No immigration issues when the British Empire was being built

It is laughable that one of the biggest issues over Britain remaining in the EU was the problem of immigration. Centuries ago when Britain was invading countries across the globe the British establishment could be regarded as immigrants as well as the poor peasants they dragged half way around the world to colonise places like Australia for that British Empire.

The locals couldn't use the 'immigrants not allowed' because it was only after they took over countries that artificial lines were drawn on maps showing the extent of the rape and plunder of the world by the utter scum that dominated Britain for thousands of years. The gangsters then and to this day who reside in the Houses of Parliament and who have the same mindset are using those lines to stop migration while their forefathers tore up the land rights of the peasants of countries across the globe they exploited for their own financial gain.

Throughout history humans have crossed the globe to escape famines, earthquakes, storms and persecution and those lines cannot continue to contain man's struggle to preserve life. Catastrophes whether natural or man made will not stop humans spilling over into other lands that artificial barriers have tried to contain the natural order of how man survived the rigors of living on a dangerous planet. Much of that danger instigated by the scum and filth that masquerade as agents for a vile murderous British crown. The freemason mafia have been pushing their victims around the globe for centuries with hardly a mention of immigration concerns yet they use that argument when it doesn't suit their agenda.