Is Britain's murderous tory leader about to be forced to resign?
He has survived piggygate, the death by suicide of young tory activist Elliott Johnson and the resignation of his vile henchman Iain Duncan Smith who resided over the mass culling of the USELESS eaters using psychological and financial torture with a sanctioning system that could have easily fitted the agenda of the Gestapo. The question is will he try and hang on after the Panama Papers exposures?

Cameron makes Maggie Thatcher look like an angel when he has resided over some of the most despicable murderous policies ever seen in British politics. He has made sure he has distanced himself from that ugly ideology by using his henchmen like Eton toff George Osborne, Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith who set in motion policies that have seen the elderly die en masse in care homes and NHS hospitals due to outright neglect and seen young offenders dying en masse in prisons even though their supposed crimes are paltry compared with the London city crime ring of vast offshore taxation criminality.

But worst of all is the endless trail of the dead thanks to their use of state assassins the DWP, ATOS and now Maximus as the vulnerable and sick like lemmings have been pushed over the cliff after their basic welfare needs were axed through draconian sanctioning .

There are few political systems across the globe that have finished off more of their vulnerable citizens of late than the tory regime who are finally getting exposed for their utter hypocrisy, yet the media claim he should go on the strength of his involvement in his fathers tax dodging and NOT the long trail of the dead they are ultimately responsible for including the young tory activist bullied to death by the scum and filth who operate inside the tory mafia regime.

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