Coronavirus: Heterosexual men at high risk of being evicted from their homes

The domestic abuse propagators are at it again especially via the femi/homo BBC run by lawyers for lawyers and their other feminist man hating arms Women's Aid and Refuge. ALL of them bigoted smear campaigners that have been set up to destroy men for and on behalf of the biggest terrorists on the planet the Law Society acting on behalf of the royals CROWN and orders from their top freemason lackey the Dukey Kent. Grooming ex-wives and golddiggers to provide the allegations that helps line the pockets of the legal mafia and the Crown with men's hard earned cash.

No sooner has the threat posed by coronovirus started than the lawyers mouthpiece the BBC are running endless articles about domestic abuse and violence. ALL of those men accused of such DON'T have juries just freemason judges dishing out extreme court orders that strip men of their right to live in their homes and to see their children. Made much worse when the world is in lock down and puts innocent men at high risk of having a restraining order made against them which is the legal mafia's way of shutting down men who dare to stand up against their tyranny.

Few men are fully aware of the powers of secret family courts and the effect that has on men's future and presently they are ratcheting up the assault on men to give lawyers the excuse to get them kicked out on the street with bumped up charges and with hearsay allegations heard before one of the Queens hand picked judicial lackeys. Men need to be aware that if their relationship is floundering it is a simple matter for a bitter and twisted ex-wife to provide abuse allegations to a crooked lawyer who will start the ball rolling to remove you from your home and that ex-wife can very quickly move any new boyfriend into YOUR home and the HOME that YOU have to continue paying for.

We have spent decades warning men about the vicious and malicious attacks on them via a legal system that is getting away with murder. Paul McCartney, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp only some of the high profile celebrities that have faced attacks by vicious ex's determined to get maximum advantage during separation. Men need to be fully aware of the repercussions of these extreme moves at this most difficult time. See below some of the articles circulating in their gutter rags that are sending out the signals that this is going to increase in intensity and that men and men alone will be blamed for any issues that arise from being locked up at home while this quarantine period is being enforced.

We also provide just one recent example of the extremes females / lesbians will go to to steal from men when a man is murdered and his fingers amputated to access his bank and a recent inheritance he came by. Never underestimate the lengths women will go to strip men bare and with the total support of a crooked legal system controlled by freemason's behind the present decision to lock men at home without any work . There is method in their madness and it is FUCK ALL to do with men's well being.

  • A lesbian, 19, and her girlfriend, 23, are arrested on suspicion of killing hotel worker and chopping off his fingers so they can access 60,000 inheritance on his mobile banking in Portugal
  • BBC promote feminist smear campaigners Refuge over "Domestic abuse calls up 25% since lockdown" (When a twisted wife makes one of these calls she automatically gets the husband booted out of his own home with NO proof and a restraining order that makes him immediately lined up to be jailed while they help themselves to his home and estate)
  • Another twisted BBC report on "Coronavirus lockdown: As Easter holidays begin, families feel strain" (Two FEMALE experts say they expect an increase in domestic violence from the lockdown. You can guarantee the BBC and those two experts will blame men for the strains the families are facing)
  • BBC report "Coronavirus lockdown means abuse is getting worse, victim says" (Victims always female even if they claim they are balanced)
  • UN crank up the domestic violence propaganda despite coronavirus deaths (A distraction from their own failings)
  • Femi / homo / lawyer / run paedo protecting BBC spreading another FAKE pandemic about DV (Unrelenting freemason / lawyer / judge led bullshit that leaves non cult men broken, homeless and childless)
  • SNP's ranting feminist lawyer Sturgeon on the DV scams again (Meanwhile SNP ministers get away with grooming schoolboys and former ministers get away with sexual assaults but men can be criminalized for arguing with their wives LUNATICS RUNNING THE ASYLUM)
  • How family photo saved man from evil ex-partner's rape and domestic abuse lies
  • Scottish lesbian bragged she 'Stabbed every lassie I've ever been with' then caged for blade attacks on ex-lovers (So much for the 'Womens Aid' one gender rantings of domestic violence bullshit that ALL women need protected from all us bad men. SNP's feminist lawyer mouthpiece Sturgeon noticeably SILENT when its one of her LGBT pals thats instigating domestic violence because it doesn't fit in with the legal mafia's grand property theft)
  • A female serial domestic abuser stabbed her boyfriend after hitting him with a bottle in two previous attacks
  • Scottish lawyers call plan to suspend jury trials 'kneejerk reaction' (Ask any divorcing man how Scottish family courts are being run by the Crown's hand picked judges and NOT juries and why it is easy to frame men and steal their livelihoods)
  • GAYrdian reports "Coronavirus lockdown to hit low-paid, young and women hardest" (Always the poor wee downtrodden women NEVER the men who line the streets homeless because of feminist bullshit)