Cop call-handler fed secret information to her boyfriend during manhunt for his murdering pal Dale Cregan
dale cregan A police call-handler fed secret information to her boyfriend during the manhunt for his friend Dale Cregan, a court hears.

Kathryn Smith, 25, allegedly accessed files outlining the movement of firearms officers and confidential calls from the public concerning the case. She is then said to have passed on the sensitive information to her boyfriend Sean Booth, 31, a close friend of Cregan. At one point her information is said to have enabled Cregan's mother Anita to identify and confront a member of public who had called the police.

Smith was arrested in September 2012 after her mobile phone and computer records were examined by detectives. Cregan had already murdered father and son Mark and David Short. Days after Smith's arrest he went on to murder Greater Manchester police officers Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone. Manchester Crown Court has been told that the call handler frequently sent text messages to her boyfriend with details of police operations.

At the time Greater Manchester Police had mounted their biggest ever manhunt. A £50,000 reward had been offered for information leading to Cregan's arrest. The court heard that after Smith passed information to her boyfriend, he in turn passed it to Cregan's family. A microphone hidden by the police at Anita Cregan's house as part of their search for her son picked up conversations in which she discussed the confidential information.

In one she is alleged to have said: "I've just text somebody saying we've got a grass in the street ... it's surprising what fifty grand will solve innit. I can't f*****g believe it." Booth is then said to have texted his girlfriend saying: "U can't get in trouble don't worry. I would not put u in a position where u could b." Smith allegedly replied: "Well I do worry how are u going to explain how u know things to anita? I'm scared, I hate it that you're an associate."

Smith denies a charge of misconduct in a public office. Cregan and Smith deny aiding and abetting the call handler. The trial is expected to last six days.

    Freemason run ACPO behind massive under reporting of crimes by cops
    acpo While they thieve off men from dodgy masonic court orders ALL other crime pales and distracts these evil bastards from their real intentions

    You can't trust crime figures, says police chief: Derbyshire's top officer breaks ranks to say staff at every level 'inadvertently' manipulate figures

    One of Britain’s most senior police officers broke ranks yesterday to admit that crime figures cannot be trusted. Mick Creedon said officers at every level are ‘inadvertently’ manipulating statistics because of the huge pressure to cut crime. The Derbyshire chief said an ‘obsession’ with measuring police performance over more than a decade has left a legacy of unwitting corruption.

    He was backed by other senior colleagues who said different forces are ‘inconsistent’ in how they log the trail of misery left by criminals. They said many crimes from rape to bicycle theft and criminal damage are grossly under-reported, sometimes because victims lack confidence in police. Meanwhile other fast-emerging threats such as child exploitation and abuse, as well as internet fraud and blackmail are left off official figures.

    Speaking at a meeting of police chiefs, Mr Creedon said levels of domestic violence and rape would soar if the ‘utter reality’ of crime was revealed. ‘Inadvertently, I think, we are still putting pressure on officers to do all they can to manipulate and create crime reductions,’ he said. ‘The truth is if we really wanted to get to get the position in crime we would see a massive increase in domestic violence.

    ‘It is whether we have the nerve to step away from crime reductions and the obsession with crime figures and move to a real environment where we do properly record. ‘It is sadly what is told to me by many forces still is that everything people do everything they can to make sure crime is not going up. ‘The consequence is another threat to integrity. This is inadvertently caused by what we have done over the past decade.

    ‘I don’t think they do it because they are inherently corrupt, they are doing it because the pressure is on to reduce crime.’ Mr Creedon’s unusually candid comments highlighted a rift between the Government and the highest ranks of police. They came amid reports that some forces are experiencing a rise in overall crime for the first time in many years.

    The Coalition says it has removed all police targets to remove red tape and enable police to be ‘single-minded crime fighters’. But forces are still measured by their performance on key offences and chiefs said this creates a relentless pressure to record as few crimes as possible. Earlier this week a serving Met officer sparked a furore when he told a Parliamentary committee that crimes are disappearing in a ‘puff of smoke’.

    MPs were told official statistics are routinely massaged by officers desperate to show they are making the streets safer. At yesterday’s meeting of the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo), Police Minister Damian Green was told crime figures simply cannot be relied upon. Sir Peter Fahy, who heads Greater Manchester Police, said the drive to give frontline officer more discretion has led to different interpretations of how crimes are logged.

    He said: ‘We all know, essentially, that recorded crime is unreliable statistically because there are so many variations in it. ‘It is not about ‘fiddling’ figures, when you look at the more minimal type of crime there is a large field of interpretation about whether they are crimes or not.’ But Mr Green reacted angrily, telling chief constables that massaging crime figures crosses a ‘thick red line’ and is ‘straight-forwardly unacceptable’.

    He said that politicians don’t try and win elections by ‘fiddling the votes’ and that he is ‘surprised and disappointed’ by the claims. Asked if crime figures are accurate, Mr Green replied: ‘In most cases they are. We will be looking very carefully at what we have heard.’ The police watchdog, HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, is undertaking a review of how all forces record crime.

    It is expected to uncover widespread discrepancies in whether specific incidents should be categorised as a crime, and if so, what offence took place. Gwent Chief Constable Jeff Farrar, who is the national lead on crime figures, admitted performance targets have created ‘perverse incentives’. But he said in many cases officers do not record offences in the ‘public interest’, for example over a playground dispute or when a child steals from home.

    Other reasons for poor or inaccurate recording could ‘lack of awareness’, work pressure and professional discretion, he added. Mr Farrar said: ‘Nobody joins the police service with the intention of recording crime inaccurately.’

  • Freemason top cops massage CRIME stats to ensure they get their big bonuses
  • Freemason top cops massage CRIME stats to ensure they get their big bonuses
    The BIGGEST criminals of all are the freemason scum and filth running the British police force abusing their authority that sees them steal men's assets into the trillions with impunity while failing to arrest the crooked judges and lawyers responsible and failing to investigate, log or act on reports of their criminality claiming they are civil matters. A 'memorandum of understanding' provides the excuse to avoid arresting the law society mafia carrying out those criminal acts.

    How violent crimes 'are made to vanish like a puff of smoke': Police chiefs tell MPs that stats are routinely fiddled

    Crime figures are routinely massaged by police desperate to show that they are making the streets safer, it was claimed yesterday. Serious offences including rape, child sex abuse, robberies and burglary are disappearing in a ‘puff of smoke’, MPs were told. Police are accused of downgrading crimes to less serious offences and even erasing them altogether by labelling them as accidents or errors.

    One police analyst claimed that hundreds of burglaries ‘disappeared’ in a matter of weeks at the Met after managers intervened. The claims were made at a hearing of Parliament’s Public Administration Committee.

    Chairman Bernard Jenkin said he was ‘shocked’ by the evidence. ‘What we have heard is how there is a system of incentives in the police that has become inherently corrupting,’ he said. Officers claim they are under pressure to record crimes as less controversial offences or even no crime at all. Pc James Patrick, who analyses crime figures for the Met, said he found robberies being logged as ‘theft snatch’ in order to get them ‘off the books’.

    The officer, who faces disciplinary proceedings for gross misconduct after writing a blog about the impact of police reform, said burglary figures were also changed. ‘Burglary is an area where crimes are downgraded or moved into other brackets, such as criminal damage for attempted burglaries,’ he said. Pc Patrick said an internal audit found that ‘as many as 300 burglaries’ vanished from official figures in just a few weeks.

    ‘Things were being reported as burglaries and you would then re-run the same report after there had been a human intervention, a management intervention, and these burglaries effectively disappeared in a puff of smoke,’ he said. He claimed that in 80 per cent of cases where an allegation of a serious sexual offence had been recorded as ‘no crime’, the label was incorrect. Pc Patrick also said numerous other cases were incorrectly recorded as ‘crime-related incidents’, a category covering allegations made by third parties but not directly confirmed by the supposed victims.

    He said pressure was put on victims to drop crimes by ‘attacking the allegation’ instead of investigating the crime. He was supported by Peter Barron, a former Detective Chief Superintendent at the Met, who said victims are ‘harassed’ into scaling down the seriousness of incidents. They would be telephoned and repeatedly questioned on the circumstances of the crime.

    ‘Victims were putting the phone down in disgust, harassed by another call from someone trying to persuade them that they were mistaken about the level of force used,’ he added. Mr Barron said the Met had been set a target of reducing crimes in several priority areas by 20 per cent. ‘That translates into “record 20 per cent fewer crimes” as far as senior officers are concerned,’ he said. The Met said it has appointed a ‘force crime registrar’ to rule on disputed crimes and to ensure the correct policies are followed.

  • Britain's freemason cops protecting paedo's by failing to act on tip-off 18 months ago
    project spade

    Hundreds of suspected British paedophiles are still at large, nearly two years after they were named by Canadian detectives.

    The list of suspects was put together in Toronto as part of a sweeping child pornography investigation named Project Spade. The Brits were allegedly customers of a Canadian firm that sold child pornography videos. The investigation has led to the rescue of 386 young children around the world and the arrest of 348 people, but none of them have been Brits. The suspects are feared to include teachers, priests and foster carers.

    Toronto detective Paul Krawczyk said his team passed 'hundreds of names' to the UK 18 months ago. The newly formed National Crime Agency admitted no arrests had been made and told The Mirror: 'In 2012 CEOP received information from the Toronto Police. It receives around 19,000 such referrals every year. The NCA is using the information for intelligence purposes and continues to develop it. There have been no arrests to date.' Teachers and doctors among 348 child porn arrests

    Canadian police described the Project Spade operation as one of the largest child porn busts they've ever seen. ‘It is alleged that officers seized hundreds of thousands of videos detailing horrific sexual acts against very young children, some of the worst that they have ever viewed,’ Toronto Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins said. Police said 108 people were arrested in Canada, 76 in the U.S and 164 in countries from Spain to South Africa and Australia.

    Forty school teachers, nine doctors and nurses, and more than 30 people who volunteered with kids were among those taken into custody. The list of suspects also includes nine clergymen, six police officers and three foster parents. Police said the children were ‘rescued from child exploitation’ but did not give more details.

    Beaven-Desjardins said the investigation began with a Toronto man accused of running a company since 2005 that distributed child pornography videos to the tune of $4million in revenue, CTV News reported. Police allege Brian Way, 42, instructed people around the world to create the videos of children ranging from 5 to 12 years of age, then distributed the videos via his company, Azov Films, to international customers. The videos included naked boys from Germany, Romania and Ukraine, which it marketed as naturist movies and claimed were legal in Canada and the United States.

    The head of the Toronto police sex crimes unit told the Toronto Star that the X-rated images displayed 'horrific acts of sexual abuse — some of the worst (officers) have seen.' Police said they executed a search warrant at Way's company and home, seizing about 1,000 pieces of evidence: computers, servers, DVD burners, a video editing suite and hundreds of movies. Way was charged with 24 offences, including child pornography. Police also designated Azov Films as a criminal organization, charging Way with giving directions on behalf of a gang. The website has been shut down.

    Beaven-Desjardins said this is the first time in Canada that anyone as been charged with being a part of a criminal organization in regards to child pornography. Police said they began their investigation in 2010 and worked with Interpol in more than 50 countries including Australia, Spain, Mexico, Norway and Greece. More than 350,000 images and over 9,000 videos - about 45 terabytes - of child sexual abuse were found during the probe, and arrests are continuing, Beaven-Desjardins said.

    ‘This operation shows that international police cooperation works. Despite large amounts of material and that this is time-consuming work, this shows that the Internet is not a safe haven for crimes against children,’ Norwegian police spokesman Bjoern-Erik Ludvigsen said in a statement. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service said it began its investigation by accessing the company website and making undercover purchases.

    People making the images included a youth baseball coach in Washington state who made more than 500 films and a school employee in Georgia who put a camera in a student washroom to videotape images of students' genitals, U.S. Postal Inspection Service inspector Gerald O'Farrell said. Beaven-Desjardins said the investigation is ongoing and believes more arrests will be made.

  • Never talk to the police (but equally NEVER talk to a lawyer) VIDEO
    Masonic cops who protected paedo Savile referred to watchdog
    Jimmy Savile and cop Mick Starkey
    Savile with former West Yorkshire Police Inspector Mick Starkey

    Detectives who handled sex crime allegations against Jimmy Savile are referred to police watchdog after no action was taken

    Two detectives who dealt with a sex crime claim against Jimmy Savile in 2008 have been referred to the police watchdog. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said it has directed Sussex Police to refer the conduct of the pair over their handling of the alleged indecent assault. A woman came forward in March 2008 to claim that disgraced television presenter Savile assaulted her in a caravan in around 1970 when she was in her early 20s.

    This was referred to prosecutors with three other allegations against the performer received by Surrey Police, but in 2009 the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decided no action could be taken. Earlier this year, the CPS criticised Sussex and Surrey police forces for being 'unjustifiably cautious' and failing to properly investigate the allegations. Alison Levitt QC found that 'had the police and prosecutors taken a different approach' prosecutions could have been possible in relation to three victims.

    The two officers were referred to as DS O and DC T in Ms Levitt's report, and came under fire for wrongly telling the alleged victim that her claims would need to be corroborated before any prosecution. She withdrew her support for police action because she feared she would struggle to find the information they said they needed, for example contact details for people she knew at the time. Ms Levitt said: 'Looking at the documents created in 2008 I found it difficult not to conclude that the officers had, even if unintentionally, dissuaded her from pursuing her allegation.

    'Insofar as she was led to believe that "corroboration" was required before a prosecution could take place, this was wrong as a matter of law.' The woman told Ms Levitt that DC T had said court action would be difficult because Savile was a 'big celebrity', and that the officer told her the late DJ's wealth meant he would have top lawyers who would make 'mincemeat' of her. A spokesman for Sussex Police said: 'In February this year we received a request from the IPCC, seeking relevant documents and our view on the potential for any police misconduct investigation, in relation to the 2008 sexual offence allegation against the late Jimmy Savile.

    'We sent a full response to the IPCC in March and received a letter from them on November 1 requiring us to record a misconduct matter in relation to both officers referred to, and to refer it back to the IPCC for their decision on how it should be investigated. 'We will comply with that requirement and work with the IPCC on any next steps. The two officers continue their normal duties in Sussex Police at this time and have not been suspended.'

  • Cops TASER Father Trying To Save His 3 Year Old Child From Burning Home VIDEO
    Cop (Identity Hidden) Says Cops Are Criminal Thug Gang Hiding Behind Their Guns and Badges VIDEO
    Hillsborough: Freemason cops banned from working on criminal probe into cover-up

    The revelation adds weight to the theory that members of the secretive organisation suppressed the truth after 96 Liverpool fans died in 1989.

    Police officers who are Freemasons have been banned from working on the criminal investigation into the Hillsborough cover-up. The revelation adds weight to the theory that members of the secretive organisation suppressed the truth after 96 Liverpool fans died in 1989. The Independent Police Complaints Commission took the unusual move after families of the football fans who died in the disaster demanded that no members of a lodge be involved.

    All of the employees in the IPCC investigation have also been told they cannot be from South Yorkshire or Merseyside, where the tragedy occurred. Former West Midlands Police officers have also been banned after their force carried out a review that led to the flawed inquest verdicts being quashed last year. Officers from the force have also been accused of changing witness statements.

    The probe into the police’s role on the day of the disaster – codenamed Operation Resolve – employs 170 people, including 70 officers. The latest review, led by former Durham chief constable Jon Stoddart, was expected to report soon but the team has been swamped with evidence and has to interview 237 officers who were on duty at the match. A source close to the probe said: “We have been told that no Freemasons are allowed on the investigation. “One theory at the time was that the whole conspiracy was covered up by the group’s members as there are so many Masons in the police.

    “The families have raised concerns… so we have prohibited them from being part of the investigation team. The deadline that officers were working towards is impossible and the review’s findings will be delayed.” An IPCC source confirmed that Freemasons and former officers from the three forces had been banned from the probe. The investigation team, while independent from the fresh inquests into the deaths, is helping coroner Lord Justice Goldring to prepare for and carry out the inquests, set to start by March 3, 2014.

    Hillsborough was Britain’s worst-ever sporting disaster. Thousands of fans were crushed on the Sheffield Wednesday ground’s Leppings Lane terrace during Liverpool’s 1989 FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest. Last December verdicts of accidental death from the original Hillsborough inquest in March 1991 were quashed. The action was taken after the Hillsborough Independent Panel reported that there had been a huge cover-up. The IPCC has previously revealed that statements given by witnesses could have been changed by police.

    Secret society pervades the establishment

    The Freemasons is a “fraternal brotherhood” dating back to the 14th century. It started as an organisation to monitor the qualifications of stonemasons. But in modern times the organisation is seen as an elitist group that has been dogged by allegations of corruption.

    The all-male group, governed by the United Grand Lodge of England, has 250,000 members. Many figures in authority are Freemasons. The first US president, George Washington, and another leading American revolutionary, Benjamin Franklin, were Masons. Today a significant proportion of the Royal household are members, and the Duke of Kent is grand master of the UGLE. Despite royal patronage, and their presence in the judiciary and the higher reaches of the City, the Masons deny being an underground arm of the Establishment.

  • London masonic met's racist stop and search agenda VIDEO
    How freemason mafia cops helped protect the BBC's top predatory paedo Jimmy Savile
    Despite repeated exposures of this evil bastards crimes by the complicit media few have taken the time to connect Savile's vast criminality of abuse against vulnerable children to the masonic henchmen embedded in the British police who persecute heterosexual men then remove their children to the homes were vile paedo's like Jimmy Savile can access and abuse them . This is only the TIP of a massive iceberg of paedophilia sanctioned by the gangsters embedded in the law enforcement agencies who do anything but investigate crimes by their lodge buddies.

    Savile's police crony 'fixed soft interview': DJ's inspector friend called officers before 'kid-gloves' interrogation

    Officer called Surrey Police detectives before questioning started in 2009
    The West Yorkshire-based inspector believed to have organised interview
    Paedophile DJ boasted of his police contacts in Leeds
    His victims are furious over the police's soft interrogation

    A former police inspector ‘acted on behalf’ of Jimmy Savile before his controversial interview over sex assaults of teenage girls, it was claimed last night.

    The West Yorkshire-based officer is alleged to have contacted Surrey Police before its detectives interviewed Savile in 2009. Transcripts of the interviews – released by the force this week – provoked anger as they appeared to show detectives adopting a kid-glove approach to the DJ and paedophile who was being accused of sexually assaulted girls at a school in Staines during the 1970s. During the interviews, Savile also boasted of his ‘collection’ of police contacts in Leeds.

    The disgraced broadcaster told detectives that he had been targeted with false claims by blackmailers, and said: ‘I have up in Yorkshire, where I live in Leeds, a collection of senior police persons who come to see me socially, but I give them all my weirdo letters.’ The informal meetings between Savile and police at his flat in Leeds were known as the ‘Friday Morning Club’.

    But it has emerged that the interview took place months after the West Yorkshire inspector first contacted Surrey Police over their plans to quiz Savile about the ‘historic’ sex allegations. The officer told Surrey Police that he knew the DJ ‘personally’ and allegedly brokered the interview with Savile.

    A previously released Surrey Police report on its dealings with Savile referred to the officer as ‘Inspector 5’, and said he had phoned the force as it tried to set up an interview with him over the sex claims. Last night the Independent Police Complaints Commission revealed that a preliminary probe had been launched into the claims but this would now become a full investigation. In the interview, lasting just 56 minutes, Savile denied claims he forced one girl to touch his groin, made another perform a sex act and stuck his tongue down a young girl’s throat.

    He claimed that the women were looking to make money out of the allegations, which were put to him during an interview in his office at Stoke Mandeville Hospital on October 1, 2009. It was not clear last night whether the officer, who has since left West Yorkshire Police, was among those officers who attended Savile’s ‘Friday Morning Club’. Victims of Savile and child protection campaigners called for an independent inquiry into the police dealings with the Top of the Pops star.

    The Radio 1 DJ is thought to have raped 34 women and girls and sexually assaulted up to 450 people, including some as young as eight, according to an official report. He died two years ago, aged 84. Last night, Jill Bartlett, who was raped by Savile, falling pregnant at the age of 16, said there should be an inquiry.

    She said: ‘Jimmy Savile was very persuasive, but police should have training so they’re not fooled. All kinds of criminals and psychopaths are persuasive and the police should be above that. ‘I think there should be a full inquiry into their dealings with him. He was known as someone who liked young women, and the police should have known about it and acted.’

    Caroline Moore, who was 13 and recovering from an operation on a children’s ward at the hospital when Savile stuck his tongue down her throat, called for an inquiry into the police. The 54-year-old, who is disabled and from Clarkston, East Renfrewshire, said: ‘There should be a proper investigation into all the social meetings Savile said he had with police. Not an internal police investigation, because no one really has faith in them any more.’ Sylvia Edwards was 19 when she was groped by Savile after he put his hand up her skirt during a live broadcast of Top of the Pops in 1976. Cameras caught her shrieking and moving away from him.

    Yesterday, she said: ‘I honestly think the police should be held accountable. There should be an inquiry and people should be made to stand up. The (police officers) should be named.’ Asked whether Surrey Police missed an opportunity to prosecute Savile while he was still alive, she said: ‘I don’t think they missed it, I think they deliberately ignored it because of who he was.’ Child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas, a former Surrey Police detective, said: ‘It’s clear that over a period of time complaints were made about Savile and information was held about him and I think it’s fair to say West Yorkshire Police’s report was a whitewash. It was very poor.’

    Operation Newgreen, a West Yorkshire Police report published this year, found no evidence that Savile was shielded from arrest and protected from prosecution by his relationship with the force. A spokesman for the IPCC said: ‘The Commission has begun an independent investigation in relation to the alleged actions of a former inspector with West Yorkshire Police. 'The allegations refer to the officer having “acted on behalf” of Jimmy Savile by inappropriately contacting Surrey Police ahead of a police interview.’

  • Savile and the tapes that damn the police: Revealed, the kid-glove treatment that allowed BBC paedo DJ to escape justice
  • Jimmy Savile NHS abuse probe: 'Up to 30' hospitals involved
  • Savile abused children at more NHS hospitals: Investigation widened beyond 13 trusts where DJ targeted patients
    cop brute The global cop machine is out of control , the stench of freemasonry permeates the hallowed walls of every cop station and precinct across the world but especially in the UK and USA where freemasonry is so heavily embedded in the many arms of state it is impossible to get any form of justice .

    Cops regularly beat up victims of their brutality, regularly shot to kill, regularly taser victims to death, regularly rape victims they are supposed to be helping, regularly turn victims of crime into criminals by how they record crimes, regularly use 'lack of evidence' to ignore the thousands of victims of predatory paedo's like the BBC's Jimmy Savile and regularly assist crooked lawyers, judges and bailiffs to steal men's homes and assets to the tune of trillions of dollars. No other lesser crimes come close to the mass thieving of their victims.

    When we walk down the street CCTV lackeys are monitoring our every move so its about time cops are forced to provide independent video evidence of all incidents where they make contact with the public especially where they claim to require firearms or tasers to subdue those they claim are committing crimes. Now how these thugs guage what is a crime or not is hard to understand seeing they themselves are the biggest criminals of all. The very powers the public require when in need of assistance just happen to create more criminal activity than anything they would see in a lifetime so we have to start protecting ourselves from the monsters within.

    Only a complete overhaul of police departments sacking all cops implicated in any of the above and who are party to the systematic abuse of public office that is aiding and abetting a freemasonic agenda that most of them sign up to during their indoctrination into the mass abuse of law and police powers they should never have any right to throw about with impunity. None of the political or legal mafia are interested in cop brutality as they themselves rely on those same criminal cops to protect their own fraud and corruption. They scratch each others backs to ensure their mutual financial machinations remain intact that feeds the masonic hierarchy.

  • Watched Cops Are Polite Cops
  • Killer Cops: How Come Gun Control Advocates Only Want to Control Citizens’ Guns?
  • Police Are More Dangerous To The Public Than Are Criminals
  • Police brutality
  • America's cop assassins run over man killing him VIDEO
    "WE KNOW THERE'S BAD COPS" (And Protected As If They're Good Cops) VIDEO
    Cops Kill Unarmed Teen Then Stand Over His Body And High Five! VIDEO
    UK corporates hire spooks to access personal info, cops turn blind eye? VIDEO
    Freemason cops have been protecting crooked lawyers, bankers and insurers
    A private investigator at the centre of a row over a secret list of blue-chip companies that hired corrupt private detectives has claimed they are being protected by the police.

    Graham Freeman, one of four private detectives jailed last year for stealing confidential information on behalf of big business clients, says publication of the names of the companies would rock the City and lead to high-profile prosecutions. He claims the police and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) are also reluctant to release the details because it would expose their own failure to investigate serious fraud allegations over years. Last year’s case prompted SOCA secretly to compile a list of 102 names of well-known financial institutions, law firms and insurance companies all linked to the corrupt investigators.

    Freeman is the first of the four detectives to break his silence about SOCA’s controversial list and the extent of the alleged conspiracy. His revelations will add to concerns that while Lord Justice Leveson has dealt with some newspapers’ use of criminal private detectives, nothing has been done to tackle the much greater use of them in the City. Freeman told The Mail on Sunday last night that City clients sometimes turned to private investigators because the police failed to investigate claims of property and investment fraud.

    Freeman, who lives in Spain and now works on maritime security, was jailed for six months last year for conspiring to defraud by ‘blagging’ – or stealing – personal information through phone calls to banks and companies. The investigation was led by SOCA and codenamed Millipede because its ‘legs’ connected so many financial institutions, firms and high- profile figures to the work of corrupt private investigators (PIs). But before the trial started, SOCA and the Crown Prosecution Service took the decision not to let the names of the PI clients become public knowledge. None of the clients’ names was read out in court as would have been customary.

    Instead, SOCA, often described as Britain’s version of the FBI, secretly compiled a list of many of the country’s best-known financial institutions, law firms and insurance companies linked to the four PIs convicted in the case. It is this list that was finally surrendered to Parliament by SOCA last week, but only on the strict condition that it was kept under lock and key and not shown to the public. SOCA claimed names could not be released because of human rights concerns or the risk of harm to the companies’ commercial interests. MPs now want to know which companies on the list behaved illegally.

    Freeman, who was released from Wandsworth Prison in London after just eight weeks, warns that the SOCA list is a ‘Pandora’s Box’ which, once opened, will bring about a criminal investigation that will end in the jailing of dozens of bankers, lawyers and boardroom executives. He says any of the PI clients that requested the information could be charged with the same conspiracy for which he and the three other detectives were jailed. He said: ‘If they were to name our clients, on the evidence we were charged on, our clients would be open to the same conspiracy [charges].’

    In 2011, Freeman, 52, Daniel Summers, 33, Philip Campbell Smith, 54, and former policeman Adam John Spears, 73, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to defraud. Freeman, who received the shortest sentence, says he was working for three major clients at the time – a law firm in the south of England, an international foreign exchange company and a third unidentified company. His detective agency, Brookmans International, was at the centre of the trade in personal information ‘blagged’, or stolen, from banks and Government agencies. Freeman and business partner Campbell Smith, a former Army intelligence officer, used Summers, who specialised in ‘blagging’ private data by calling banks, phone companies and other organisations and impersonating ‘targets’ or pretending to be an employee to obtain confidential details.

    Freeman, who was a co-director of Brookmans and has also provided personal security for celebrities including Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, still refuses to name his clients because he says he doesn’t want to go through any more court proceedings. But he told The Mail on Sunday: ‘SOCA doesn’t want to give up the Millipede names because if they did, they would be forced to investigate them and charge them for conspiracy to defraud as they did us. On that list are the names of law firms, banks and insurance companies who all used private detectives for all sorts of reasons.’ He said many of the cases he was involved with were driven by a police refusal to act and commit resources to investigate fraud.

    ‘One solicitor who hired me had 35 clients who had lost millions in a property scam. The police didn’t want to know, so she resorted to private investigators,’ he said. A SOCA spokesman said that while further investigations were on-going, the information provided to MPs ‘does not allege that the individuals and companies named in it . . . have or even may have committed a criminal offence.’ He added: ‘Evidence chosen to be presented to the court is a matter for the CPS.’

  • David Noakes said: “Freemasons in the BBC, the police and in the criminal prosecution services were protecting Savile
  • Freemason cops use of number plate 'spies' could be axed after landmark victory
  • Landmark ruling declares ring of cameras around Royston, Herts, was unlawful and excessive
  • Campaigners say ruling will affect every police force in the country
  • Police forces say the cameras allow them to track criminals in real time

  • Police could be forced drastically to scale back their use of ‘Big Brother’ road cameras which record the movements of millions of motorists every day. In a landmark ruling, the privacy watchdog declared that a ring of cameras installed around the quiet market town of Royston in Hertfordshire was unlawful and excessive.

    Privacy campaigners said yesterday’s ruling would affect every police force in the country and would make them carry out a full audit of the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system, a network of 10,000 cameras across the UK. Every day, these record the detailed movements of some 16million motorists. The cameras record the number plate of every vehicle that passes. Police say they allow officers to track criminals in real time as they drive around. But critics say the cameras amount to an ‘automated checkpoint system’. In Royston, police installed seven cameras in 2010 at a cost of £45,000. Cameras operating 24 hours a day on every major road made it impossible for residents to enter or leave the town without their number plates registering on the system.

    Details of their movements are collected and stored on a giant database, in effect giving police a full record of all significant car journeys by the town’s 16,000 residents. But residents campaigned for the cameras to be removed, and privacy groups complained to the Information Commissioner’s Office. The watchdog ruled that the blanket use of the cameras was excessive and unlawful because it breached the Data Protection Act. Hertfordshire Constabulary was given 90 days to reduce its use of the cameras.

    In his judgment, Information Commissioner Christopher Graham condemned the police force for failing to justify the extent of the surveillance. He said the chief constable had given ‘no satisfactory explanation for his policy of covering the road network’. Hertfordshire Constabulary had not properly assessed the impact of the cameras on either privacy or crime, the watchdog said.

    In its ruling – the first time a police force has been ordered to decrease the level of ANPR use – the watchdog warned that the data could be used for ‘purposes other than those originally intended’ and that there was a risk that it could be unlawfully accessed or released. Nick Pickles, director of the privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch, said: ‘This sends a clear message that the blanket logging of vehicle movements is not going to be within the law. ‘Every police force in the country is affected by this ruling and must now undertake a comprehensive assessment of their own systems to ensure they are not excessive.

    ‘The Information Commissioner must now take steps to ensure motorists are not being routinely tracked, wherever they live.’ Residents in Royston, which is on the border of Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, welcomed the ruling. Grandmother Jane Katsikas, 45, a carer, said: ‘What happened to privacy? People should be able to go about their lives without being filmed or photographed every second. This is supposed to be a free country. It is just Big Brother gone mad and I’m appalled.’

    Last night Hertfordshire Constabulary said it intended to carry on using the cameras – and was developing a ‘privacy impact assessment’ to justify their use. A spokesman said: ‘The Constabulary intends to continue using ANPR cameras, which deliver very substantial policing benefits, but also to ensure that its particular deployment of such cameras is – and is seen to be – fully justified.’

    We have, for well over a decade, been exposing the murky underbelly of the scum and filth freemasons that pollute London's met cops and in cop stations right across the UK. From allowing predatory paedo's like Jimmy Savile to abuse for decades , to aiding and abetting crooked lawyers and judges stealing trillions from mens estates and to now be implicated in smearing families of murder victims you cannot get much lower in the dregs of society than how British cops are operating at present.

    Infiltrated into political groups then having sex with their members and like a British stasi secretly spying on us all via prism and NOT, as they claim, to catch terrorists but to smear and persecute families that have lost a loved one through murder. They are now, more than at any time, looking like the sickest most murderous thugs on the planet. Anyone who has died in police custody will have had their families personal data rifled through to ensure these state assassins and thugs with vast arsenals can take out any opposition to their sick and disturbing methods being used to control the masses who have been brainwashed into believing they do all this to protect us.

    Only a similarly sick mind could believe these scumbags have the authority to get away with their murderous regime and it is NOT a case of removing the odd bad apple this is a massive barrel of psychopaths hand picked to do the dirty work for the British establishment who are steeped in freemasonry and used to protect their vile system for way to long. We are glad the press barons have finally caught up with their evil tricks and publishing what we have been exposing for years while their media pals like Murdoch have been paying them to get access to our personal data, information they should never have had access to in the first place and being used to destroy anyone not part of their creepy satanic lodge system. Ask any man who has faced years of persecution from these evil bastards when being dragged through the divorce industrial complex.

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  • Met masonic cops 'spied on' murdered Stephen Lawrence family to SMEAR them (Ask any man facing divorce and how evil freemason cops persecute and smear them prior to stealing their homes and assets)
  • 'GCHQ is worse than US', says whistleblower Edward Snowden
  • Paedo cop busted for abusing 14 year old and having indecent images on computer VIDEO

    biggest gang Stephen Hayes was born in 1946 to two hard working parents Harold and Betsy Hayes. Having left Ducie Technical High School, Manchester with five O Levels but no advanced education he continued with his unskilled Saturday job - preparing supermarket bacon for sale - on a full-time basis. Having O levels in Mathematics, Building Construction and Surveying as well as English and Geography had initially indicated a route to being an architect or similar, but such professions no longer appealed after passing the examinations

    An application to join the RAF as a pilot progressed to a four day selection process at RAF Biggin Hill, where Hayes's yet to be revealed cavalier attitude to life was discovered in a myriad of aptitude tests. This led the review officer to dispense with his proposed services with the words “would love you in a war old boy, you are mad as a hatter and we don’t need you flying under London Bridge for kicks, which is inevitable.”

    Back to cutting bacon, then much to the delight of his prison officer father, he joined the cadets of Manchester City Police at the age of 17 and a few months. The progression through the cadets onto Bruche police training school in Warrington, Cheshire, resulted in a shiny new uniformed police officer to be stationed at Bootle Street Police Station in the City centre and let loose on the unsuspecting populace of Manchester with so many other such recruits. The early years quickly proved that the training manual and classes at Training School bore no resemblance to reality and he was immediately thrown into the mire of dishonesty, corruption and fabrication which was actually a police culture and not just that of the city's criminal element.

    Despite the general alarming culture he became a genuine servant of the Queen and the Manchester public, preventing and detecting crime, protecting the weak and vulnerable and whilst doing so enjoyed the life that such a ‘dedicated profession’ provided. His natural aptitude ensured that he quickly passed through the uniformed ranks, into the civilian clothes of the Street Thefts Dept, the Vice Squad, the Drug Squad and the CID in three locations throughout Manchester. During this service in so many departments he experienced the many suspect and sometimes criminal practices which took place on a daily basis in the guise of police work.

    This book moves through the early years with many unbelievable incidents accepted as the norm, all illustrating the inbred culture of dishonesty and evidence corruption in its various forms. A culture which led to the unbelievable police belief that 96 deaths could be written off as the fault of the tragic and unfortunate victims in the Hillsborough Conspiracy and beyond with several such high profile incidents during recent years. In short, the author, also a victim of fabricated evidence on a number of occasions has had enough. It is time for a change in police training and management, properly supervised and monitored. Not by politicians with too many of their own skeletons, not by the dangerously biased IPCC and certainly not by the police themselves.

    This book is written with honesty and humour and is the first of a trilogy - which will hopefully open the door to such improvements, blow the whistle on so many in bred bad practices and hopefully gives food for thought. Anyone wishing to recall any incidents of police bad practice humorous or not can log on to the author's website at . Such comments can only be used in later publications with proper identification or will be of a general reference.

  • Cops Agree To Pay 3 Million Dollars To Unarmed Man Shot 16 Times In His Bed But Admit NO Fault VIDEO

    If you happen to have experience of reporting any sort of crime to Britain's freemason cops you will soon find that instead of being treated as a victim you are treated and smeared as some sort of suspect. Here are the masonic cop chief's trying to distance themselves from this exposure as if it is a one off.

    Masonic cops are expert at turning crime victims into persecuted smeared victims of the scum and filth that masquerade as police enforcement. Divorcing men are particularly at risk from these evil bastards when the legal mafia set about lining up men to asset strip and with masonic cops used to threaten, intimidate and persecute any man who dares to stand up to the crown and its vile theft network. Here is only one example as to why GCHQ spy and then that information is used to smear victims of crime that masonic cops have NO INTENTION of solving especially if the perpetrator is a lodge buddy or has a family member who is part of the satanic masonic network.

  • Met masonic cops 'spied on' murdered Stephen Lawrence family to SMEAR them
  • Met masonic cops 'spied on' murdered Stephen Lawrence family to SMEAR them
    Ask any man facing divorce and how evil freemason cops persecute and smear them prior to stealing their homes and assets

    A former undercover police officer says he was ordered to infiltrate the Stephen Lawrence campaign in 1993, the Guardian has reported. Peter Francis told the newspaper and Channel 4's Dispatches programme he posed as an anti-racism campaigner in a hunt for "disinformation" to use against those criticising the police.

    The aim was to smear the dead teenager's family, he said. Scotland Yard refused to confirm or deny the account. But a spokesman said the Metropolitan Police shared the Lawrence family's concerns.

    Stephen's mother Doreen said the revelation had topped everything she had heard since her son's murder, and she is shocked and angry.

    Riot fears

    Mr Francis served in the Met's now-disbanded Special Demonstration Squad, which specialised in gathering intelligence on political activists. In 1993 he says he was ordered to prepare a cover story which would portray him as an anarchist, but when Stephen was murdered and the Lawrence family began a high-profile campaign for justice, the plan changed. He was to pose as an anti-racism campaigner.

    Stephen Lawrence profile

    Brought up in Plumstead, south-east London, the 18-year-old's family life was based on education and religious faith. Friends say he had a good and trusting nature. He was born on 13 September, 1974 - the first of three children to Doreen and Neville who emigrated from Jamaica in the 1960s. Neville was a carpenter, upholsterer, tailor and plasterer. Doreen took a university course and became a special needs teacher.

    Stephen was studying A-levels in English, craft, design and technology and physics at Blackheath Bluecoat School. He was keen on becoming an architect, and a local firm had already offered him a job. He loved athletics and, like many teenagers, liked going out, girls and music. He had never been involved in crime.

    He says the Metropolitan Police were concerned the reaction to the Lawrence murder might result in rioting similar to that following the beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles. He joined the group Youth Against Racism in Europe which rallied around the Lawrence family as they tried to push for Stephen's killers to be found after a botched police investigation. He told the Guardian and Dispatches his senior officers put him under pressure for "any intelligence that could have smeared the campaign. Along the lines of: the family were political activists, someone in the family was involved in demonstrations, drug dealers, anything. What they would have done with the intelligence, I can't call it, but that was our remit."

    At one point, Mr Francis says he was asked to go through a list of visitors to the Lawrence house to provide information about those in contact with the family. He also claims to have told Scotland Yard that Stephen's friend, Duwayne Brooks, had been involved in violence during a demonstration against the BNP in Welling. Mr Brooks was traumatised by his experience of watching Stephen die but following Mr Francis's disclosure, police searched CCTV pictures of the protest and he was arrested. The case was eventually dismissed by a judge.

    'Really angry'

    Mr Francis, who used the name Peter Black while under cover, says the aim of his operation was to ensure that the public "did not have as much sympathy for the Stephen Lawrence campaign" and to persuade "the media to start maybe tarring the campaign". Asked what information he produced, he said: "I wasn't successful, no SDS officer was successful, in finding anything really concrete. It was really just a bit of hearsay, tittle-tattle."

    At some point it will fall upon this generation of police leaders to account for the activities of our predecessors, but for the moment we must focus on getting to the truth” Metropolitan Police spokesman

    Doreen Lawrence said she was shocked and angry at the disclosure.

    "It just makes me really, really angry," she said, "that all of this has been going on and all the time trying to undermine us as a family. "Somebody sitting somewhere, calculating what, you know, what they'd be doing to look at and infiltrate, our family. It's like, we're treated as if to say we're not human beings. "We weren't linked to any political groups, you know, we weren't linked to any of them so at the time. "Nothing can justify the whole thing about trying to discredit the family and people round us."

    The Metropolitan Police would not confirm or deny the account given by Mr Francis, but admitted "the claims in relation to Stephen Lawrence's family will bring particular upset to them and we share their concerns". An independent investigation into a number of allegations against former under cover police officers, codenamed Operation Herne is under way. In a statement the Met said: "Any actions by officers working on or with the Special Demonstration Squad need to be understood by Operation Herne in terms of the leadership, supervision, support, training, legal framework, tasking and reporting mechanisms that were in place at the time."

    But the force gave the same response to allegations that another undercover officer had helped write the leaflets at the centre of the McLibel trial in the mid 1980s.

    Doreen Lawrence told the Guardian that the family had been suspicious of police motives at the time

    'Morally reprehensible'

    Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said: "These are shocking and appalling allegations and we need to know the full truth of what happened. "An investigation is currently under way into the actions of undercover police officers within the Met. "However, given the significance of the Lawrence case, and the unresolved concerns about corruption too, the Home Secretary should seek a faster investigation into these specific allegations," she said.

    Mr Francis told the Guardian he had come forward because of the "morally reprehensible" way in which under cover officers had sometimes worked. He is particularly angry his role was never discussed by the Stephen Lawrence public inquiry chaired by Sir William Macpherson. He claims senior officers deliberately chose to withhold the information from the inquiry. Stephen Lawrence, a black teenager, was killed as he waited for a bus in April 1993.

    More than 18 years later, in January 2012, Gary Dobson and David Norris were found guilty of his murder by an Old Bailey jury after a review of the forensic evidence. Dobson and Norris had first been arrested in connection with the murder just weeks after it happened, but the case against them collapsed. In 1999, an inquiry chaired by Sir William Macpherson - a retired High Court judge - into the killing and its aftermath published a report accusing the police of institutional racism.

    Criticising the police, Sir William said he was "astonished by the lack of direction and organisation during the vital hours after the murder". The Lawrences had been patronised, treated with "insensitivity and lack of sympathy", and kept in the dark about the investigation, he added. Dispatches is broadcast on Channel 4 on Monday 24 June at 20:00 BST.

    OUR RESPONSE TO Violent men: A woman’s right to know

    Were there is the slightest HINT of domestic abuse there will be a divorce lawyer gorging on the legal aid honeypot and submitting outrageous slanderous allegations to the freemason judges who provide the restraining orders that stop a man from protecting his children and home as the freemason cops aiding and abetting sheriff officers throw him onto the street homeless and penniless.
  • Police brutality caught on camera in Oregon VIDEO
    Who Polices The Police? VIDEO
    sean rigg

    Sean Rigg dies in a caged area in Brixton Police Station in August 2008 and the Independent Police Complaint Commission (IPCC) are called in to investigate. Sean's family are shocked at the death and this soon turns to anger when the government appointed IPCC begin to make error after error in its inquiry - is it incompetence or collusion? Sean's family begin a four year struggle to investigate the death themselves and in the process ask 'Who Polices The Police?' The film is a blow-by-blow account of their journey as they question the police officers accounts, visit the crime scene, speak to witnesses, examine evidence. Harrowing footage emerges that show the last moments of Sean's life. The family watch in horror. The conclusion they come to - Sean died at the hands of the police.

    Using powerful testimonies, poetry and a political analysis of police violence the film explores the tactics of the IPCC and, through the family of Sean Rigg, challenge its claim that it is independent of the police. Meanwhile the deaths the IPCC oversees continue. Protecting the image of the police becomes an altar on which hundreds of people that have died in police custody are sacrificed. The IPCC administer last rites and no officers are ever successfully prosecuted for their crimes. In the film the facts of political appointments and ex-police officers leading the investigation teams are exposed. The might of the state is challenged by one family.

    'Who Polices The Police?' builds fragments of reality, of memory and of resistance into a powerful document about a struggle for justice.
    Bakersfield cops Beat Man To Death Then Confiscate Cell Phones From Surrounding Neighborhood VIDEO

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