Domestic abuse industry gives feminists / legal mafia the excuse to entitlement

Much bigger than the Military Industrial Complex is the Divorce Industrial Complex and like the chant 'THEY HAVE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION' made by LAWYER scumbag Blair as lapdog to Daddy Bush the legal mafia have their own vile chant about 'DOMESTIC VIOLENCE who like the victims of the CIA \ MI5 torture campaigns MEN during divorce get their own form of persecution and torture.

There is no more torturous a path than the invisible psychological / financial torture inflicted by a global freemason mafia using their disturbing laws and allegations to rob men of their homes, assets and children. NO ONE would believe these evil bastards could also then place those children, ESPECIALLY boys, into care homes were a bunch of vile homopaedo's can access those boys for their own sick psychotic sexual deviancy.

Guantanamo shows the lengths the supposed land of the free will go to impose their warmongering agenda, using patsies to enforce their global murderous agenda on the public blaming innocent victims as the stooges for the tyranny of Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney that let them bomb the women and children in the Middle East while they claim their legal systems are PROTECTING women and children this while they murder millions under the guise of a global police state.

America's sheeple are waking up to the brutality of the hired MASONIC thugs masquerading as law enforcement as will Britain when they find out the lengths these monsters will go to destroy men they fleece using the manufactured DOMESTIC ABUSE laws that help enrich the freemason judges and lawyers on behalf of a vile crown only to happy to see those men homeless, penniless and childless that still to this day remains protected by their controlled media. That same media who protected predatory paedo's like the BBC's Jimmy Savile for over 40 years while they smear the very men whose children have been taken into care to satisfy these sick psychopaths appetite for stolen children.

  • A lawyer "embellished" claims for legal aid in family court cases for £2 million accusing fathers of abusing their children later committed suicide after the police began investigating
  • Those charged with dealing with domestic abuse are the biggest abusers of all
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  • Michael Mukasey Bush's Attorney General claims TORTURE isn't TORTURE(VIDEO)
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  • Britain's homopaedo establishment used freemason cops and special branch to hide their sinister debauchery
  • Labour peer Barbara Castle drew up dossier on VIP homopaedo's
  • Mass arrest of 660 British homopaedo's included ex-cops
  • Two Scots in Thatcher gov Nicholas Fairbairn and Dr Alistair Smith accused of homopaedo abuse of boys
  • Margaret Thatcher 'personally covered up' for homopaedo senior ministers