Family court war zones
There are men in their millions strewn across the globe in various states of comatose or dead from facing the rigors of an oppression, so all consuming so evil, that there is NOTHING absolutely NOTHING to compare with the enormity of the pain and suffering men are being forced to endure from the zionist / masonic scum and filth who have manufactured a system that enriches their pockets while destroying the men they target.

Their media daily, paint a picture of foreign war zones while ignoring the psychological battlefields much closer to home that have been created by psychopaths for one reason only and that is to enrich the cult they sell their souls to on the back of the men they thieve from on the grandest of scales and on a daily basis. The mindset that created these powers are truly fucked in the head.

If employees could claim that their employer raised their voice to them during their employment and could pursue claims that then allowed the payment of a salary for the rest of their lives there would be few companies still operating as they would ALL be shut down due to being bankrupt. But that is precisely the system the legal mafia have created that allows women and their legal minders to manufacture smear campaigns to walk away from the marriage contract yet the ex-husband is then made liable for the long term financial burden towards an ex wife who can live off the spoils of a very warped system of what these evil bastards class as justice.

So why are these lawyers and judges who control this mayhem ruthlessly using these unchecked powers to destroy men? Simply this is the most lucrative racket on the planet. NOTHING comes close to the ease with which freemason judges can sign a man's life's work away than the divorce contract. No matter how much wealth and estate a man can create in his lifetime these evil bastards have the total monopoly of where that wealth can be redistributed and while they CLAIM to be assisting the poor wee wifey most of the stolen wealth ends up in the hands of the scum who are lining their own pockets and the satanic cult they sell their soul to. The number one devil worshipper , the Duke of Kent, acts in the best interests of Britain's royal mafia whose tentacles reach right across the globe in an unending murderous campaign of death and destruction that knows no bounds.

While the sheeple are heavily distracted by the media they totally control, that murder and mayhem continues unabated and only by waking up the young men as yet to be dragged into this evil system and by totally changing the goals of men and how to avoid what is the most sinister madness that wont change until men STOP playing into their system. That means avoiding marriage and having children which is usually the normal course men are biologically programmed to go down but in effect leaves the SYSTEM wide open to abuse those men under the guise of some sort of justification for protecting women's rights while smashing every right men end up losing and the burden of the massive debts that accrue from the deviants manipulating the law to steal with impunity.

The system wont change until men change the habits of a lifetime that will force the political and legal mafia, who conjured up these abhorrent laws, to stop the murderous campaigns against men that have not signed up to their evil satanic cult but who have paid an enormous cost of the greed, rape and pillage that will continue unless men en masse waken up to what is going on everywhere they have those tentacles heavily embedded in the population and in every country across the globe.

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