Why don't the ruling elite just let us all die?

With decades of bullshit about over population of the world you would think the ruling elite would be happy to see a pandemic wipe out vast swathes of the population that they have been blaming on destroying the planet. Not their use of nuclear power stations like Fukushima, Three Mile Island, Windscale and Chernobyl to falsely claim would lead to cheap energy while poisoning the world's oceans and it's people.

The ruling elite can only remain rich while they have vast armies of slaves they can use to prop up their ever increasing mountains of wealth founded on the enslavement of the peasants forced to live on the pittance dished out by those with overflowing coffers. Covid, if there is such a beast, could claim many more lives if left unchecked and would ultimately reduce the world population dramatically.

So there is a double scenario here where, a slightly more dangerous cold strain is being used to massively control the population more and more, or the rich and their controlled governments are starting to panic that a pandemic could wipe out vast armies of their slaves and leave them with little or NO workers to screw so that their wealth can continue to grow uninterrupted. How else can governments function without the taxes manipulated from the peasants already meagre wages?