Jeremy Clarkson protected by his lodge buddies at Chipping Norton for to long?

Jeremy Clarkson on public sector strikes The One Show - November 30th 2011 claiming they should all be shot

Chipping Norton Evenlode Lodge 6535

Clarkson is the stereotypical BBC presenter sitting in his opulent surroundings of Chipping Norton, paid by the British TV licence payers and neighbours with the Prime Minister David Cameron and former Murdoch Moll Rebekah Brooks and yards from Chipping Norton golfing set and Evenlode Lodge 6535 top freemason haunt that dominates all proceedings in and around the upper class twats who think buying a house in that area makes them UNTOUCHABLE.

Clarkson has been seen cruising around on a jetski emblazoned with masonic emblems so there is NO DENYING he is one of them and happy to shove it in peoples faces and the MAIN reason he is , despite endless distasteful statements, still working for the BBC or at least until the latest disciplinary hearing is settled.

The deluded followers of Clarkson seem to think it is Clarkson who makes the show rather than the show made Clarkson who has been allowed to provide the tory fascists with endless back up when, during the nurses strike Clarkson suggested in a BBC interview they should be hauled out into the street in front of their families and shot. Now for anyone with any modicum of humanity to hear such extremes from a bastard, who like Jimmy Savile lived the high life on the millions the BBC paid him to ponce across the globe living a life of opulence while smearing , on behalf of his well heeled tory / masonic pals in Chipping Norton at the peasants as if they are not worthy.

Clarkson is there as a reinforcer to the nasty bastards running the country to line the pockets of the few and like Savile, who ranted endlessly about Thatcher and the Queen, Clarkson is there with his endless innuendo's to back up the fascist scum who have been allowed to shit on the peasants from a great height as the scumbag drives away into the sunset with his luxury car paid by the very peasants Clarkson is allowed to sneer at, at every opportunity he can. Long overdue the boot but for the freemasons running the BBC giving him carte blanche to ridicule anyone who he thinks he can brush away like bullshit from his well heeled boots, also paid for by the peasants.

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