Out of the 'three pillars of democracy' - legislature, administration and judiciary - 99% of citizens in most 'democratic' countries and states are allowed to participate ONLY IN THE FIRST TWO.

They are prevented, even forbidden to FULLY participate in the democratic process by being unable to be elected to judiciary. In all those 'democratic' countries the judiciary is selected ONLY FROM AMONG LAWYERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! As the continuation of feudalism under disguise, particularly in countries with 'Westminster style democracy', members of judiciary are selected ONLY from certain families and never on merits.

In most countries there is any kind of public pre-selection process

- no need to possess any specific or useful qualifications,
- no competence test or verification,
- no any test of 'professional knowledge' and abilities,
- no appraisal of psychological tendencies and human weaknesses,
- no ethical scrutiny,
- no verifiable evidence of possessing sense of civil responsibility
- no verifiable evidence of moral and ethical responsibility in the past

Lawyers are looking at themselves as the new breed of pompous, self-presumed 'master race', as 'first class citizens', who through lawyer infested legislatures introduced 'laws' giving themselves monopolistic privilege of FULL CITIZENS RIGHTS and they are able to FULLY participate in a democratic process of governing a state or a country while 'lawfully', 'legally' - with openly and publicly displayed contempt - deprived such right to 99% of the other 'second class citizens' kept in apartheid conditions.

Such a situation is maintained by lawyer infested 'governments',

such a situation is kept quiet by presstitutes from 'mass media',

such a situation is kept concealed by appearance of the system kindly allowing people to participate in third grade strictly controlled and manipulated token device called 'juries'- where there is 'opportunity' to be manipulated into making a prearranged 'decisions'.

Such a situation is kept concealed by throwing in 'red herring' issues by lawyer dominated 'civil libertarians', 'human rights defenders', etc to keep people distracted and/or occupied with discussing peripheral issues instead of major ones. Equality under the law, of all civil and political rights, is my (and yours) basic human right as per International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - Articles 2, 3, 25, 26 and other International laws and covenants.

This is done also in breach of Statute of Monopolies 1623 - by giving monopolistic privilege to a specific group of people in the society. The current arrangements in the selection of the judiciary are illegal monopolies - operating under implied consent and power that they have usurped and otherwise stolen from the people (Australian CITIZENS)

Information about my battle with the devilish forces in barbaric Queensland ( with the copies of relevant documents ) is on

- and some others .
UK legal mafia strike over cuts to their massive legal aid honeypot VIDEO
Lawyer 'stole 180,000 euros in compensation she won for a homeless man after he was set on fire'
An Italian lawyer who won one of her clients 180,000 euros (£150,000) in compensation after he was set on fire has been arrested for allegedly stealing it.

Lidia Gabellini, 38, from Rimini, is said to have siphoned money from the account of a homeless man who was severely burnt by thugs as he slept on a bench in the city in 2008. She is also alleged to have stolen money from at least two other clients, including 1,000 euros from a 21-year-old disabled man awarded the money after he fell off his home’s roof. She reportedly spent the money on a luxury car and consumer goods, ArticoloTre said.

Investigators have seized 200,000 euros from her bank account, money that they believe is stolen. According to Italian newspaper Ilrestodelcarlino she told a judge: ‘I am ashamed of my weaknesses. I ask forgiveness.’ Her lawyer, Alexander Petrillo, said: ‘She’s not a monster, but a sick woman. She is very fragile, with serious psychiatric problems.’ Gabellini, a mother of one, is currently in custody in a women’s prison in Forli. Her alleged fraud was discovered by a police investigation called ‘Vampire’, which uncovered false bank statements she’d used to throw officials off the scent.

  • BBC on Lawyers behaving badly
    bbc lawyers behaving badly

    Like paedo Jimmy Savile, protected for decades by the BBC, so also have the Law Society of Scotland who control BBC output thanks to their media lawyers like Rosalind McInnes. Seeing they are a public broadcaster, paid by the public, someone must be kicking their arse as to why, like Savile's victims, they have ignored the Law society's victims for way to long. This program will no doubt be a diluted version of what is really happening to the millions fleeced by the crooks running Scottish courts and stealing property with total impunity, pushing their victims into suicide who have been made homeless and penniless.

  • Lawyers Behaving Badly 10.35pm Wednesday 15 January 2014
  • Law Society of Scotland bullshit after the BBC's "Lawyers Behaving Badly"
  • Legal Hell by Angus Brown
    legal hell

  • Legal Hell website and book HERE
    law society and the united grand lodge of england

    The Law Society and United Grand Lodge of England brothers in arms destroying men for profit

    There is only one terrorist group men need to be ever vigilant about and that's the global terrorist ring of the Law Society. So WHY don't we hear anything about their terrorism in the gutter press? It's no coincidence that they are ALL controlled by law society media lawyers sitting in judgement over what and what doesn't get published. That would include the media lawyer working for the Murdoch mafia who was behind the mass hacking of phones of the victims of his empire so he could get EXCLUSIVE'S in his vile tacky rags like the SUN and News Of the World. He would still be doing it if it wasn't for the fact they tried to hack the royal parasite's except they had their spy henchmen at MI5 and 6 who soon found out who was doing the hacking.

    Men are not being killed en masse by the supposed terror threats from the Middle East NOOOO men are being psychologically and financially destroyed by crooked judges and lawyers ALL part of a global sting that steals men's properties , assets and most especially children with impunity, many driven to suicide by horrific pressures induced by the satanic cabal running the law. That is a group of sick psychopaths making up laws as they go along to feed their sinister satanic network headed by the Dukey Kent acting for the sole interest of the biggest despot on the planet the royal parasite herself old Lizzie.

    All the other 'pseudo' terrorism is a distraction aimed at keeping men, not already targeted, from seeing just who is killing their brothers under the guise of laws manufactured by some of the most murderous vermin on the planet disguising themselves with all the masonic influenced robes and regalia but in the end you cannot dress up a turd to be anything other than a turd.

  • The Law Society: A global masonic pariah
  • Breaking the law society property monopoly
  • Dodgy Solicitor Top Trumps
    dodgy lawyer
    Click to read more
    Lawyer and Ex-Law Society Council member jailed for spitting at her parents
    Former Law Society Council member Frances Brough has been jailed for six months for spitting at her elderly parents, harrassing a terminally-ill pensioner and trying to bite police.

    Brough was suspended from the Law Society Council in 2011 after being accused of fiddling her expenses. Her latest started when she drunkenly confronted her 74 year old mum and 82 year old dad about their wills. At the pre-trial hearing the court heard how she called her mum incontinent and smelly and spat in her face six times. Mr Brough said his daughter then “spat violently in my face and said she wished I was dead. I just felt like collapsing”. Police had to carry Brough away from the scene, while she tried to bite them. Much like in 2011 when she sunk her teeth into the arm of a neighbour's daughter and hung on "like a dog"

    The PI lawyer initially denied the charges and argued that her parents lacked the mental capacity to make statements. But this week, just before she was due to stand trial, she changed her plea to guilty. She also admitted making silent phone calls to her mum and harrassing her 83-year-old terminally-ill neighbour to whom she said "here comes the dying one", before threatening to "destroy" her. In mitigation Brough's lawyer said she was once "the perfect member of society". Well perhaps, until all this fiddling expenses, assaulting elderly people and biting policemen stuff of course.

    legal masonic mafia A wee ned might break into your house and steal your valuables or TV but ONLY the legal / masonic mafia can force you out of your home. The very same MONOPOLY that manufacture the dodgy legal contracts to supposedly claim that your BUYING a house are the same crooks who steal it back.

    Freemason cops lend the muscle that aids and abets crooked judges, lawyers and their thug lackeys bailiffs to steal properties worth millions and accumulatively into trillions of dollars.

    The same freemason cops have

    Wars against drugs (and you see them regularly smashing down doors as if they have justification)
    Wars against guns (and you see them regularly smashing down doors as if they have justification)
    Wars against knives (and you see them regularly smashing down doors as if they have justification)
    Wars against car crime (and you see them steal vehicles as if they have some justification)

    They regurgitate these time and again as if these evil bastards are doing something about crime when they themselves are by far the biggest criminals of all while they aid and abet the crooked legal mafia who steal more than all other petty crime combined and a pittance compared to what they themselves are plundering.

    You will NEVER see them ranting on about wars against crooked lawyers , judges or politicians. You WONT see them EVER smashing down the doors of lawyers, judges, politicians or masonic lodges, only the peasants get their kind of (in)justice while the legal and political establishment carry on with the massive fraud and corruption against the peasantry .


  • Top legal aid lawyer declared bankrupt
    cameron fyfe The continuing demise of the legal mafia is assured thanks to the efforts of their former victims across the internet. Legal aid is the lawyers honeypot and why so many of their victims get screwed to fund that massive trough used and abused to use and abuse their victims.

    Cameron Fyfe, one of the country's most high-profile solicitors, has had his licence to practise suspended after going bust with debts of almost £140,000.

    The money relates to bills owed by legal firm Ross Harper, which collapsed last year with debts of more than £2.6 million. Mr Fyfe, 59, of Glasgow, was a partner in the firm and had been targeted by its creditors, including banks, landlords and the taxman. Mr Fyfe, who now works for Glasgow law firm Drummond Miller, is not able to practise law at the moment as his licence has been suspended in light of the sequestration. He is applying for a restricted law licence to allow him to continue to practise. Mr Fyfe applied for the bankruptcy himself after facing debts of £139,446 and it was approved by the Accountant In Bankruptcy, Scotland's insolvency service, on Wednesday. Bryan Jackson, of insolvency specialists BDO, has been appointed to take control of his assets and try to recover money owed to creditors. Yesterday, Mr Fyfe said: "This is to do with the collapse of Ross Harper. They were coming after me because I was a partner there."

    Last night a spokesman for accountants BDO said: "Mr Fyfe applied for sequestration due to past joint liabilities linked to his involvement with the now ceased law firm Ross Harper. "Despite Mr Fyfe having resigned from Ross Harper in November 2010 he remained legally liable for debts incurred at the firm, for example long-term property leases, and it is due to these debts that Mr Fyfe has now made his application. "As he has been sequestrated he is now applying for a restricted law licence from the Law Society of Scotland to allow him to continue to practise."

    Mr Fyfe specialises in personal injury law and has represented a number of high-profile clients. He was involved in the first ­Scottish court action for the annulment of an arranged marriage and the first successful claim for compensation in Scotland under the Human Rights Act for an unlawfully imprisoned client. His recent clients have included a woman who claims she was raped by Dundee United footballer David Goodwillie and a trainee priest who claims he was abused by Cardinal Keith O'Brien. The Law Society of Scotland said Mr Fyfe's licence would be automatically suspended but said he could apply to have it restored.

    A spokeswoman said: "If a ­solicitor has been sequestrated his or her practising certificate is suspended, which means they cannot practise as a solicitor. "Solicitors can apply to have their practising certificate restored. An application would be considered by the Law Society's practising certificate sub-committee before it could be restored." There was widespread shock when Ross Harper, which was set up in 1961 with former law professor Ross Harper at the helm, ceased trading.

    Several partners, including Mr Fyfe, walked out after rows over the way the firm was being run and judicial factors were appointed by the Law Society of Scotland to investigate finances and client funds held at the company. In 2006 the firm claimed more legal aid than any other in Scotland, with subsidies of more than £1.8m. Around 25 staff lost their jobs when it was sequestrated.

    Earlier this year, two other former partners, Joseph Mullen and Paul McHolland, went bankrupt with debts of more than £2.7m each. Many of Scotland's most respected lawmen came from the Ross Harper stable, including former First Minister Donald Dewar.

  • Lawyer describes job as fucking people over for money
    Something we have been reporting for a very LONG time and the vast bulk of WHO they fuck over are men during divorce.

    Trainee lawyer filmed drunkenly describing his work to student newspaper
    He described himself as a 'City lad' to interviewer for online video
    Clifford Chance has described the comments as 'inappropriate'

    A trainee solicitor at one of the UK's leading law firms is facing disciplinary action after he drunkenly described his job as 'fucking people over for money' in a student video.

    The unnamed Clifford Chance trainee is filmed describing himself as a 'City lad' on the online video for Oxford student newspaper Cherwell. The interview was carried out for the student newspaper's series of online videos, Shark Tales, which features student journalist Toby Mather speaking to drunken students on the streets in the early hours of the morning. The trainee solicitor tells Mr Mather 'I f****** love the ladness' which he described as 'just basically f****** people over for money'.

    He later adds: 'I refuse my consent for this to go on the internet and I will sue you if you put it on'. According to The Independent, a Clifford Chance, spokesman has said one of the firm's trainee lawyers was now facing disciplinary action. The spokesman told reporters: 'The comments made are inappropriate and they are at odds with our principles and the professional standards we espouse as a firm.

    'One of our trainee lawyers is the subject of our formal disciplinary procedures which may result in termination of the training contract with the firm'. Clifford Chance is an international law firm which has its headquarters in the UK. It is one of the 'Magic Circle' of the UK's top five law firms and has 35 offices in 25 countries across the world.

    The video was originally published on Cherwell's website in May, but it was only reported on legal blogs this week. Shark Tales presenter Mr Mather told Cherwell how news of the disciplinary procedure illustrated the role social media now played in modern working life.

    'The comments made are inappropriate and they are at odds with our principles and the professional standards we espouse as a firm'
    - A Clifford Chance spokesman

    On Monday, MailOnline reported how a primary school teaching assistant won £16,000 after she was unfairly sacked for swearing and posting a picture of herself drinking from a penis straw on Facebook. Paula Williams, 45, was dismissed after a member of staff overheard her saying ‘f***’ to another teacher in the playground. The divorced mum-of-two from Hednesford in Staffordshire was also disciplined after a picture appeared on Facebook showing her drinking from a joke ‘penis straw’ at a Christmas party.

    She was also accused of using the phrase ‘sexy beast’ to a child and taking a book entitled ‘I shot my daddy’ on a swimming trip. She appealed the decision and took the school to an employment tribunal claiming unfair dismissal. The tribunal in Birmingham ruled in her favour and ordered the school to pay her £16,437.79 in compensation.

  • The Law Society: A global masonic pariah
    clinton obama blair with queen
    The Clinton's, The Obama's and The Blair's all part of the global law society henchmen regime

    You'll here the muppet politico's rant endlessly in the media (their media) about the need for the 'rule of law'. That 'rule of law' has been used by the RULING parasites to feed from the peasants unaware that their form of law does NOTHING to protect the ordinary members of public and everything to protect the power and riches of the Law Society miscreants who pull the strings.

    Those strings pulled by everyone controlled, manipulated and blackmailed to do the bidding of the gangsters directing the traffic of money right into the incalculable coffers of the global parasites and pariah acting for and on behalf of Queen Bee Lizzie and her merry band of 5,000,000 masonic henchmen (under the thumb of her patsy the Dukey Kent ) who impose their 'rule of law' on the dupes and unsuspecting public who are endlessly brainwashed by the controlled media into believing that 'rule of law' is their to protect them and NOT the global ruling elite. We are in the constant process of exposing the devious tricks of the trade and how the 'rule of law' is NOTHING but a nasty bunch of rules and regulations masterminded by the royalist scum and filth to thieve with impunity from peasants directed to enter the schemes of 'BUYING' land, business or property only to later find how easy that law is used to lever them back into the monopoly racket that has duped millions of men worldwide.


  • Asset Grabbing: Small debts can put UK borrower's house at risk (VIDEO)
  • Leveson ignored lawyers in hacking inquiry
    Police gave Leveson(law society) a dossier on hacking by big firms and lawyers (law society)... but he dismissed it in 18 minutes
  • Investigation found law firms were involved in the underground trade
  • But despite coming at a great cost to the taxpayer, Leveson dismissed it
  • Already under fire for skirting over other interesting revelations

  • Lord Justice Leveson ignored direct police evidence of how blue-chip companies fuelled the illegal trade in personal information.

    A senior officer submitted documents outlining how a little-known three-year inquiry uncovered a nationwide network of corruption. The multi-million-pound investigation found law firms, debt collectors and insurers were behind the thriving underground trade. But despite holding eight months of gruelling public hearings at a huge cost to the taxpayer, Leveson dismissed the officer’s evidence in less than 18 minutes. The revelation renews pressure on the High Court judge to explain why he ignored evidence of hacking and other illegal activities outside of the media. He is already under fire for refusing to consider an incendiary intelligence dossier compiled by the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca). It included a list of 102 companies and individuals linked to a group of rogue private eyes who blagged, hacked and stole sensitive data.

    Earlier this week Soca chairman Sir Ian Andrews resigned after failing to declare a conflict of interests as the row over the list rumbled on. The move raised hopes that members of the home affairs committee will find a solution to the deadlock created by his refusal to allow its publication. Last night, Labour shadow home secretary Stella Creasy said there was a growing sense of confusion and Soca’s ‘silence’ cannot continue. She said the crime-fighting agency had lost people’s confidence and there were ‘legitimate questions’ over whether disclosing the names would be in the public interest.

    She added: ‘We urgently need Soca to give clear answers to legitimate questions about its confidential list.’ Evidence about the three-year inquiry was given by Russell Middleton, who was then an acting assistant chief constable for Devon and Cornwall Police. In papers submitted to the Leveson Inquiry, he revealed how he and others uncovered evidence of a network of corrupt public officials. Police officers, support staff, prison guards and benefits agency staff were all suspected of leaking confidential information to private detectives. They in turn were supplying corporate clients who were hungry for sensitive data that could not be obtained elsewhere.

    The inquiry, known as Operation Reproof, began after a member of public uncovered a building contractor’s criminal record during a planning dispute. Police suspected the information was obtained illegally and quickly discovered an illicit network handling private data. They found that the personal details of Gordon Brown, at that time Chancellor, were checked on the Police National Computer.

    Devon and Cornwall alerted five other forces, including the Met, as organisations including the prison service, benefits agency, BT and mobile phone companies were targeted. The inquiry led to six men – two serving police officers, two retired officers, and two private detectives – being charged. But the sprawling case was thrown out of court in 2005 by a judge who said it had no hope of securing any convictions.

    ‘I cannot understand why they did not make these points to the Home Office when the Leveson Inquiry terms of reference were being set in the first place.’
    Tory MP Nicola Blackwood

    In a remarkable comment, the Exeter judge said he did not consider a PC passing private information to a former colleague as ‘a serious matter that amounted to misconduct’. Mr Middleton said that his inquiry nevertheless uncovered shocking evidence of how the illegal information trade went far wider than the media. He told Leveson he ‘never found any direct evidence or indirect evidence linking that information being requested by or for any part of the media or journalists’. Instead the clients were ‘national companies, insurance companies’ who were instructing investigations into civil claims, accidents and marriage disputes. The senior officer’s evidence adds weight to criticism of Leveson for focusing too narrowly on the media.

    Tory MP Nicola Blackwood, a member of the home affairs committee, has previously suggested that Leveson could have adopted a broader remit. Speaking last month about evidence contained in the suppressed Soca report, Miss Blackwood said it could have changed the course of the inquiry. She said: ‘I cannot understand why they did not make these points to the Home Office when the Leveson Inquiry terms of reference were being set in the first place.’ A Leveson Inquiry spokesman said: ‘The terms of reference for the inquiry related to the culture, practices and ethics of the press and how they engaged with the public, the police and politicians. Evidence on other issues was outside those terms of reference.’

  • Lawyers exposed as party to secret illegal hacking and spying
    For years lawyers have been obtaining mens private data illegally and using that data to fleece men in divorce. Many men know the extremes these evil bastards will go to gather information and with a masonic police only to happy to ignore that illegal spying. The same bastards that turned a blind eye to the BBC's predatory paedo Jimmy Savile for decades while he abused 100's of children

    Law firms linked to convicted private investigators

    Law firms, insurance companies and celebrities are among 94 clients that used private investigators convicted of illegally obtaining information, MPs have said. The Home Affairs Select Committee published a breakdown of the clients but did not name them individually. The four rogue investigators concerned were given jail sentences last year. Committee chairman Keith Vaz said he wanted to name the clients when the committee published its final report.

    Private data

    The private investigators specialised in illegally obtaining private information from organisations such as banks, utility companies and HM Revenue and Customs. Because the companies involved could be investigated by the police and the information commissioner, the committee says it has not named them. Instead it lists them by business sector. The list suggested that private investigators often subcontract work to each other - 16 clients were other private investigation agencies.

    Labour MP Mr Vaz said: "When we publish our report into private investigators, we would like to be in a position where we publish the entire list. "But we don't want to compromise any investigation that the Metropolitan Police may or may not be involved in." Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said he had "a lot of sympathy" with those who wanted big companies who use private detectives to be open about it.

    He added he was "very concerned about the role of rogue private investigators" and that the government would be announcing plans to regulate the industry later on Wednesday. BBC home affairs correspondent Tom Symonds said proving that the clients commissioned work knowing it would breach the data protection act - the most likely charge they might face - could be difficult.

    One of the clients, a solicitor, told the BBC she hired the Brookmans International firm to track down a fraudster but insisted she did not break the law. She said she put in writing her request to the private detectives that they do not do anything illegal.

    Vital work

    Much of the work of private investigators involves finding out where fraudsters have hidden stolen money or tracking down people who owe money so that civil litigation can begin. Another law firm which uses private investigators said such work was vital because often police will not go after fraudsters. The client categories list published by the committee does not appear to contain media companies.

    Our correspondent said critics of the Serious Organised Crime Agency argued it had failed to act on the corporate use of private investigators, while journalists who allegedly obtained private information by breaking the law were subjected to several major police investigations. The Met Police said it supported the "strong regulation of the private investigation industry and a system that allows for a client to perform due diligence checks on the individual or company they wish to hire"

  • Police confirm hack probe widening as high-profile individuals and businesses come under scrutiny for using corrupt private eyes
  • Law firms 'top users of rogue private eyes': Fifth of 102 companies uncovered as using corrupt investigators
  • 22 law firms on illegal hacking list
    While THEIR media pals distract us with an endless array of news on terrorism , terrorists and being terrorized men have ONE assurance that all of those threats dramatically pale next to the real terrorist threat of trying to keep a roof over their head. There is a growing body of men who had been hand picked by the law society and its lackeys for personal treatment who won't be broken but instead are uniting to warn the unsuspecting public about what is really going on behind the scenes while they have us worried about any and every threat bar the one that is most important, again that is keeping a roof over our heads.

    For many years we have collated an endless stream of evidence of why men end up on the street and despite THEIR media constantly reminding us that the homeless are all junkies and drunks we know differently and over 90% of men end up homeless because the law society decided that when couples break up it is the MEN who should be removed from all their worldly possessions but especially the ROOF over their head. That is a small clique of legal scumbags who have decided they should corner the market on selling you a home under the pretence you OWN that home while they manufacture the rules to remove you from it once any equity has built up in that property and used to enrich the lawyers and the crown come the time they move in to help themselves to your wealth. So there are men at various stages in their life who need to ignore the smokescreens and become aware of the potential position they will end up in if they don't heed the warnings.

    Young guys are getting sucked into relationships and marriage who having fallen crazily in love and want to set up home with the person who will ultimately be used to fleece them of EVERYTHING. Seeing mates as life long partners is the biggest cause of men losing all they have worked for all their days . Don't think for ONE SECOND that the nice wee girl you set up home with won't turn on you at the first opportunity if she is promised the earth from a crooked lawyer only interested in getting their hands on millions in legal aid and the very home they may have previously sold you . The threat of losing your children keeps your eye off the ball and why custody battles let crooked lawyers steal your estate while your mind is on keeping in touch with your kids.

    Men who have been in long term relationships that are now becoming unstable and who have most to lose as they may have been paying a mortgage for 20 or 30 years and with a house that is worth far more than they paid for it due to the artificially created property bubbles the banks and their legal mafia friends manufacture. That person you hoped to spend your life with is now bored and wants out with maximum gain and those men will be getting shafted big time once the law society's lackeys get into court and get the signature of a freemason judge to help themselves to it all.

    Finally there are the men who have been totally shafted having their homes, assets and children removed from them and who may spend years languishing in a perpetual daze as to how their seemingly secure life could be stripped from them when their ex-wife decided she'd had enough and wanted out with her half while her lawyer gets the other half in fees. Many woman end up losing the house they were promised at the start of the divorce to pay for the outrageous fees the law society manufacture to ensure both sides ultimately get shafted and the merry go round of property's seized either get added to a lawyers property portfolio or goes back on the market for another young duped man to fall into that trap.

    We can't change the laws but we can make men aware of this vast crooked monopoly empire that encircles the globe and responsible for every last contract of every single property in the world . Until men stop buying into these scams many more will fall into the trap created by the legal mafia and men will continue to face the harsh reality that the only real terrorist threat that matters to them is the one that is given least exposure in their media and thanks to the fact that every last newspaper, tv and radio station has a media lawyer controlling their output ensures all of the above is kept away from the next round of dupes they are lining up for this centuries old system of fraud and corruption that implicates the governments and legal systems behind these trillion dollar scams.


  • Compliant media now blame LAWYERS for hacking into victims phones
    As we have been exposing for a very long time media lawyers control the mass media and ultimately responsible for the hacking of phones of victims of the press and the sinister law society agenda of the mass fleecing of men. Obama A LAWYER behind the biggest spying campaign across the globe with PRISM

    Tackle the fatcat phone hackers after the institutionalised harassment of journalists

    The phone hacking by law firms, telephone companies and insurance providers makes the News of the World look like a rank amateur. We've had an eight-month judicial public inquiry into press ethics (the Leveson Inquiry), three separate police investigations costing £19.5million (Operations Elveden, Weeting and Tuleta), dozens of arrests, the closure of a 168-year-old newspaper (News of the World) and a newspaper industry assaulted by politicians of every party. And there’s only one thing we can say with total certainty – the vast majority of the phone hacking in this country has never been done by journalists.

    A leaked police report suggests that the Serious Organised Crime Agency – the British equivalent of the FBI – has known for years that the phone hacking by law firms, telephone companies and ­insurance providers makes the News of the World look like a rank amateur. One phone hacker said that 80% of his clients were “blue chip” corporations – and nothing to do with the media. Do you think David Cameron will be calling for an inquiry into the hacking culture inside big ­business?

    Will Ed Miliband gleefully be discussing what should be done about the illegal activities of law firms over a takeaway pizza? No? Why the hell not? I make no excuses for the wilder shores of journalism.

    But subjecting just one industry to the full ­scrutiny of the law is grotesque discrimination. Why us? Is it possibly because unlike, for example, insurance companies or law firms, newspapers exist to expose the foibles and failings of politicians? Newspapers exist to tell you when a ­politician is caught with his fingers in the till or his trousers round his ankles Of course they want to shut us up!

    Of course they want to shut us down – even if, in the course of its long campaigning history, the News of the World did far more good than harm. But of course politicians don’t think quite so highly of free speech when it is personally embarrassing. Whatever regulations are brought in to monitor, control or castrate our free press, it is worth noting that laws already exist to prosecute anyone who hacks a telephone. Whatever their profession.

    Lord Justice Leveson has been asked to appear before MPs to discuss the future of press regulations – and perhaps explain why he chose to ignore the vast majority of ­perpetrators who do not work for newspapers and who have never worked for newspapers. Personally, I can understand why Leveson did not want his inquiry to address the claims about the phone hacking activities of big business. M’Lud would have died of old age before getting to the end of it.

    I make no special plea for the industry that I work in and love. If crimes have been committed by ­journalists then let them face the law. But the institutionalised harassment of journalists has become excessive. And it has to end.

    It is difficult to imagine politicians like Cameron and ­Miliband treating any other industry in the cavalier, negligent way they have treated the ­newspaper industry. Who will stand up for the ­newspaper industry? Who will defend our free press?

    Even now, the daily newspaper is part of the fabric of British life. Even now, newspapers entertain, inform and keep our democracy vibrantly alive. Even now, we still have the greatest newspaper industry in the world. There is nowhere else with such a wide range of voices, such a huge array of choices.

    Personally, I care desperately if the parents of Milly Dowler and Madeleine McCann feel ill-used by the Press. Every single journalist I know wanted them to recover their daughters. And if not that, then we wanted justice for their families. We were on their side. We will always be on their side.

    Newspapers do not exist to hurt the innocent, the vulnerable, the underdog. We exist to prick pomposity, to cut the powerful down to size, to expose hypocrisy. If some of us have gone too far, then let us pay the price. But if phone hacking is a crime then it is a crime when anyone does it. Law firms, insurance companies, ­telephone companies, big business. Not just newspapers. Not just journalists.

    And if that is not the case, then you never really had an inquiry into the Press, Prime Minister. You only had a very expensive witch-hunt.

  • 80% of hacking was by lawyers and major firms
  • Lawyer Tom Crone behind NOTW hacking scandal resigns
  • 'Phone hacking was wrong and shameful': NoW lawyer's apology to inquiry
  • 'The Law Society is worse than a pit full of vipers'