British establishments dirty murderous tricks

For decades we have been exposing the endless murder of men facing divorce, the psychological torture of men to fund the ruling mafia.

For decades we have been exposing the endless murder of benefit claimants, hounded into an early grave by psychological torture.

For decades we have been exposing the brutal treatment of the elderly and mentally ill in care? homes and NHS hospitals.

And for decades we have been exposing the children brutally abused in state homes after they have been stolen from fathers many who end up in an early grave.

The above are only a few examples of how the British establishment treat the peasants LIKE DIRT and does not include the raping and murder in wars across the Middle East that have seen millions bombed into oblivion by ruthless decisions of the British establishment that included every Prime Minister since Thatcher both Labour and Conservative.

Now we get to the Manchester suicide bomber who despite brave individuals bringing his EXTREMISM to the attention of the authorities and police who did NOTHING to stop his plans to murder and the fact his family had been PAID by the British establishment to help destroy Libya taking out Gaddafi there is clear evidence that the same mob did not care if he was planning to murder on the British mainland as it is suiting a very warped agenda of the masonic mafia at the centre of the secret services who are supposed to be responsible for stopping such attacks.

Taking all of the above into account and no matter what they are claiming in their puppet TV and radio the British public are now more than ever at serious risk of harm from the ruling establishment who are doing the same in Britain as they are overseas destroying the infrastructure of Britain even if casualties are part of the plan.

When are the British public going to waken up and realise those claiming to want their vote are the very bastards behind the sinister murderous plans that will see more bombings unless they are stopped and replaced by people that can be trusted with Britain's future safety?

  • FBI told MI5 about Salman Abedi, the Manchester bomber, in January, saying he was planning an attack in Britain (Theresa May wont respond to claims the security services failed to act and are ultimately responsible for all the deaths at Manchester but WAS IT DELIBERATE?????????????)
  • Manchester bomber Abedi’s former terror group, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), may have received British support (In 2002, former MI6 agent David Shayler accused the British spy agency of helping send radical jihadis from the LIFG back to Libya to fight Gaddafi)
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  • Mother of rape victim claims cops ignored warnings (deliberately?) over 'gang who knew suicide bomber Salman Abedi having links to terrorism' (Anyone who has crossed paths with Britain's masonic mafia disguised as cops will know how reporting crime seldom is taken seriously and leads to anarchy for those getting away with murder)
  • Manchester bombing victim Georgina Callander's family has hit out at the tory Government over her death, saying it must "open its eyes" or more parents will lose children to terror (How many GOVERNMENT agencies failed to act despite repeated warnings? Jimmy Savile's 50 years of abuse comes to mind. The British establishment are only interested in protecting their own the peasants are being treated like fodder)
  • Ex-Met chief claims there are too many extremists on the streets for police and MI5 officers to monitor (a bit LATE with that lame excuse)
  • MI5 use excuse of staff shortages after ignoring persistent warnings about Manchester suicide bomber (No matter how few staff they had they had a duty of care to stop the bastard before he killed though tory cuts just add to the intolerable situation.They did the same with Jimmy Savile for 50 years)
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  • Comic Rufus Hound suggested that the Manchester terrorist attack on Monday night was actually an inside job from Prime Minister Theresa May
  • Theresa May has given the impression that a moment of national crisis(a terrorist attack) has worked to her political advantage
  • Theresa May is playing into the hands of terrorists by politicising the Manchester attack. Her job is to allay public anxiety, not promote it
  • MI5 was warned about suicide bomber (BUT DID NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!While Theresa May was Home Secretary)
  • Did Britain's MI5(freemason controlled) deliberately ignore warnings about Manchester suicide bomber?
  • How many boxes does an Islamist extremist have to tick before he qualifies for close surveillance by the security services?
  • Theresa May branded 'biggest terrorist' outside Downing Street (Many more have died thanks to the tory's draconian cuts than all who died during Manchester attack)
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