Compassion: something the political mafia lack
Britain is being controlled by murderers and its hard to believe so many evil bastards voted them into power unless it is really down to a voting system that is heavily skewed in favour of a vile ruling elite.

Strong leaders are pushed by the zionist / freemason media as the main criteria for power but when you examine the psyche of these STRONG leaders you see a total lack of compassion and why millions remain impoverished while they spend public money on vast military and science projects that do NOTHING to enhance the lives of those who find themselves at the bottom of the pecking order.

The tory mafia who control Britain are the stereotypical psychopathic mindset who spend all their waking hours working out how they can persecute the poor into early graves. The UK mobsters are expert at persecuting their targets using psychological torture (sanctions) to push the vulnerable, poor and disabled over the edge .

Either we accept that Britain is a sick society where the supposed majority voted for these murdering bastards, or we are living in a flawed state where no matter what the peasants need they will always get a bunch of ruthless scum only to interested in propping up their billionaire backers while conjuring up ever more legislation to push millions more into the gutter. Britain can no longer stomach the grotesque distortion of a system of power that is neither democratic or fair to the poorest sections of society who will never benefit from a quality of life that the ruling masters provide to themselves with generous benefits that ensure vast inequality protects the rich at the utter expense of the poor.

  • Vulnerable are easy targets as a Job Centre Plus whistleblower reveals the scandal of benefits sanctions
  • Tory's evil sanction regime leaving vulnerable homeless and penniless and a postcode lottery (They got this one from a Gestapo handbook)
  • Benefits shakeup aims to force more disabled people into jobs
  • Row breaks out over tory scum benefit cuts 'suicide watch' claims
  • Tory henchman IDS's sanction regime leads to absolute destitution (and mass murder by psychological and financial torture)
  • Tory scumbag Iain Duncan Smith's shameful attack on the poor (he plans to deliberately target the sick and disabled in his latest attack on benefits)
  • Tory henchman IDS plans on killing the disabled with sanctions for not working (Cancer and heart attack victims will face more persecution tactics)
  • Vile Desmond rag backs tory henchman's ruthless attack on the poor
  • Vile Desmond rag promotes draconian tory agenda's attacks on the poor
  • Vile Desmond rag claims tory scumbag IDS a hero
  • Pension SHOCK for millions: Experts say we must ALL work longer
  • Tory henchman Iain Duncan Smith's 100 Biggest Failures
  • Tory bastards massive austerity for the poor while claiming massive hotel bills for themselves
  • Vile Barclay brothers rag hail tory henchman IDS a hero (Ultra rich scum happy to see poorest peasants dying through austerity)
  • Vile Barclay brothers rag give murdering tory psycho platform to spout evil murderous agenda
  • Vile Harmsworth rag backs tory henchman IDS's murderous agenda