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    by John WIlson

    But they’re having him chase his tail and jump through hoops UNTIL 7th FEBRUARY when PARLIAMENT RESUMES.

    Barristers Peter King and John Maitland are PLAYING Rodney ALONG…….they are working for the BANKS & JUDGES. This SUMMONS in the High Court (below) is THE SAME DECEPTIVE PLOY that the THIEVES & TRAITORS have been getting away with for years and years…..all they are doing is PROTECTING the UNMITIGATED FRAUD of AUSTRALIA’S KANGAROO COURTS.

    They DON’T WANT Rodney CHALLENGING THE JURISDICTION of these criminals posing as “Judges”….their COMMISSIONS are LIES….and the “Legal Profession” are covering it all up! Rodney is a FREE MAN, like all of us ordinary folk, are he has the INALIENABLE RIGHT to TRIAL BY JURY.

    But, will there be a JURY, today?????.............NO WAY!

    Do you think Peter King will Challenge the Jurisdiction of the Court????...............NOT A CHANCE!

    And WHAT OF THE FARMERS whose lives have been destroyed by the THIEVES & TRAITORS?????....what are they thinking as their sit back helplessly watching the CHARADE go on???? Senator Rodney Norman Culleton is THE MAN with the FATE of those farmers resting on his country boy shoulders.

    The 7th of February is getting closer……..I want to be there when Senator Culleton walks in through the front doors of Parliament House to resume his seat.


    COURT NO. 2
    Parkes Place, Canberra

    TUESDAY, 31 JANUARY 2017 AT 10:00 AM


    Independent Senator Rod Culleton has been declared bankrupt by the Federal Court in Western Australia
    By John Wilson

    “Independent Senator Rod Culleton has been declared bankrupt by the Federal Court in Western Australia, a decision that will disqualify him from parliament if it stands. Justice Michael Barker on Friday granted a 21-day stay on the bankruptcy order.”

    But it’s just another Kangaroo Court …….. denying legal rights and disregarding legal procedures….in an unceasing barrage of thieves and traitors running rough-shod over ordinary unsuspecting victims. The banks are masterminding the whole obscenity and the so-called judges are willing and eager to take part in the conspiracy to defraud.

    The rapacious banks and corrupt judges want Rodney Culleton out of the Senate because he has vowed to smash them….and they’ve got their well-established modus operandi in place to destroy him. Magna Carta? The Rule of Law? Trial by Jury? They are quickly disposed of in their Kangaroo Courts. It’s raw Tyranny in all its ugly manifestations! Ironically, Rodney’s Christmas greeting just arrived on my Inbox and I have expanded upon it, below. Rodney will not give in and has said to the media his still has legal avenues left. Well, it’s time to launch the full-scale offensive in this out-and-out war his enemies (yes, they’re our enemies, too …in fact, they are civilization’s enemies) have levied.

    It’s time to expose the whole bizarre fiasco of Thievery and Treachery that has been allowed to exist for over 100 years because of one lie after another. Rodney is not just fighting for his own family…he is fighting for all our families ….for Truth…and Justice…and Freedom ….and Democracy.
    Australian senator Rod Culleton awaits the verdict NOT of a jury but a judicial mafia

    Outside court, Senator Culleton said accepting legal help from the Government would be "like sleeping with the enemy", and called for a jury to hear the matter.

    Report by John Wilson

    One man in the spotlight, and fighting in court for truth and justice, is Rodney Norman Culleton – elected to the Australian Senate in his fight for truth and justice for all. He has suffered in the Kangaroo Courts where democracy has been disregarded…where a free man is deprived of “the lawful judgment of his equals” (1215 Magna Carta) and “an Arbitrary Power and Government” (1641 An Act for taking away the Court commonly called the Star Chamber) has taken root.

    An inscription on the Magna Carta Monument in Canberra reads: “Magna carta is now seen as a traditional mandate for trial by jury, justice for all, accountable government and no arbitrary imprisonment”. This is the lesson of history that is withheld and not taught – resulting in the return of tyranny and slavery.

    This thinly veiled tyranny seeks to remove Senator Culleton who, in his maiden speech on 12th October 2016, vowed to smash the banks and remove the corrupt judges. A hearing of questions given by the President of the Senate, regarding his eligibility under s.44 of the Australian Constitution, took place in the Court of Disputed Returns of the High Court of Australia on the 7th of December 2016 before 5 judges but no jury. The 5 judges reserved their judgment and it has not been handed down, as at the 16th of December.

    The incident put forward postulating his ineligibility is a so-called conviction by a magistrate alone in a Local Court in Armidale in March 2016 for the larceny of a $7-50 car key…. a conviction that, by the Rule of Law, was null and void, ab initio, as Rodney Culleton did not consent to summary procedure. And the Kangaroo-ism continues with the High Court in Canberra.

    A slave has no right of consent; no right to property; and no right to trial by jury.

    Rodney Culleton’s fight is our fight. He deserves our support.

    The FIGHT for FREEDOM is WON in COURT.

    • The Fight for Freedom takes place one man at a time and becomes collective.

    • Freedom begins with SUI JURIS….each man as his own master…and he is accountable.

    • Multiples of Free Men build to DEMOCRACY ….. i.e.: people ruling themselves.

    • People govern themselves through their courts that administer justice for all.

    • Courts are where common law is made and bad laws are unmade, case by case.

    • Jurisdiction comes from sovereignty… defined as “the ultimate authority to make and impose laws”.

    • In a DEMOCRACY, sovereignty lies with the people – if they have that knowledge.

    • However, “People are destroyed for the lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

    • When people are kept ignorant, they are easy prey for thieves and traitors.

    • “The purpose of a court in a civilized society is the vindication of men’s rights and the enforcement of just causes” (Lord Thomas Denning).

    • When TYRANNY looms and FREEDOM is in peril, GO TO COURT!

    • When TYRANNY descends upon the courts, call upon the SHERIFF to intervene.

    • When the SHERIFF fails in his duty, then LAWFUL REBELLION is INESCAPABLE!

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    Report by John Wilson

    Australian HIGH COURT of TREACHERY:

    “CRIMES ACT 1914 - SECT 24AA. Treachery. (1) A person shall not: (a) do any act or thing with intent: (i) to overthrow the Constitution of the Commonwealth by revolution or sabotage; ……….Penalty: Imprisonment for life.” The TREACHERY by Judges extends throughout the Commonwealth and is primarily the Denying of the Right to TRIAL BY JURY which overthrows the Sovereignty of the People…..overthrows the People’s “ultimate authority to make and impose laws”….overthrows Common Law as the superior law to prevail over Acts of Parliament that might be contrary to common right…eliminates the conscience and voice of the People that determine community values. The Denial of the Right to Trial by Jury takes place in all the courts of Australia - with the FAMILY COURT responsible for the most suicides when Justice denied. A “Kangaroo Court” is defined as one that “acts unfairly or dishonestly or disregards legal rights or disregards legal procedures”. The HIGH COURT is at the top of this pyramid of sinister authoritarianism and “NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON”.

    Australian courts are a SHAM – fake, pretended, feigned, simulated, false, artificial, bogus, synthetic, spurious, ersatz, insincere, not genuine, manufactured, contrived, affected, plastic, make-believe, fictitious. They are not “places where justice administered” but businesses where “Greed is Good” (Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas in the film, “Wall Street”). Australian courts are THEATRES of the ABSURD - preposterous, ridiculous, ludicrous, farcical, laughable, idiotic, stupid, foolish, imbecilic, insane, unreasonable, irrational, illogical, nonsensical, outrageous, monstrous, fantastic, incongruous, unbelievable, incredible, implausible. The leading roles are played by an “unelected aristocracy”(Rodney Culleton’s description of them), the so-called Judges, with a supporting cast of actors pretending to “represent their clients” but diligently keeping to the script learnt at the Law Schools and a staff of clerks “just doing their job”.

    Australian courts are HOSTILE TERRITORY - guarded by troops that ought to be on our side to “ensure that people can exercise their rights in court in safety” as their Oath and Duty of Care, the Sheriffs, but “they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34).


    Australia is a county of slaves ruled by thieves (banks) and traitors (the judges). The thieves (banks) steal by fraud, i.e.: variable interest loans and creating money out of thin air, and the traitors (judges) deny the right to trial by jury to protect the thieves. Australians are given the “MUSHROOM TREATMENT” in the schools and by the media…. “Kept in the dark and fed a lot of ***”.

    The High Court of Australia is a Star Chamber that is “an intollerable burthen to the subjects and the meanes to introduce an Arbitrary Power and Government” [Charles I, 1641 An Act for [the Regulating the Privie Councell and for taking away the Court commonly called the Star Chamber] operating for the benefit of the greatest thieves in history who use Australian Parliaments to generate licences to steal. Newly elected Senator Rodney Culleton vowed in his maiden speech on 12th October 2016 to bring down the banks and remove the errant judges. This they could not permit and they have set in motion a plan to “disqualify” him from office. The plan is being carried out through the system of the Kangaroo Courts already established to steal from and disenfranchise the general populace. The formality of “questions” being asked by the Attorney-General to the High Court as to whether Senatore Culleton has offended/infringed against s 44 of the Australian Constitution is presently under way with a “Hearing” by the “Full Court”, i.e.: 5 judges, on 7th December 2016 that concluded in a “Reserved Judgment”.

    A typically Kangaroo Court was conducted on 2 March 2016 in Armidale Local Court against Rodney Norman Culleton that “convicted” him in his absence of the larceny of a $7-50 car key. That “conviction” was null & void, ab initio, because of Magna Carta 1215 and Confirmation of Charters 1297 that are the Rule of Law in Australia. The now-Senator Culleton was denied trial by jury then and is being denied trial by jury still. The modus operandi of eliminating juries “to steal and kill and destroy” [John 10:10] is “the evil that presently triumphs because good men are doing nothing” [Edmund Burke]. However, the Australian Constitution, that the banks and judges are trying to use to “disqualify” Senator Culleton, is a “law of the Commonwealth” and mandates trial by jury for any such offence. Therefore, when the “Reserved Judgment” is handed down to answer the questions asked, that information, i.e.: an indictment under s 4A of the Crimes Act 1914, necessitates trial by jury under s 80 of that very same Australian Constitution. It is “Catch 22” for the banks and judges. They are trying to use the courts to destroy Senator Culleton but will, instead, the application of the law bring them to justice. “Trial by jury is the only anchor yet imagined by man that can hold a government to the principles of its constitution” [Thomas Jefferson] and maintains the position that “Rights never Die”.

    The “Reserved Judgment” was to have been delivered on Friday 9th of December but is being delayed with no date being given by the Registry, phone: (02) 9230 8369. Meanwhile, the stealing and corruption continues.


    He is the norm. He is a victim of being denied a jury from the beginning of his troubles that, in this instance, concerned a loan and an invention. He is a man of the land – a farmer, and he is a man with a conscience – he knows what is right and what is wrong. He is a primary producer – providing for and essential to the welfare of his family and his country. He cultivates and preserves his property. He is a defender. However, there are others who are not. There are others who “steal and kill and destroy”. There are others who are rapacious and cunning – and they have been around forever. In 1215, another a very important “forever” was born – the Magna Carta – “TO ALL FREE MEN OF OUR KINGDOM we have also granted, for us and our heirs for ever, all the liberties written out below, to have and to keep for them and their heirs, of us and our heirs:”. This LAW of the LAND mandated TRIAL BY JURY and chronicled rights that are the COMMON LAW.

    Rodney Culleton knew that financial shenanigans with the ANZ BANK and LANDMARK were wrong. He knew that the pilfering of his patent rights to his GRAIN KEG INVENTION was wrong. But never was he allowed a jury ....never was he allowed to exercise his inalienable right to “the lawful judgment of his equals which is the law of the land” (Magna Carta). He innocently trusted lawyers and judges. The litany of the kangaroo court cases did not deter him. The incident of the $7-50 key took place when trespassers came onto his property. It was seen as another opportunity to persecute Rodney Culleton and, again, another kangaroo court took place in Armidale on 2nd March 2016 and, again, another false and malicious “Judgment” made. That nullity of the Armidale “Judgment” is now the “$7-50 key” to unlock the door to “Justice for All” and the restoration of all the “Lawes and Liberties” our ancestors have fought and died for over many centuries ..….“Life’s funny that way” - from the Bing Crosby song, “Wrap your troubles in dreams”.

    PS: I have just watched to end of an old “QI” television comedic quiz show and the final question from Stephen Fry was “What is the difference between a sperm and a lawyer?”. When no one could answer, he said, “A sperm has a one in fifty million chance of turning into a human being.”

    PPS: I hope Rodney has finally rid himself of lawyers and does what he did that night of his maiden speech in the Senate when he stood in his own shoes and did it his way. TRIAL BY JURY is a FREE MAN talking to 12 of HIS EQUALS - because TRIAL BY JURY is DEMOCRACY is the bottom-line.
    Australian Senator Rodney Culleton, VICTIM of Bank’s Assassin Barrister

    Peter Spencer and Rodney Culleton

    Reported by John Wilson

    Remember Peter Spencer?....Well, it’s happened again!

    “Whereas the late King James the Second by the Assistance of diverse evill Councellors Judges and Ministers imployed by him did endeavour to subvert and extirpate the Protestant Religion and the Lawes and Liberties of this Kingdome.” (Bill of Rights 1689) is the sickening repetitive deja vue as the bank’s assassin barrister, Peter King, strikes again using the same tactics he used to destroy the “Tower of Hope” farmer Peter Spencer. “FORGET TRIAL BY JURY” he told Rodney..and Rodney fell for it.

    Yesterday, in the Australian STAR CHAMBER, not one word of Trial by Jury was heard. The Australian High Court was the EXECUTION SCENE as Senator Rodney Culleton’s maiden speech on 12th October 2016 ( ) was ground into the dirt and “The truth will make you free” was stabbed through the heart.

    Like Peter Spencer, Rodney Culleton demanded Trial by Jury as the Path to Justice – but the operative of the thieves and traitors (i.e.: the banks and judges) persuaded them to trust him. The evil in courtroom #2 of the High Court of Australia was subtle but over-powering. Rodney’s public statements of “It’s got to be trial by jury” were muted as he sat behind his legal representative. The Circus of Wickedness (re: Ecclesiastes 3:16) was played out for the nation’s media and the 5 black-robed children of the Father of Lies (John 8:44) were victorious, yet again.

    Below is what I emailed to Rodney the night before but he trusted Peter King.

    The “reserved judgment” will come in on Friday and the thieves and traitors will sit back, content and confident that their stealing and betraying will continue.
    But what of our champion? Can he bounce back? His Fight for Truth and Justice is reeling under the present onslaught. He is a strong man with a passion and determination. While he still stands in the Senate and for as long as the media rush to him with their cameras and tape recorders turned on, he can. Once he has left the public arena is too late. TRIAL BY JURY is his banner and his LOVE FOR OTHERS is his energy. SO HELP HIM, GOD!








    Therefore, I have no alternative than to CHALLENGE THE JURISDICTION OF THE COURT:

    · I do not consent to be without a Jury. The Court has not obtained my consent to be without a Jury which is clear and unequivocal. I have not signed a MEMORANDUM OF CONSENT to be without a Jury and allow this Court to proceed otherwise.

    · My Right to TRIAL BY JURY has been granted and guaranteed for ever by MAGNA CARTA’S “No free man shall be taken indeed imprisoned, or dispossessed, or outlawed, or exiled, or in any manner destroyed, nor pass over him, nor send over him, except by means of the lawful judgment of his own equals which is the law of the land.”

    · My Right to TRIAL BY JURY is protected by the CONFIRMATION OF CHARTER’S “And we will that if any judgment be given from henceforth, contrary to the points of the charters aforesaid, by the justices or by any other our ministers that hold plea before them against the points of the charters, it shall be undone and holden for naught.”

    · When the Right to TRIAL BY JURY was disregarded, such as in “the Court called the STAR CHAMBER”, that court was ABOLISHED in 1641 because it was “found to be an intollerable burthen to the subjects and the meanes to introduce an Arbitrary Power and Government.”








    In any action, both parties must give their clear and unequivocal consent to be without a Jury. Without that consent, the Court has no Jurisdiction to proceed summarily and the Jurisdiction of the Court must be challenged. This Challenge can only be judged by a Special Jury. Should a Judge or Magistrate disregard or dismiss this Challenge, then he or she is liable to imprisonment for 5 years. Should a Judge or Magistrate disregard or dismiss this Challenge, that is a violation of Due Process and the Rule of Law.

    Due Process is a course of legal proceedings according to rules and principles that have been established in a system for jurisprudence for the enforcement and protection of private rights. Due Process derives from early English Common Law. The first concrete expression of the Due Process idea embraced by Anglo-American law appeared in the 39th Article of Magna Carta 1215. (Encyc. Brit.)

    “Once jurisdiction is challenged, it must be proven.” (Jagens v. Lavine, 415 S.Ct.768). “Jurisdiction can be challenged at any time, even on final determination.” (Basso v. Utah Power & Light Co., 495 2nd 906 at 910). “Where there is an absence of jurisdiction, all administrative and judicial proceedings are a nullity and confer no right, offer no protection, and afford no justification, and may be rejected upon direct collateral attack.” (Thompson v. Tolmie, 2 Pet. 157, 7 L.Ed. 382; Griffith v. Frazier, 8 Cr. 9, 3L. Ed. 471).

    The Right to Trial by Jury is an inalienable Right of all Freemen (Part 1 - Constitutional Enactments listed in the NSW Imperial Acts Application Act 1969 No. 30, Second Schedule).

    It is the Rule of Law that is (1.) The supremacy of law. and (2) a feature attributed to the UK constitution by Professor Dicey (Law of the Constitution, 1885). It embodied three concepts: the absolute predominance of regular law, so that the government has no arbitrary authority over the citizen; the equal subjection of all (including officials) to the ordinary law administered by the ordinary courts; and the fact that the citizen’s personal freedoms are formulated and protected by the ordinary law rather than by abstract constitutional declarations.(Oxford Reference, A Dictionary of Law, Oxford University Press)

    I am a Freeman, the equal of any other Freeman, and have the Right to the lawful Judgment of a congregation of twelve other Freemen gathered together as a Jury, with each Juror asking “So help me God”, in order that they can administer Justice.

    A Legal Maxim says, “Rights never die”.

    MAGNA CARTA 1215, CAP XXXIX: "No freeman shall be taken indeed imprisoned, either dispossessed, or outlawed, or exiled, or in any manner destroyed, nor pass over him, nor send over him, except by means of the legal judgment of his own equals indeed the law of the land. To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay, Right or Justice.".

    The CONFIRMATION OF THE CHARTERS, 1297 says: “…that the Great Charters of Liberties and the Charter of the Forest, which were made by common assent of all the realm, in the time of King Henry our father, shall be kept in every point without breach….we have granted that they shall be observed in all points, and that our justices, sheriffs, mayors, and other officials which under us have to administer the laws of our land, shall allow the said charters in pleas before them and in judgments in all their points….And we will that if any judgment be given from henceforth, contrary to the points of the charters aforesaid, by the justices or by any other ministers that hold plea before them against the points of the charters, it shall be undone and holden for naught.”

    The PETITION OF RIGHT, 1627 says: in section 3. “And where also by the statute called, The Great Charter of the Liberties of England, it is declared and enacted, That no freeman may be taken or imprisoned, or be desseised of his freehold or liberties or his free customs, or to be outlawed or exiled, or in manner destroyed, but by the lawful judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land.” and in section 8. “That the awards, doings and proceedings, to the prejudice of your people in any of the premises, shall not be drawn hereafter into consequence or example.”

    The SUPREME COURT PROCEDURE ACT No. 49, 1900 says under section 3. “(1) In any action by consent of both parties the whole or any one or more of the issues of fact in question may be tried, or the amount of any damages or compensation may be assessed by a Judge without a jury.”.

    The COMMON LAW PROCEDURE ACT No: 21, 1899 are relevant to the conduct of proceedings in this or any matter before the Supreme Court of New South Wales: “s.256. Upon the hearing of any motion or summons, the Court or Judge may, upon such terms as the Court of Judge thinks reasonable, order any document to be produced, and any witness to appear and be examined viva voce, either before the Court or a Judge or before a commissioner for affidavits; and upon hearing such evidence or reading the deposition may make such rule or order as may be just”.


    “s.257. (1) The Court or Judge may by such rule or order, or by any subsequent rule or order, command the attendance of the witnesses named therein for the purpose of being examined or the production of any document mentioned therein”.


    “s.259. The Court or judge may amend any notice of motion, rule nisi, writ, pleading, affidavit, jurat or title of affidavit, record, praecipe, or other proceeding used before the Court or Judge not likely to mislead the opposite party on any point essential to the merits of the case, and may award such reasonable costs of such amendment as to the Court or Judge seem fit.”

    The INTERPRETATION ACT No. 15, 1987 says under section 30. “(1) The amendment or repeal of an Act or statutory rule does not: …(c) affect any right, privilege, obligation or liability acquired, accrued or incurred under the Act or statutory rule.”.

    Every person is entitled to NATURAL JUSTICE which is described as the “Rules of fair play, originally developed by the court of equity to control the decisions of inferior courts and then gradually extended (particularly in the 20th century) to apply equally to the decisions of administrative and domestic tribunals and any authority exercising an administrative power that affects a person’s status, rights and liabilities. Any decision reached in contravention of natural justice is void as ultra vires. There are 2 principal rules: (1) The first is the rule against bias (ie: against departure from the standard of even-handed justice required of those who occupy judicial office) - nemo judex in causa sua (or in propria causa). This means that any decision, however fair it may seem, is invalid if made by a person with any financial or other interest in the outcome or any known bias that might have affected his impartiality. The second rule is known as audi alteram partem (hear the other side). It states that a decision cannot stand unless the person directly affected by it was given a fair opportunity both to state his case and to know and answer the other side’s case.”(Oxford Reference A Dictionary of Law, Oxford University Press, Third Edition).

    HALSBURY’S LAWS OF AUSTRALIA says under (130-13460): “Consent to summary jurisdiction. The consent to be tried summarily must be clear and unequivocal and a failure to carry out the procedures for obtaining the consent will deprive the court of jurisdiction to determine the matters summarily.”

    “To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny of delay Right or Justice.” (MAGNACARTA)
    by John Wilson


    Democracy means “People Rule” (from the Greek “demos” – people, and “kratos” – rule) and that means Sovereignty (“the ultimate authority to make and impose laws”) lies with the People….We the People ….as the final judges of what is right and what is wrong… of what is necessary for the protection of our nation and the preservation and ensuring of our God- given rights.


    In the heart of Canberra, the Capital of Australia, is the Magna Carta Monument that commemorates the Great Charter of Liberties and has emblazoned there “Nullus liber homo capitur vel imprisonetur, aut disseisiatur, aut utlagetur, aut exuletur, aut aliquo modo destruatur, nec super eum ibimus, nec super eum mittemus, nisi per legale judicium parium suorum vel per legem terrae.” - No free man shall be taken indeed imprisoned, either dispossessed, or outlawed, or exiled, or in any manner destroyed, nor pass over him, nor send over him, except by means of the lawful judgment of his own equals indeed the law of the land. It tells its story on plaques and murals of the triumphing of good over evil….of freedom over slavery…of equality over tyranny. It is testimony of the guaranteeing of the right to trial by jury for the administration of justice.

    1215 RE-VISITED:

    Now, in 2016, history is repeating itself. Once again, the oppressions and deprivations by tyrants have emerged with brutish and perversions of truth by a new and ruthless regime. In 1215, it was at the hands of King John. Today, we have the Banks who must be brought to justice. But the Banks have been relentlessly structuring their power base to take for themselves the legislatures and judiciaries so that they, for all intents and purposes, would seem to be invincible….apart from that “Palladium of Liberty”, that “glory of English law”, that one anchor that holds onto the ship of humanity.

    The titanic battle between good and evil comes to a watershed in the High Court in Canberra with a single man who has vowed to smash the Banks and restore law and justice to the victims of fraud and the obscenities of kangaroo courts …courts that “act unfairly or dishonestly or disregard legal rights or disregard legal procedures” that are responsible for untold numbers of suicides, destruction of families and the wrongful shattering of hopes and dreams.


    He is a farmer from Western Australia whom fate has placed him into the Senate of the Commonwealth Parliament of Australia. He has suffered at the hands of rapacious Banks and been denied his Common Law right to trial by jury at every turn that started with, of course, a loan that was as fraudulent as are all loans contrived by Banks. The followed a sequence of corrupt dealings by the ANZ Bank which corrupt courts protected to culminate in stealing his farm and devastating his financial security.

    Rodney Norman Culleton is not a man to just rollover and submit. He is fighting with all his strength and all his heart and mind. He was elected to the Senate where he fights on. He is 52 and a family man. He is a man of the land…a farmer and an enterprising one, at that. He has been defrauded by banks in business and cheated by judges in the courts. His maiden speech in Australia’s Parliament left no doubt as to why he is there when he finished with “And for all the farmers: I said I would come here and when I made it simply say: and well may we say God save the Queen, because nothing will save these bankers!”

    He knows the banks are protected by the judges in kangaroo courts that are far more corrupt than any “Court commonly called the Star Chamber”, which incidentally was abolished by statute in 1641. That “Star Chamber Court” disregarded the Common Law Right of Trial by Jury and was declared “to be an intollerable burthen to the subjects and the meanes to introduce an Arbitrary Power and Government”. Now that “intollerable burthen” is compounded as so-called judges conspire with the greatest thieves in history (the banks) to pervert the course of justice by disenfranchising defenceless ordinary folk.


    On the 21st of November 2016, High Court Chief Justice Robert French conducted a “Directions” hearing to set in motion proceedings where Rodney Culleton is accused of breaching s.44 of the Australian Constitution, i.e.: that he “has been convicted and is under sentence, or subject to be sentenced, for any offence punishable under the law of the Commonwealth or of a State by imprisonment for one year or longer”, which rendered him “incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives”. He is accused to signing Form 59 'Nomination of a Senator' declaring “I am qualified under the Constitution and the laws of the Commonwealth to be elected as a Senator.” Rodney Culleton is being accused of swearing a false oath….he is being accused of committing fraud. He is facing disqualification from the Senate and criminal conviction.

    On the 21st of November 2016, High Court Chief Justice Robert French told Senator Culleton he will face a “Full Court” which means 7 Judges and no Jury, i.e.: a Star Chamber Court. When Rodney was leaving the building he was interviewed by television crews and journalists. He told them “I am going to have a jury on this and that is what we want, because I want a fair trial and I do want a jury." … maintaining his determination when he previously said, “I will protest and I will run this home in the Parliament for the Australian people – it appears we have had our rights removed because everything comes down to a single judge and not a jury. This may be why the banks can act above the law when they go to state courts – they think they are invincible – but if you put a jury in the court let’s see how many times the bankers win then.”


    The truth is that Rodney Culleton has never experienced the benefit of his inalienable Common Law Right to Trial by Jury. He has always been on the wrong and wrongful end of so-called judges and magistrates acting summarily, arbitrarily and even in his absence. This was repeatedly over the “$7-50 Key Affair”. There was NO CONVICTION against Rodney Culleton because no conviction was possible under “Constitutional Enactments” such as Magna Carta 1215, Confirmation of Charters 1297, Petition of Right 1627, Habeas Corpus1641 and Bill of Rights1689. Confirmation of Charters unarguably states: “2. And we will that if any judgment be given from henceforth, contrary to the points of the charters aforesaid, by the justices or by any other our ministers that hold plea before them against the points of the charters, it shall be undone and holden for naught.”


    The “Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland” ceased to have sovereignty over the Commonwealth of Australia the moment the Commonwealth of Australia came into being by Proclamation – which was 1st January 1901 at a grand ceremony in Sydney’s Centennial Park (please see the public records). All previous Crown lands were handed over to the People of Australia to be a self-governing independent state. All executive power, previously vested in the Queen, was passed to the People of Australia. On the 9th of July 1900, Queen Victoria (24th May1819 – 22th January 1901) signed the United Kingdom Parliament’s “An Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia. 63 & 64 Victoria. Chapter 12”. The only time Letters Patent were issued by the Privy Council, i.e.: the Queen-in-Council, appointing a Governor-General were dated 28th October 1900. This was for that particular gentleman, Lord John Hopetoun (1860 – 1908), to carrying out the handing-over.

    Prior to 1901, judges were appointed by the Queen, either directly through the Privy Council, or by the Queen’s appointed representative who was a Governor of a respective State, eg: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, etc. From 1901 on, there have been no Letters Patent appointing those representatives and, therefore, any purported appointments of judges had neither authenticity nor legitimacy. This meant that supposed granting of “Royal Assent” to State or Federal Acts of Parliament was consequently fraudulent.


    For the reasons above, “Chief Justice” Robert Shenton French is desperate to not allow Rodney Culleton access to a Jury. Whistleblowers, such an Ian Henke and David Eastman, have compiled the evidence of the deception into books (“Australia: the Concealed Colony” and “The Foundation Documents of the Commonwealth of Australia”)…and even I have constantly Challenged the Jurisdiction of the Court.

    Antoine Voltaire said, “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong”. Now, Rodney Culleton is experiencing the same. But Senator Culleton “has the floor” to bravely tell the truth. He is in the Senate. He has his website. He commands the attention of the media. Previous whistleblowers are silenced, imprisoned, stripped of their civil & political & human rights, and financially destroyed by these kangaroo courts. Yes, “It is dangerous…”.


    Is Australia a DEMOCRACY ? Are we “young and free”, as we sing in “Advance Australia Fair”? Or is Australia a SLAVE NATION under the totalitarianism of a NEW WORLD ORDER where we have (i) NO Right of Consent; (ii) NO Right to Property; and (iii) NO Right to Trial by Jury?


    N.B.: In Courtroom #3 of the High Court Building in Parkes, Canberra, is an UNUSED Jury Box. “The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance”.

    The 2 combatants: Senator Rodney Norman Culleton and Chief Justice Robert Shenton French:

    by John Wilson

    Senator Rodney Norman Culleton is the People’s Champion to defeat the seemingly invincible Goliath of the Banksters and his sling-shot is the rock of Trial by Jury. The battle field is the High Court. The Biblical comparisons are all there and the enemy has read the script. Rodney knows it, too.

    He knows that only Trial by Jury can bring down the towering Colossus of Evil. This is why these modern-day Philistines are trying frantically to strip Rodney of his Common Law Right to Trial by Jury. The Banksters have figured that the courts and the parliaments are theirs and are gloating in anticipation.

    And so, the stage is set. On Monday in the High Court, Chief Justice Robert Shelton French said Rodney Culleton (our SuperSenator) would be facing a “Full Court” to defend himself from being “disqualified” from Parliament, i.e.: 7 of what he called “an unelected Aristocracy” whom he has targeted with the Banks in, for example, his maiden speech to the Senate on 12 November 2016.

    Is this not funny? Oh, yes! These characters actually think that the Australian people will swallow such an absurdity. Rodney has become the highest profiled crusader for justice condemning “a reign of terror for which only physical violence or the threat of it, and the good common sense of Swat Teams and Police called upon to commit proxy violence in the name of Banks, Financiers and non compliant Courts, created by the States of Australia on any individual or family or corporation that dared to make a Political protest causing suicides family breakups, destruction of the family unit, and immense heartbreak to thousands of committed hard working Australians”(from his Submission to the High Court). Senator Culleton is demanding his common law right to trial by jury, for obvious reasons.

    In fact, it is the very denial of the right to trial by jury over that alleged “larceny” of a $7-50 key that renders any so-called “conviction” to be “not be drawn hereafter into consequence or example” (Petition of Right 1627) and “illegall and void” (Bill of Rights 1688). Denying the right to trial by jury is most definitely Treason – being “an act intent on overthrowing the sovereignty of the people”. And yet, this has been happening in every court throughout the Commonwealth of Australia.

    “His Honour Chief Justice” Robert Shenton French is determined to crush Senator Rodney Norman Culleton in that STAR CHAMBER court in Canberra.

    Good luck, Rod. So help us God.

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