British judges are pure evil hand picked by the royalist bitch who oversees their criminality
Forget terror threats for the moment and think of some of the worst bastards you have crossed paths with throughout your life. Then multiple the figure by 1000 and you wont even come close to the vile scum hand picked by old Lizzie who are at the head of the persecution network against heterosexual men and causing more death and destruction than all the phony terror threats their media distract us with.

Yes they may not be running around cutting our heads off but freemasons in Britain's judiciary have far more subtle, devious and dangerous methods of murdering without showing any physical damage. Presently the tory political scum have been doing the same with the poor and disabled with a draconian sanctioning system that has been pushing those already facing mental health problems over the edge by withdrawing the pittance of welfare that has barely been keeping the 'USELESS' eaters alive, as that is how HER Eton groomed gangsters view them.

British judges are the most expert at ONE thing and that is using the states crown powers to psychological torture and push divorcing men over the edge and why there are a long trail of dead bodies and broken men that are kept well away from the front pages of their controlled media for fear of showing just what is going on in the UK while all the media cameras are pointed away to the middle east to distract attention away from the carnage that is being wrought upon heterosexual men and their children the length and breadth of Britain.

Royal parasite on a visit to see her hand picked judiciary who destroy men for profit and for her self enrichment

The royal witch is about to see a massive campaign to supposedly celebrate her 90th birthday where the same mass media that hides her lackeys crimes will present her and her family as wholesome and even saintly and as some sort of force for good.

On closer inspection the evidence is clear as to how she and her forefathers became the richest despots on the planet by control and manipulation of the propaganda and bullshit that passes as news when death and destruction is hidden from public gaze thanks to her freemason press barons that include Jonathan Harmsworth's Daily Mail, Richard Desmond's Daily Express, Rupert Murdoch's The Sun and Times and the Barclay Brothers Telegraph. All of them responsible for the cover up and then promotion of the most vile regime on the planet.

B.A.Kerr one of the most notorious rogue judges in Scotland and hand picked to do her bidding and where thousands of men are persecuted to satisfy the greed of the Crown lackeys

The days of their hung, drawn and quartered regime were forced by the peasants to be discarded only to be replaced by a far more wicked and sinister system of control and death by psychological torture. That continues to reap the rewards were vast fortunes are stolen by the solitary signatures of her hand picked masonic judicial lackeys.

  • Jamaica boots out the old royal parasite on the eve of her 90th birthday
  • Buckingham Palace made sure Eton groomed tory scumbag Cameron got into the vile tory party (Meanwhile Harmsworth's rag suggests tax dodging is fine especially since their boss is one himself. Eton where the royals brainwash posh boys to do their bidding)
  • The Queen and a reign of abject failure
  • Republicans to call for monarchy referendum when Queen dies
  • Judicial mafia (law society goons) still controlling what is published in their controlled media
  • More royalist bullshit from her complaint media for the old bags 90th(VIDEO)
  • MI6 Freemasons' Islamic States Medieval Crusader 'divide & rule' game plan (VIDEO)
  • Gushing royalist bullshit in the run up to her 90th (We are all being browbeaten into fawning to these evil bastards)
  • judicial mafia (law society terror cell) show the control they have over Britain's mass media
  • While Britain is awash with homelessness the royal parasite's can let their country homes, palaces and mansions rot and still make millions from dubious corrupt foreigners
  • Harmsworth's Daily Rat providing more PR stories for the royal parasite
  • Royal parasites interference in government blocked again despite Information Commissioner ruling (British democracy a total farce when the royals and their freemason lackeys rule the roost)
  • Desmond's Sunday Excess kisses the royal parasites arse big time with vast propaganda bullshit
  • The royal parasite's global trips paid by the long suffering peasants (and her compliant media think that is a good thing to promote)
  • Royal parasites on an all expenses paid trip to India excites the psychopaths who own what THEY describe as newspapers ( except it's just more royalist bullshit)
  • Benefit fraud or tax evasion: row over the Tories’ targets (3,250 department of work and pensions (DWP) staff have been assigned to investigate welfare fraud, while 300 specialise in dealing with the rich)
  • British political system filled with royalist masonic henchmen
  • Eton groomed Cameron is rich and who doesn’t need the state, and who, where he can, is ready to avoid paying for it
  • A challenge to the gross privilege and inequality that undermines democracy
  • Judges’ reforms threaten the role of lay legal advisers
  • Freemasons disguised as British law enforcement and court officials lose vital evidence that lets their lodge buddies off with murder
  • Compliant media's dodgy stats about peasant money spent on royal parasites birthday (Zionist Desmond's Daily Scar's regular propaganda and bullshit about royal mafia )
  • The 1% hide their money offshore – then use it to corrupt our democracy
  • The extremely frivolous and tedious utter bullshit on royal propaganda from the arse kissing mass media
  • Britain's mass media is just one big royalist propaganda machine (Britain's freemason controlled press barons swear oaths to kiss the royal arse)
  • Why oh WHY are the royal parasites propaganda machine connecting house price rises with her vile reign? (Are they putting some sort of positive spin about the property racket her freemason cronies control for her enrichment?)
  • Tory scum determined to find new and cunning ways to take money from people already struggling in tough circumstances
  • Britain's masonic controlled divorce industrial complex turning women into millionaires (and the crooked judges and lawyers repossessing properties and stealing children into paedo run care homes)
  • Cayman Islands where the freemasons stash their stolen loot
  • Royals tax avoidance using their masonic lackeys
  • Channel 4 in explosive row with millionaire Tories over 'tax dodge' investigation in the Cayman Islands