .

In the UK the exposure of Jimmy Savile the BBC's predatory paedo, who was protected by the masonic controlled BBC as well as the masonic controlled cops and who despite repeated reports, allowed this evil pervert to abuse children for decades. However the biggest crimes being committed globally are by those who have given themselves the total monopoly over decisions relating to law and what is and isn't criminal, and who and who wont be jailed for the vast criminality of their brothers. That lies within the masonic judicial mafia who have stealthily given themselves breathtaking powers over every man's estate. It is only a matter of time before every man on the planet is touched by the evil hand of freemasonry if they have attempted to accumulate any wealth in their lifetime that is either sitting in the masonic controlled banks or have a property with the title deeds sitting in those same banks.

Nothing is outwith their control and anyone who THINKS they own stuff needs to waken up to how quickly, what they think they own, can be repossessed through dodgy court orders signed by a solitary judicial pen that can take whatever they want . That can be especially during bankruptcy which is the masons prime means to target men and any business that dares to compete with the freemason run multi-nationals. Men outwith satanic control have an enormous battle on their hands, but at least armed with the knowledge of their scams and how they operate can ensure less and less men get embroiled in their machinations of the laws that they themselves alone reside over and who ensured the age old protection of juries has been dismantled allowing a global tyranny to rise up consisting of the most vile scum and filth able to raid the estates of men duped into their trillion dollar financial schemes (scams).

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