Just who the FUCK is Philip Jansen?

In a letter to the Home Secretary, BT chief executive Philip Jansen
said technology should be used to tackle MALE violence

Stats of murder in England and Wales by gender

If anyone who knows how corporate Britain operates you can be sure the vast majority of dimwits selected for the top corporate jobs are hand picked FREEMASONS. As the former monopoly for telecomms in Britain BT has a hierarchy founded on fast tracking freemasons into top key lucrative jobs while the TALENTED staff can only watch as idiots are promoted well above their station. We have an in depth knowledge as to why that is the case but for another article, but here is a CEO writing about BT using technology against men, NOT criminals in general but specifically MEN.

Compare the murder stats for England and Wales and even DIMWITS can see the vast bulk of murder victims are men and young boys. Yet two articles in the Daily Mail, one by tory thug Priti Patel and one by the Met's lesbian chief Cressida Dick, ignore those stats instead claim, thanks to the murder of a female by a met cop now men's and boys deaths can be totally ignored and all of Britain's cops efforts are to be aimed at protecting women and girls against all us bad men.

Mr Jansen came up with the idea while 'despairing' at Miss Everard's abduction, rape and killing by Wayne Couzens, a Metropolitan Police officer jailed for life last week. He is now calling for ministers, police leaders and telecoms bosses to discuss the plan urgently.

That is despite the fact tory thug Patel sits on the cabinet who are behind the vile tory austerity that is crippling the poorest, MANY of them women who then went on to commit suicide, alongside the £50billion the tory scum cut from retiring women who have been left destitute in OLD age thanks to increasing their pension age six years with little notice. Yet in that article she claims to want to protect women but during her time in office, as the tory state assassin the DWP's head, she was accused of bullying female staff to the point one of those female staff took an overdose.

Feminist lesbian Cressida Dick, despite being responsible for the vetting of all cops in the London Met, allowed cops with a history of sexual abuse to carry on as cops with little or no disciplinary action that allowed Sarah Everard to be murdered by a Met cop. A police force riddled with freemasons protecting each others arses from the most horrendous crimes to the point they THINK they can get away with murder. Also met cops, charged with dealing with domestic violence allegations, yet they themselves are committing DV against their partners and wives and get away with it and allowed to carry on as cops supposedly to protect women.

Both Patel and Dick, with the backing of a BT CEO, claim the ONLY important thing is to protect women and girls from abuse and violence of men, despite the stats clearly showing the vast majority of murder victims are MEN, not women, but one cop murder is enough for the feminists and feminist supporters to state the vast bulk of resources of the cops should primarily be spent on ONLY ONE genders protection.

This is outrageous, if the genders were reversed there would be a flood of well funded banner waving feminists lining the streets screaming of the injustice. BUT WHEN ARE MEN going to start protesting while this madness is going on all around them????????????

  • All sexual and domestic abuse allegations against Met cops over past 10 years to be reviewed following murder of Sarah Everard, Cressida Dick reveals
  • New phone lifeline for lone women: Priti Patel backs plan for 888 'walk me home service' as emergency number could be online by Christmas amid outrage over murder of Sarah Everard (Jansen's comment here)
  • Murdering Met cops: There appeared to be a "culture of colleague protection" within the police service and warned that police officers were failing to raise concerns about colleagues who exhibit "damaging or worrying" characteristics (When are the freemason cops who protect their brothers going to get the boot? There would be NO COPS left)
  • Freemasons fast tracked, with little or NO vetting, into London's Met cops?
  • Commons Speaker wants Met Police to explain murdering cop Wayne Couzens' Parliament work (BBC claim police misogyny at fault when it should be MASONgyny)
  • Calls for ALL police officers across UK to be re-vetted: Ex Met Police chief says every officer should be reassessed in wake of Sarah Everard murder to restore trust (Time to rid the cops of freemasons who are protecting their murderous lodge pals)
  • POLICE SCANDAL Cops who sexually harass women are allowed to stay in their jobs even in the wake of Sarah Everardís murder (These are the same masonic fuckers who persecute innocent non death cult divorcing men for alleged abuse while they are getting away with murder)
  • Tory thug Patel directs attention away from masonic cops onto smearing men in general (The home secretary said police had to "raise the bar" and treat everybody "with respect, dignity and seriously". EXCEPT heterosexual men classing us all as abusers)
  • Sarah Everard: Boris Johnson urges public to trust the police (Meanwhile attacking men generally when it's freemason cops protecting each others arses)
  • Cressida Dick must be held accountable over Couzens case, says ex-Met chief (Putting lesbians in charge of the cops is NO BETTER than replacing freemasons)
  • The murdering perverts the Met think are suitable to employ as cops
  • It was reported in 1997 there would be "STRICT Vetting measures to check corrupt police" (Didn't do much good as murdering cops are getting through that supposed 'STRICT' vetting and while freemasons remain active inside law enforcement to protect their criminal brothers)
  • What is really wrong with the whole structure of UK policing