Covid-19 coincidence or convenience?

Yes there are people dying. Yes it might have been a bioweapon gone wrong or worse released into the environment but what is not being considered is who ultimately has most to gain from the pandemic fall out?

Prior to the sudden apparent spread of a virus that was killing people en masse the powers that be claimed Wuhan, China as the epicenter and from a dodgy food market. That immediately was challenged as Wuhan has a massive BioTech industry that even America has been proven to have a stake in.

But what was going on before this outbreak is maybe a convenient time to distract attention from the world waking up to what drives the global political and legal establishment. Epstein, Weinstein and the royals all interconnected in what is turning out to be a global Mossad sting that compromises those seeking high office in politics and the law. That allows Israel to blackmail any of those who ultimately get selected for key positions of power ONLY because they have already damaged their reputation enough to be cajoled into going along with the agenda zionist Israel has planned for a global takeover. Also no coincidence the Israeli Embassy in London is only a 3 minute walk from Kensington Palace home to the global godfather of freemasonry the grand old Dukey Kent.

Epstein's untimely SUICIDE, that could have led to all those compromised being exposed, could have opened a window to the deep state that shows how paedophilia has been the tie that binds all those who bow to an Israel mafia that already controls the world's money machine thanks to the Rothschilds, but not enough to satisfy their lust for global domination. Also why the west's leaders continue to turn a blind eye to Israel's utter domination and brutality across the Middle East exploiting and murdering in Gaza and Palestine and behind the wars that America and Britain's compromised political goons started for and on behalf of their zionist terrorist leaders demands.

All the media rags that bow to the Israeli line and who previously had been forced to expose the jewish thugs like Weinstein who control Hollywood and Epstein who seemingly controlled everyone who was bound to his Lolita Express flights, including the British royals, have in an instant been concentrating all their efforts elsewhere with wall to wall covid-19 reports. Whether by coincidence or convenience this manufactured pandemic has drawn the global media away from continuing to report on the Mossad implications instead counting the growing number of dead which is an enormous distraction from those who want to finish building their zionist New World Order.

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