Thai lawyers just as crooked as British lawyers as men get screwed time and again

The Phuket property nightmare

The sparkling seas and warm beaches of Phuket are a magnet for sun-seeking holiday-makers and, increasingly, for foreigners seeking a comfortable and cost-efficient retirement. More than 100,000 foreigners have settled on the island - though some now bitterly regret it.

British expat Ian Rance and Irishman Colin Vard are now living almost penniless with their children on the outskirts of Bangkok as they struggle against overwhelming odds to recover properties they bought on Phuket. Both men lost all their investments through frauds that neither of them imagined were possible. "I'd made my money in England and had enough to retire I thought. I was looking for a place that was warm, a place that had some rule of law, where I could live in safety and peace," says Rance, a chartered surveyor and professional arbitrator from Hertfordshire, who arrived in Phuket in 2000. "When I came to Thailand on a trip to Australia it sort of seemed to fit the bill."

In 2001 Rance met and married a Thai woman called Suda and went on to have three children with her. The prime minister at the time, Thaksin Shinawatra, had started a programme called "Thailand Elite", through which he hoped to attract wealthy foreigners to settle by allowing them to own small amounts of land, something not normally permitted under Thai law. Encouraged by this, Rance began investing in property, buying two houses, and eventually a restaurant and two pieces of land. But the Thailand Elite scheme never took off, so in the end he did what thousands of other foreigners did - he put the properties either in the name of the company he had already formed to run his consultancy business, or in the name of his wife.

The family home was in his wife's name, but leased to him on a 30-year lease. The company was nominally Thai-owned but Rance, as a director, had majority voting rights - nothing could happen to the company's assets without his approval. He was advised by local lawyers that this was legally quite safe. But unbeknown to him, in July 2008 Suda began transferring the properties out of the company. In September she also removed Rance as a director. On paper none of this should have been possible. In practice, all she had to do was to forge her husband's signature. The Land Office in Phuket, where property transfers are formalised, was willing to accept a simple forged power of attorney from Rance to change ownership of properties worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, and to cancel his 30-year lease on their home.

To change the control of the company the forged signature had to be notarised by a lawyer - but that presented no problem. A local lawyer did this willingly, without Rance being present. When the BBC confronted the lawyer about this he admitted the signature was his, but claimed it was normal practice in Phuket. The Thai Lawyers Council has since told the BBC this is not true, that it is a serious violation of their code of conduct. But Rance's attempts to sue the lawyer have got nowhere. He only spotted the fraud in July 2010, when checking his company's tax status. He discovered that all five properties, worth well over £1m ($1.5m), had been stolen. What began then was, he says, a nightmare period for him. His wife ran away. Four men came into his house and threatened his life if he did not get out of Phuket. His wife phoned him and told him they would kidnap the children if he did not leave the house immediately. Gun crime and murder are not uncommon in Phuket, and Rance decided to flee to Bangkok with the three young boys.

"It was a terrible, terrible time. I really had no time, thinking I was going to be shot, or the kids would be kidnapped. My first thought was to protect the family, try and get some evidence, and get a lawyer on board as quickly as possible." The evidence Rance has amassed is staggering. Document after document shows the same land agent and two moneylenders, transferring the properties back and forth to his ex-wife in a form of pawnbroking, where she was in effect borrowing at astronomical rates of interest, using the properties as collateral. Rance believes she was being pressurised by relatives to raise the cash. He believes she received only a fraction of the properties' value. She was arrested in 2010, and is now serving a four-year prison sentence.

But nothing has happened to any of the other parties linked to the fraud. Rance has filed nine criminal and civil suits against them. He has had to travel to Phuket for every hearing, paying for himself, a lawyer, and a translator - hearings which are usually many months apart, and sometimes cancelled at the last minute. Worse, one of the moneylenders has filed a perjury case against Rance, claiming that he knew about the fraud all along. This has resulted in Rance's passport being confiscated, and he is now obliged to report to the police every month in Phuket. Over five years Rance estimates he has spent the equivalent of £200,000 ($300,000) on legal fees and other costs relating to the legal battle. The only case he has won resulted in the imprisonment of his ex-wife and the restoration of his company directorship. Yet the same judge ruled that he had no right to sue the moneylenders for the stolen properties, because he had not been a director of the company at the time.

Rance has hired five lawyers, some of whom he says have overcharged him and sometimes deliberately sabotaged his cases. He has had to petition the Ministry of Justice to find a lawyer he can trust. "There are many foreigners who have filed cases similar to Ian Rance," says Surin Bumrungphol, who heads the Phuket Anti-Corruption Network, a campaign group. "In many cases the lawyers they hire actually work for the other side, for more money. The reason most of them lose is because of corrupt, incompetent lawyers, and the failure of law enforcement officers to do their job properly."

Since I started working on this story a number of foreigners have contacted me to tell me about their experience of different kinds of fraud on Phuket. In some cases the property deal they have signed up to has not been honoured. But only one other case matches Rance's in almost every detail. Colin Vard also invested about £1m in Phuket, after a successful career in Dublin as an author and part-owner of a clothing factory. He lost a total of eight properties, over a similar time period. In some cases the same moneylenders who exploited Rance's wife were involved.

Vard's Thai partner, the mother of his son, has been sentenced to 17 years in prison for the fraud but evidence showing the involvement of several other people has been ignored by police. Vard has accused some police officers in Phuket of tampering with his criminal complaints by removing evidence from his files, so the cases fail in court - and he has discovered that the cousin of one police chief actually ended up with one of his stolen properties. In desperation, in March this year Vard went with his two children into the central branch of a Thai bank he believes is connected to the fraud, and mounted a sit-down protest. He has done the same outside the police headquarters in Bangkok, blocking the traffic. Each time he has been promised a proper investigation.

But after five years, there has been no visible progress. The Thai police have assured the BBC that they are working on his case. The deputy governor in Phuket also promised Vard and the BBC in February that his case would be taken up, but to date nothing has happened. Ian Rance has a new wife now, and they have a young baby girl. His main priority he says is to provide a proper home for the four children, and put them through school. With the boys' mother in prison, and his funds exhausted, this is a huge challenge. He cannot even consider returning to the UK, because of the requirements regarding income and savings, which in his case are now insufficient.

I asked him what he would say to those considering retiring and buying property in Phuket. "Don't. Don't come here. The system of law is nowhere near as strong as you think it is going to be, there is no protection for you, and there are gangs of people victimising you. The lawyers have very little in the way of ethics or professionalism." Thousands of foreigners have settled in Phuket without serious difficulties. But if things do go wrong, they may find it hard to get help from the police or the judicial system.

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    If an analysis was done of the global male population not only would a high count show of psychiatric conditions in males already diagnosed but maybe the biggest hidden stats would show men are being brutalized and psychologically traumatized by lawyers who have been able to use the law to destroy men , not only their livelihoods but their ability to function due to the intolerable stress they can place men under using the powers of family courts.

    Courts, and the murderous judges and lawyers who run them for their own self enrichment, are killing men en masse with impunity as well as leaving men with a myriad of psychiatric disorders associated with post traumatic stress in the aftermath of divorce and civil actions that take little interest in the intolerable damage they inflict under the guise of what they class and manufacture as LAW.

    The masonic paymasters at the top running our world have expertly honed a system so evil and all consuming protected by a media only to happy to portray men as the abusers and to give them the excuse to financially and psychologically destroy men blocking any resistance to their blatant form of tyranny. The world is being brainwashed with wars and pseudo terrorism ensuring a smoke screen for these evil bastards to hide behind and avoiding the need to explain why men are dying in vast numbers or being left broken by a system that is far more damaging than ALL their so called manufactured terrorism and the most horrendous blight on the billions of men not part of their creepy satanic system of power and control .

    That we will ensure will NOT be ignored as we can no longer tolerate the ease with which they are getting away with murder and the continued deaths of men caught up in the most wicked legal system encompassing the globe that is transferring trillions of dollars into the hands of the masonic scum and filth only to happy to break men and anyone else who dares stand up to their murderous tyranny. These issues don't even include the millions of children also left psychologically traumatized when they see their parents being destroyed to satisfy the incalculable greed of these evil scum and filth.


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    Wars a great distraction from the global law society terrorists
    There are NO bigger terrorists on this planet than the Law society. None, no matter what the compliant media tell us otherwise. ISIS or ISIL or whatever name they pull out of the bag for the latest terror cell cannot compare with the damage and destruction caused by the global law society. Why? Because of the very fact that same terrorist group controls ALL the press, tv and radio via their media lawyers.

    So what about war? Who decides on going to war? Lawyers, not as they would suggest politicians. In the run up to Tony Blair backing cowboy Bush going into Iraq there was a massive row among lawyers whether it was legal or not. The fact Tony Blair himself was a lawyer and should have known better he finally got one of his jewish legal pals Goldsmith to back his plans despite foreign office lawyers consistently warning that an invasion would be regarded as unlawful.

    Britain had been undergoing a capitalist revolution with Margaret Thatcher who had decided to sell off all of the peasants social housing stock at knock down prices to the highest bidder leaving thousands homeless . When Tony Blair came to power he ensured his godfathers at the Law Society had all the excuses to steal them back and under NEW zionist run Labour widespread property theft left millions of men out on the street. War was a GREAT distraction from what was going on closer to home and hid what was an internal tyranny triggered by family laws that had literally torn millions of families apart. Iraq ensured none of this got into the papers they control.

    To try and hide the colossal theft of the family silver indefinitely could only be considered possible by the psychopathic mindset that at the time thought they could get away with murder. Phillipe Sands, a QC and professor of international law at University College, London at the time wrote a book called 'Lawless World' explaining the repercussions of why lawyers are always consulted generally before countries start wars and how much control the global terrorist group of the law society and its lackeys can foment with so much chaos that allows them to claim ORDER after they instigate the interventions that have destroyed, not only foreign powers, but the millions of men caught up in their totally corrupt and massive legal machinations on a scale so vast no one can truly comprehend the extent of their crimes.

    Scotland recently has been totally taken over by lawyers, as the SNP under Salmond before his resignation, had been getting the best publicity in the very rags they themselves control and duped many Scots into believing their bullshit. Nicola Sturgeon, now first minister and Kenny MacAskill were Salmond's lawyer henchmen and the wolves in sheeps clothing hell bent on ensuring Scotlands vile godfathers at the law society remain in complete control of ALL its land , business and property empire stolen from the unsuspecting men not part of their zionist / freemason / law society plot.

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    Lots of money to be made now the evil bastard is dead
    UK Lawyers for Israel helped organise zionists 'Legal Tour of Israel

    This week over 30 participants, including some from Belgium and South Africa, took part in the ZF 'Legal Tour of Israel. Organised in partnership with UK Lawyers for Israel, the focus of the tour was on role that law plays in Israeli society.

    Headed up by Alan Aziz (ZF Chief Executive), Jonathan Turner (UKLFI Chairman), and Ida Symons (ZF Israel Trip & Events Coordinator), the tour provided an eye-opening examination of many of the issues at the heart of the Israel and the conflict The tour included visits to the Israeli Supreme Court, Ariel University, the Bible Lands Museum and several leading law firms.

    The Zionist Federation organises regular trips to Israel that focus on showing you aspects of the country that are not available to everyday tourists. Our upcoming tours are: the ZF Young Leadership programme from Monday June 15th - Friday June 19th 2015. and the ZF Behind the Scenes Israel Trip, from November 12th - 16th 2015.

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  • British land registry's conspire with crooked lawyers to steal land and property
    Lawyer Gareth Evans was found dead on beach days before he was due to face £2,000,000 fraud charge

    Newly obtained documents show Gareth Evans, found drowned in January, had admitted the fraud under police interview five years earlier

    A solicitor was found dead on a beach just days before he was to face an alleged £2m fraud charge. Former deputy high sheriff Gareth Evans was discovered drowned in January, still dressed for the office in his pin-stripe suit, just days before he was due to appear in court.

    Details of the crime have remained a mystery until now as the Daily Post has reported that the senior lawyer admitted a forgery which would almost certainly have put him in jail. Evans paved the way for the transfer of the title deeds for a 485-acre farm and buildings in Dinas Mawddwy, Gwynedd, North Wales, in 2009, by forging the signature of his client, farmer Thomas Evans.

    The farmer, his outraged family say, was vulnerable as he suffered from long-standing mental health problems, and knew nothing of the sale of his property. The Daily Post has obtained a copy of the confession made by 64-year-old solicitor Evans to police in a formal interview in 2009. His client, Mr Evans, 52, who was an alcoholic and died in destitution in November 2009 from liver problems, did not receive the supposedly agreed £210,00 sale price for the farm. The farmer's family say the property has been valued at £2m.

    When quizzed by detectives, lawyer Evans admitted he forged his client's signature when completing the sale with the government's Land Registry Service. Thomas Evans's three children - Sioned, 35, Ceri, 33 and Thomas, 30 – have been left with nothing from their dad's estate. The family are upset that even though the solicitor’s confession has been handed to the Land Registry, the government body has so far refused to overturn the sale. Debbie Chatham, the late farmer's divorced wife, has vowed to sue the Land Registry. She said: "Gareth Evans was in a position of trust and he totally abused that.

    "I'm horrified. And it's frightening to think the Land Registry will simply transfer anybody's land at the click of a button on the say-so of a solicitor. "We've been left extremely frustrated. We've got such indisputable evidence. You can't get much better evidence than a confession. "I have no sympathy for Gareth Evans now he has died as he should have acted properly in the first place."

    An inquest in July into his drowning on January 3 led to an open verdict as a coroner could not be certain the 'devoted' father-of-three had committed suicide. Mr Evans had left for work as usual from his home in Gwynedd, asking his wife what was for supper, before his car was later found abandoned near Barmouth railway bridge. He was circulated to police as a missing person and his body found washed up on Black Rock Sands, near Porthmadog, 15 miles away.

    In solicitor Mr Evans' interview with police, an officer tells him: "The registration document has been examined by two independent handwriting experts and they are both conclusively of the opinion that the signature purporting to be of Thomas Ieuan Evans is a forgery." The record of the interview show the solicitor admits forging the signature. He says he was under pressure to get the document signed. Patrick Stevens, representing the Chathams, said, “A forgery of this magnitude by a solicitor would be treated very seriously by the courts. After all it’s a whole farm, not just a tax disc. As he had admitted the forgery to the police, Gareth Evans must have realised that he was going to go to prison.”

    A Land Registry spokeswoman said: "We are in contact with the solicitors representing Mr Thomas Evans’s children about their application regarding their clients’ claim to the property. "This process has not been completed and we will continue to work with all parties to resolve the situation.” Mrs Evans, the lawyer's widow, declined to comment.

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    A former Arbroath solicitor killed himself a day before he faced court accused of embezzling more than half a million pounds from clients — including more than £85,000 from dead clients’ estates.

    Graeme Herald — who was a partner at Herald and Co Solicitors in the Angus town — was accused of stealing the cash deposited with him by his clients between October 12 2001 and October 6 2006. It was alleged he took sums ranging between £2,000 and £90,000 from 14 separate clients. In total, he was said to have embezzled £570,046.47 from his firm’s clients. That sum included £85,558.47 from the estates of four dead clients.

    Herald, who was 55, and of Hawthornbank Lane, Edinburgh, previously entered a not guilty plea to the embezzlement charge. He was due back in court on Monday for a further pre-trial hearing but prosecutors asked the case not be called in court, meaning proceedings were at an end. It then emerged Herald had taken his own life at his home in Edinburgh and was discovered in the early hours of Sunday morning. Police said there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.

  • Law Society terrorists behind mass spying
    Spy agencies do harvest your private emails: Lawyers admit GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 intercept messages to target terrorist suspects

    Britain's spy agencies do harvest a ‘haystack’ of private communications by innocent people in order to target terrorist suspects, Government lawyers have admitted.

    GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 need to intercept the phone calls, text messages and emails to find their criminal ‘needle’, a tribunal heard. But lawyers representing intelligence chiefs said the mass surveillance was ‘lawful and appropriate’ and said claims it acted illegally were ‘outlandish’. The defence was included in legal documents submitted in a landmark challenge over the activities of the spy agencies at the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT). Privacy campaigners claim that safeguards surrounding GCHQ’s collection of vast quantities of online data are inadequate and do not conform to the law. Civil liberty groups have launched a legal challenge at the tribunal – which monitors whether the UK’s spying laws are being observed – over the alleged use of mass surveillance programs by the intelligence services.

    They allege that the agencies conduct huge surveillance sweeps that are ‘not in accordance with the law’ and breach human rights. They also claim ‘all or most’ internet and telephone communications are being routinely collected, stored and analysed, regardless of whether a person is under suspicion. The case has been brought following the leak of documents by fugitive CIA worker Edward Snowden linked to the alleged surveillance practices of GCHQ and the US National Security Agency (NSA).

    The legal battle centres on the alleged use of two programs – Prism and Tempora. Campaigners say Prism is a mass ‘data mining’ program used by the NSA and that information obtained was passed to the UK. Tempora is apparently used by GCHQ to intercept communications through fibre optic cables in and out of the UK. The tribunal has taken the unusual step of proceeding on the basis of a series of ‘assumed facts’ because the Government will not confirm or deny much of Snowden’s claims. It has also taken the rare step of allowing the case to be heard in open court.

    In a written submission, James Eadie QC, for the Government, said the only way to intercept communications of a suspect was to ‘intercept a substantially greater volume of communications and then apply a selection stage to identify the communications in question’. ‘In other words, it is common ground that the only practical way to find and reconstruct most external communication “needles” is to look through the communications’ “haystack”,’ he said. Mr Eadie said privacy campaigners had based their case on ‘extreme, and at times outlandish, factual assertions about the scope, scale and nature of US and UK interception programs and intelligence sharing’. The tribunal continues.

  • One group of terrorists that are getting away with murder
    How can the biggest terrorist group on the planet daily get away with stealing vast swathes of land, business, property and children yet don't come anywhere near the media radar? When that same media rants endlessly about the potential threats of terrorism from the Middle East that for most of the global population will NEVER impact on their lives yet one terror group will almost definitely impact destroying their lives stealing their money, ejecting them from their homes in most cases making them homeless, penniless and childless.

    The gutter press, radio and TV are totally controlled by these terrorists who create pseudo terrorism that provides a massive cover for what they are doing to men across the globe. ALL OTHER TERRORISM AND CRIMES pale next to the vast theft into trillions of dollars these evil bastards are getting away with. Now if you happen to be a past or present victim of these bastards you will be surprised why the compliant media rant endlessly about a form of terrorism that will NEVER impact on your life while ignoring the terrorism that has been destroying lives for decades and still getting away with murder despite their victims now having a voice across the internet.

    One very good reason why their media have to regurgitate more and more propaganda to reinforce the message they want us to swallow that they are protecting us in some way from the boogeymen they have created while rifling through the very last vestiges of millions of men's estates devastated by the ruthless abuse of the law. The global law society whose lackeys include Obama and his wife, Tony Blair and his wife and Bill Clinton and his wife are ALL part of a terrorist group determined to carry on their global threats against men. Men who get caught up in their devious legal scams that use ANY excuse to repossess properties those same men thought they had purchased through their sweat and toil only to find these terrorists have a TOTAL monopoly on property contracts designed to ensure they have all the excuses to steal them back while using their thug cops to assist in your ejection from your home.

    No other form of terrorism has been so ruthless and calculated in decimating the lives of millions of men and their children across the planet. Yet the media ensure the sheeple are distracted by endless propaganda that hides the murderous plans of a global pariah hell bent on carrying on their devastating ploys wrecking ever more men's lives caught up in their planet wide web of deceit.

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    rogue lawyers
    New crackdown on crooked lawyers who help criminals
    We have been aware for decades how crooked lawyers have been hanging on to the coat tails of serial criminals and the ease with which they can get millions in legal aid to defend them. The legal aid board steal divorcing mens estates to feed this vile greed.

    Lawyers, couriers and accountants could be jailed if they turn a blind eye to criminal activity they profit from, under Home Office plans. It wants to see a new offence of "participation in an organised crime group" to target those who have reason to suspect they are part of an illegal enterprise. Critics say current laws are tough enough but need better enforcement. The new laws will also give police more power to seize criminal assets.

    There is currently £1.5bn outstanding in unpaid confiscation orders - double the amount that has been seized since 2010. In March, MPs criticised the government for allowing criminals to keep the proceeds of crime by choosing to go to jail instead. The Public Accounts Committee said just 26p in every £100 of criminal proceeds was recovered by authorities last year.

    'Veneer of respectability'

    The Home Office believes too many people are helping criminal gangs by not asking questions about why their services are required, and later deny any knowledge of the criminal activity when cases reach court. It is hoping to target people such as couriers or van hire companies who help to move counterfeit goods, or lawyers and accountants who take a "no questions asked" approach while assisting criminals with services such as writing up contracts. It says the new offence would also target the "Mr Bigs" in charge of criminal networks who do not always "get their hands dirty".

    Those convicted under the new offence would face up to five years in jail and could be subject to further civil measures. Home Office minister Karen Bradley said: "Nobody is above the law. But for too long corrupt lawyers, accountants and other professionals have tried to evade justice by hiding behind a veneer of respectability. "This new offence sends out a clear message to those individuals - if you are helping to oil the wheels of organised crime, you will be prosecuted and face being jailed."

    "Effective enforcement"

    But the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) said the consequences for accountants and lawyers who breach the law were already severe enough and that effective enforcement was required instead of new laws. John Davies, head of business law at ACCA, said: "The sentences that have been imposed on professional advisers under the existing Proceeds of Crime Act demonstrate that the legislation has teeth, though the key, as always, is effective enforcement. "Under the current rules, it is a criminal offence for any person to be involved in an act of money laundering.

    "Practising accountants and lawyers are also expected to look beyond the immediate facts of a situation and adopt an air of scepticism about clients and their behaviour. "As well as being required to report to the authorities on the basis of suspicion rather than hard evidence, advisers who choose to ignore criminal activity or turn a blind eye to it are already exposing themselves to criminal prosecution. " The Home Office also says greater powers will be given to the National Crime Agency and the police to seize criminal assets more quickly and close loopholes used by criminals to get round confiscation.

    There is currently £1.48bn outstanding in unpaid confiscation orders but only £746m of criminal assets have been seized, which the government says is a record amount. Victims of crime have received £93m since 2010. The Home Office says it will legislate on the measures as soon as parliamentary time allows.

  • US-style 'Soprano's law' to jail crooked lawyers, accountants and couriers who work for crime lords
  • No end to the lawyers billion dollar honey pot legal aid
    legal aid 20

  • How do lawyers REALLY make money?
    You would think maybe the biggest racket on the planet would be in every single headline in every major newspaper across the globe. But if those behind that racket actually had a major influence on the editorial of those same newspapers it would be easy to block exposures of their racket and in fact allow that racket to go on for decades without a single hint of it getting into the gutter press.

    When we are being cajoled into putting our hard earned money into the biggest asset you can buy mainly to ensure a roof over our head you would think that if there were any shortfalls in that system the investigative journalists would be right on it .

    But , and this is were this worldwide scam remains hidden, those who have charged themselves with selling property, lawyers, have made sure no hint of their monopolistic scams gets published thanks to the biggest global terrorist network, the law society ensuring they have their media lawyer lackeys embedded in every single major national newspapers across the globe. They claim the reason they require one of their overseers in each editorial department is to ensure what is published is not libellous but the MAIN reason is to hide the fact that these evil bastards have used their total control over property to fraudulently sell men homes that will be stolen back by the same mob who issue the contracts. Now there are very few other objects on this planet that require the necessity of a lawyer to buy them. You can purchase a car for more than a million dollars without the need to hire a lawyer so why do properties costing far less require the need of a lawyer? The reason? they have made it that way .

    The legal mafia over centuries, going back to the knights templar a mob they worship regularly at Temple church in London the capital of the bar associations reeking havoc across the globe for men , have created a ruthless property ownership pyramid scheme far more lucrative than Bernie Madoff's allowing them to flog every single property across the world and then STEAL THEM BACK . Now if there were car showrooms selling cars to customers and later stealing them back you would very quickly see headlines in the newspapers to that effect. But the legal mafia have thought of EVERYTHING to suppress the biggest racketeering on the planet stretching into the trillions . Take every single crime committed by the small time crooks and the jails filled with them for petty criminal acts that see massive newspapers headlines, and who have charged themselves with throwing them in jail , Law society lackeys consisting of judges and lawyers all part of the global bar mafia.

    Now these bastards crimes are a million times more serious than every single petty crime added together. What is worst of all , and that is despite their victims now having a voice across the internet which as yet they are unable to control, is the goons that still believe they are buying a home that they will OWN. NO ONE owns any property because their system assures them that they will have all the excuses to remove the duped goons at a moments notice. Ask any man facing family courts and they will tell you how quickly they can make you homeless and penniless kicked out onto the street to satisfy their insatiable greed.

    What is also shocking is that the politicians we are expected to vote into office, many who are in fact lawyers, are all part of the schemes and know that the more legislation they create , the more properties can been stolen and the spoils shared among the legal, political and banking mafia's who are ALL behind the biggest terrorist threat to mankind making all other pseudo-terrorism pale. Men have a far greater chance of being destroyed by a law society judge or lawyer than every other pseudo terrorist group on the planet.


  • Lying trainee lawyer cried rape 11 TIMES landing her boyfriend behind bars
    rhiannon brooker She sounds an ideal candidate for the law society to screw men with their DV and rape lies

    Trainee barrister cried rape 11 TIMES landing her boyfriend behind bars for 30 days in bid to get out of taking law exams, court hears

    A trainee barrister falsely accused her boyfriend of raping her 11 times in an attempt to get out of taking her law exams, a court heard. Rhiannon Brooker, 30, alleged Paul Fensome had repeatedly assaulted her, leading to the 46-year-old being arrested, charged and held in custody for 30 days. But detectives could not find any evidence he had carried out the attacks. It emerged that Brooker had used the allegations as ‘extenuating circumstances’ in a failed attempt to dodge her bar exams, a jury was told.

    She is accused of making 11 false claims of rape and nine of assault, two of which alleged false imprisonment. Prosecutor David Bartlett told Bristol Crown Court: ‘One of the reasons for her false allegations was that she was living an active social life and not doing the work required to pass.’ She made up the claims to ‘give substance’ to her bid to be allowed to delay her exams. The court heard how Brooker, a law graduate, had been studying for her barrister qualifications at the University of the West of England (UWE). Shortly before she moved to Bristol in 2010, she appeared at a shop where she worked with injuries and complained her boyfriend had assaulted her, Mr Bartlett said. At UWE she told fellow students she had been assaulted and raped, and occasionally displayed physical injuries, but had not reported the matter to police.

    She claimed Mr Fensome had forced her to have sex on several occasions and once she told a friend she had lost a baby because he had punched her in the ribs. She said facial injuries and bruising were as a result of her attempts to end the relationship against his will. In March 2011 a domestic violence adviser encouraged her to keep a log of incidents and report them to police.

    She finally went to police in May 2011 but all the allegations were denied by Mr Fensome, a railway signalman. She told officers she had been grabbed by the throat and held against a wall after Mr Fensome accused her of cheating on him. The court saw a video of a police interview in which she said: ‘He got increasingly irritated and angry because of the fact I was denying it. ‘He was accusing me of all sorts with all people.

    ‘As we got home he tripped me up as we were coming through the door and I fell down. 'I said to stop being so stupid, then he grabbed me by the throat and put me against the wall. 'He put his hand around my neck and throat, his grip was tight, I found it hard to breathe. He said I was malicious and nasty.’ However, Mr Fensome denied the allegations and had ‘cast iron alibis’, the court heard.

    Texts from his phone and his work shift patterns either undermined or disproved the claims. Experts suggested Brooker’s injuries had been self-inflicted, Mr Bartlett said. After charges against Mr Fensome were dropped, Brooker, of Frampton Cotterell, Gloucestershire, confirmed they were false, and admitted that injuries seen by witnesses, including her friends and doctors, were self-inflicted, the court heard. She later told police: ‘The allegations were not true and I am sorry I made them. I find it very difficult to understand why I said these things.

    ‘I believe that in some funny way I have hit out against Paul as he was close to me – the nearest target of those unresolved feelings of anger – and I regret the hurt that I’ve caused him as a result. ‘I am trying to work hard with these feelings and I understand that they have to be resolved and put behind me. 'Ordinarily I am a truthful and honest person which makes it all the more difficult for me to understand how this has happened.’

    Brooker sat only the first four of her 12 assessments for her course and persuaded the Extenuating Circumstances Committee to let her sit the rest later. But she went on to fail because she exceeded the time limit. Mr Bartlett said Brooker’s knowledge of criminal law was likely to be greater than that of most rape complainants. ‘The prosecution alleges that she knew that the course of justice was being perverted and intended to pervert the course of justice throughout that period.

    'Brooker seemed oblivious to the impact of the false allegations on Mr Fensome’s family, causing distress, disruption and expense. 'In addition, Brooker deceived other students and her tutors, who committed time and emotional support to her cause.

    ‘We suggest that the defendant has an inherent tendency to fabricate allegations and needs always to be the centre of attention.’ Brooker denies perverting the course of justice. The trial continues.