FFF: Freemasons using Feminism to Fuck men over

Richard Challen brutally murdered by his wife Sally Challen using abuse as the excuse


There is NO justice in the law while a bunch of judeo masonic crooked scumbags pull the strings of the law. While the royals can get away with raping underage girls and government ministers can groom young boys and rape women, Jeffrey Epstein got away with child sex trafficking for decades as did Harvey Weinstein with decades of raping young women the law as it is being administered globally, but especially in the UK and USA is a fucking ass.

Men's suicide has shot through the roof in the last few decades thanks to how the law is being used to fuck men over to the point they no longer want to live. If that stat is NOT enough to waken men up from the masonic slumber then men's future is NOT a future that should include anything of value as that will be the main goal of removing every last vestige of wealth any man can accumulate in his lifetime.

This is a racket of enormous proportions when a small self appointed elite are dictating how the stolen wealth of men is being carved up to line the pockets of the crooks using the law to enrich themselves. Since lockdown the smear campaigns have only heightened as the strain of being enclosed like caged animals is being turned to good use for those crooks now using DV hysteria to make ever more men homeless and penniless if not dead from suicide.

Now we have a situation were the crooked judges that run the courts for and on behalf of the British crown and the royal parasites who hand pick these fucking gangsters decide that any woman who murders her husband FOR WHATEVER REASON they claim can inherit the murdered man's estate. We are just NO LONGER buying this shit. The whole of the UK's gutter rags have backed this shit to the hilt as they are ALL controlled by media lawyers and freemasons behind the scenes.

Now that sends a signal out to every woman that if she wants to get rid of her husband she can beat him to death with a hammer and the courts will let her not only get away with it, but allow her to claim the dead man's property, business and bank accounts. We have now reached a ridiculous situation that the lunatics running the courts are now well out of control and that the LAW no longer protects heterosexual men but allows them, to not only be massively fleeced, but murdered at the same time.

If this is NOT a wake up call to men we just don't know what the fuck is.

  • Sally Challen, 65, found guilty of murdering her 61-year-old husband can inherit his estate (Men can now be hammered to death by their wife and the murderer can still get EVERYTHING. Judge Paul Matthews has now ruled that Mrs Challen can inherit his estate after claims of abuse. If there are any doubts about the extreme bias and discrimination in British courts by crooked lawyers and judges against males it is a case like this one)
  • Wife 'kills her husband with a hammer' before driving to Beachy Head and threatening to jump
  • Sally Challen was jailed for the murder of her husband in 2011 but her lawyers believe a new law, recognising psychological manipulation as a form of domestic abuse, could be a defence in an appeal hearing next month (These same fucking lawyers got Jimmy Savile off for decades despite abusing kids, got Jeffrey Epstein off for decades of child sex trafficking and got Harvey Weinstein off for decades from raping women. This is no longer acceptable the global law society and its minions can get MONSTERS off while destroying men for merely arguing with their wives)
  • Lawyers protected BBC paedo Savile now he's dead they want JUSTICE!!!!! (Lots of money to be made now the evil bastard is dead)(VIDEO)
  • American lawyers still protected Weinstein like Savile in the UK
  • Epstein's lawyer claims he died in ‘American gulag’ in inhumane conditions (Fucking pathetic attempt by lawyers to protect this jewish thug and scumbag)(VIDEO)
  • Disgraced former SNP Scottish Finance Secretary Derek Mackay is set to receive £12,000 'golden goodbye' payment despite quitting over 270 texts he bombarded 16 year old schoolboy with (Scottish INjustice under the SNP. These are the bastards, who alongside feminist lawyer Sturgeon, manufacture anti-heterosexual male legislation that causes men to lose everything over an argument with an ex-wife [claimed as coercive by crooked lawyers] while SNP homosexual groomers of boys are walking away with payoffs and no police involvement)
  • A prosecutor has alleged that the SNP's former leader Alex Salmond was a "predator" who "abused his power to satisfy his sexual desire with impunity" (Salmond is Scotland's Weinstein)
  • Tory scumbag Boris Johnson could be forced to give evidence over Jennifer Arcuri relationship (If he gets away with this while the tory scum create anti-male legislation that can destroy men just over arguing with their ex-wives it shows how those making laws are able to act above the law)