Police have used anti-terrorism powers to stop and search almost 180,000 suspects, it emerged yesterday. Yet only 255 of the individuals they targeted were subsequently detained for terrorist- related offences. The figures suggest that police may be misusing powers granted to them under section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 supposedly for use only in extreme circumstances.

Police search a man stopped as he drove through the City of London The Home Office statistics, which were released to the Daily Mail under Freedom of Information laws, show a ten-fold use in the power since its introduction. In 2000-01, just 3,583 people were stopped under Section 44. Of these, only one was arrested for terrorism offences. But in 2006-07, a staggering 37,197 were stopped and searched by officers. Only 28 were subsequently arrested for terrorist-related offences.

Each search can take up to 20 minutes and individuals are asked a series of personal questions by police - including their ethnicity, height and eye colour. Opposition MPs expressed concern about the use of Section 44. In 2004 police used Section 44 against peace campaigner Walter Wolfgang when he made an anti-war protest during the Labour Party conference Chris Grayling, Tory Shadow Home Secretary, said: 'My concern is that the Government has taken powers to combat terrorism, but those powers are increasingly being used for other purposes.

'We do need tough laws for dealing with the terror threat - but there should be no doubt that those laws are not for general use across society.' Chris Huhne, Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, said: 'These startling figures suggest the main effect of random stop and search, as opposed to searches targeted at suspects by intelligence, is to annoy law-abiding citizens. 'Rarely have so many police officers wasted so much police time to achieve so little.'

The legislation gives police the power to search, on anti-terror grounds, any individual in any area designated by the Home Secretary. Officers do not need to show they have reasonable grounds to suspect a crime is about to take place. The powers have been used against trainspotters who were taking photographs of railway carriages.

Police have also employed them to suppress protests against the Government. In 2005, Section 44 was used against 82-year-old Walter Wolfgang when he made an anti-war protest during the Labour Party conference.

A spokesman for Liberty said: ' Liberty's concern is that these powers are used far too widely and inappropriately. Police should be mindful of the extent to which use of these powers upsets and intimidates innocent people.' In a statement, the Home Office said: 'The effectiveness of Section 44 powers cannot be measured simply in terms of the numbers of arrests resulting from stop and searches. 'It is an important tool in the fight against terrorism. As part of structured counter-terrorism strategy, the powers help to deter terrorist activity by creating a hostile environment for would-be terrorists to operate in.'

    From Union Jack to Gay Jack , UK masonic cops show their true colours. As any heterosexual man will bear witness to the appalling treatment by UK cops who act like thugs when they get involved in separated mens divorce disputes, EVIL at the extreme.

    A police station has come under fire after officers replaced its Union Jack with a gay rights flag. New Met police chief Sir Paul Stephenson was said to be outraged when he was told the gay emblem was raised outside Limehouse Station in east London. It replaced the Union Jack and was put up by officers in recognition of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Month celebrated in February.

    But Sir Paul ordered it be hauled down immediately after Met rules state only the Union Jack and the force's own flag can fly from police buildings. One officer said: 'I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. The police are playing politics again.

    'I can understand the need to show acceptance to people of all sexualities - but the Union Jack should never be taken down.' A senior source added: 'Sir Paul was livid when he found out someone had out up the rainbow flag. 'He is anxious the Met does not stray into political territory and focuses on policing.

    'The vast majority of the police and public will be fully supportive.' Sir Paul has already spoken about how he has no intention of being a 'celebrity' commissioner and how his main focus is to fight crime and not bow down to the PC agenda. After taking office last week, Sir Paul insisted he would focus on efficient management of the force and its core job of fighting crime. 'It is not my aim to be boring and neither is it my aim to be a celebrity,' Sir Paul said.


    Video footage posted on a website shows police officers running way from chanting demonstrators who took part in a violent protest in London against Israel's invasion of the Gaza Strip. The ten-minute amateur film shows 30 officers being chased by a crowd of up to 3,000 people who broke away from an official protest march last month.

    Under the headline Metropolitan Police Humiliated At The Hands Of Muslim Demonstrators In London, protesters are shown shouting: 'Free, Free Palestine.'

    The London Met are stopping thousands under section 44 of Terrorism Act. That act gives masonic cops stop and search powers that has turned the UK into a police state.

    The act was supposed to be used sparingly.But the latest figures show 54,693 were stopped between 06- 07 rising to 157,290 between 07- 08. Of all those stopped only 1222 were arrested.

    Britain is controlled by high level masons none more so than chief constables who are at the top of the masonic pecking order.
    Police leaders in Scotland have proposed that the automatic right to trial by jury for the most serious crimes should be abolished. The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (Acpos) has told ministers that juries could be "disposed of" in the most complex or lengthy of cases to relieve jurors of the "burden" and to help avoid any "misunderstanding" of the facts.

    The comments were made in a submission to the Scottish Government as part of a consultation into the modernisation of the jury system and the use of single judges and panels of judges, such as was used in the trial of Abdelbaset al Megrahi who was convicted of the Lockerbie bombing. It has been reported that Superintendent John Pow, of Fife Police, wrote in the submission on behalf of Acpos: "There are undoubtedly trials which, owing to their length or complexity, place a burden upon jurors, both in terms of commitment to serve and the ability to fully process all the relevant information to reach a decision.

    "Complexity may ultimately lead to misunderstanding of the facts. "It may be, as a general rule, all relevant trials should continue to be heard by a jury. "There should be scope, however, for decisions to be made at the highest levels within the Crown Office, and in consultation with representing agents and ministers, that, on a needs-be basis, a jury may be disposed of in those trials where length or complexity are likely to be an issue with such trials proceeding in another manner."

    Full-time judges, sheriffs principal, the Law Society of Scotland and the Glasgow Bar Association have all demanded the retention of the juries. (BUT NOT IN CIVIL/FAMILY CASES WERE JUDGES SIT SOLELY IN JUDGEMENT WHILE THEY FLEECE YOU OF EVERYTHING)


    Jean Charles De Menezes was RUTHLESSLY gunned down by gun totting masonic cops who answer to NO ONE when they murder innocent victims of their New World Order Agenda. TO frighten UK citizens into submitting to their MASONIC plans. UK police no longer protect the unarmed British public.

    They never have, only the illusion created by the masonic UK media portrays the thugs that masquerade as honest coppers but are evil in creating a police state while they are used by the British judiciary to steal your assets and home through draconian court process's. NEVER A JURY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Police and People unite
    big brother Government plans to extend powers to spy on personal computers

    Police could routinely hack into personal computers without the need for a warrant under new plans from the European Union. The technique, known as "remote searching" involves bugging computers in homes and offices in order to monitor website use and email traffic. The Home Office is backing proposals by the EU council of ministers to extend electronic surveillance on private property.

    It would allow other European nations to request surveillance by British police. The proposals have raised concerns among civil liberties groups and Shami Chakrabati, director of Liberty, said: "These are very intrusive powers, as intrusive as someone busting down your door and coming into your home. "The public will want this to be controlled by new legislation and judicial authorisation. Without those safeguards it's a devastating blow to any notion of personal privacy."

    Dominic Grieve, the shadow home secretary, said the proposals may benefit law enforcement but added: "The exercise of such intrusive powers raises serious privacy issues. The government must explain how they would work in practice and what safeguards will be in place to prevent abuse." Terrorists, paedophiles and organised criminal gangs have been exploiting the internet in recent years as a way of avoiding traditional phone taps used by investigators. Britain already allows remote searching under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and police have carried out a small number of operations among the 194 clandestine searches conducted last year.

    The police can use a number of techniques which include sending a computer virus through an email which infects the computer if opened. They can also use a surveillance vehicle or neighbouring property to hack into a wireless internet connection. The most intrusive technique involves breaking into a property to fit a device to a computer which logs key strokes on the keyboard and transmits the results back to a listening station.

    The Association of Chief Police Officers said remote surveillance was regulated by the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa). A spokesman said: "To be a valid authorisation the officer giving it must believe that when it is given, it is necessary to prevent or detect serious crime and the action is proportionate to what it seeks to achieve."

    MI5 and GCHQ monitor the internet through a network of "black boxes" attached to servers but they are looking at ways of expanding the system and want to be able to link up more government databases to catch criminals. A Home Office spokesman said there was no timescale for the introduction of the latest plans but added: "The UK has agreed to a strategic approach towards tackling cyber crime on the same basis as all member states. "We fully support work to develop an understanding of the scale and impact of electronic crime across the EU and will work with member states to develop the detail of the proposal."

    TPUC video outlining the UK laws since 2000.
    Britain has been ruled by masonic overlords for FAR TO LONG. Only the internet has finally exposed the crimes and corruption by these satanic mobsters who have controlled the UK police state for far to long.
    The UK's political and legal mafia are all part of the masonic pariah that preys on its victims via civil courts that are daily creating heinous judgements that destroy NON masons lives and their families daily.

  • TPUC
    MASONIC TASER PLANS to issue police officers with Taser guns were yesterday given a frosty reception by human rights groups.
    The announcement that the weapons would be carried by regular officers in all four Welsh forces came as it emerged a Taser gun had been fired at a 15-year-old boy in North Wales.

    Home Secretary Jacqui Smith wants frontline response officers in all 43 police forces in England and Wales to be trained to use 10,000 of the 50,000-volt weapons, which are currently employed by small units of firearms officers in North Wales and Gwent.
    masonic ring Dozens of officers at a single force are patrolling the streets despite convictions for gun crimes, actual bodily harm, theft and other offences. Many of the crimes took place while the officers were in post, raising concerns about a fall in police standards.

    Last night MPs questioned whether courts could trust evidence from officers with serious convictions, and condemned the "deeply unfair" policies that allowed the officers to keep their jobs . Figures released by Hampshire Police showed that its 4,000 serving officers had accumulated 42 convictions, including affray, benefit fraud, drunk and disorderly conduct and possessing cannabis plants. If the figures are extrapolated, it would suggest that there are 1,580 convictions among the 144,000 police in England and Wales. Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrat justice spokesman who uncovered the figures, said: "The public will be rightly concerned that there are serving police officers who have committed crimes as serious as assault and firearms offences.

    "Serious questions arise over whether the criminal courts can trust the evidence given by police officers who have committed benefit fraud." Government rules allow for police officers to keep their jobs – instead receiving lesser punishments such as fines, reprimands or demotions – after being convicted of offences that would cause civilian staff to be sacked.

    Mr Huhne told the Daily Mail that this created a "two-tier justice" system within forces, with support staff getting a worse deal than officers. Paul West of the Association of Chief Police Officers defended the police service's procedures. "Where wrongdoing is alleged police officers are investigated and action taken as appropriate to each case," he said. "It should be remembered that there are just over 140,000 police officers in the country, the overwhelming majority of whom serve the public with dedication."

    MASONIC COP SNIPERS Britains masonic cops have been getting away with MURDER for far to long. It is TIME to out ALL British cops who have sworn allegiance to a satanic cult that protects them even when they murder innocent victims of their ruthless masonic agenda.
    Downing Street march by families of UK masonic cop murderers as custody death families protest.

    Families of people who died in police custody have marched to Downing Street to ask the government to investigate.

    There have been 182 deaths in police, prison or psychiatric custody over the past year, the United Families and Friends Campaign said. They include Sean Rigg, 40, who died after being arrested in Brixton, south London, in August for alleged assault. The Home Office said deaths in custody were "a very small percentage" of those who come into contact with police.

    'Lack of will'

    Campaigners marched from Trafalgar Square to ask Prime Minister Gordon Brown to set up a "genuinely independent" body to investigate deaths in police custody. They also want officers allegedly responsible for deaths to face criminal charges, even if they have retired. Campaign spokesman Ken Fero said the number of deaths in custody was "continually going up".

    He said: "Every time there are new initiatives such as CCTV or something else which can prevent a death, it just escalates in other areas. So clearly there is a lack of will." Recent deaths included Mr Rigg, arrested in Brixton on suspicion of assaulting a police officer and alleged public order offences on 21 August.

    We are outraged that Sean's death has happened regardless of the countless recommendations made in previous cases Sean Rigg's sister Samantha Rigg-David

    Mr Rigg fell ill and was seen by a doctor but he was pronounced dead in hospital shortly afterwards. His sister Samantha Rigg-David said: "We are outraged that Sean's death has happened regardless of the countless recommendations made in previous cases." A Home Office spokeswoman said there were 75 deaths involving people who came into contact with police over the past year - two of whom died in custody.

    "Around 1.5 million people are arrested each year and nearly four million others are subject to street activity through stop and search or street penalties," the spokeswoman said. "In that context, the number of deaths seems a very small percentage of all those who come into contact with the police. In reality, one death is one death too many." She said the Home Office aimed to prevent deaths from occurring and "minimise harm to all persons coming into contact with the police

  • Britain's masonic cops
    bbc itv No one at ITV or the BBC will be prosecuted over recent premium-rate phone-in scandals which cheated viewers out of millions of pounds. For the past few months the Serious Fraud Office has been considering whether to launch an investigation into ITV after it was found guilty of encouraging viewers to waste almost £8 million on competitions they had no chance of winning.

    The SFO has also been looking into the BBC after it admitted that staff knowingly held back more than £100,000 from calls that should have gone to charitable organisations, including the corporation's Children in Need. However, officials said that after careful consideration the SFO had dropped both cases because they did not "meet the criterion for acceptance." This means that the SFO did not believe that the cases were "complex" enough to warrant the use of its "expertise". The decision outraged MPs, including Philip Davies, the Conservative MP for Shipley, who said that viewers were being treated with "utter contempt".

    "It's completely unacceptable that the people responsible for deliberately ripping off consumers face no punishment from the authorities," he said. "This would not happen in any other walk of life." ITV was fined a record £5.67 million by Ofcom, the broadcasting watchdog, in May for deceiving viewers of some of its most popular shows, including Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, Ant and Dec's Gameshow Marathon and Soapstar Superstar. In the BBC case, a report found that staff at Audiocall, a premium-rate phone operator which was part of the BBC's commercial arm, were holding back money from premium-rate calls, which were mistakenly made by viewers when voting lines had closed on about 20 shows. The BBC Trust, the corporation's governing body, refused to identify the programmes involved, but they were thought to include Children in Need, Sport Relief and Comic Relief.

    Don Foster, the Liberal Democrat spokesman for culture, media and sport, said: "It's an absolute scandal that no one is prepared to take responsibility for investigating this matter. "We already know that broadcasters and phone companies charged viewers millions of pounds under questionable pretences, but we're no closer to finding out whether any criminal activity took place." He added: "If public confidence is to be maintained then we have to have a system in place where matters are properly investigated and people are held to account. Otherwise it just looks like the powers that be are sweeping the issue under the carpet."

                                  FULL SCREEN PART1 HERE             FULL SCREEN PART2 HERE
    tazer death A police lieutenant has apparently committed suicide days after he ordered another officer to fire a stun gun at a naked, distraught man who then fell to his death.

    A police official says the lieutenant was found at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, New York, early today, dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. It wasn't clear when he died. The lieutenant had ordered another officer to shock Inman Morales, who fell nearly 10 feet (3 metres) to his death in Brooklyn, last week. The lieutenant was stripped of his gun and badge after the incident, and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly ordered refresher training on how to deal with emotionally disturbed people. Morales, 35, was pronounced dead at a hospital after his fall. Police said he suffered serious head trauma when he hit the sidewalk.

    The death of the man, who witnesses and neighbors said had become distraught and had threatened to kill himself earlier in the day, raised questions over why Morales was shocked with the stun gun when there was no inflatable bag placed on the sidewalk to catch him if he fell.

    Masonic cops Anyone who thinks giving our data to ANYONE operating for the UK's masonic run government and its various thuggish groups like police,lawyers and judges should read the following on how THEY want as much info on you for their own personal use. Judges and lawyers do this to fleece you of all your assets ,home but especially your children.

    Officer illegally accessed police computer

    A DYFED-POWYS POLICE officer illegally accessed the police national computer to gain information about his next-door neighbours, a judge heard yesterday. DC Bruce Nigel Bartlett hoped to learn something that would help him to win a dispute over the boundary between his and his neighbours’ home. Bartlett appeared before Judge Mark Furness at Swansea Crown Court and admitted three offences of attempting to illegally obtain personal information and one of actually obtaining personal information.

    Bartlett, an officer for 29 years, was conditionally discharged for 12 months and ordered to pay £600 in prosecution costs. Chris James, prosecuting, said Bartlett fell out with Vernon Smart and his wife, Deborah, as soon as the Smarts moved next door to his home at Dr y Mynydd, Nantyffynnon, Goodwick, near Fishguard, in April, 2005. Letters were exchanged and the Smarts became suspicious when Bartlett, 52, suddenly began writing letters using Mr Smart’s full name, Vernon Lewis Smart. They made a formal complaint and John Evans, the head of data protection at Dyfed-Powys Police, investigated use made of the police national computer.

    He discovered that in May and June 2006 Bartlett had accessed the computer on four occasions, pretending he had stopped Mr Smart in his car and wished to run a check on him. The information gleaned, said Mr James, did not help Bartlett in his dispute, but said that was “entirely fortuitous”. Bartlett’s intention had been to discover something about the Smarts that would give him an advantage in what was a personal dispute and nothing to do with his duties as a police officer, he told the court.

    Bartlett had originally denied the charges and entered his guilty pleas on the morning of what should have been the start of his trial yesterday. His barrister, Tom Crowther, said, following the guilty pleas, Dyfed-Powys Police may take action against Bartlett. Judge Furness said the Smarts were entitled “to feel deeply offended” at Bartlett’s misuse of the police national computer in at attempt to learn something about them. But no such information was actually obtained. He described Bartlett as misguided rather than malicious.

  • Gangster paid UK masonic cop cocaine, cash and call-girls for information
    grange Sex abuse complaints to be reviewed

    Police have been ordered to review claims that an inquiry into a judge accused of sexually abusing young children was inadequately carried out because he was a friend of the force chief constable. Dyfed Powys Police, in mid and west Wales, investigated the allegations in February 2007 and took no action after concluding they were groundless. The ex-wife of the judge then complained about the way the case had been conducted because of his friendship with the then chief constable Terry Grange.
    As a result Dyfed Powys Police carried out a review into the way the case was conducted which concluded that everything had been above board. The judge’s ex-wife then appealed to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) in August 2007, which has now upheld that appeal.

    It means Dyfed Powys Police has had to appoint a new investigating officer and will re-interview the judge’s ex- wife and review the way the case was handled.

  • This is one of the most significant cases in the UK showing how high level masons in the police and judiciary protect each other.
  • Cops reviews judge investigation

  • Maybe the only people that will break the back of masonic tyranny in the UK are ex-wifes of corrupt and perverted bullying judges ,Chief Constables and lawyers spilling the beans
  • Review of judge sex abuse inquiry ordered after ex-wife's complaint
    grange THE former Chief Constable of Dyfed-Powys yesterday denied being a Freemason under questioning in court. Terence Grange, who retired last November when it had emerged that he had paid for private meals on a force credit card, appeared at Carmarthen Magistrates’ Court to give evidence against two women accused of barricading themselves inside his house and refusing to leave, claiming squatters rights. One of the defendants, Lady Lesley Cooper, defending herself, asked Mr Grange: “Mr Grange, are you a Freemason?” To which he replied: “No.”

    Lady Cooper, claiming to have hired a private detective to investigate Mr Grange, then asked: “Not since 1981?” To which Mr Grange replied: “I have never been a Freemason. I have never been invited to be one.” Lady Cooper, 48, and her daughter Kyra face charges of causing criminal damage on April 26 to furniture inside Mr Grange’s detached bungalow in Meinciau, near Kidwelly.

    It is alleged they damaged a £500 dresser by moving it and causing damage to a wall by moving furniture. Ms Cooper, 26, from Tumble, is also charged with assault for allegedly trapping an estate agent’s arm in the bungalow’s front door. The mother and daughter, along with Ms Cooper’s 11-day-old baby and another man Meirion Bowen arranged a viewing at Mr Grange’s bungalow, under a false name – Lynne Stratton – after the bungalow, valued at between £210,000 and £260,000, was put on the market following Mr Grange’s sudden retirement. He now lives permanently in Bristol with his wife Pat.

    The court heard that Mr Bowen asked estate agent Martin Richards to go outside of the house with him to check the drains. While outside, Mr Richards told the court, he heard the front door slam behind him. When he tried to get back in, he said, the door was slammed shut trapping his arm above the wrist.

    Lady Cooper and Ms Cooper then refused to leave for two hours, negotiating with police until an officer broke through the rear of the home. Lady Cooper and Mr Bowen are affiliated to a small group known as Stand your Ground, which distributes e-mails alleging corruption among several groups, especially the police, government and the judiciary. Chief Inspector Steven Griffiths, of Dyfed-Powys Police told the court yesterday that among these complaints was an allegation that Dyfed-Powys police had failed to investigate paedophile officers among their ranks.

    But Lady Cooper, who runs an animal sanctuary at Bancffosfelen told the court that her decision to enter Mr Grange’s house was not related to Stand your Ground and was, she said, “an act of desperation” borne from police failure over six years to deal with the grievance she and her daughter had relating to a “racist thug”. She was not allowed to elaborate.

    In the witness box Mr Grange said: “I know vaguely of [Lady] Cooper but have never had any personal dealings with her. “I think she has been involved with a group of people who are regular e-mailers to Dyfed-Powys Police. “They had a variety of names they called themselves, because other access to the force was cut off. They just changed their name.

    “I think they had all been defrauded by somebody or other. Stand Your Ground were e-mailing on a daily basis for years.” Mr Grange, who had a salary of more than £120,000 as Chief Constable, explained how he lived permanently at Meinciau but would invariably spend around two days a week in London and roughly every other week with his wife in Bristol, benefiting from a 25% single occupancy discount on his council tax.

    Mr Grange said: “I think you were making a political statement. It doesn’t matter. You entered my house under false pretences.” Lady Cooper and Miss Cooper deny assaulting the estate agent and claim the furniture in Mr Grange’s house was damaged by police officers when entering the house to arrest them. The trial is expected to end today.

  • Race and hate crimes ignored by leading cop
  • Top cop's 'lovers' named by accused in trespass trial
  • Lady Lesley cleared of trespass in squatter protest
  • Women on ex-chief constable 'barricade' charges cleared
    hate crime form You can see where the police allegiances lie and the EXTRA efforts made to provide exclusive protection for homosexuals. Exclusive forms that NO other sections of society are given. British police meantime are being used by the courts to seriously undermine heterosexual families in particular heterosexual fathers in a ruthless campaign to destroy heterosexual family life in the UK.

    British civil courts have been attacking heterosexual families for a LONG time. There has been an infiltration of homosexuals into the UK's social services ,lawyers and judiciary .Their main purpose is to do maximum damage to the wellbeing and financial position of heterosexual fathers and their ability to ensure they can protect their family and children. FULL SIZE IMAGE HERE
  • Gay couple left free to abuse boys - because social workers feared being branded homophobic
  • Gay Police Association
    cantwell Concern over COP headbutt attack fine

    Lawyers have claimed that many violent criminals are not being charged because of a drive to reduce congestion in Scottish courts. The claim comes after doorman David Cantwell, 43, from Edinburgh, was headbutted by off-duty policeman Samuel Johnston, who was not prosecuted. Instead, he was told to pay his victim £250 compensation. Senior prosecutors said the decision not to bring Pc Johnston to court was within new parliament guidelines. Mr Cantwell, a father-of-two, was working on the door at an Edinburgh nightclub in February when he was approached by Pc Johnston and his friends. After being allowed into the club, they left again but returned and Mr Cantwell was attacked. Really the money's not the matter here. It's the fact the guy can get off with a fiscal fine

    He told BBC Scotland: "I had my hands in my pocket, standing totally off my guard - the next minute this headbutt came from nowhere and struck me right on the lip. I had to get two stitches." Mr Cantwell said Pc Johnston then ran off so he grabbed one of his colleagues as a witness until the police arrived. The case did not go to court but was instead dealt with by the procurator fiscal. Pc Johnston, who had a clean record and was serving with Fife Constabulary, was ordered to pay Mr Cantwell compensation instead. After being suspended, then put onto restricted duties, Pc Johnston is now back on the beat. Mr Cantwell said: "It made it worse for me knowing he was a serving police officer, a trusted person by the public."

    New provisions

    He added: "Really the money's not the matter here. It's the fact the guy can get off with a fiscal fine. He's got no criminal record whatsoever and he's back with his police uniform on the next day." Catherine Dyer, a senior prosecutor at the Crown Office, said: "Parliament decided that in situations like that the procurator fiscal could look at it, take a decision about what the average fine would be and present it to the justice court which is where that case would have gone. "The average fine would have been £150. "We took the decision that under new provisions it would be appropriate for compensation to be paid to Mr Cantwell of £250, quickly and efficiently."

    Mr Cantwell said he had to receive stitches after the attack Gerry Considine, former president of the Glasgow Bar Association, said while there was a general acceptance that lower level crime should be transferred from the courts, there were fears about the use of fines. He said: "The difficulty seems to be the level of crime that is now being diverted from prosecution is causing great concern. In particular the level of violent crime which is no longer being prosecuted. "Justice has to be available for everyone, the accused and victims of crime. There has to be a balance struck between those two. "It's really a matter for public attention and public debate to decide on how we should deal with violent offenders or offenders of a level above the most minimal offence." Fife Constabulary said a senior officer was investigating the case.

    POLICE BREAK IN Are they having a laugh or what? A lot of good if your being attacked by a mugger or your house is broken into during the night? Does that apply to bank robberies as well? As the police always seem to attend those incidents with lightning fast speed but at snails pace when an old lady is being mugged. British masonic police, money before life every time, no wonder the long suffering UK public are sick of them.

  • Police get three hours to respond to 999 calls
    ian blair This seems incredible when the masons protect high ranking officers no matter what they get up to,also regular honours from the richest dynasty in the world.

    There is no shortage of knighthoods, CBE's and OBE's for the high ranking police masons protecting Britain's mega rich monarchy. SIR Ian Blair a perfect example of the royal patronage he gets for protecting them.

  • Police recruitment crisis as officers spurn chance to be chief constables
    police raid While MASONS control the police no one is safe from arrest.We have spoken to many people about what they would do if they found a dead body while walking through a park. Knowing that if a MAN reported this ,he would likely be considered a suspect, most would turn a blind eye than face possible interrogation or be implicated.

    This has been going on for far to long and successive governments failing to deal with not only, lack of trust in UK police, but the sinister way they operate. A bunch of dimwitted thugs who have sold their soul to the devil
  • Rise of the 'walk on by' society as decent people fear UK police
    Grange These are the evil bastards deemed FIT to control our legal system

    Police force faces porn ‘failure’ claims
    A WELSH police force may be re-examined over claims it failed to properly investigate allegations of child pornography and mortgage fraud against an acquaintance of former chief constable Terry Grange. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) could again look at how the allegations made against a judge were handled by Dyfed-Powys Police. Mr Justice Mitting said a failure to seize the judge’s computer may mean the allegations were not investigated properly.
    police shot A policeman shot dead during a routine training exercise today may have died after officers were wrongly issued with live ammunition instead of blanks. The 25-year-old is believed to have been shot in the chest with a live round by a fellow officer in a tragic accident. The married officer suffered horrendous chest wounds and was rushed to hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

    The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has confirmed it is investigating the shooting and are examining the events leading up to the tragedy.
    saunders The gunman shot dead by police after a five-hour siege in Chelsea was named this morning as 32-year-old barrister. Officers in body armour used stun grenades to storm Mark Saunders' £2.2million flat in Markham Square, which is just off the King's Road.

    Saunders began firing from a window with a shotgun at about 5pm yesterday, following a row with his ex-partner Elizabeth Clarke. The lawyer was said to have been drinking heavily after the argument with Ms Clarke, who fled the property in tears moments earlier.
    drug raid Sorry, wrong house: Drug squad's sledgehammer raid nets a dinner lady drinking tea.
    As with all drug raids, the element of surprise was essential. It was 6.30am when half a dozen policemen with sledgehammers smashed the window of the red-brick terrace house and piled in to find their target.
    Instead of junkies crazed on crack, however, they found school dinner lady Kathleen Oldham sitting in her dressing-gown enjoying an early-morning cup of tea.
    POLICE STATE The two extremes of British police .Never there when you need them then when it suits them 100's of military style police state tactics used on suspected criminals.
    Marching down the street, they look like an army preparing for battle. But this was no apocalyptic war zone. It was rather a suburban road where the locals - while no doubt grateful of a beefed-up police presence - probably thought 600 officers with the sun glinting off their riot helmets smacked of overkill.
    Child protection agency A police child protection officer has admitted downloading thousands of images of child pornography. Iain Duncan pleaded guilty at the High Court in Glasgow to possessing 3,319 indecent images of children and 20 moving images.

    The 28-year-old, of Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow, also admitted sending and receiving 326 indecent images of youngsters. The former constable with Strathclyde Police was also found with a six-minute video showing "graphic images" of babies being abused.

    He was caught after a police operation in Surrey which uncovered an email address he had been using. Duncan has since resigned from the police, where he had been working in the Family Protection Unit at the time of his arrest.

    Suspicions about the married father were sparked following an operation to catch another man who had been downloading child pornography. That man was arrested in February 2007, and an email address he had been sending indecent images to was traced to Duncan.

    Advocate-depute John Scullion told the court: "A police operation took place in Surrey, England, resulting in a male being charged with possession and distribution of indecent images of children. "Subsequent investigation revealed email addresses of persons with whom this male had been exchanging indecent images."

    On January 12 this year, Strathclyde Police called at the home of their fellow officer, where the door was answered by Duncan's wife. He returned later and police questioned him about two computers he owned. After initially claiming the only indecent image on either computer was an 18-year-old female, he admitted at a police interview to having images of 13- and 14-year-olds.

    After first examining the laptop, investigators then looked at the second computer and found images of children as young as ten. Duncan, who was remanded in custody ahead of sentencing next month, also admitted sending and receiving images of an indecent nature to between ten and 20 people. At the end of the interview, he said: "I know what I have done is wrong. I am sorry and ashamed."
    suicide cops
  • 11-3-2008: Police Sergeant Richard Fuller found shot dead at family home
  • 14-3-2008: Police inspector's Neil Munro body washed up on beach
  • 12-3-2008: Manchester police chief Michael Todd found at bottom of cliff
    Masonic police cover up a multitude of crimes for their criminal brothers.Most of the high level white collar masonic criminals are protected by brothers in the force,as well as judges and lawyers who are all part of the same SATANIC clubs.

    Justice has failed and will continue to fail in the UK until MASONS are completely removed from control of what the police do ,but more importantly of what they DON'T do. British mass media ,especially the BBC, paint a glowing picture of the police almost 99% of the time.Even on the rare occasions they are critical they NEVER mention masonic influence. UK TV is also full of drama's about the police ,that bear no resemblance to the REAL THING.
    The continuing rise of an American police state showing a video of male police officers brutally stripping naked a women they arrested ,despite her being the victim of a crime. This appalling video shows the major change in how police operate in the USA under BUSH.

    Britain like America has allowed the police to resort to major human right abuses with senior police officers part of a worldwide devil worshipping cult that have hidden agendas. Few of those agendas ensure correct disciplinary proceedings are made against errant officers who in this case massively breached their right to impose brutal force on a victim of their thuggery.
    sylvester We know the vast bulk of London's police are masons.They have a masonic agenda that corrupts the force and allows masonic politicians to get away with vast criminality while most of their shooters all carry masonic badges swearing allegiance and total loyalty to the richest dynasty in the world.Now they have turned torturers for the FASCISTS like Brown who is being used to force the New World Order agenda onto unsuspecting British citizens(not subjects).A man is tasered 8 TIMES by police,when we know even ONE dose of this new form of control can kill.
    In terms of terrorism being used as an excuse to bring in a police state.We think a more important question would be "How many non masons in the police are allowed to carry guns?"

    Most of the dictators who ultimately exterminated thousands of innocent victims of their tyranny had previously been left defenseless by draconian gun control measures.Scotland saw one deranged gunmen in Dunblane massacre innocent children in a bloodbath. That was then an excuse to leave Scotlands population unarmed.

    The Metropolitan police then gun down ,in cold blood ,one of many innocent victim of their appalling failures ,but we dont see the police being stripped of their arsenal of weapons .Arsenals that protect the establishment and the legal and political goons that are holding this country to ransom.

    We have British police shooting innocent parties , our armed forces shooting innocent Iraqi's yet it would seem absurd to think that their guns were taken away.

    It is only an enslaved public who are being controlled by a sinister network that has allowed the establishment to survive in this country for so long. We have the richest dynasty in the world who own a sixth of the worlds land mass having exclusive use of massive arsenals protecting them and their mansions while sections of our country sit in deprivation.

    We have the most evil network of surveillance and monitoring anywhere in the world and ALL to ensure the richest dynasty remain ultimately in control of the UK's massive wealth. That only shows its head when the likes of Northern Rock needs propped up to the tune of billions of pounds.We have had political party after political party ,that are funded by billionaire establishment money who more and more lean heavily in favour of their rich benefactors at the utter expense of us lesser mortals.British citizens have to get wise to the illusion that is destroying peoples lives daily as we sink deeper and deeper into a fascist state.

    Until that reality sinks into the masses who have been duped by this facade ,we will continue to see corruption at the highest level of political and legal chicanery drag our once proud land further into the gutter.The enormous impact on our population already facing brutal attacks on their lives,family,homes and assets. There are solutions and at least rejecting Britain's tri party state is a start ,as that has what has cost this country dearly.

  • Police stop and search 14,000 since terror attack on airport
    Grange This is really what is going on at the top of the UK's MASONIC cesspit of law and order.Utter perverts dictating our lives .

    Chief constable sacked for failing to investigate pervert judge
    Child abuse cover-up allegations over top policeman who quit

    The chief constable who resigned amid allegations of financial wrongdoing and misuse of police equipment was also being investigated in connection with his force’s dismissal of child abuse claims against a judge, The Times can disclose. Terence Grange, who resigned from the Dyfed-Powys Police on Monday, had been accused by the judge’s ex-wife of allowing his professional relationship with the judge to influence the force’s treatment of the claims. He left his post days after the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) launched separate investigations into potentially criminal financial irregularities and alleged misuse of a work computer. Members of the Dyfed-Powys Police Authority had refused to offer him their continuing support.

    The Times can reveal that in August the IPCC had ordered the police authority to investigate the links between Mr Grange and the judge accused of inappropriate behaviour towards children. It follows claims made by the judge’s ex-wife that the judge had given a child a sexually transmitted disease, viewed child pornography websites and misused transcripts from child abuse cases that he had presided over. Documents sent to the IPCC said the force had concluded that there was insufficent evidence to interview the judge and decided not to analyse his computer. The force then refused to accept a further complaint from the ex-wife that the relationship between the judge and officer, who had worked together on criminal justice issues, had biased its approach. But the IPCC ruled in August that this complaint should have been investigated. The judge, who cannot be identified, said previously: “It is not a subject I would wish to comment upon in any circumstances.”

    Mr Grange, 58, did not respond to a request by The Times’s for his reaction to the bias claims. He has not spoken publicly about the IPCC investigation. The Dyfed-Powys Police Authority did not comment on whether this investigation into Mr Grange had been dropped, or whether the initial child abuse claims made against the judge would be reinvestigated. The IPCC is still investigating Mr Grange over potentially criminal alleged financial wrongdoings. It is now powerless to investigate the alleged misuse of a work computer because Mr Grange is no longer a serving officer.

    On Tuesday the police authority revealed that Mr Grange had been accused of sending “private e-mails concerning a personal relationship”. The authority held an emergency meeting behind closed doors on Thursday to discuss Mr Grange’s retirement. It is under fire from critics who claim that the police chief has been “let off the hook” by being allowed to leave. Helen Mary Jones, Plaid Cymru AM for South Wales West, said yesterday that many serving officers felt that no other force member would have been allowed to walk away from such allegations. In response, the authority released a statement after Thursday’s meeting defending its actions.

    It said: “The emergency committee considered that there were issues in front of them that raised questions about Mr Grange’s judgment and it was important to maintain confidence within the authority, force and our communities. It therefore decided that it was in the public interest that his offer to retire should be accepted with immediate effect.” Mr Grange was spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers on child protection issues and caused controversy last year when he asked whether it was appropriate for young men who had sex with 15-year-old girls to be described as paedophiles. He became Chief Constable of Dyfed-Powys Police in 2000, where he has presided over improvements in police performance and a reduction in crime. This year he was given a two-year extension to his contract.

    When Mr Grange announced his retirement, Tony McNulty, the Home Office Minister, said that he should be congratulated for having “made a significant contribution to policing in Wales”. The IPCC said: “Once he left the police force we no longer had any power to investigate him for computer misuse. But the allegations of financial irregularities are different because, potentially, they could be criminal.” Mr Grange has been replaced by Acting Deputy Chief Constable Andy Edwards.

    Video footage has been released in Canada showing the last moments of an immigrant who died after being stunned with a Taser by police.

    Robert Dziekanski, 40, of Pieszyce, Poland, was restrained by police after becoming agitated at Vancouver International Airport on 14 October.

    Mr Dziekanski, who spoke no English, was declared dead at the scene by an emergency medical team.

    A man who slipped into a diabetic coma on the top deck of a bus has described how he was used for electric stun gun "target practice" after police mistook him for a suicide bomber.

    Innocent Nicolas Gaubert was shot twice with a Taser gun in what he said was a chilling precursor to the death of Jean Charles de Menezes in London just over a week later.

    Mr Gaubert was on his way home from work in Leeds city centre, West Yorks, when he suffered a hypoglycaemic fit and was found slumped in his seat by the bus driver at the end of the route in Headingley, Leeds.
    TODD Model cop spared jail for fraud

    A FORMER model turned policewoman has been was spared jail after she admitted an insurance swindle worth thousands of pounds. Only six months after joining Greater Manchester Police, Laura Nagulapalli’s scam was uncovered and she was arrested. The 39-year-old falsely claimed that she was unemployed when she was actually working full-time. The mother-of-one confessed to receiving almost £1,500 in a payout from a mortgage insurance company and applying for a second cash handout.

    Nagulapalli, who had also worked as an air stewardess, forged the signature of a Job Centre official and even made a fake stamp in a bid to fiddle insurance benefits. At Preston Crown Court, prosecutor Nicholas Courtney said Nagulapalli had bought a house near Chorley, in March 2002 for herself and her daughter, now aged nine. She was trumpeted in a highly-publicised recruitment campaign by Greater Manchester Police and photographed with Chief Constable Michael Todd. But only hours after her passing-out parade, she was arrested and quizzed by police probing the con.

    She pleaded guilty after initially denying the charges. The court heard was told she Nagulapalli had made several honest claims for insurance benefits to cover the cost of her mortgage after being made redundant in September 2002 but she cheated £1,372.71 from the insurance firm by failing to reveal she had a job at beauty salon Heaven on Earth.


    The false claims were made between February 2003 and August 2003 but her clumsy forgeries were spotted. Malaysia-born Nagulapalli was accepted as a probationer at the force training school in Sedgley Park, Prestwich. After her arrest she resigned from the police on June 30. Defending, Emma Edhem said she had only denied the allegations originally on the advice of her then boyfriend a married police inspector named in the court only as Ross. Ms Edhem told how her client had been suffering depression when she made the fraudulent claims. Judge Slinger said: "It is a matter of great sorrow for your family and I have no doubt for you that you have thrown away an excellent character.


    "You have never previously been charged with any other offence and I have read letters from a long-standing friend a consultant in the medical profession speaking of your good character. "It is a matter of great sadness that a woman in your position with your family background should have become involved in this serious criminal matter. "You knew precisely what you were doing when you forged the documents to make your claims. "Those who commit deliberate fraud such as yourself put themselves in danger of an immediate custodial sentence."

    He said that bearing in mind the amount of money involved and that the defendant was of previous good character a custodial sentence wasn’t appropriate. He sentenced her to 200 hours of community service and ordered her to pay £2,084.71 in costs and compensation.

  • First pictures of all THREE women in tangled love life of 'suicide' chief constable
    by Ross Meurant, B.A. M.P.P.

    Like most recruits, I entered the police as an impressionable young man with a basic education, from a working class environment in provincial NZ. There were hundreds of peers like me, before me and after me. I was nothing special but I was altruistic. We were all cannon fodder. Easy to manipulate. We looked at the forest before us in awe. The moment you step into the police, this sub culture within NZ culture hits you. You are immediately part of the thin blue line. You are part of a team and that team looks after itself. You are special. You are the border between good and evil. The attitudes of the police instructors, armed not with teaching certificates but with ten years exposure to the police sub culture, either consciously or subconsciously invite you into the forest.

    To step out of police college is to take the next step into the forest. You are now part of the difference between law and order in the streets where gangs would rule and evil would triumph. But for you and your fellow coppers, society would be a dangerous place. Your mission is to protect society from this evil. Very soon you learn to decide what is evil and what is not. You are no longer just a collector of human rubbish at the base of the cliff but you have an obligation; yes, even a duty to guide the country to a decent society. That direction is best decided by you and others in your sub culture of police, for what better epitomizes the values of a decent society than those cherished by the men and women in blue? Your task is honourable. What better vocation than to rid the country of evil? Thus, achieving this end can even justify the means! The further into the forest, the more pervasive becomes this police culture. The heart of the beast is centered in elite CIB squads like Regional Crime, Criminal Intelligence and Drug Squad. These are the destinations to which the most ambitious and zealous aspire. Together with the Armed Offenders Squad and Team Policing units, these entities are the bastion of police culture.

    Of course there are those who do not aspire to these objectives but then, the police is also a government department which always harbor a good number of 'glide timers': there to collect their pay and do as little as possible, which is the best route to longevity in any government agency. Often these people will suddenly find themselves floating on the top of the pool. Every new entrant runs the same gauntlet. No recruit is ever formally 'taught' to use violence, to lie and cover up. None of my mentors did that to me and I never did it to those whom I mentored. But the culture sends a very clear message. 'When you witness transgression by a colleague, keep your mouth shut at worst and at best, provide an account which supports the miscreant and helps him/her out of a sticky situation.' If you don't, as a new recruit, you are ostracized. You may as well quit there and then. But once you have provided succor, you have taken your next step into the forest. Later you will witness another indiscretion and you will again 'cover'. After all, you have been accepted as one of the team. You are 'reliable'. To lose that status is not a desirable outcome. But already you are compromised. Then one day you will commit an indiscretion and others will cover for you. Then you are beholden. Then you have entered the forest proper. There is no light to show the way home.

    When I speak about a police culture, I speak about the environment I have described. It is introverted, self protecting and lacking objectivity. It is a culture which looks after itself and has a certain view of how life should proceed. It is reinforced by drinking and bonding sessions. The 'them and us' ethos becomes tangible. What is more, the culture is working class conservative in its origins. Bigoted and intolerant. Few of its officer corps are university graduates and even fewer hail from private schools. There is no network which pervades the upper echelons of society. The police are insular. If someone has tattoos or hair too long or dresses the 'wrong' way or does not have 'acceptable' politics, then they are one of 'them' and not to be trusted. Conversely liberals are a menace to stability and are even more dangerous than unemployed Maori.

    I recall when as a detective in the mid seventies, I applied to go to university and was asked by my commissioned officer: "Meurant. Why do you want to go to university? Are you a communist?" The message was pretty clear. This was at the height of Vietnam. The police sub culture did not approve of its members being associated with undesirable elements who frequented establishments of enlightenment! When I did finally go to university I found my lecturers to include Michael Basset, Phil Goff and Helen Clark, all of whom where later my peers in parliament but who at the time I entered university, shared decidedly different political beliefs to me. Yet even though I argued, as an example, that US foreign policy in Vietnam was 'defensive' (domino theory), these people approved my assignments. They were prepared to tolerate a philistine within their midst, suppress their natural aversion to me and mark my opinions objectively. This, as I reflect, juxtaposes starkly the attitude or culture of the two institutions. One institution is prepared to tolerate alternative views. The other is not.

    I advanced in the rank structure relatively quickly in the police and soon found myself incarcerated as supervisor in a control room; a job I loathed. So I did go to university and here, the first signs of light began to reappear. Slowly the mist began to abate and I saw things from a different perspective. In all, I did eleven years at either Auckland or Victoria universities. I am immensely grateful for how those institutions unwittingly help me exorcise the demon of excessive exposure to police culture. This 'culture' manifests in many different forms. Three recent examples will illustrate my point and demonstrate that it is as alive and well as it was in my day:

    John Dewar. Recently incarcerated for, according to the view of the Court, covering up for the despicable conduct of assistant commissioner Rickards and two other police officers. John Dewar was one of the best sergeants I ever had as an inspector, but the 'culture' manifest in his destiny in a most tragic manner for him. Then there was the police shooting of a man in Christchurch. The law is clear when a cop or civilian may kill another human being. One must fear on reasonable grounds, death or grievous injury to oneself or a third person which cannot otherwise be prevented. In my view the circumstances of the killing are not as transparent as the police public relations section would have us believe. A man shot wielding a hammer on cars! Not dissimilar to a man shot, wielding a golf club against shop windows.

    The proper place to test the validity of police action is before a Court. The strength of our police is public confidence and support; without which they are nothing. The best way to retain that public support is for transparency and that is best achieved by testing police actions in a Court of law. Yet immediately after the killing we have the police association representative, completely out of line in my view, seeking to influence the outcome by claiming the shooting was justifiable and that we should trust the police to judge their own actions. This of course is the manifestation once again of the police culture: look after the police. That is quite different, in my view, to looking after the rule of law. Finally there is the recent implementation of draconian anti terror legislation to combat routine crimes and offences in the community. Police say they have collated information over a period of 12 months which on analysis leads them to the conclusion that there is a real threat to the stability and security of our country. The problem as I see it is, that information they have has been self assessed by the same people who collate the data or at best, by the supervisor of the 'intelligence unit' and his superior; all of whom view society from within the forest and with vested interests in producing an outcome which justifies the retention of their unit. These subjective conclusions are presented to judicial officers as the basis of justification for warrants and implementation of anti terror legislation which abrogate the most basic of our legal rights.

    No longer are we protected from arbitrary detention without being charged and the legal requirement to be taken before a Court as soon as possible. This I find unacceptable. I am also disappointed that too many New Zealanders appear not to comprehend the significance of what it means to our legal structure when on the basis of subjective analysis by the police, these Guardians substantially usurp the role of the judiciary as a check and balance against tyrannical tendencies. There is a fundamental flaw in the present legislation where it allows a subjective test of police information by police, to form the basis of reason to catapult us onto a terror alert footing. It is even more disturbing to me when I know the environment where these decision are made, is deep in the forest. What the police are effectively saying is:

    "In the Ureweras there are weapons of mass destruction. Trust us." Sound familiar? I have been in the forest. In the seventies I was a detective on Regional Crime and Drug Squad. I was also on the AOS. My formal police assessments were high. 'Excellent' as a detective. 'Outstanding' as a commissioned officer. In my formative years my immediate supervisors included detective sergeant John Hughes, detective inspector Graham Perry and later detective inspector Bruce Hutton (Hutton was my boss on my first homicide: the Crewe murders). These men were legends in their own time, each of them relentless and with a determination of mind few could match. Together with half a dozen other young detectives, we formed a formidable unit; we became a legend in our own time.

    Our adversaries were serious villains: Peter Fulcher, Mihaly Bede, Terry Clarke alias Mr Asia, the Saffiti boys and several gangs. This was a particularly violent time in the history of policing in New Zealand. We were right in the middle. It was inevitable that we, who consistently faced angry men in dark alleys, would have allegations made against us. I had my share against me. There were allegations of excessive force; that I was aware of but did nothing about an offender alleged being dangled by his ankles from the fourth floor of the police station; perjury and even one of extracting a confession from a drug dealer by playing on him Russian Roulette with a police issue revolver. These allegations were of course outrageous untruths without foundation and never sustained.

    In 1981 I was seconded to the police Red Escort Group - Red Squad. I later wrote a book about the exploits of the squad. That initiative catapulted me into the headlines for the first time. On the one hand, I believe it provided the impetus for me to gain selection for National as a Member of Parliament in a conservative seat. On other hand, because I later became a Member of Parliament and had written the book, The Red Squad Story, I became synonymous with Red Squad and alone have endure the odium and contempt heaped upon that police unit, as the tide of public opinion turned. My last job in the police was inspector in charge of special operations and a criminal intelligence section. At the time the focus was on the activities of Maori activists at Carrington hospital. I took raw police data and used it in my Maiden Speech. At the time I believed in the conclusions we as a police unit had peer reviewed. Some form of revolution or armed insurrection had been threatened. There were threats of 'Kill white die a hero". Maori wanted political sovereignty. Maori activist Sid Jackson was one of several who had been to Libya. But did a contrary political view and aspirations really pose a threat to the security and stability of our country? History has provided the answer. There has been no revolution and at least one of the Maori activists of those times is now in Parliament working within the system.

    I made a mistake when I took the raw police data and used in my Maiden Speech. It took another 9 years in parliament, another 3 years at university and as I do now, living in East Europe where the legal protections and freedoms we take for granted often do not exist, for me to finally step out of the forest and see it for what it is. I urge every New Zealander not to allow the State apparatus to take from you by default, legal rights people long before us fought for, died for. I urge every New Zealand to contact their Member of Parliament and express concern that the anti terror legislation currently before parliament, be placed on 'hold' until the true nature of the present police raids under the auspicious of terror legislation, is tested before the Courts.

    Is a delay of a few months too much to much to ask before we take the next step toward undermining the most significant legal document ever which has endured since 1215? The Magna Carta.
    Bowen Only a police pervert and his judicial masonic buddy could accept this as a punishment. A police officer has been found guilty of performing sex acts in front of a female prisoner as she was being transferred from London to Wales. The court heard how Bowen from Cardigan in Ceredigion had also tried to force his hand down the woman's knickers during the journey in a squad car. MORE HERE I MORE PERVY POLICE HERE
    arsenals The UK police have regular weapons amnesty's either for guns or knives. After a few weeks they parade a large assortment of knives like samurai swords and implements that wouldn't look out of place in a Nazi torture chamber.

    We wonder how ridiculous someone would look walking to the police station with a 6 foot long sword and who in their right mind ,even petty criminals would waste their time and energy taking weapons to the area they were being collected and being identified by hidden camera's with such a ridiculous system.

    We suspect the police use these amnesty's as a way to brainwash the public into thinking the MASONIC police need more powers when they show a huge arsenal of weapons that have NOT come from users but are in fact set up by police to make them look like they are doing a good job .They make the case to always need more powers to capture the criminals using the objects they display.Anyone who believes ANYTHING the UK masonic police say are either badly brainwashed or have done little homework into what Britain's police agenda is all about.That is the absolute protection of the banks,landed gentry and establishment assets at the utter expense of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE else.

    The rest of us can rot in the many estates throughout the UK that seldom if ever see a police presence. A deliberate policy of allowing anti-social behaviour to get completely out of control in the poorest areas of the country .While the rich elite estates receive 24 hour protection ensuring NOTHING disrupts the peace and tranquility that the rich toffs think they deserve while the majority of citizens get little or NO protection from a POLICE STATE and its mega surveillance society.Those very toffs using Britain's MASONIC legal system to line their own pockets and what has effectively given them a MAJOR advantage in the assets stakes.
    masonic police ring The ORDER OUT OF CHAOS New World Order brigade has ensured ONLY those in that NWO get police protection.

    We are seeing Britain returned to the mean streets creating the problem, reaction ,solution.More heavy handed masonic thugs to imprison us in their electronic surveillance society with masonic police shooters out on the streets picking out and targeting innocent victims while people like the JUDICIARY have armed guards at their doors ensuring MAXIMUM protection against the utter chaos they are creating for their NWO.

    When you watch the masonic TV they control and see drama after drama depicting the so called lives of British bobbies NONE of those programs show the accurate picture of what these mobsters are all about. From Chief Constables right down the chain of command the majority are all controlled by MASONS and ONLY take action when one of their brothers is needing their assistance. The rest of us can rot in hell as far as they are concerned.

    Also if a brother is drunk behind a wheel,has just committed an armed robbery,has been dealing in massive amounts of drugs or has a fetish for the under age,the masonic police chief constables make sure they seldom if EVER get charged.The two tier system of law and order is the NWO chaos that has triggered the massive immigration to get away from the British sinking ship.The lucky ones that can afford to leave this utter den of iniquity. At the rate this is going a revolution is on the horizon and they know it.

    We maybe at one time supported gun restraint but now realise an unarmed citizen is an easy target for a tyrannical government determined to fleece us dry. The house thiefs wouldn't be so smart forcibly evicting us from our homes if we had double barrel shotguns behind the door.

    We have said previously in the tightening of our gun laws,are they going to remove the gun arsenal that protected Blair and now Brown? Also are they going to remove the gun arsenal that is ceremonially shoved in our faces on parade that protect the Queen or her judicial louts ? Those who seek gun control are the same ones with the automatic weapons standing between their homes and us.We dont get the same protection as the assets strippers get.

    It was Dunblane that gave them the biggest excuse of all to take away our right to protect ourselves.


    Also a link exposing our masonic police thugs at

    We are seeing more and more video's of the bully boy police forces around the world but in particular the UK and USA.While they have been using surveillance spy cameras to document our every move for their MASONIC CONTROLLERS we are using the same technology to capture the extreme images of how they treat innocent victims of their thuggery.

    If you have EVER had your home repossessed unlawfully by these thugs you will know the extreme measures they take to capture land and property for their partners in crime the legal parasites.The continued rise of the fascist police state.
    Two of the most sinisters deaths of recent years have been Andy McCardle and Daniel Morgan.Both had evidence of UK police forces involved in drug dealing.Andy had video evidence and Daniel was doing investigative reporting when he was murdered with an axe outside a pub in Sydenham South London.
    Our group had been heavily involved trying to get national press exposure for Andy but they ignored everyone until his death in Carstairs mental hospital on Boxing day 2004.

    We expose below both mens deaths under the most sinister circumstances implicating the police at the highest level .Those police likely to be masons who think they can get away with murder using the protection of their police badges and their high ranking brothers in the judiciary,crown and courts to ensure they wouldn't be charged in the event they were implicated.

    Masons have taken over the British police force at all levels and have shown time and time again their involvement in corruption at the highest level including massive drug dealing.The very police charged with upholding the law implicated in serious drug running and murdering anyone who gets in their way.

    Murdered for exposing crooked(masons?) cops flooding UK with cocaine daniel morgan Morgan murder: officer is arrested

    A FORMER police officer is among three people arrested for the murder of butchered private detective Daniel Morgan, we can reveal. Detectives investigating the 20-year-old case are waiting for the Crown Prosecution Service to give them the green light to charge five suspects. Three men have already been arrested and bailed. Up until now, the identity of those arrested as part of the case has been a mystery.

    But on Friday, detectives leading the hunt for Mr Morgan’s killers revealed that one of the three is a former police officer. Mr Morgan, who was brought up in Llanfrechfa, Monmouthshire, was left with an axe in his skull when he was slain in the car park of the Golden Lion pub in Sydenham, south London on March 10, 1987. His blood soaked body was found next to his BMW car. Detectives believe the 37-year-old was killed by a hit man because he was about to expose a plot by crooked cops to flood the UK with cocaine.

    When Mr Morgan was found, the pocket of his freshly dry-cleaned suit was ripped. Police think a notebook or diary was taken. But they have no idea what was in it. Detective Inspector Paul Settle of the Metropolitan Police is leading the investigation. He said: “One of the men arrested is a former copper.

    “What happens is all dependent on what the CPS say. If they come back with a favourable result we’ll unleash the hounds. We would be looking to move in on them all straight away. “In the past six weeks another witness has come forward who certainly clarified a few issues for us. It is quite remarkable people are still coming forward.” Police say the investigation, which now has more than 16,500 exhibits, has proved as complex as a major terrorism inquiry. Most of the exhibits collected are from the four previous failed inquiries.

    Det Insp Settle said: “The number of exhibits is still climbing. A normal case would have between 200 and 400. “A terrorist case would have something in the region of the amount we have. “If you remember the IRA campaigns, something like that type of job would generate 15,000 exhibits. “We have seized everything from the previous investigation and seized every previous exhibit. Which is a monstrous task.

    “We’re dealing with things like 20-year-old handwritten documents.” Earlier this year, Mr Morgan’s mother Isobel, 78, who lives in Hay-on-Wye, Powys, visited the Golden Lion car park to place a bouquet of flowers on the 20th anniversary of her son’s murder. At the time, she said her family would not give up their fight to uncover those responsible. She said, “Justice must be done and it must also be seen to be done.” The latest police inquiry, a two-year re-investigation by Scotland Yard, was launched following pressure from the Metropolitan Police Authority.

    Daniel Morgan murdered by bent drug dealing cops

    Daniel Morgan

    Daniel Morgan, a private detective and father of two from Llanfrehfa, was found axed to death in a South London pub in 1987. Despite an inquest and four separate independent police inquiries, no one has yet been charged with his murder. His mother, Isobel Hulsman from Hay-on-Wye, and his brother Alastair Morgan have, with the help of friends and MPs, devoted the last 17 years of their lives to bring the case to the public's and government's attention. The Daniel Morgan murder is the worst example of police malpractice I have ever encountered. The case not only raises claims of police incompetence, it also highlights very serious allegations of police corruption, all of which have been systematically ignored by subsequent Tory and Labour governments.

    During the adjournment debate that I called for on this subject in July 2004, Home Office minister Caroline Flint assured Daniel's family and me that the initial murder inquiry (which we believe lies at the heart of the mischief) was "well up to the standards of its day". The fact that the scene of the murder was tampered with, that only one out of six of the chief suspects' alibis was taken and that one of the principal suspects - a police officer - was assigned to the squad responsible for investigating Daniel's murder and was thus able to "manage" the gathering of evidence before retiring from the Met altogether, makes any inquiry - even in the Eighteenth Century- well below the standards of its day. I have done everything in my power, using the channels that are open to me in Westminster, to try to bring the grave allegations of corruption, at all levels of the Metropolitan police force, to the government's attention. This case is particularly important because allegations of police corruption undermine the trust that people place in that all-important "bobby on the street" and damage the professionalism and credibility of the many police officers who conduct their jobs with honesty and integrity.

    The family has launched a legal challenge to the Home Office's decision not to order a judicial inquiry into Daniel's murder and I am continuing to do all that I can to support the family in their quest for a public inquiry and to help sustain public and press interest in the case.


    McCardle case update
    Subject: Andrew McCardle persecuted in Carstairs


    Colin Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
    Douglas Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
    John Connaughton (Medical Director)
    Andreana Adamson (Hospital Chief Executive Officer)
    Jim Fry (Ward Manager, Kelvin Ward, State Hospital)
    Colin Angus (Complaints Officer, State Hospital)


    Andrew McCardle persecuted in Carstairs

    Further to the McCardle case

    They have gone ahead with the treatment order. They will now do what they did to our member George Farquhar forcibly inject him with anti psychotic drugs. The UK is turning into a cesspit of EVIL. Hitlers Nazi spirit is alive and well within the hallowed walls of Carstairs Persecution camp.

    Extract from McCardle Petition

    10. That the Petitioner (A McCardle) is the holder of numerous documented proofs of acts of criminal corruption by all of the following senior staff of the State Hospital at Carstairs, some of those being:-

    A Dr Colin Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
    B Dr Douglas Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
    C Dr John Connaughton (Medical Director)
    D Ms Andreana Adamson (Hospital Chief Executive Officer)
    E Mr Jim Fry (Ward Manager, Kelvin Ward, State Hospital)
    F Mr Colin Angus (Complaints Officer, State Hospital)

    LANARK SHERIFF COURT 20 February 2004


    Submissions were made by Carstairs State Hospital and Andy McCardle.

    Despite evidence to the contrary - and supporting emails and faxes from supporters - Sheriff Stewart stated that Andy is suffering from a mental illness, namely "delusional disorder", and must be treated by forcible injection of anti-psychotic drugs. She therefore granted the State Hospital a Section 18 Order under the Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984 to legalise his abduction, unlawful detention and forced treatment.

    During the hearing, the sheriff unfairly criticised Andy for not being fully-prepared - yet she made no adverse comment about the reasons for this, ie the theft and illegal withholding of Andy's crucial documents by Carstairs staff, and his former solicitor's negligence. (Mr McQuillan was absent today, though Andy had requested his presence.) Nor did the sheriff comment on the psychiatrist's perjury. She was lenient, almost defensive towards the professionals involved. Andy stated that his human rights and statutory legal rights were being abused, not least because of the disputed matter of jurisdiction, which could render these proceedings unlawful. Why the sudden urgency by the psychiatrist to "treat" him? No plausible answer. Andy's legal arguments sounded utterly convincing but, it appeared, the outcome was pre-determined.


    In my opinion, a public jury would have considered this scandalous and would not have condoned the State Hospital's actions. It was abundantly clear that the Hospital management and staff had a vested interest in drugging Andy, who had evidence against them as well as against corrupt police, negligent lawyers and known drug-dealers. The sheriff read an article by the News of the World (19th? January), submitted by Andy, which substantiated allegations he had made. It seemed, though, that no amount of evidence would influence the sheriff's opinion, which was based on the psychiatrist's report. There was palpable relief from Carstairs staff and representatives when Sheriff Stewart announced her verdict.

    I was shocked and appalled at the professionals' criminal deception, the sheriff's facade of legality and the lack of recognition of the enormity of their deeds: a man's life is at stake.

    Judges are routinely authorising property dispossession and forced drug treatment of whistleblowers without waiting for the appeal process, knowing that their actions will be legalised by hand-picked judges in higher courts. Criminal miscarriages of justice are occurring in civil courts, which can be closed and where recordings are not taken. The legal machine is out of control and seems unstoppable as nobody is ever made accountable. Where will it end?

    One can only imagine the living nightmare that Andy has to endure (unless he is allowed to commit suicide).

    As a gesture, I bought flowers and left them by the courthouse door, with a carefully-worded card:


    a man of great courage, dignity and integrity

    He acted in the Public Interest.


    Andy McCardle persecuted in Carstairs

    INTERIM REPORT by AM (Courtwatcher)

    I attended Lanark Sheriff Court yesterday, as a courtwatcher. The case involves Carstairs State Hospital against Arnold (Andy) McCardle. Sheriff Stewart is to decide, today, whether to allow the Hospital's consultant psychiatrist, Dr Colin Gray, to forcibly inject Andy with anti-psychotic drugs.

    Dr Gray and colleagues allege that Andy has a mental illness, specified as "delusional beliefs". This illness "manifests as delusions". Andy's "delusion" is that, having seen Strathclyde police officers drug-dealing with known criminals, his life is at risk whilst he is a potential witness. Neither the police officers nor the criminals wish Andy to testify against them, so have a vested interest in preventing him doing so. Certain incidents have occurred - most recently, Andy's abduction from Parliament Square, Edinburgh, where he had left the Supreme Court buildings "a free man" after three senior judges considered that he had been illegally detained under an unlawfully-imposed section order by Dr Gray.

    It now transpires that Dr Gray had failed to tell anyone, prior to or during that hearing, that he had imposed another order, allegedly the day before the hearing. Having abducted and again illegally held Andy, Dr Gray now wishes to start "treatment" before the criminal courts can determine whether Andy is the victim of organised crime. Andy requested Sheriff Stewart to sist Dr Gray's case until the criminal case has been heard, as he could not otherwise have a fair hearing. The Sheriff said she could not do so as this hearing must be taken "in isolation, as a civil case"; and Dr Gray alleges that drug treatment "may help Andy to conduct his criminal case".

    When I attended the hearing yesterday, Mrs McLean, the court clerk, did not wish me (the only member of the public) to be present. She instructed the usher, before the sheriff arrived, to find out who I was and ask me to leave as "it will be a closed court". I asked that Andy be allowed to decide whether he wished it to be a public hearing. The sheriff allowed me to stay, at Andy's request.

    Andy represented himself. His former solicitor, Mr McQuillan, had had to be dismissed at an earlier date as he did not wish to act on his client's instructions; but he attended throughout on a voluntary basis. Anyone in Andy's position would feel traumatised. He has been illegally-held since 2001 and had his human and legal rights abused. His formal complaints to numerous authorities, including the Legal Services Ombudsman who investigated the action of the Amicus Curiae ("court's friend") Graham Bell QC, have been upheld but no action taken.

    Andy was quietly-spoken and respectful in court. I was very impressed by his rationale and cross-examination of the two consultant psychiatrists, who constantly repeated that Andy had delusional beliefs. Dr Gray had to admit, though, that his statement that Andy had refused to attend leisure activities and education was a lie: Andy had been denied access to leisure activities, and his choice of courses - legal theory and legal framework - had been deemed "inappropriate". And Lord Abernethy's order, that Andy be allowed access to his own documents, was not complied with as "it is not hospital policy". The Hospital authorities are being allowed to flout the law, and the wishes of senior judges.

    The case will conclude today. Andy considers the hearings to be illegal and has stressed that he has no wish to be a human guinea-pig and have his memory distorted through drugs: he will resist treatment and "would rather die".

    Anyone who has suffered harassment, persecution or victimisation for blowing the whistle on corrupt professionals is a potential victim. According to Dr Gray's criteria, whistleblowers are mentally ill (ie. have "delusional beliefs") if they admit to the above "symptoms". Sheriff Stewart asked Andy whether he wanted to call any witnesses: what better witnesses than other whistleblowers!

    Sheriff Stewart
    Lanark Sheriff Court
    24 Hope Street
    Lanark ML11 7NE
    Scotland, UK

    Tel: 01555 661531
    Fax: 01555 664319
    DX 570832

    Andrew McCardle Nobile Officium

    Re: The release of whistleblower Arnold McCardle by Lord Justices on 5th December 2003; his subsequent abduction and illegal detention; and his blocked Petition to the Nobile Officium (see below).


    (Lodged on 23 December 2003)

    Humbly Sheweth:-

    1. The Petitioner is Mr Arnold Lowe McCardle (Hereinafter the Petitioner)

    2. The Petitioner having appeared before the Bench of the High Court of Appeal at Edinburgh on 5th December 2003, that said
    Bench comprised the Rt Hon Justices Clark, Osborne and Johnston.

    9. That the Petitioner has been detained since 13th July 2001 till being moved to, and further detained in the State Hospital at
    Carstairs on 11th February 2002.

    10. That the Petitioner is the holder of numerous documented proofs of acts of criminal corruption by all of the following senior
    staff of the State Hospital at Carstairs, some of those being:-

    A Dr Colin Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
    B Dr Douglas Gray (Responsible Medical Officer)
    C Dr John Connaughton (Medical Director)
    D Ms Andreana Adamson (Hospital Chief Executive Officer)
    E Mr Jim Fry (Ward Manager, Kelvin Ward, State Hospital)
    F Mr Colin Angus (Complaints Officer, State Hospital)

    11. That the Petitioner avers and believes that all named in Statement 10 above are at present actively involved in a wilful and
    deliberate conspiracy to pervert the lawful course of justice by the criminal abuse of their trusted positions that they hold in
    the State Hospital at Carstairs.

    12. That the Petitioner is in imminent perceived danger from those named in Statement 10. He seeks the urgent protection of the
    courts as promised by Lord Justice Clark on 5th December 2003. As a matter of the utmost urgency,

    May it therefore please Your Lordships:

    1) Make an immediate order to remove the Petitioner to a "place of safety" pending total thorough investigation of all alleged
    crimes listed herein.

    2) Make an immediate order to hear the Petitioner and view the supporting proofs of all allegations herein.

    3) Make an immediate order for the return of all documents and other property unlawfully seized by State Hospital employees.

    4) Make an urgent order to make a thorough investigation into the maltreatment of a patient in terms of Section 105 (2) of the
    Mental Health (Scotland) Act 1984.

    5) Make an immediate order to prevent any attempt to administer any anti-psychotic medicines or other treatment which the
    Petitioner avers and believes will be administered solely in an attempt to defeat the purposes of justice by destroying the
    memory of the Petitioner.

    6) The Petitioner avers and believes that should the High Courts choose to refuse to hear this Petitioner, they could only be seen
    to be condoning and abetting state abuse and murder to suppress (exposure of) serious criminal activity.

    According to Justice
    A McCardle (Unlawfully Detained Petitioner)

    WAIVER OF RIGHT TO SUE I, Arnold Lowe McCardle, at this time being subject to unlawful detention in the State Hospital at Carstairs, Lanark ML11 8RP: That unlawful detention being currently undergoing process of appeal in the High Court of Justiciary at the present time, asks the Bench to order that I be removed from the sphere of control of those at The State Hospital who would wish me harm to prevent any exposure of their own criminal acts.

    In the belief that this Court may have any concern that I might possibly be deemed a risk of any kind whatsoever to the public or anyone else, I hereby ask to be removed from The State Hospital at Carstairs to a place of safety. Or any secure prison in the UK for the duration of any reasonable time period that this Court deems right and proper to facilitate the lawful and proper investigation of all allegations of any criminal conduct or abuse by those involved in my false and malicious arrest and detention since 13th July 2001.

    I therefore undertake to waive and forego any legal right to sue for damages or compensation for any period of time spent in custody that this Court may decide right and proper to facilitate the proper lawful investigation asked for in the interests of Justice. In that there are a considerable number of prominent people in the employ of the Police, The State Hospital and others who would wish me harm to prevent exposure and prosecution for their own criminal involvement in my illegal detention since 13th July 2001.

    I ask this Court to remove me immediately to a place of safety to afford both myself and evidence the full protection of the law and the European Convention on Human Rights. A McCardle THE LIES THE PRESS TELL