Why did Daily Mail rewrite article on FREEMASON divorce?


moses taiga Divorce row over billionaire bigamist after second wife is ordered to pay HIM £100,000 after losing bid for tycoon to financially support her

A scorned woman who claims she was 'duped' into marrying a billionaire with a secret wife has been told she must pay the tycoon £100,000 by the divorce courts. Mercy Ogbedo, 45, thought her dreams had come true in 2002 when she went through a picturesque marriage ceremony with Nigerian shipping magnate Moses Taiga. Her feet were washed by village elders and a 'bride price' was paid for her, before the couple drank from the same cup, danced and cut an exotic wedding cake.

But Mrs Ogbedo, from Finchley, north London, who has two children by Mr Taiga, a billionaire who owns a string of London properties, says she discovered later that her husband already had a wife from 1974. For more than a decade she has been petitioning the British divorce courts for financial support from Mr Taiga's nine-figure fortune. But last year a divorce judge ruled that despite the mother of two being 'of limited means', she could not be awarded a maintenance from Mr Taiga because he had their marriage voided in Nigeria. Instead she was ordered to pay £100,000 towards his legal bills.

Challenging that ruling, her barrister, Timothy Scott QC, said the former couple's lavish 2002 ceremony had 'duped' her into thinking she was a lawfully wedded wife. The barrister told Appeal Court judge Lord Justice McFarlane that soon after her 'wedding' she discovered that 28 years previously Mr Taiga had married another woman in church in Benin. 'In March 2002 Mrs Ogbedo and Mr Taiga entered into a customary marriage in Nigeria, which would have been valid but for the husband's prior marriage. The wife says she was duped,' the QC said.

'She should be permitted to apply for financial relief in England by virtue of that marriage ceremony,' he added. Taiga, is Grandmaster in the Nigerian arm of the Freemasons, has been pursuing parallel proceedings in the African courts. Last year a Nigerian court found that the 2002 ceremony was not just invalid but a 'non-marriage' and she has no rights over his fortune.

The Court of Appeal in London has refused to overrule that decision, although Lord Justice McFarlane said he had 'real sympathy' for her predicament and has given her the right to appeal paying his £100,000 legal bill in the latest hearing. The full hearing of Mrs Ogbedo's challenge to the costs order will take place at a later date. Since splitting up with Mrs Ogbedo, Mr Taiga has ended his 1974 marriage and married a third woman, Yinka Taiga - with whom he has quadruplets.

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    Divorce Industrial Complex is a fucking joke
    Where do golddiggers get this sense of lifelong ENTITLEMENT???
    How about she gets a JOB??????

    A divorcee faces homelessness??? because her tycoon ex-husband has failed to honour a £2 million divorce payout, a court heard.

    Shelley Mann, 47, claims mining millionaire David Mann had agreed to maintain her for life but has left her hanging “between the devil and deep blue sea”. The mother-of-two blames him for her dramatic fall from grace since their marriage failed and he left the £1.8 million family home in Hampstead in 1999.

    She says she is now threatened with life on the street by court proceedings to evict her and her two daughters from their Belgravia home over £50,000 in rent arrears. Mr Mann, 49, says he is unable to help her because he is living in a housing association flat, battling cancer and has “simply run out of money”.

    Senior family judge Lord Justice MacFarlane heard that Mrs Mann separated from her husband, a businessman with South African heritage who specialises in brokering mining deals, in 1997 and was divorced two years later. She was handed the matrimonial home and maintenance payments for her and the children. But her barrister, Rex Howling, said that when her husband “failed” to keep up mortgage payments she was forced to sell the house in 2004.

    She moved from posh Hampstead Heath to a “cheaper” £6,000-a-month mews house in Belgravia

    She was forced??? to move to a “cheaper” £6,000-a-month mews house in Belgravia, with Mr Mann footing the bill. But after a further decade of wrangling over money, Mrs Mann says her former husband still owes her £2 million.

    Mr Howling told the Court of Appeal that although Mr Mann is still paying his ex-wife about £4,000 a month in “haphazard and unpredictable payments” she cannot get a deposit together or provide the proof of regular income necessary to get a new rented home. “In the eyes of the local authority, the wife, in light of her rent arrears, will be classed as intentionally homeless and will be unable to seek assistance under the Housing Act,” he said. “She is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.”

    Lord Justice MacFarlane said: “There is clearly a pressing need to try to save the housing of Mrs Mann and her daughters.” Clearing the way for Mrs Mann to take debt enforcement action against her former husband, he added: “What she needs is cash at the moment.”

  • Only a freemason could get a court to back his divorce row
    moses taiga When his lodge buddies are passing judgement no wonder he gets the orders in his favour. There is NO WAY a non mason man would get the same treatment.

    Divorce row over billionaire bigamist after second wife is ordered to pay HIM £100,000 after losing bid for tycoon to financially support her

    A scorned woman who claims she was 'duped' into marrying a billionaire with a secret wife has been told she must pay the tycoon £100,000 by the divorce courts. Mercy Ogbedo, 45, thought her dreams had come true in 2002 when she went through a picturesque marriage ceremony with Nigerian shipping magnate Moses Taiga. Her feet were washed by village elders and a 'bride price' was paid for her, before the couple drank from the same cup, danced and cut an exotic wedding cake.

    But Mrs Ogbedo, from Finchley, north London, who has two children by Mr Taiga, a billionaire who owns a string of London properties, says she discovered later that her husband already had a wife from 1974. For more than a decade she has been petitioning the British divorce courts for financial support from Mr Taiga's nine-figure fortune. But last year a divorce judge ruled that despite the mother of two being 'of limited means', she could not be awarded a maintenance from Mr Taiga because he had their marriage voided in Nigeria. Instead she was ordered to pay £100,000 towards his legal bills.

    Challenging that ruling, her barrister, Timothy Scott QC, said the former couple's lavish 2002 ceremony had 'duped' her into thinking she was a lawfully wedded wife. The barrister told Appeal Court judge Lord Justice McFarlane that soon after her 'wedding' she discovered that 28 years previously Mr Taiga had married another woman in church in Benin. 'In March 2002 Mrs Ogbedo and Mr Taiga entered into a customary marriage in Nigeria, which would have been valid but for the husband's prior marriage. The wife says she was duped,' the QC said.

    'She should be permitted to apply for financial relief in England by virtue of that marriage ceremony,' he added. Taiga, is Grandmaster in the Nigerian arm of the Freemasons, has been pursuing parallel proceedings in the African courts. Last year a Nigerian court found that the 2002 ceremony was not just invalid but a 'non-marriage' and she has no rights over his fortune.

    The Court of Appeal in London has refused to overrule that decision, although Lord Justice McFarlane said he had 'real sympathy' for her predicament and has given her the right to appeal paying his £100,000 legal bill in the latest hearing. The full hearing of Mrs Ogbedo's challenge to the costs order will take place at a later date. Since splitting up with Mrs Ogbedo, Mr Taiga has ended his 1974 marriage and married a third woman, Yinka Taiga - with whom he has quadruplets.

  • Moses Taiga at the District Grand Lodge of Jamaica and The Cayman Islands 2011
  • Masonic psychopaths brutal attacks on men when ex-wives cry wolf
    Any man yet to face the persecution meted out by an out of control masonic mafia only need wait until the wee wifey decides she wants to move on to another duped goon and gets in tow with a freemason controlled lawyer . Suddenly your branded a bastard or even an abuser that requires maximum punishment for a mountain of allegations that give the freemasons the excuse to come in and use the most vile psychological ploys to help themselves to your estate and children.

    Divorce is by far THE most lucrative racket for freemasons writing all the divorce laws so they can help themselves. Whether its judges, lawyers, cops or bailiffs they have either signed their souls away to the devil or are controlled by the bastards who slid up the slippery masonic pole by the most vile attacks on the men they thieve from with impunity.

    Now there is a global awakening by the men previously victims of these thieving robbing bastards who cannot and will not get away with their crimes indefinitely. We wont be letting this lie, we wont be letting the murder and mayhem they and their controlled media create across the globe distract the sheeple's attention away from the worlds most vile super terrorists who are the zionist controlled freemasons and the global law society who they use to fleece men out of trillions and especially their children.

    Their thugs and bullyboys can point the finger elsewhere but we will remain focused on who are behind the mass murder of decent men who fell to the psychological torturers using draconian court orders to push millions of men over the edge. Those who survive left broken, homeless and penniless, no other pseudo terror group can do that with little or NO publicity.

  • Geldof blames Britain's family courts for the emotional pain suffered by his daughters
    geldof kids

    Bob Geldof has blamed Britain’s family courts for the emotional pain suffered by his daughters Peaches and Fifi.

    Mother-of-two Peaches, 25, died from a heroin overdose in April, while 31-year-old Fifi revealed a lifelong struggle with depression, drugs and alcohol in August. Now, Boomtown Rats singer Geldof, 63, has claimed the courts made it impossible for him to take care of his daughters following his separation from their mother, Paula Yates, in 1995.

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    How jewish males avoid the same harsh divorce punishments freemason/zionist judges dish out
    rabbi mendel epstein Rabbi Mendel Epstein: Jewish divorce 'GET' out clause that stops them from getting screwed like every other man in court

    There is NO doubt freemasons and jewish zionists are behind the global terrorist cell of the law society manufacturing laws that fleece non mason/zionist men of their life, home and children. Here is one instance when the system tries to reverse the protection they have given themselves while men globally are impoverished by zionist greed.

    In the Orthodox Jewish community, where only men are allowed to file for divorce - one American rabbi became an advocate for the women by threatening and beating their husbands into submission.

    Without a divorce paper called a 'get' women who have separated from their husbands are unable to marry again, and have little resources to provide for themselves and their families, which can lead to desperate situations. Rabbi Mendel Epstein offered these women an alternative. Charging thousands of dollars, he would allegedly torture his fellow Orthodox men into signing the gets and freeing their wives. But the 69-year-old's operation came crashing down in a sting carried out by the FBI last year. Now, Epstein is largely confined to his home in Lakewood, New Jersey as he waits a trial scheduled for early next year. If convicted on multiple counts of kidnapping, he could be sent behind bars for 25 years to life.

    A recent article in GQ magazine traces his work in the community where he is considered both a bully and a savior. For years, Epstein's business obtaining 'gets' was not a big secret among the Orthodox Jews of New York and New Jersey, who consider it blasphemous to report such crimes to secular law enforcement. But Epstein had been on the FBI's radar since the early 1990s when a group of Orthodox men came forward to detail traumatic experiences in which they were beat up or threatened by men who forced them to agree to a divorce.

    All of the men pointed to Epstein as the man responsible, but there wasn't enough evidence to pin him then. 'For a long time, it was always his name that came up. He was beating guys up, he was giving them bloody noses, he was using cattle prods. He had a gang of thugs, and he had a van, and he'd scoop you right off the street,' says New York therapist Monty Weinstein told GQ. Epstein's organization started to unfurl though in October 2010, when an Israeli-national named Meir Bryskman was beat up and forced to grant a 'get' when he traveled to America after separating from his wife.

    Bryskman was going to the home of David Wax in Lakewood one night that month, when he knocked on the door and was greeted with a punch in the nose. He was then blindfolded and beaten for some time as his captives warned the night would only end in 'a divorce or a funeral'. He says the men showed him a body bag so he could 'get used to the size', burned him with acid and threatened to take him to the Poconos where he would be eaten alive by rats. Fearing for his life, Bryskman agreed to the divorce and to wire his wife $100,000.

    Surprisingly, Bryskman broke Orthodox code and reported the incident to police,recalling the horrors of the terrifying night. Wax pleaded guilty to kidnapping last May, but told the court he was only carrying out the crime on behalf of Epstein. When police searched Wax's house, they found an invoice from Step on Me Carpet & Flooring for a $1,311.10 'emergency carpet installation'.

    Prosecutors said Wax was part of Epstein's syndicate which 'engaged in the business of kidnapping and torturing people, beating them up, tying them up, shocking them with Tasers and stun guns until they got what they wanted'. That incident sparked the FBI to intervene, sending undercover agents pretending to be an Orthodox brother and sister to Epstein's offices to request his services in August 2013. The two made up a story about the sister's husband who was hiding out in South America, refusing to grant a divorce, and Epstein jumped at the opportunity to help them out - for about $50,000.

    The agents recorded the conversations they had with Epstein, in which he spoke in detail about his fees and how he went about coercing his victims. Epstein even talked about how they used electric cattle prods to torture men, since the tools leave behind no marks on the body as evidence of an attack. 'If it can get a bull that weighs five tons to move...; You put it in certain parts of his body and in one minute the guy will know,' Epstein said.

    Two months later, Epstein set up a trap for the alleged husband who was 'lured' back to the U.S. and set to be surprised by the rabbi and his cronies in a warehouse. Instead, the warehouse was surrounded by FBI agents who stormed in and arrested all eight men. Six of the eight men have pleaded guilty to charges of traveling in interstate commerce to commit extortion, while Epstein and another man await trail early next year on multiple counts of kidnapping.

    Epstein's lawyer Robert G Stahl hopes to win the case on the grounds that the government wrongly interfered in the religious matter. 'When all the facts and evidence come out, it will be apparent that the government is on the wrong side of a terrible social injustice,' Stahl said. 'By inserting itself into a complicated religious issue, the government has interfered with the complex religious tenets of an Orthodox Jewish marriage and divorce process. Rabbi Epstein has helped scores of abused women for some thirty years equal the playing field in a male-dominated religious world.'

  • Freemason controlled state machine destroying parental rights VIDEO
    Get rid of the biological father using their alleged domestic violence ruse then pressure single mothers and lever the children into homes where paedo's but especially homopaedo's gain access to them in particular the young boys made vulnerable by the evil bastards running the system.


    The dark secret behind UK Child snatching and 'Secret courts'?: It's bogus "court orders" procured from FRAUD and unashamed racketeering of certain County Councils within the UK PLC More on the Organised Crime by some UK County Councils, acting in collusion with Secret Courts

    This submission is being made in the Public Interest of Truth and Justice for all. I am someone who has had first-hand bitter experience of the effects of just one area where well-concealed Organised Crime for pecuniary gain of State 'workers' in Britain, has taken a 'hold' and has to date, escaped the scrutiny of the wider Public or 'The Court of Public Opinion'. A heart-led decision I'd made to help an oppressed mother being persecuted by the State, startlingly resulted in a loss of my liberty in August 2011, through an illegal sentence of 9 months (meted out to me by the overwhelmingly corrupted High Court, Family Division) but which lasted 10 days and emptied my pockets of £6,000 in order to be released from the 'hell hole of Holloway'. It was like being hoovered up by a maelstrom, from which I could not extricate myself, no matter how hard I tried at the time. So if any good can come of this truthful Report, I hope that it will, because then at least a higher purpose can be served from my ghastly and unforgettable ordeal.

    In January 2014, Tom Harper from The Independent wrote an enormously significant Article revealing that leaked Scotland Yard Reports (Operation Tiberius, Zloty & Othona) have officially confirmed that "criminal gangs have infiltrated HM Courts and Police forces". So far, due to the sheer extent of the apparent Government inertia and entrenched 'vested interest' to profit from Organised Crime, nowhere near enough is yet being done about this crazy situation, which involves patterns of 'high treason' by those parading as UK Government and Court officials. It appears to come down to the sobering reality that the bloated major UK banks, who are the controlling destructive force behind the entire problem, are being fuelled by usury in a debt-based money system, coupled with the fact that there IS no separation of powers between Parliament and the Judiciary, despite what we are told.

    Yet the insidious practices involved (which are detailed in the next paragraph), are plainly ruining innocent people's lives and robbing them of their children and their right to happiness and peaceable living, with deleterious effects on David Cameron's "UK Big Society" and the family Unit. It has turned the UK into a 'high risk' country in which to give birth or start a family. Please also hold in your mind the provable fact that when every baby is born in Britain, it is given a National Insurance number which is then traded on the Stock exchange and leveraged a huge number of times, as a false method of offsetting the growing UK deficit - now nearing £1.5 Trillion! Child are seen as 'valuable commodities' to balance the books of "UK PLC's" bank-imposed & scandalous, 'national debt'.

    Therefore, I sincerely do hope that forthcoming Prague Conference in early October 2014 will help to successfully counter and fully expose at least the main underlying problem (as I see it), that underpins the UK child snatching scandal: that of the dishonest use of falsely procured and bogus “court orders”, issued by the County Councils themselves, and NOT the Court, yet evidently being done with the Courts complicity – namely, false "court orders" are being rubber-stamped in- house’ and NOT held on record at the Family Division of the High Court nor the Principal Registry!

    To most, this idea of forging a 'court order' to steal a child and to bind up innocent mothers with Draconian, mindless 'contracts' which prohibit even a display of affection to one's own offspring, using enforced separation by means that violate every right of children and their mothers, seems unthinkable and unimaginable. But it is happening, as we speak, because there is nothing yet in place to deter it! Nothing is there to challenge or to expose these abhorrent practices.

    It accounts for the tens of thousands of cases where the dominatrix "Family Court" commits ECHR genocide by running what can only be described as a "callous dictatorship" for pecuniary gain of this iniquitous "Industry" they've contrived, which is being conducted by fraudulent means and is being run under the guise of "child welfare": a totally false flag.

    It is the identical offensive thought-system of Apartheid - involving the practice of de-humanising mothers and their children, also criminalising mothers on spurious, groundless whims such as accusations of "coaching" their child, so the Stasi-State gets its own way: but even if an assertion of "coaching a child" were true (which is rarely the case, and is merely a decoy to distract the challenge), how is "coaching" possibly allowed to be construed as a "crime", that warrants imprisonment of the mother, which frequently results in order to bind them down and so kill off any challenge / threat of exposure or opposition to their unconscionable and illegal activities? Yet lawless imprisonment is commonplace to persecuted mothers, for daring to resist these tyrannical practices. While Britain loves the 'underdog' and while the Public are openly encouraged to condemn and outlaw bullying in schools and in the Corporate world, why not in the National Child-snatching / cash for kids scandal? it is plainly incongruent, and it is only fair to be asking: Why isn't the whole of Britain up in arms about these practices?

    Joseph Risk was the Manager of the Principal Registry of the Family Court in 2011. I have a letter from him confirming that the Vicky Haigh Case number was NOT ON RECORD at the High Court and that as I was "not a party to the case", that he could not help me and there was no basis for me to turn up at the (fake and rigged) 'hearing' of 20 August 2011, the notification of which was sent to me directly from an inside track of 'shadowy operators' within this putrid set up between the Doncaster County Council and certain operators on the Court side.

    It begs the intelligent question: how and why are those on the Court side, colluding in this way with the County Councils who provide the Family Court with their "business" and "raison d'être"? Are they receiving early retirement bonuses or something, paid for by the Proceeds of Crime that is monetised by false "care orders" (being used as false and immoral financial instruments) which unlock, I understand, an average of £2,500 per week per child, funded by the unsuspecting UK taxpayer who knows nothing of these sordid goings-on? The Foster parent, I understand, gets about one fifth of that weekly total, whereas the remainder goes to the County Council's coffers! This may make it easier to comprehend where UK's County Councils seem to get their 'powers' from, propped up with this kind of thing, and often being run with foreign Corporate ownership and multiple 'insider dealing' corporate entities which have been set up from within the Councils and owned by their own staff on the Council payroll! This way they keep their contrived 'power-base' "in house".

    So given Jo Risk's letters to me, can anyone figure out how I ended up being illegally incarcerated by a man impersonating a High Court "judge" at the Family Division of the High Court (Nicholas Wall), on 20 August 2011, when I was merely acting with a Social Conscience by helping Vicky Haigh in her quest for Justice to be reunited with her own child? The bench Warrant that was signed by some unknown party, committing me to a "9 month sentence in Holloway prison" without having committed ANY offence and without even a Trial, was not opposed now challenged nor exposed by a single UK politician or journalist or any other party sharing my similar concerns! Not only this, the wicked excuse-for-a-"judge" then 'played to the Court gallery' where a few members of the Press were sitting, and proceeded to force-feed them with a diatribe of lies, dressed up as a 'judgment' he had made with NO TRIAL , NO TEST on the allegations made, NO EXAMINATION OF EVIDENCE despite the seriousness of the offences committed, nor any finding of Fact on the entire matter!! Not a single soul questioned Nicholas Wall, the 'President' of the Family "court". Why did everyone go mute? Instead, I had my name and reputation black-balled by criminal activity and dishonest practices being deployed by this oppressive Regime. I was effectively duck-taped and prevented from exposing the Secret Family Courts darkest secret: with FRAUDULENT "court orders" at its toxic roots.

    The mere act of the illegal imprisonment, meant that I was bound in chains and thus prevented from alerting the Public what had occurred and what I'd discovered was behind it all! This overwhelmingly demonstrates the cowardice of these tyrants parading as "court officers", who are trafficking children as a bargaining chip to feed the paedophile tendencies and interests of the Criminal Elite, thus attaining leverage in their dealings with their ultimate Paymasters, the UK major banks - otherwise known as the 'Greedocracy" - for whom the County Councils and Courts are willing foot soldiers to carry out their whims. What I had discovered, in fact, had threatened their criminal but covert activities with total exposure and an inevitable nemesis: namely, that of their raiding of the Public Purse, using illegal means. So they literally 'shot' the messenger - I was that messenger.

    Nicholas Wall, had in effect, used illicit means to silence me through wholly unjustified and false accusations of "contempt of court" (when in reality, it was he who was provably in Contempt of court!), and sentencing me to illegal incarceration for 9 months, whilst ensuring that I had no Trial, no 'fair hearing, no right to defend myself, not even a Summons was received. And nobody even thought of asking 'why' ? Moreover, I was not even a party to Vicky's case, nor was I 'joined' as one. Having committed NO CRIME, the Law was simply over-ridden and I was deprived of all of my Common Law Rights under the UK Constitutional Magna Carta. "Nightmare" is a total under-statement. Wall simply hid all issues of Law from his view. It is deeply ironic that I can recall this man bellowing his hypocrisies out loud in the Court, in a stern and foreboding tone of voice: 'NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW' and "YOU SAID THE COURT IS CORRUPT" !!

    Had I not been filled with horror and disbelief at what Vicky had told me was happening all over the UK as well as in her own case, I may never have got involved at all. I'd already suspected many of the practices of the County Councils for some considerable time earlier - but now, this proved that vested interest by County Councils coupled with incompetence and greed, whilst operating under mindless and valueless 'statutes' (which are not 'Law' at all, but require consent of both parties), was an invitation to enslavement for every parent and posing a "clear and present danger to every mother and child living in Britain". TO CLARIFY: I have first-hand evidence that there are FALSE DOCUMENTS which purport to be “Court orders” being used in the UK SECRET Courts, where in fact NO RECORD of the case files exist at the court. A court with no records is no court at all!

    The shocking implications of this fraudulent but widespread deceptive practice are far-reaching, involving unashamed but illegal RACKETEERING. It means that there is NO DUE PROCESS of Law, and it PREVENTS / prohibits “fair hearings” because any Applications that are made by the oppressed parent/s or their advocates, will have no audience because Applications can not be filed anywhere in a Court of no record! Does this help to throw any light on why Paedo Britain has been getting away with trampling on the rights of vulnerable children and their mothers?

    I can say quite truthfully that I believe it is all a dishonest and oppressive REGIME, of which many UK politicians are major participants and indirect beneficiaries. The whole rotten set up clearly needs to be overturned as soon as possible, the oppressed mothers and their children reunited and their lives restored, and the UK Government forced to compensate its huge numbers of victims whom they've got away with unjustly persecuting for many years.
    The gutter press grossly underestimate the TRUE cost of divorce for MEN
    £44,000 pales next to the actual reality

    The cost of a divorce: Couples now hit by bill of more than £44,000 if they split - and amount has risen by nearly two-thirds in just eight years

    The average couple who get divorced are hit by a total bill of around £44,000, a cost which has increased nearly two-thirds in just eight years, a report reveals today. The report, from the insurer Aviva, lays bare the crippling financial consequences of separating before the emotional turmoil, particularly for any children, is taken into account. It reveals how the cost of divorce for a married couple, or a separation for a couple who were living together, has 'soared' since it carried out the same investigation eight years ago.

    In 2006, the average bill for a couple was around £28,000. By 2014, it has jumped to around £44,000 per couple, a rise of 57 per cent. The bill does not just come from the standard costs of legal fees, if a couple cannot separate amicably, setting up a new home and buying a new car. A common extra bill is the cost of childcare as a result of separation, typically costing £4,300 a year, such as a mother needing to return to work or take a second job.

    One in eight women said they 'worked longer hours or took a second job' following a break-up. One in ten, who did not work before the split, got a job. The report reveals how separating couples are also prone to 'splashing out' on items to treat themselves during such a difficult period in their lives. One in eight 'took a holiday to celebrate their newly-single status', typically spending nearly £2,000 on the trip.

    Others buy 'new clothes, jewellery and have a makeover' to try to cheer themselves up or sharpen up their look if they are feeling downcast about their appearance, typically spending £1,500. The report was based on interviews with 616 adults who have been married or co-habited with a partner within the last decade, but subsequently split up. 'Nearly one in five people who got divorced in 2012 were doing so for the second time, it said. The percentage of so-called 'double divorcers' has almost doubled since 1980'

    Louise Colley, a director of Aviva, said: 'Two-thirds of couples who are married or co-habiting have some shared finances. 'These arrangements can take some time to unravel if a relationship unfortunately breaks down.' The latest figures, from the Office for National Statistics, based only on divorces in England and Wales, revealed how it is most likely to strike when people are in their early to mid-forties.

    Of the 118,140 divorces in 2012, the average age at which a man gets divorced is 45, while women typically get divorced at the age of 42, it said. Nearly one in five people who got divorced in 2012 were doing so for the second time, it said. The percentage of so-called 'double divorcers' has almost doubled since 1980. A typical marriage which ended in divorce in 2012 had lasted for 11 years and six months, a figure which suggests the infamous seven-year itch is rather pessimistic about a couple's long-term chances.

    The ONS also added up the number of children whose lives are disrupted by the divorce of their parents. Around half of couples who got divorced in 2012 had at least one child under the age of 16 who was living with them, it said. More than 20 per cent of these children were under the age of five, an age at which many will grow up to have little, or no, memories of their parents living together as a married couple.

  • Lawyer airs concerns over new divorce laws
    When LAWYERS show concern it is ALWAYS to do with the potential threat to their trillion dollar scams aided by the global honey pot legal aid that dramatically increases when they tar men and fathers with allegations of abuse and domestic violence. Family law is a never ending ruse where freemasons embedded in the legal mafia constantly change the goalposts to make it easier and easier to steal from men with impunity.

    A lawyer has voiced concerns over plans for new divorce laws which she fears will result in a "one size fits all" approach to family finances.

    Nicola Goodman, family law specialist and partner at York-based solicitors Guest Walker & Co, is calling for more flexibility for judges to make decisions under their own discretion. Her fears relate to the Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill, which is currently working its way through the House of Lords, and has been designed to define the role of the courts dealing with family finances during divorce. Miss Goodman, who is part of a 17-strong team at Guest Walker & Co in the Shambles, said: "My main concern is to what extent the needs of children and how they are dealt with during the break-up will be considered.

    "At present I worry that there seems to be little movement for Judges who may feel straight-jacketed in their role of family arbiter. "The provision at the moment focuses on trying to direct the way Judges make their decisions. This is not an entirely bad thing. "If the new Bill gets passed however, this focus will be more on the set guidelines given and less on judicial discretion, which could have adverse effects on modern families, who don’t necessarily fit into the neat criteria required to make this work.

    "Not all families come with one house, a car and 2.4 kids. In the real world, there are families with step-children, separate accounts, assets mingled in from previous marriages or relationships, a less stable housing market and work insecurity. "I would prefer a greater emphasis upon the needs of the children and greater concession to the more complex financial model for modern families." While Miss Goodman praises the provision's recognition of pre and post nuptial agreements, she is also worried about the needs of a dependant spouse who will find that his or her maintenance is restricted to a set term of three years.

    Miss Goodman said: "The possibility of long-term payments has often led to a clean-break, where the payer buys out that claim to get rid of ongoing commitment. Limiting the years for maintenance will therefore stem the flow of some clean break settlements. "We will have to see how it all works out in practice and if the new Act will remain as fit for purpose for over 40 years as its predecessor did. "I just hope that while the aim is to provide more clarity and certainty, the Bill does not replace our bespoke, made-to-measure system with an off-the-peg, one-size fits all substitute."

  • Social worker falsely accused father of abusing daughter while freemason cops forced her to stand by claim
    suzi smith Any father who has been dragged through divorce will know the lengths crooked social workers, lawyers, judges and cops will go to smear men as abusers. The ultimate goal to help themselves to their estates and children

    A social worker who accused an innocent father of abusing his daughter has claimed the police put pressure on her to stand by the lie.

    Suzi Smith has admitted falsely accusing Jonathan Coupland, 53, of attacking his six-year-old child in an official custody case note – which led to him being handcuffed in front of neighbours and thrown into a cell. After the Mail revealed the case earlier this year, Mrs Smith was brought before a disciplinary hearing this week over her behaviour. Mrs Smith, who worked for Cafcass, the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service, which represents children in the family courts, admitted writing the damning note but claimed she later tried to retract the allegation – only to be put under huge strain by the police to stick to her story. ‘At the earliest opportunity, I repeatedly tried to correct this,’ she told the Health and Care Professions Council.

    ‘I would not give in to pressure. I would not submit to pressure placed on me to exaggerate or lie.’ Asked who was putting pressure on her, she replied: ‘I was under pressure at that police station ... to exaggerate or confirm what I had written.’ Mrs Smith said officers were determined to act on the claims because the Lincolnshire unit had previously been ‘lambasted’ by a judge for poor handling of another child protection issue. ‘They were not listening to what I was saying,’ she added.

    Mr Coupland, a former painter and decorator, raised his daughter, now eight, alone in Spalding, Lincolnshire. He was granted custody shortly after her birth, but his former partner, a Thai illegal immigrant, has fought him through the courts. Mrs Smith made a home visit in January 2012 and wrote the case note while she was ‘really, really angry’, claiming she saw Mr Coupland stroking his daughter inappropriately – which he has always denied and she now admits was not true.

    Mrs Smith allegedly lied in a fit of pique after the single father criticised her handling of the case. She then waited three months to tell authorities about what she claimed she saw. Mr Coupland was arrested at home on suspicion of sexual assault and questioned for about ten hours, and officers threatened to put his daughter in temporary care. A day later, he was informed there would be no further action after Mrs Smith was interviewed and backtracked on her claims. Cafcass, which is funded by the Department of Justice, sacked Mrs Smith and has paid Mr Coupland £86,000 in damages.

    Mrs Smith told the hearing she did not mean to implicate Mr Coupland but misunderstood what she had seen. She said when she realised her mistake she tried to put the record straight. She added: ‘I sincerely apologise to the father.’ Last night Mr Coupland told the Mail: ‘I was arrested for sexually assaulting the most precious thing in my life ... Once you are tarred with that brush, that is it. People where I live think I am a paedophile. ‘I want answers from the police. I want to know why they put pressure on Suzi Smith to lie. I don’t accept her apology in any way. No parent or child should go through what my family has gone through.’

    Lincolnshire Police said it was ‘duty bound to investigate’ the initial report of sexual assault, but added: ‘We will approach the individual concerned and will investigate any complaints.’ Panel chairman Stephen Fash said Mrs Smith had ‘overstated’ what she thought she had observed. The panel found she made the false allegation, but did not do so dishonestly. It will decide whether she is guilty of misconduct at a later hearing.

  • Divorce is in chaos
    Any young man considering marriage needs to be aware of the extreme danger that their life will be ruined on its demise.

    Divorce is in chaos – long backlogs, people representing themselves through court hearings they don't understand, a process already too hot with anger to go through mediation strung out for unjust periods. The oceanic amounts of human venom have always been there, along with complaints about lawyers' fees. But this rumble of discontent has started to sound something more like an earthquake.

    Lady Deech's private member's bill, divorce (financial provision), comes in response to that. She wants more guidelines – binding pre- and post-nups, a straight 50:50 split of "post-marital assets". She says: "My view is, it's better to have broad-brush guidelines, even if you have hard cases along the way, rather than have it as it is now.

    "The big-money divorce cases that make the newspapers don't do anything for women who work for a living," she told me. "What we see is women who have never done much, never put their hands in cold water, getting big payouts. That does not inspire young women to make a living." On this, everyone is agreed: rich people divorcing may be a fun spectacle – we are about to witness what is being billed as Britain's biggest divorce between financier Chris Hohn and his wife, Jamie Cooper-Hohn – but it has very little to tell us about the realities for the other 120,000 or so non-rich people who do it every year. But part of Deech's intention is to end London's "divorce capital of the world" status on feminist grounds – that our daughters will go forth, unafraid of cold water. Whatever cold water actually signifies, in this context.

    Marilyn Stowe is the senior partner at Stowe Family Law, a hugely experienced divorce lawyer: one of those people whom, once you've spoken to them, you can no longer mention without attaching words like "redoubtable". She doesn't disagree that the outlook is poor, but she disagrees about the cause: since April last year, nobody has been eligible for legal aid, save for cases of domestic violence or forced marriage. "One or two incomes, one or two modest pensions, a modest home with a mortgage, a husband, a wife and two kids. That is the norm. These cases would normally have been dealt with with the assistance of legal aid and dispatched relatively cheaply. It's that kind of case where people are genuinely suffering injustice now."

    "Divorce," said a divorcing solicitor – let's call her Emma – "is one of the most important rights women have in England and Wales, in that it does recognise the earnings women lose, and it does recognise that whatever your contribution was to the marriage, that is equal to whatever your husband earned. It is feminist to get married, just for that reason, because you can't get divorced unless you get married in the first place." She thinks one reason it is so expensive is this sad human refusal to separate the legal and the emotional: "People will ring their solicitor just to say, 'you'll never guess what he's done now'. Then talk for an hour. That'll cost them 210 quid. I know all this, and I'd still be forwarding emails from my ex to my solicitor, saying 'look what he's said!'"

    Raging parties use this against one another. Cordelia (not her real name) described her ex "sending 17-page faxes, which they would charge me £10 per sheet to receive, plus £10 per sheet to send to me, plus my solicitor's email. It would be £500, and the message would be that he wanted two hand towels from the downstairs bathroom." Her divorce cost her £43,000.

    The question is, how are people finding the money? Mediation actually hasn't gone up. Divorce numbers are down slightly, but not significantly; the courts are still packed with couples, still spending tens of thousands of pounds, and nobody is any richer. Emma is paying for it with savings. Cordelia "was having to get credit cards out to put the lawyers' fees on. One after the other. In the end, I disinstructed my solicitor. Because I had so many sleepless nights, going, 'how am I going to afford to pay for this?'"

    But there's a new wave of finance, the litigation loan: Novitas Loans, formerly Novitas Futures, came into being in 2011. Jason Reeve is its incredibly pleasant, affable MD, speaking on the phone while setting up a garden fete in Salisbury. "We did our first loan in June 2011, since Christmas we have done 120% growth, by Christmas we would have done, I think, 180% to 200% growth. We literally sign a new firm every single day of the week. I got two emails this morning. We're viewed by the courts as the benchmark for whether the client can get funding or not." They deal with 400 divorce law firms and lend several million pounds a month. Ask people about litigation loans, the first thing everybody says is, "well, they're not Wonga".

    The head of in-house forensic accountancy (surely the sexiest unsexy job title in the world) at Stowe Family Law, Nick White, explained. "Say the husband has £10m-worth of assets, and the wife has nothing, and you're talking about a 20- or 30-year marriage, two kids, the wife is looking to have her share of assets. Unless you're able to secure funds from, say, a wealth bank who are interested in managing her investment post-divorce, there is no real market for that lady to acquire funding."

    Until now. Reeve gives the terms: "Our average client is paying about 10%, and the loan isn't serviced. As a lender, I can't tell you how many thank-yous we get." He certainly sees his as a socially motivated business. "There are cases that we lend on now that would previously have qualified for legal aid. We're saving the state money. But importantly, we're giving access to so many people who otherwise would not be able to represent themselves."

    However, according to Naomi (not her real name), divorcing in west London, having shared what was once a modest terraced house but is now a million-pound asset, this has entirely capsized the principles of the law; her ex ran up costs as a deliberate strategy, and she had to take out a Novitas loan. The divorce ultimately cost £520,000, "completely," she said dryly, "depleting the matrimonial asset". Her conclusions are not dry. "Corporate values have changed family values in the UK. For me, in my own life, I saw the financial and emotional debris. For me, as a business ethic, that isn't so very different from mining. It's lucrative, and it doesn't take into account the social consequences." The mining she alludes to is the nickel and cobalt former holdings of City of London Group, which put in seed funding for Novitas but no longer has any involvement. The difference of course is that minerals are finite and hate is inexhaustible. This business ethic may have found a well it can drink from for ever.

  • Ex-wife using legal mafia to get ex-husband's suicide note removed from the internet

  • In the Public Interest?

  • If the genders had been reversed the feminist leaning gutter press would have had a field day instead of SILENCE

  • Divorcing spouses using Bitcoin to hide wealth from estranged partners during court battles
    Clear proof the depths of information crooked lawyers are demanding so they can grossly inflate the cost of divorce and have been getting away with MURDER stealing men's estates with impunity. THEY HAVE TO BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Digital currencies like Bitcoin are fast becoming the weapon of choice for divorcing spouses trying to hide wealth from partners during court battles, it has emerged.

    A number of forums devoted to Bitcoin have been filled with husbands discussing the option of using digital currencies, a London divorce lawyer has claimed. It comes as courts are facing more legal battles from divorcing spouses who claim the other side has tried to conceal their wealth. It is feared that spouses could use Bitcoin to hide wealth by transferring the currency between online wallets, to friends, or to areas outside of legal jurisdiction.

    Ayesha Vardag said that more divorce lawyers could start including digital currency in financial disclosure orders if there is evidence they have been used. She told the Financial Times: 'They can be used to run a parallel economy.

    'People will go to immense lengths... as a spousal claim is more damaging than tax because it is half your wealth.' Frank Arndt, head of international family law at Stowe Family Law, also told the paper that Bitcoins may need to be disclosed as an asset in divorce cases. He said: 'Husbands are becoming more and more creative in terms of what they do to reduce their wealth and the courts are struggling to catch up. It’s just like when the internet started and it was difficult for courts to catch up.'

    Bitcoin is a virtual currency that works without the need for a central bank, and can be sent over the internet Coins are transferred directly from person to person and are kept in a digital wallet that can be accessed on a computer or mobile device. Creating new coins is done through a process called 'mining' where users are rewarded with new coins for verifying transactions that take place.

    The process is open source and can therefore be used by anyone, with more and more mainstream businesses now accepting the currency as a form of payment. Courts in California are already beginning to issue search and discovery orders of assets - including digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

  • Britain’s most terrifying divorcee gets tens of millions from first husband now wants second husband jailed
    Britain's judicial scum and filth let the golddiggers get away with murder and with POWERS to jail men and a massive warning and wake up call to ALL men wanting to marry. That little sweetheart could one day force you to spend time in jail with the HELP of freemason judges while she wipes you out.

    Alisa Thiry’s latest divorce is becoming rather trying.

    Her first split from Stephen Marks, the founder of the French Connection fashion empire, in 2004, was resolved relatively smoothly. To pay off Alisa, Mr Marks dutifully sold £40million worth of shares in his company and she subsequently received a settlement somewhere in the region of that amount. Unfortunately, Alisa’s second husband, Belgian businessman Didier Thiry, from whom she recently parted, is being much more difficult than the obliging Mr Marks. The division of the couple’s £45million marital assets is proving particularly problematic.

    The key bone of contention is a £13.8million loan a company owned by Alisa made to a company owned by Didier. Naturally, now the couple are no longer together, Alisa wishes her loan to be repaid. At a hearing of the Family Division of the High Court on Wednesday, Alisa’s barrister — at her behest — said Mr Thiry was in contempt of court for failing to disclose information relating to this loan and urged the judge to jail him. The judge agreed, and sentenced Mr Thiry, 52, to four months in jail. So one might expect 49-year-old Alisa to have felt quietly satisfied when she returned to her £15 million property, a five-storey house in one of Notting Hill’s grander terraces, after the hearing. On the face of it, the former magazine fashion editor has done very well for herself. After getting husband No 1 to hand over a fortune, she’s managed to get No 2 banged up in prison. That, surely, is a first. Except it isn’t quite as simple as that.

    Their divorce is far from settled — millions remain at stake. And, more than this, it transpires that Mr Thiry is currently in Brussels and cannot be jailed until he returns to the UK. And he’s hardly likely to do that, is he? Furthermore, in an exchange of emails with me from the safety of Belgium, Mr Thiry had some allegations of his own to make against Alisa. Asked if he would like to respond to his jail sentence, he wrote: ‘As you can imagine, I would love to react to this situation. Unfortunately, there is currently an investigation in Belgium, and that makes any comment totally forbidden.’

    Going on to explain that he was unable to provide an explanation of what such an ‘investigation’ might involve because he was bound by confidentiality, he added enigmatically: ‘Nobody on earth more than me is waiting for this conclusion to be disclosed.’ The battle between this warring couple is about to become even bloodier than it already is.

    The news that Alisa Thiry is now embroiled in a second epic divorce battle involving many millions of pounds has been met with little surprise in certain quarters among their circle. Indeed, there are unkind mutterings that Alisa is a woman who weighs up a potential husband’s suitability according to the size of his wallet. ‘It didn’t go unnoticed that she took Stephen to the cleaners,’ says one who knows her.

    ‘She told her friends she was going to take him for everything she could — and she did. He was devastated. There are no feelings of warmth between Alisa and Stephen now — just loathing. ‘No one was surprised when Alisa married another multi-millionaire. She has an uncanny way of latching on to money. I think Didier was probably warned, but sadly paid no attention.’ The couple were married overseas around 2006. Following their separation, it is understood a decree nisi was issued, but a decree absolute cannot be given until a financial settlement has been agreed.

    The High Court hearing heard that Mr Thiry had a fortune of £8million when their relationship began. A large chunk of the couple’s combined fortune is made up of the money Alisa took from her first divorce. How ironic — and a sort of poetic justice for Stephen Marks — if she lost it all in the second. The couple’s assets include the house in Notting Hill and a luxurious property on the Caribbean island of St Barts, where Alisa and Didier first met not long after her divorce from Mr Marks in 2004.

    The daughter of Raymond Chapman and his wife, Valerie, both hairdressers, she has certainly adjusted well to the lifestyle into which she has been propelled by virtue of her marriages. She was born Alisa Chapman in Cheltenham in 1964 but changed her name to Green after her mother’s marriage to Ronald Green in 1973. Alisa met Stephen Marks in 1989 at the launch of the short-lived Mirabella magazine. He is said to have been so smitten that he proposed that very evening. She was 25 and single. He was 20 years older, with a daughter from a long-term relationship with the fashion designer Nicole Farhi.

    And after founding the French Connection fashion label in 1969, he was already fabulously rich. Following their marriage in 1993, the couple had three children, Ella, now 19, Joshua, 17, and Ava, 12, and set up home in The Boltons in West London — one of the capital’s most rarefied addresses, where Alisa enjoyed giving lavish dinner parties. The family had holidays at their homes on St Barts and at The Hamptons outside New York. In the mid-Nineties, French Connection launched a new slogan — FCUK.

    The controversy it caused gave the company acres of free publicity and French Connection flourished. Mr Marks’s fortune was said to be £300 million. They were friends with Madonna and Sting. But in 2004 it emerged that Alisa had left the marital home, taking the children with her. Later that year, Mr Marks was forced to sell the £40 million worth of shares, reducing his stake in his company from 51 per cent to just over 40 per cent, to fund his divorce. Yesterday, Mr Marks declined to comment about his ex-wife’s divorce proceedings.

    But a French Connection spokesman told me that he did wish to point out that his wife had never been a ‘creative director’ at French Connection — as she is described on her internet LinkedIn site, which allows business people to network online — but was simply a stylist. She continues to maintain she was. It has been said in the past that the FCUK advertising masterstroke had something to do with Alisa, but the spokesman confirmed yesterday that this was not so either. What is true, however, is that the divorce left Mr Marks well and truly in the doldrums.

    The same year as the divorce, French Connection announced a severe profits warning and Mr Marks admitted: ‘I suppose if someone has a difficult time personally, they might not be quite as focused as they were before.’ Post divorce, it was reported that Alisa formed a friendship with a French photographer, Jean-Philippe Piter, then 35, living on St Barts. M Piter was said to be not especially keen on hard work, with a liking for wealthy women.

    One associate reportedly said of him: ‘Here on St Barts, people say that he works not with his brain but his beautiful body.’ Alisa was said to enjoy listening to him playing his guitar. But their relationship seemingly never took off and soon Alisa was introduced to Didier. After their marriage, they divided their time between London, Brussels and St Barts, living for the most part in the house in Notting Hill that Alisa bought with the proceeds from her divorce settlement.

    In 2009, she and Didier bought an art nouveau townhouse in Brussels and turned it into a boutique hotel, the Hotel Odette. Alisa presided over the interior decoration and decided that a black and white theme would be just perfect. So the carpets are black, the doors are black and in the library a black and white TV plays black and white Fellini films on a continuous silent loop.

    Alisa’s other big design project was the house in St Barts that she and Didier moved into in 2010. It’s fair to say Alisa will be unwilling to let Didier have this property. It was built especially for her, according to her own vision, a fabulous, minimalistic shangri-la overlooking the sea. Alisa gave an interview to a magazine about the conception of the house, accompanied by photographs of her wearing a bikini and a mahogany tan.

    The carpets are black, the doors are black and in the library a black and white TV plays black and white Fellini films on a continuous silent loop ‘It was an easy feat to design this house,’ she said, ‘given the surrounding beauty.’ (And a little help from three architects.) ‘I tried to incorporate natural elements in the flow of the house, primarily the wonderful light, the reflection of the sea and the welcome breeze. ‘This house is all about the sea, the sea and the light.

    For me, the ultimate luxury is taking a shower while being able to look out to the sea — that is complete freedom.’ It is, indeed. But as painful as it may be, it is possible that Alisa may not be able to shower while looking out to sea for much longer, if Didier gets the house as part of the settlement. What caused the split is not clear.

    A source says: ‘Alisa can be quite difficult. She’s very hard-nosed and money-oriented and a real man’s woman, not at all soft. Perhaps Didier just had enough.’ For now the wrangling goes on. And how much of her fortune Alisa may lose is not yet known. But even if her ex-husband is awarded a big slice of it, all is not lost. Given Alisa’s proven record for attracting multi-millionaires, who could rule out another one coming her way and becoming husband number three?

  • There is NOTHING more lucrative in this world than divorce for women
    dmitryry bolovlev A global law society terrorist group controlled from London is helping relieve men out of trillions. This settlement is a world record and further warnings to any man about the repercussions of marriage when that wee wifey wants to take you to the cleaners via her crooked lawyers with the help of the judicial mafia

    A Russian oligarch ordered to pay out a world record £2.6 billion to his ex-wife views the settlement as a “hammer blow” and may appeal, it emerged today.

    Judges in Switzerland said Dmitry Rybolovlev, the 47-year-old owner of Monaco football club, must give a very precise 4,020,555,987 Swiss francs and 20 centimes to Elena Rybolovlev. In current sterling rates, this amounts to £2,681,297,538 and 78 pence - an estimate of half his entire fortune.

    Marc Bonnant, Ms Rybolovlev’s clearly delighted lawyer, said the figure represented an “amicable settlement” to six years of tough negotiations. But Mr Bonnant also admitted that it was “the most expensive divorce in history” and asserted that Mr Rybolovlev viewed the astronomical sum as a “hammer blow”. Mr Bonnant said the oligarch had ‘put up strong resistance’ and that they had alleged in court that he had tried to conceal the full extent of his assets via offshore ventures.

    The oligarch, who is based in Mediterranean tax haven of Monaco, built up his fortune through his fertiliser business following the break-up of the Soviet Union. The Geneva court’s decision can now be appealed by Mr Rybolovlev, who met his wife more than 30 years ago when they were students in the Ural mountains. Mr Bonnant said Mrs Rybolovlev, 47, would now get “exactly” the sum she wants as well as property around the world including one of the most expensive homes in New York for their daughter, Anna, 13.

    Now Mr Rybolovlev, who was married for 23 years, must sign a cheque for the incredible sum in the Swiss city of Geneva, where Ms Rybolovlev lives in a lakeside mansion. The settlement - which has been reported by Swiss media - is far higher than the £1.5 billion paid by art heir Alec Wildenstein to his ex wife, Jocelyne. Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul, was told to give his former wife, Anna, £1billion in 1999.

  • Divorce dirty tricks: How one in ten exes turn mutual friends on each other (Gutter press think LAWYERS know the cause of divorce dirty tricks when it is LAWYERS themselves who instigate women to stir up trouble so they can claim millions in legal aid while screwing their husbands. The biggest terrorist threat to men on this planet.