So what exactly do British cops do most of the time?

For those unaware of why knife crime and many other crimes are going through the roof it is that Britain's cops are in the majority FREEMASONS, they themselves are criminals in their own right protected by the BROTHERHOOD and the Queens loyal lord lieutenant the Dukey Kent. Some might ask how is that possible? British cops are HIRED THUGS for an equally corrupt legal mafia. Men's properties are being stolen right across the UK and cops are being used to harass and bully those men before they finally get kicked out of their homes and lose EVERYTHING. That can only happen when cops assist bailiffs, lawyers and judges operating the biggest racket in Britain. As long as they are acting in the best financial interests of a corrupt British Crown they remain immune from prosecution. The main reason the queen is so rich with the value of her land holding alone stands at 17,600,000,000,000 at the last count see HERE

When you become a victim of British cops you soon get to know just exactly what they do all day. If a bailiff is about to REPOSSESS (STEAL) a home you can get as many as 20 cop cars with up to 40 cops sitting all day waiting on a bailiff to break in to a home and change the locks. That is also usually after they have stolen the children into care and where cops play a major part in assisting social services to take children away from the protection of their biological fathers and into care homes where the abusers are waiting. British care homes have a long history of feeding the paedo's running them.

So the main reason crime, and in particular knife crime is skyrocketing, is that the cops are to busy assisting other criminals helping themselves to men's biggest purchase and many of those stolen homes are sold back to the assisting cops at knock down prices.

The gutter rags are to busy floundering for other excuses as they themselves are getting a cut of the legal mafia's criminality by re-advertising property that has been stolen from an unsuspecting public. It is so outrageous you just couldn't make it up.

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