Why cops wont stop crime

To ensure an enormous entourage of self appointed elite families(hand picked by the Queen and her loyal lord lieutenant the Dukey Kent) and their offspring have highly paid jobs for doing very little and to ensure that continues they employ dim wits(low level freemasons / psychopaths) who loyally take orders from the legal mafia. They ensure they avoid doing anything to catch criminals to often ONLY murders take a high profile to suggest the imbecile cops are doing their job. No doubt it was easy to catch the murderers as they have had a previously long history with their victims prior to murder.

People who phone cops for assistance wonder why in 99% of the cases the cops will walk away from helping victims of crime and only thanks to the internet it has been shown even children who have been victims of the most hideous paedophiles are being failed by cops hell bent on ensuring crime multiples out of control to ensure the courts are crammed with serial criminals who time and again walk free to ensure the massive legal aid gravy train lawyers use to defend them goes on unabated, all of it paid by thieving the land and property of heterosexual men caught up in their other racket the corrupt family courts.

Few people realise, thanks to their media brainwashing, that the law operates with a massive piggy bank of money stolen from innocent victims of the family courts that is used to prop up the legal mafia defending hardened serial criminals. Until the political mafia massively change and root out the underlying reasons why LAW is a fucking ass ever more victims will find themselves on the streets stripped of their assets thanks to the memorandum of understanding that ensures judges, lawyers, cops, social workers , prison warders and bailiffs all function as one massive corrupt scam and the biggest criminal racket on the planet and to ensure their long term employment.

  • Shocking Tiberius report on corruption in the Met 'buried' by freemason police who let dodgy cops quit
  • Met cops dropped 30,000 criminal investigations in first 24 hours last year (Is that the crimes they themselves are party to?)
  • Operation Tiberius, written in 2002 revealed how gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police
  • London's Special Patrol Group are back with their Met-baiting anti-propaganda, and it's still brilliant...(2015)