Divorce parasites
There is a great plague going on across the globe that is NOT being reported by the lawyer controlled mass media. A plague destroying men's lives and families under the guise of a continual rant to try and justify the mass plunder in the biggest heist across the planet.

'Domestic violence' is ranted like 'Weapons of Mass destruction' as the excuse to relieve a country of its oil wealth so DV helps the parasites to relieve ex-fathers of all their worldly possessions. The judeo masonic parasites have taken control of the courts, the cops, the councils and every other form of murderous thuggery used against decent fathers to virtually wipe out a whole species of men not part of their satanic cult.

Their rantings are becoming more extreme in their controlled rags as the internet has woken up so many from the masonic slumber instigated by a media that manufactures the FAKE news that allows this plague to continue unabated. But NOT if we can help it . NO distraction REPEAT NO distraction is going to stop us from continually focusing on the main threat across the globe to decent men and that is the divorce industrial complex intent on using whatever devious ploys they can to satisfy a greed and twisted lust for children stolen into care for a blackmail network that is only now being exposed in their media forced to accept their victims have alternative platforms to expose what has been covered up for so very long.

  • Brad Pitt finding out what its like to deal with the divorce psycho syndrome (Any man considering marriage should study how Brad and his children are being treated to appease a psycho drunk on legal power)
  • Men accused of allegations of abuse during divorce and left without any legal support now accused of intimidating their ex wives because they are having to cross examine them before they can see their children (Secret courts no juries no oversight of the freemasons running the British judiciary with the nefarious Womens Aid being quoted by the British press, especially the paedo protecting BBC, on this matter but never any men not part of the masonic mafia)
  • The Best Divorce gift