To the leaders of Scotland's Catholics


We write on behalf of the many Catholic's who have been monitoring Scotland's courts on human rights abuses for many decades and as victims, born Catholic and married in a Catholic church, we have NEVER seen a solitary Catholic leader stand up and demand to know why thousands of Catholic men are being persecuted in so called family courts ?

As men growing up and managing to lift the burden of poverty we had been born into we find that after decades of hard work and managing to purchase land and property the legal system in Scotland has been geared to remove that vast wealth, especially from Catholic men, thanks to the domination of freemason's in the judiciary and lawyer bar associations.

It should be an absolute essential part of the Catholic faith that Catholic men should be warned of the potential when marriages break down that the legal and political systems, especially under the SNP feminist lawyer Nicola Sturgeon, have been attacking heterosexual men as if they are all abusers and deserving of the stripping of their lives by the crooks running the legal system for their own and the British crown's financial gain.

We have been court watching for over 30 years and appalled at the failure of those who administer the Catholic faith who have NEVER spoken out about a system that ensures Catholic's in Scotland remain the poor man of Scotland as even if they have the talent to pull themselves out of the gutter there is a system in place to ensure those men are stripped of all their worldly possessions because of the vast corruption going on in those courts. Ultimately the Catholic leaders must be aware and have done nothing to warn any young man about the dangers of entering marriage knowing the repercussions on its demise.

We have been heavily embroiled in many inquiries into these matters at the Scottish parliament in the 1990's but despite the Scottish Parliament claiming to want to change this system, if anything under the SNP things for divorcing men have gotten much worst, as they ratchet up the rhetoric about all us bad men.

It is time for the Catholic leaders to take immediate steps to get a platform in the national media, who so far have backed this rotten system, as they themselves gain financially from the stolen properties being re-advertised in their papers and it requires those who claim to look after the best interests of Catholic men to speak out about these injustices causing many men to commit suicide on the back of the persecution meted out by FREEMASON judges and their lackeys the members of the Law society of Scotland and their partners in crime the Scottish Legal Aid board.

We have a worldwide membership globally and a heavy presence online across the internet and will give the leaders time, who we hope will read this communication, before we take steps to address those failures. If no action is taken in the coming months we can only assume the Catholic leaders we have brought this to their attention are NOT interested in the fate of the Catholic men whose lives are being destroyed on a daily basis by the financial and psychological torture Scottish judges have been expert at putting those men through under the guise of administering the law. They are out and out crooks literally getting away with murder and needs urgently addressed.