• Tory state assassins the DWP uses excessive surveillance on suspected fraudsters, report finds
  • Tory state assassins the DWP and Capita behind another female suicide caused after benefits were cut (These are the same evil fuckers that claim to protect women from all us bad men with their DV scams when they themselves are psychologically and financially torturing vulnerable females into early graves)
  • Mum's body found next to benefits letter after taking fatal overdose, inquest hears (The promoters of DV laws claiming to protect women from all us bad men are the biggest killers of women financially and psychologically pushed into early graves by state assassins the DWP under the orders of the tory scum)
  • Errol Graham: Starved man's family take tory state assassins the DWP to court ("The DWP must require their staff, where necessary, to make further inquiries before taking the momentous decision of cutting off what is often a person's only source of income. "Unless and until the DWP changes its policies, other vulnerable individuals will remain at risk of serious harm or death")
  • Councils scrapping use of algorithms in benefit and welfare decisions (AI is deciding if the very vulnerable can get government support or NOT)
  • Tory state assassins the DWP sanctioned 35,000 people's benefits at height of coronavirus despite ending sanctions
  • Tory scum's Universal Credit failing millions of people (A brutal sanctioning system that deliberately triggers suicide in the weakest and most vulnerable)
  • Tory scums state assassins the DWP chiefs quietly change rule on stopping benefits after man starved to death (The benefit process was linked to 69 suicides over six years. The very TIP of an enormous iceberg of deaths)
  • Universal Credit: A decent society would not allow this scandal to continue (The likelihood is that claimants will soon be expected to provide evidence of up to 35 hours of job-search activity a week again but amid levels of unemployment not seen since 1947 or be SANCTIONED)
  • Tory's vile sanctioning (Murdering)system reinstated after lockdown (Even a tiny breach is enough for these evil bastards to stop ALL payments of the pittance of welfare)
  • DWP forced to restore payments to a Scottish man with serious brain damage (How many more severely disabled victims are being financially crippled by the state assassins the DWP)
  • For over a decade the tory fascist scum persecuted the poorest, most vulnerable and disabled with crushing austerity yet now they can find billions to keep the middle class(tory voters) from getting into debt and losing their jobs over a pandemic
  • DWP staff ‘risking lives to cold call’ customers during coronavirus to see if claimants are LOOKING for work (Outrageous hounding of the vulnerable by the DWP state assassins during lockdown)
  • How many people died because the DWP tampered with their benefit applications?
  • Coronavirus: The price of England voting evil tory bastards back into power
  • Charities call for inquiry into deaths linked to DWP benefits cuts (Psychopathic mass murdering scum employed as the tory state assassins the DWP management and behind the financial and psychological torture meted out to the most vulnerable and disabled who are committing suicide en masse. Her Majesty's HMRC also employ a similar mindset but who leave the big boys alone while pushing the peasants into early graves)
  • Ex-DWP employees expose the DWP sanctions regime(VIDEO)
  • Errol Graham death: Starved man's family take action against the tory assassins the DWP (The killing of the weakest on an industrial scale)
  • Thousands of depression cases 'linked to TORY THUGS universal credit' (How to push the weak and vulnerable into early graves without using gas ovens)
  • Tory state assassins the DWP says it is 'shocked' by its own disability tribunal record (They don't give a fuck with a 'long trail of the dead' to answer for)
  • DWP repeatedly breaches FoI laws ‘in bid to hide secret jobcentre reports’ (from 2018)
  • Tory state assassins the DWP havoc as a Universal Credit deaths scandal emerges
  • DWP forced to give 73,000 extra payments to people driven into hardship by Universal Credit sanctions
  • DWP head denies sanctions and suicide link
  • FOI request reveals DWP staff told to reject 80% of benefit appeals
  • Tory thugs running their state assassins the DWP and how the vulnerable and disabled are being treated so wickedly (An official in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) received a £25,000 payout after alleging she was bullied by Ms Patel in 2015 during her time as employment minister)
  • Tory state assassins the DWP accused of offering disabled people 'take it or leave it' benefits
  • Head of influential cross-party committee of MP's has criticised the “incredible secrecy” surrounding the government’s handling of the deaths of vulnerable benefit claimants (The tory state assassins the DWP and their LOOOONG trail of the dead. They should bring back the death penalty for every single DWP scumbag whose actions or inaction triggered the deaths of a vulnerable claimants)
  • Outcry over £1m bonus for the tory state assassins the DWP bosses who cut benefits causing poverty, depression, suicide and death
  • DWP bosses get £17k in bonuses as poorest suffer from benefit cuts (in 2019)(VIDEO)
  • Tory assassins the DWP use 'Universal credit' claims as a psychological and financial torture tool
  • 'Judge me fairly': man who starved to death's plea to tory assassins the DWP (An anonymous DWP arsehole claims “Our sympathies are with Mr Graham’s family. It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time”)
  • Tory scum's Universal Credit used to trigger suicide and depression in claimants (The Tory / DWP alternative to gas ovens)
  • Universal credit could 'steamroll vulnerable into poverty' (Some of those who managed to sign up to universal credit subsequently dropped out after being sanctioned for failing to keep up with its tough conditionality requirements, such as 35 hours a week of online job searches)
  • Racist bullies employed by the tory state assassins the DWP
  • The tory state assassins the DWP use torturous music to dissuade claimants from hanging on the phone
  • Welfare system fails to protect vulnerable people(But instead KILLS them)
  • The best way to ‘level up’ would be an above-inflation rise in benefits (We don't see that happening any time soon under a fascist tory boot)
  • ‘He was fit for hospital, not for work’: the people failed by the benefits system (Three case studies highlight what might have gone wrong in the dozens of benefit-related suicides investigated by the DWP)
  • At least 69 suicides linked to DWP's handling of benefit claims (A vast underestimate of the real numbers)
  • Tory filth's Universal credit rollout delayed again until 2024(How to impose destitution on a whole tier of society)
  • Universal Credit claimants facing eviction as arrears rocket to 'unsustainable' levels
  • The DWP just got busted over ESA cuts. Its response is vile
  • Single mum takes DWP to High Court after Universal Credit hurled her into childcare debt
  • Man starved to death after DWP cut his benefits (Mass slaughter continues under an enormous tory austerity boot. Meanwhile lets cheer about Brexshit)
  • Tory state assassins the DWP lose court fight over treatment of severely disabled (Ruthless bunch of posh twats running Britain ONLY for their own and their rich backers enrichment)
  • Benefits system set up by tory scum for cruelty not efficiency
  • HRMC has more staff chasing benefit cheats than wealthy tax dodgers (While people falsely claiming benefits costs the taxpayer £2.3billion a year the rich are ripping us off for up to £120billion)
  • 5,000 people died before being repaid over state assassins the DWP's benefits errors
  • New rules at DWP – to stop benefit claimants getting help from elected representatives
  • Arise, EVIL TORY BASTARD Sir Iain Duncan Smith – the man whose welfare reforms shame Britain
  • More than 100,000 people sign a petition to block ex-work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith from receiving his knighthood (The tory mass murdering SCUM who had been the architect of 'cruel and extreme welfare reforms')
  • Iain Duncan-Smith should not receive a Knighthood petition here
  • Tories remove disability and health data consent rights – on first day as new Gov.
  • 'It's not like they've grown': Thalidomide survivor, 58, born with no arms and legs slams benefits officials after being required to prove he's unfit to work three times in a year
  • Hundreds of homeless people will die over the winter, the Salvation Army warned (Murdered en masse by massive tory austerity boot)
  • Tory state assassins Atos, the firm at the centre of disability assessment appeals, awarded new £25m government contract
  • Deluded tory rich bitch witch Priti Patel claims Tory government not to blame for poverty in UK (Mass murdering scum responsible for the financial and psychological torture of those the evil tory bastards deem 'NOT WORTHY')
  • Tory scum's bedroom tax attacks on the most severely disabled overturned on appeal (Any fuckwit who votes tory is rubber stamping pure evil)
  • Tory scum use dodgy benefit assessors to steal from the disabled that has led to a "pervasive lack of trust" in the system. (Murder by the state through financial and psychological torture and persecution and where the absolute scum of the earth will vote them back into power time and again)
  • I had a visit from my benefits assessor – and now I fear the state more than poverty (There is none more so intrusion by the British state than when trying to claim any type of financial assistance)
  • The psychopaths employed by state assassins the DWP via Capita to assess the disabled
  • Digital technologies are employed in the welfare state to surveil, target, harass and punish beneficiaries, especially the poorest and most vulnerable among them (Government spying a key element in withdrawing support for the tiniest of infringments while the multi-billion pound tax dodgers get away scot free)
  • Tory state assassins DWP robot automation report exposes the enormity of the data gathering of anyone faced with claiming any form of state hand out looking for ANY excuse to cease paying it (The DWP gathers data from private credit reference agencies, the police, the Valuation Office Agency, the Land Registry and the National Fraud Initiative, which gather information from public and private bodies. But it is now declining to update the list, claiming it would “compromise the usefulness of that data”)
  • Tory scum's ruthless mistreatment of the disabled with chronic illness
  • Damning suicide of autistic man blaming DWP after benefits slashed before death (The tory state assassins the DWP with more blood on their hands)
  • Mother ‘didn’t have cancer enough’ to receive benefits
  • A man who was "terrified" about moving onto Universal Credit slit his throat in a hospital toilet (The mentally ill being pushed to suicide by the tory state assassins the DWP)
  • Single dad with just £4.61 took own life after waiting weeks for Universal Credit (Mass murdering tory's and their state assassins the DWP)
  • Widow, 32, gets DWP letter cutting benefits saying 'your relationship has ended'
  • The callous and ruthless treatment of Britain's terminally ill patients to be reviewed (Under a vile tory austerity boot the weekest and most vulnerable have paid a heavy price)
  • Man facing life in wheelchair waits 15 months for tribunal after benefits refused (Tory state assassins the DWP getting away with murder)
  • Tory state assassins the DWP: Advertising watchdog launches investigation into Universal Credit adverts
  • Tory state assassins the DWP face calls for full benefit deaths inquiry after review missed key documents
  • How Britain's welfare state has been taken over by shadowy tech consultants (That puts an automatic block on recipients who end up suicidal or who die on the streets)
  • Man with incurable cancer has benefits stopped after an assessor deemed him "fully capable to do everything" (The tory state assassins the DWP at the mass murdering again)
  • Crippled: Austerity and the Demonization of Disabled People (An evil tory government targeting the sick and disabled like a page from the Nazi's final solution)
  • Poverty in the UK is 'systematic' and 'tragic', says UN special rapporteur (Some observers might conclude that the DWP had been tasked with "designing a digital and sanitised version of the 19th Century workhouse, made infamous by Charles Dickens" with "story after story" of people who had considered or attempted suicide)
  • State assassins the DWP "Department for Workhouses and Poverty" have another death on their hands after stopping an elderly womans pension
  • Tory state assassins the DWP will end financial sanctions longer than six months for benefit claimants (But will still apply them short term despite many deaths with an admission sanctions may have damaged the Tory brand. Rudd defied Labour's calls to scrap sanctions altogether - claiming the cruel penalties still "play a role")
  • Tory massive austerity boot continues to impoverish the poorest in ruthless cuts (Meanwhile the country distracted by her Brexshit)
  • Tory scum and their gang of twisted supporters turn Britain into a cold ruthless murderous regime where a Down's syndrome man dies in hospital because he 'wasn't fed for 19 days'
  • Mother of man who can't walk or talk says DWP is making him prove he's disabled (Britain now living under a ruthless mindless murderous tory boot while the sheeple are distracted with Brexshit)
  • DWP minister admits government has no idea how many food banks are in the UK
  • Tory state assassins the DWP and their culture of contempt towards disabled people
  • Disabled mum's heartbreaking last words before taking own life as DWP stop benefits (Tory assassins add another name to the long trail of the dead)
  • Millions dependent on a ruthless state machine to survive (Failure to comply with a long list of twisted demands will leave many with absolutely nothing to survive on like something out of Orwell's 1984)
  • Mentally ill will be fast-tracked back to work (Nothing better for lifting depression than being put back on the enslavement conveyor belt)
  • Tory state assassins the DWP have one more death on their hands to add to the thousands who would rather commit suicide than tolerate the financial and psychological torture being used as a fascist boot against benefit claimants
  • A mother whose disabled daughter killed herself after her benefit payments were stopped has called for officials to be prosecuted over their failings (She suffered multiple physical and mental health issues including curvature of the spine and a brain cyst, and took 23 tablets each day. She was suffering from pneumonia when she missed her assessment but was then ruled fit to work and had her Employment and Support Allowance halted)
  • 8,000 people die months after being rejected for disability benefit, Tories admit (Murderous tory regime STILL getting away with murder. How many have to die before the peasants rise up and how many fucking scumbags vote for these murderous thugs to run the country in fascist Britain?)
  • Severely ill father found hanged by his own daughter just days before Christmas after DWP assessors ruled he was fit to work... despite doctor saying he wasn't
  • Sick dad kills himself days before Christmas after being found fit for work
  • Should DWP staff be held accountable for their RUTHLESS decisions behind the deaths of many of their victims?(VIDEO)
  • The DWP's new whipping boys Capita's despicable treatment of one of the most disabled people in Northern Ireland
  • One in three Universal Credit applicants have their claims rejected (400,000 claims for the new benefit have been knocked back in the past year)
  • Universal Credit agents 'encouraged' to get claimants off phone (How tory thugs crush welfare victims under their fascist boot) (VIDEO)
  • Sick and disabled people who were underpaid in a major TORY welfare blunder were pushed into rent arrears, debt and destitution (and in many extreme cases homelessness and suicide)
  • Thousands of benefits claimants were underpaid by thousands (Tory scum caught stealing off the poorest again. Many left in DIRE straits due to the shortfall some went on to commit suicide or die on the streets)
  • Under normal circumstances, the news 180,000 disabled, sick and terminally ill people had lost an average of £5000 each would be astonishing. With this sorry excuse of a government, it barely raises a surprised eyebrow
  • Dead homeless man's sister is 'left with only his cup of change and yoga mat found beside his body' (How many men have to DIE on the streets of Britain before there is genuine outrage instead of acceptance?)
  • Tories are deluded if they think Universal Credit will bring fairness to system
  • Universal Credit Tory minister compared to Grinch that 'stole Glasgow’s Christmas'
  • 449 homeless people died over the last year but no official figures have been kept until now
  • Tory cuts to lifeline benefits blasted as '36 sick Scots a month DIE after being ordered to work' (The same EVIL bastards claiming Russians are poisoning spies in Britain yet they themselves have a long trail of the dead)
  • Grieving family say stress of DWP benefits bungle caused great-gran's death (How tory government henchmen the DWP use psychological and financial torture to seriously affect the physical and mental health of already vulnerable claimants)
  • ‘Pensionless Pensioner’ Brands UK Government Most Brutal ‘Regime’ In Living Memory (From 2016 and a rough explanation of the psychological torture anyone seeking government help goes through that drives many to depression and suicide)
  • Dad who had benefits cut ‘because he could make tea’ dies of cancer with £8 in the bank (The cruelty metted out to heterosexual men in a country run by murdering scum)
  • Homeless man found dead in Paisley town centre in broad daylight (Death by a thousand tory cuts)
  • End Hunger UK says DELIBERATE payment delays and errors are pushing vulnerable people into destitution, hunger and debt (Suicide is a handy way for a mass murdering government to save millions in welfare payments using their ruthless anonymous assassins the DWP)
  • Universal Credit: An evil tory agenda of deliberate mass enforced deprivation of Britain's vulnerable citizens
  • The ongoing terrorization of the disabled by tory assassins the DWP (How a country treats the most vulnerable shows a vicious and vindictive attack on victims who can't fight back against a brutal and ruthless tory regime)
  • The Financial Conduct Authority prosecuted eight cases of insider trading in the past five years and secured 12 convictions. By comparison, the Department for Work and Pensions prosecuted or penalised more than 10,000 benefit fraudsters last year (There lies the heart of inequality where rich toffs are getting away with murder while the poor are hammered)
  • Attempted suicides by disability benefit claimants more than double after introduction of fit-to-work assessment
  • Crocodile tears from a tory who hears the desperation and suicide attempts of those harshly treated by the UK's tory driven draconian welfare system?
  • Tory scum accused of “economic murder” after researchers linked hundreds of thousands of deaths to cuts to public services that began seven years ago
  • Disability welfare cuts driving people to 'thoughts of suicide' claims charity
  • Tory scum's assassins the DWP are causing fear and terror(from 3.14)(VIDEO)
  • Tory rebellion throws Universal Credit reforms into chaos (How tory scum inflict more punishment on the vulnerable)
  • Woman who cannot use her legs and left arm was told to ‘find work’ and had her benefits stopped
  • Benefits assessor sanctioned for mocking disabled claimant (The utter scum employed to fleece the disabled)
  • UN slams the UK Government saying welfare cuts have created a 'human catastrophe' for disabled people
  • Disability assessors 'lack right skills'(Appalling mistreatment of the disabled by a vile tory government)
  • Cruel Tory disability benefit changes strip £6million a year from people with multiple sclerosis
  • DWP withhold one of their former employees benefit money
  • Suing The DWP
  • More than 5,000 sick and disabled benefit claimants have been sanctioned for 6 MONTHS
  • People who have had cancer, breathing difficulties, a kidney removed and a stroke are told to dust themselves down and get to work. Even dogs in the street know welfare system is broken as more and more get sick of callous Tories
  • DWP forced disabled women to crawl up stairs for interview for fear of being sanctioned
  • Disabled mother took fatal overdose hours after her benefits appeal rejected (Evil tory policies killing British citizens yet a whole swathe of the country want to vote them back in. What does that say about a country that allows this to continue unabated?)
  • Shock rise of people given ZERO points in the Tories' cruel disability benefit tests
  • Alice Kirby accuses the tory assassins the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) of "institutional abuse"
  • Tory scum's endless merry go round of disabled reassessments is an excuse to cut welfare (The lying thieving bastards claim "reviews could see their payments rise" finding such a claimant is like looking for a Dodo)
  • A letter to fellow benefit claimants who feel suicidal
  • PIP investigation: Welfare expert says two-thirds of appeals involve lying assessors (The extreme measures taken by a ruthless tory government against the weakest and most vulnerable in society)
  • Woman with no hands had her benefits stopped because she couldn’t open a letter (VIDEO)
  • Ken Loach: Tory government 'callous, brutal and disgraceful' and 'must be removed'
  • DWP scum try to suggest Ken Loach film of the vile treatment of the most vulnerable is not representative (We can say with absolute certainty Loach, if anything, understated the appalling treatment of victims at the hands of the murderous DWP, ATOS and Maximus. Cancer patients with life threatening conditions are forced out of their beds to be paraded at DWP offices and stamped fit for work. The Nazi mindset is alive and well in every DWP office the length and breadth of Britain and why so many of their lackeys remain ANONYMOUS when speaking on their behalf. The vulnerable and poor now face, like divorcing men, the most appalling psychological persecution that leads many to suicide)
  • Royal Mail staff given access to confidential medical details
  • Woman housebound with incurable flesh-eating disease for 15 years has benefits axed and told 'go back to work'
  • Sick man ruled 'fit to work' at Jobcentre collapses and dies in street minutes later (Tory assassins Maximus and the DWP still at the mass murder of the vulnerable)
  • NATIONAL SHAME: Every week 800 disabled Brits' benefits slashed after assessment by French data firm ATOS (and that from a right wing rag owned by Richard Desmond)
  • The tory's assassins the DWP interfered with a sick man's doctors reports that led to his death
  • Tories still punishing the sick by reducing payments despite May's assurances that things will change
  • Tory assassin Iain Duncan Smith refuses to accept Ken Loach's portrayal of his draconian punishment meted out to the most vulnerable
  • Ken Loach: life in austerity Britain is 'consciously cruel' (VIDEO)
  • Disability benefits appeals WILL become less fair
  • Virtual abolition of PIP, DLA and ESA appeal tribunals as we know them (Lawyers NOT doctors left to assess medical conditions)
  • Scores of disabled protesters shutdown Westminster Bridge with chilling banners showing all those 'killed by cuts'
  • The scum and filth employed to steal money from the disabled
  • Partially paralysed man missing half his head 'declared fit for work by the twisted bastards at the DWP'
  • These are all the MPs who voted to force through the ESA disability benefit cut
  • Tory's murderous rottweiller IDS finally quits over vile welfare cuts to the most vulnerable (but only after thousands of innocents have died from them)
  • Tory henchman Iain Duncan Smith was the chief architect of toxic tory ideology with measures that drove the poor and disabled to despair and mass suicide
  • Tory assassins Atos face contracts probe after MPs vent their fury at fit-for-work giant (Paid to kill off the 'useless eaters' for a murderous tory regime)
  • Disabled People Against Cut
  • Life when the Jobcentre says you broke the rules
  • Private sector medical staff assessing benefit claimants told to sign Official Secrets Act
  • Claimants 'tricked' out of benefits, says Jobcentre whistleblower(VIDEO)
  • American firm doing Tories’ dirty work on benefits is hit by whistleblower’s shocking allegations
  • 'Murderer!' - Iain Duncan Smith confronted by furious protest as he visits Job Centre
  • Cancer patients could be left HOMELESS because of brutal Tory benefit cuts
  • Iain Duncan Smith 'should be sanctioned' for refusing to speak in welfare cuts debate
  • Top Tory says welfare cuts won't hurt poor because they save £10 filling their CARS
  • Tory's vile murderous henchman Iain Duncan Smith says disabled should ‘work their way out of poverty’
  • Family of a severely disabled young man (Down’s syndrome, epilepsy, autism) forced to prove he is unfit for work under the ruthless Tory welfare cuts
  • Stripped of benefits and forced to live on £87 a month ... the latest victim of the DWP
  • Whistleblower former Atos doctor talks to BBC News (May 2013)(VIDEO)
  • An ex Atos Healthcare nurse tells her story (VIDEO)
  • Tory gangsters and the trail of the dead
  • Tory assassins the DWP admits using 'fake' claimants in benefit sanctions leaflet(VIDEO)
  • Disability benefits firm Atos backtrack on pledge to reveal how much they get for doing Tories' dirty work
  • There's no excuse for tory assassins Atos change of heart over disability checks
  • Tory assassins the DWP deliberately and illegally held up disability payments to cause extreme distress to applicants with severe physical and mental health difficulties
  • 7 reasons to cringe that the tory's evil bastard Iain Duncan Smith has been reappointed
  • 'Harmful' ESA benefit sanctions double in one year - who's at risk and why
  • Government in High Court over benefit payment delays (Tory scum use DWP as assassins for a vile regime)(VIDEO)
  • Evil ConDem sanction regime murdering the vulnerable by withdrawing support
  • Secret DWP reviews called for improvements after benefit deaths
  • Doctors’ union facing fresh criticism after snubbing the government’s “fitness for work” test meeting
  • Disabled activist felt ‘violated’ after judge used Google to compile dossier on her
  • Humiliation greets Maximus in first week of the government’s “fitness for work” delivery
  • Maximus (The new ATOS) will face nationwide protests on first day as ‘fitness for work’ provider
  • DWP dismisses concerns about the troubled history of Maximus – which has a lengthy record of discrimination, incompetence and alleged fraud in the USA
  • Two disabled people who spent months waiting to be assessed for the new disability benefit have secured the chance to take legal action against the government over the delays they and thousands of others have faced
  • Incapacity Benefit test 'leaves people suicidal' (VIDEO)
  • Another murder by tory assassins ATOS and the DWP (Today the tory scum are in parliament talking up their 5 years in power as if they have created a miracle ignoring the thousands who have died under their vile murderous regime)
  • Ex-DWP employees expose the DWP sanctions regime(VIDEO)
  • Gutter press barons malicious and deliberate demonization of the poorest peasants
  • Disabled People Against Cuts
  • Tory cuts leave disabled gran living off just 1p a week - driving her to brink of suicide
  • Boycott Maximus (The new tory assassins that replaced mass murdering ATOS)
  • After hated mass murdering Atos quits, will Maximus make work assessments less arduous?
  • American firm Maximus 'awarded contract to assess fitness-to-work'
  • Universal credit 'a nightmare', says claimant who advertised welfare reform
  • Grandad passed fit to work by Atos - despite brain damage, depression, diabetes and stroke (Tory scum's assassins ATOS and DWP still getting away with MURDER)
  • ESA appeal's are endless - Employment and Support Allowance (VIDEO)
  • Labour axes would-be MP who claimed Tories want to 'kill the sick and starve the disabled'(Daily Rat agrees with Labour hierarchy over sacking of candidate who speaks the truth about ConDem agenda)
  • The Elephant in the Studio was the number of people who have died due to the Incapacity Benefit/ESA sanctions regime imposed by Iain Duncan Smith
  • Tories discuss stripping benefits claimants who refuse enforced treatment for depression (Taking another idea out of the gestapo book on how to mistreat the mentally ill gas ovens coming soon)
  • The Staggering Cost Of One Man’s Delusions: £25 Billion Squandered On Bungled Welfare Reforms
  • Any future Conservative or Conservative led Coalition Government will continue to kill many more innocent victims in this State sanctioned slaughter (LETTER TO THE ICC AT THE HAGUE RE: MISTREATMENT OF UK SICK AND/OR DISABLED PEOPLE)
  • Tory assassins ATOS exposed by former nurse
  • Tory assassins the DWP and ATOS trigger coma in mentally ill woman
  • 32 die a week after failing test for new incapacity benefit
  • Atos: Government funded murder (VIDEO)
  • Fury as benefits bullies DWP force 50,000 disabled Scots to go back to work
  • Tory assassins ATOS killed my sick dad, says devastated Kieran, 13 (Genocide on a grand scale being carried out throughout the UK)
  • Expert in charge of controversial ‘back to work’ tests quits after warning the system needs to ‘fair and humane’
  • Benefits assessment firm causing 'fear and loathing' among claimants, says MP
  • Tory government (thanks to far right wing extremist Carol Black) want doctors removed from medical assessments (sounds like the Nazi's when will the gas ovens be moving in?)
  • Carol Black : GMC investigates alleged abuse of power (from 2008)
  • Deaths following Atos rulings of "fit for work"
  • Work Capability Assessment motion (VIDEO)
  • Survivors Resistance Network demands an end to Work Capability Assessment (WCA)
  • House of Lords motion to annul Work Capability Assessment regulations, 16 March 2011
  • Hundreds of Scots DEAD as FOI reveals thousands die in UK as a result of Tory-Libdem benefits ‘tests’ by ATOS
  • DWP staff ‘risking lives to cold call’ customers during coronavirus to see if claimants are LOOKING for work

    Outrageous hounding of the vulnerable by the DWP state assassins during lockdown

  • The middle class are about to discover the cruelty of Britain's benefits system

    Many of those MIDDLE CLASSES might now regret having voted the tory mafia back into power.

    A decade of cuts has ripped apart the safety net. People on decent salaries hit by the Covid-19 fallout are in for a shock

    Millions of people are about to discover something they didn’t know about British life. There is no longer a safety net. People who have paid tax and national insurance for years and never been near the social security system will be turning to it in their hour of need; yet far too late, like trapeze artists falling through the air, they will find that the net beneath them has been lowered dangerously close to the ground and is badly torn.

    If these people once believed relentlessly misleading tabloid tales of benefit scroungers, they will have a rude awakening. They will find that when Iain Duncan Smith turned the screw on social security in 2012, he was right to warn claimants: “This is not an easy life any more, chum.” As if it ever was.

    Many new arrivals will join the 60% of claimants falling into debt and rent arrears while waiting for payments

    The chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has done well to honour 80% of wages for those “furloughed” from shut-down businesses – up to £2,500 a month. No one knows how many that covers and at what cost, but it was a macroeconomic necessity. One worry is the incapacity of the HMRC workforce, with 15,600 staff cut and 157 local offices with local knowledge closed: can they pay the wage subsidy to companies in time to save them? Many firms could still close, sending millions into unemployment.

    The 15% self-employed are urgently seeking a matching plan, with the Treasury under intense pressure for a rapid response. Most of the self-employed are low-paid: their median income is just £10,000, according to Paul Johnson of the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Some won’t qualify, if they have earning partners. But many will have been forced into sham “self-employment” by tax-cheating companies. They will be desperate – and angry. The Resolution Foundation wants them paid 80% of average earnings over the past three years – or they will work through illness, rather than starve on £94 a week sickness benefit, says the RSA Populus poll.

    Let’s hope that injustice is fixed. But even then, watch the shock as millions fall on the untender mercies of the Department for Work and Pensions, to discover what happened to benefits in the past decade. While never over-generous, by 2010 Labour had greatly lifted living standards for low earners, especially for children: Gordon Brown’s tax credits raised a million children and a million pensioners out of poverty. Since 2010, according to new research by Kerris Cooper and John Hills, a professor at the London School of Economics, children have lost a quarter of the support they had; chancellor George Osborne and his successors took out a staggering nearly £40bn from benefits. Never “all in this together”, Osborne justified it by raining down abuse on low-paid families. The hypocrisy: as the current editor of the London Evening Standard, he ran Christmas collections for poor families! The Resolution Foundation predicts a third of children falling into poverty by 2023.

    Some cuts were secretive, uprating benefits by a meaner CPI not RPI inflation rate, a four-year freeze, and axing council tax support. Some made a noise – such as the bedroom tax, costing some families £14 week for a spare room. An early case was a Hartlepool family whose empty room belonged to their recently deceased 10-year-old. Housing benefit for renters was cut brutally. Introducing the two-child limit was exceptionally unjust.

    New claimants confronting universal credit’s obstacles may join the half who find themselves propelled to food banks. Many new arrivals will join the 60% of claimants falling into debt and rent arrears while waiting at least five weeks for first payments. As with HMRC, a stripped-down DWP workforce is at risk of being overwhelmed. Some talking to the Treasury are shocked to find its staff clueless about the meanness of a benefits system they have cut and cut again. That explains Sunak’s sudden extra £20 a week and slight easing of housing benefit: they had no idea.

    Torsten Bell, head of the Resolution Foundation, says people on £50,000 salaries have been anxiously asking him about benefits rates. They’re in for a shock, he says. Unlike the previous tax credit system, universal credit only allows savings of £6,000 (it takes steep deductions from savings up to £16,000). People hoping this is only temporary will be distraught at having to use up their rainy-day funds, often saved for years for a deposit on a home. The foundation is lobbying urgently to have this savings means-test dropped.

    Hills says a couple with two children will get £266 a week. And take from that £115 – the average amount that housing benefit falls short of rental payments. Many new claimants will run up rent arrears. Expect them to plunge immediately into poverty, miles below the £384 minimum income standard for a family of four, says Hills.

    Some singles will get a shock too. Under-35s will be living on £73, and only funded for a room in a shared flat, in the cheapest third of rentals in the area.

    Many who see themselves as middle class will confront the reality of Britain’s nonexistent safety net. It is, says the IFS’s Paul Johnson, “extraordinarily low”. One piece of advice from all these experts I’ve talked to: apply immediately, to limit these delays and debts. “Too many will wait, borrow from family, deny it’s happening to them, feeling the stigma. Apply at once,” says Torsten Bell.

    These millions discovering DWP brutality at first hand will no longer be deceived by the old poison shaming those on benefits as loafers, frauds and “not people like us”. Benefits offer penury, not a life of Riley. Rishi Sunak has been lavishly praised, not least for his empathic language: “We will be judged by our capacity for compassion”. But his compassion will be judged by how far he keeps benefit rates below the most basic poverty line.

  • Coronavirus: ‘How is £94 a week going to pay anyone’s bills?’ (How the rest of Britain finds out how the poorest have been living for over a decade under a ruthless tory austerity regime)
  • Never underestimate the nastiness of the tory scum
  • Outcry over £1m bonus for the tory state assassins the DWP bosses who cut benefits causing poverty, depression, suicide and death

    How many £thousands bonus do these evil fuckers get for each death caused by their psychological and financial torture of the poor and disabled?

    Poverty has soared under the Tory Government but DWP civil servants have pocketed extra cash

    Senior officials at the Tory Government’s benefits-cutting department have pocketed over £1m in bonuses. Civil servants were rewarded for their performance, even though critics believe the DWP has increased poverty.

    SNP MSP Shona Robison said: “This is a really bad look and the UK government should look twice at a system that rewards senior officials while punishing those dependent on their service. “After a decade of Tory austerity, families in Scotland deserve better.”

    The DWP has been at the forefront of the Cameron, May and Johnson Governments’ drive to cut social security. Universal Credit was supposed to streamline the benefits system, but it was underfunded and ended up plunging people into debt.

    Lifeline benefits such as child benefit were frozen at the same time as taxes were cut for the rich. Disabled people also had to pass strict ‘fit to work’ tests that were overseen by profit making companies.

    More than 4million people in the UK are trapped in deep poverty and child poverty levels in Scotland have soared to 240,000. However, top DWP mandarins have pocketed bonuses for their efforts.

    In 2017/18, senior officials scooped £595,392 in “end of year” top-ups and another £544,745 in the following year. Job Seeker’s Allowance for the unemployed is paid at up to £73.10 a week, while Universal Credit claimants have to wait five weeks for their first payment.

    Robison added: “It beggars belief that DWP chiefs are taking big handouts while families across the country are struggling due to sanctions and the rollout of Universal Credit.” Labour MSP Mark Griffin said: “Under the Tories we have witnessed our social security system being cut to the bone, with those most in need hit hardest. Senior civil servants, who implemented these policies, receiving such huge bonuses year after year is shocking. However, it is those who brought those policies into being, the Tories, who must shoulder the blame for their cruel cuts.”

    A DWP spokesperson said: “As is standard practice across the Civil Service, only staff performing well in their role receive a bonus. All payments follow strict Cabinet Office rules.”

  • Tory state assassins the DWP annual report 2018-19(Utter bullshit)
  • DWP bosses get £17k in bonuses as poorest suffer from benefit cuts (in 2019)(VIDEO)
  • Tory assassins the DWP use 'Universal credit' claims as a psychological and financial torture tool
  • 'Judge me fairly': man who starved to death's plea to tory assassins the DWP (An anonymous DWP arsehole claims “Our sympathies are with Mr Graham’s family. It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time”)
  • Tory scum's Universal Credit used to trigger suicide and depression in claimants (The Tory / DWP alternative to gas ovens)
  • Tory state assassins the DWP still behind mass suicide figures

    Mass murder using financial and psychological torture has led to thousands (not dozens as reported) taking their lives yet England votes the very murdering bastards back in to continue their reign of terror.

  • At least 69 suicides linked to DWP's handling of benefit claims (A vast underestimate of the real numbers)
  • ‘He was fit for hospital, not for work’: the people failed by the benefits system (Three case studies highlight what might have gone wrong in the dozens of benefit-related suicides investigated by the DWP)
  • Digital technologies are employed in the welfare state to surveil, target, harass and punish beneficiaries, especially the poorest and most vulnerable among them

    Government spying a key element in withdrawing support for the tiniest of infringements while the multi-billion pound tax dodgers get away scot free. The same technology being used on divorcing men

    ‘Digital welfare state’: big tech allowed to target and surveil the poor, UN is warned

    UN’s rapporteur on extreme poverty says in devastating account big tech companies are being allowed to go unregulated in ‘human right free-zones’ and not held accountable Nations around the world are “stumbling zombie-like into a digital welfare dystopia” in which artificial intelligence and other technologies are used to target, surveil and punish the poorest people, the United Nations’ monitor on poverty has warned.

    Philip Alston, UN rapporteur on extreme poverty, has produced a devastating account of how new digital technologies are revolutionizing the interaction between governments and the most vulnerable in society. In what he calls the rise of the “digital welfare state”, billions of dollars of public money is now being invested in automated systems that are radically changing the nature of social protection. Alston’s report on the human rights implications of the shift will be presented to the UN general assembly on Friday. It says that AI has the potential to improve dramatically the lives of disadvantaged communities, but warns that such hope is being lost amid the constant drive for cost cutting and “efficiency”.

    Big tech companies are being allowed to go unregulated in “human rights free-zones”, welfare budgets are being decimated and new penalties are being imposed for non-compliance on people who may be digitally illiterate or lack access to the internet. In the UK, he notes, 12 million people, or one in five of the population, do not have essential digital skills needed for modern day-to-day life. Alston writes that “crucial decisions to go digital have been taken by government ministers without consultation, or even by departmental officials without any significant policy discussions taking place”. As a result of the absence of accountability, “digital technologies are employed in the welfare state to surveil, target, harass and punish beneficiaries, especially the poorest and most vulnerable among them”.

    A New York-based lawyer, Alston has become a piercing critic of inequality and disdain for basic human rights. In June 2018 he caused major ructions with the Trump administration by reporting that it was cruelly forcing millions of people into deprivation with its tax cuts for the rich. He went on to anger the British government with his damning report on austerity in the UK. Now he is likely to displease several governments who will find his report uncomfortable reading. He says that the normal state of affairs whereby governments are accountable to their citizens has been turned upside down by the introduction of automated decision-making and the removal of human discretion from welfare systems.

    “In such a world, citizens become ever more visible to their governments, but not the other way around.”

    Alston’s report also tears a strip out of Big Tech companies who he says are acting as forces unto themselves. The advent of the digital revolution has allowed the private sector to appropriate huge swaths of welfare state almost without public comment. He points to examples from around the globe of companies involved in welfare systems: Net 1’s subsidiary Cash Paymaster Services together with MasterCard were initially involved in South Africa’s social grant distribution system which raised privacy concerns because of its biometric data collection. In Australia, Indue and Visa helped introduce cashless debit card trials, and IBM was central to the multimillion-dollar Sams system in Canada, the US, Germany and New Zealand.

    The report states that in many schemes, the role and responsibility of these corporations are opaque, rendering public accountability impossible. “A handful of powerful executives are replacing governments and legislators in determining the directions in which societies will move and the values and assumptions which will drive those developments,” Alston writes. Looking to the future, the UN monitor calls for Silicon Valley to be made accountable through regulation. The self-regulation that has been permitted in the big tech sector, uniquely so among major sectors of the economy, must end and technology companies must “legally be required to respect applicable human rights standards”.

    That includes addressing the increasing use of data matching that is used to punish and criminalize low-income people. It also involves bringing under control the “evermore refined surveillance options that enable around-the-clock monitoring of beneficiaries”. The UN report was drawn from Alston’s country visits to the UK, US and elsewhere as well as 60 submissions from 34 countries. He concludes on a rallying note, saying it is not too late to drop the obsession with fraud and the “undeserving poor”.

    Instead of inflicting misery on millions, digital technology could be used as a force for good. It could “ensure a higher standard of living for the vulnerable and disadvantaged, devise new ways of caring for those left behind. That would be the real digital welfare state revolution.”

  • India's murderous welfare system (Meanwhile their billionaires are getting richer while the political scum spend billions sending rockets to the moon)
  • Tory scum refuse to rule out extending UK benefits freeze imposed in 2015 by Eton groomed gangster George Osborne (How the tory murdering scum have driven the poor to their deaths via austerity)
  • Damning suicide of autistic man blaming DWP after benefits slashed before death
    The tory state assassins the DWP with more blood on their hands

    Ayman Habayeb's badly decomposed remains lay in a cupboard in his flat in Milton Keynes for nine months before they were finally found.

    An autistic man who took his own life after the DWP cut his benefits left a damning suicide note blasting the system, his devastated parents say. Ayman Habayeb's badly decomposed remains lay in a cupboard in his flat for nine months before they were finally found.

    In his note, the 28-year-old, who was diagnosed with autism and depression, wrote that he was no longer able to pay rent or afford food after his benefits were halted, and he feared he would end up living on the street. He claimed bosses at the Department for Work and Pensions had ignored his needs and "terminated" his benefits just to save the Government money.

    He also told how he was tired of "dealing with paperwork, making phone calls and feeling anxious every day about whether I am going to be homeless". His benefits were halted late last year and his parents say his debts were mounting and he was threatened with eviction.

    Mr Habayeb, from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, was found dead at his home in August - nine months after he died - when housing association officials called to evict him due to unpaid rent. His parents, who claim he was failed by the system, said they later checked his computer and found a suicide note explaining how he planned to end his life.

    It was written during the summer of 2018 before Mr Habayeb is believed to have hanged himself in November last year. He wrote: “My only income has been employment and support allowance benefits as I am unfit for work. On August 15 2018 the Department for Work and Pensions decided to terminate those benefits. "This means I am no longer able to pay rent or afford food.

    “I decided that I would not bother fighting this, and will exit instead. I have written this page to explain my decision to friends and to answer anticipated questions.” Mr Habayeb, who was estranged from his parents, told how he was ordered to attend a “work capability assessment” and refused.

    He added: “I attended one before. The outcome was they reduced my benefits and completely ignored my needs. “If the DWP are not going to understand that my condition is immutable, then I am not going to play along. “Such assessments are obviously not meant to help the disabled stay on benefits but to instead save the government money.”

    Mr Habayeb also described how he was wary of the mental health system after he voluntarily went to Campbell Centre, an acute inpatient mental health unit in Milton Keynes. He wrote: “If I am accepted, I will have to stay up to 28 days of six months in a boring and cramped environment surrounded by very damaged people... "After which, it will be determined that I no longer need 'treatment and will be allowed to leave, wasting the hospital's time'." He added: “I will likely be homeless or starting from zero again, and the vicious cycle will begin anew.”

    He also wrote: “I cannot be bothered to fight this any more. I am out of energy. I only exist to do what I want to do. "Dealing with paperwork, making phone calls, and feeling anxious every day about whether I am going to be homeless are things I do not want to do.” His notes revealed he had attempted to hang himself on three occasions between 2016 and 2018, but had "failed with panic" each time.

    A week on from his funeral, Mr Habayeb's parents, Fuab and Annabela, said they had fought for six years to see him after he told social workers he did not want any contact with his family and his wish was granted. His grief-stricken dad told the Milton Keynes Citizen: “He did not have the mental capacity to make that decision. “If we had been allowed to see him we would have helped him and his life could have been saved.”

    The parents have said they hired a solicitor but claim the court refused to hear the case. The local authorities would not give them any information about their vulnerable son because he was an adult, they added. It is understood that Mr Habayeb had ended his contact with social services before his death. He was found dead after housing officials' knocks went unanswered.

    Police broke down the door and found his badly decomposed body. It is believed he had hanged himself, his father said. There was a pile of unopened post relating to his debts and eviction and notes from the social services saying they had called but he was out, the parents said.

    Mr Habayeb was last seen alive in November 2018, according to his parents, who have questioned how he wasn't discovered sooner. They have demanded a full safeguarding investigation by Milton Keynes Council which has launched a serious case review. An inquest into Mr Habayeb's death is due to take place in December.

    A DWP spokesman(ANONYMOUS) said: “Our thoughts are with Mr Habayeb’s family and friends at this difficult time. “We are committed to ensuring that people with health conditions get the support they need.

    “Suicide is a very complex issue and while the inquest examines this tragic case, it wouldn’t be right to draw conclusions.” A spokesman for Milton Keynes Council added: “This is a tragic situation. We, like all agencies who gave support, will be involved in a formal review.”

  • DWP chief Therese Coffey blasted for using electric shock collar to train dog (Benefit claimants next?)
  • Social security: can we undo the damage of welfare reform? VIDEO
    Brutal mistreatment of men under a draconian tory boot

    Richard Smith and Stephen Smith(No relation)

    The harsh reality of men's brutal mistreatment under a draconian tory boot is laid bare with the cases of only two of the millions of men ruthlessly persecuted for daring to rely on the state for assistance while in dire circumstances. Trivial excuses used by the state assassins the DWP to sanction and block payments of any kind while these men were in dire straits.

    Anyone who claims to vote for a political mafia that murders through stealth are no better than the worse form of ugly inhumanity now being played out across every town and city within Britain and reminiscent of Victorian and Dickensian times when abject poverty and homelessness was the norm.

    Stephen Smith's weight dropped to six stone during a recent hospital stay and was denied crucial benefits and told to look for a job despite severe health problems that left him looking like he is wasting away at just six stone.

    Richard Smith said his £200-a-fortnight payments were stopped after he missed his appointment with the authorities - because he was in hospital. He fears he could soon lose his home after he has not been paid his benefits for six months.

  • Homeless fear for benefits dad who has not been paid ESA for six months - 'because he was in hospital'
  • Six stone man who's barely able to walk denied benefits and told to go find work
  • Starving, unable to stand – but 'fit to work': Anger at benefits bosses who denied handouts to man left weighing just 6st due to health problems
  • 'Deflection script' used to get Universal Credit claimants off the phone(VIDEO)
  • UK deluded chancellor rejects claims 'millions live in dire poverty' VIDEO

  • Hammond rejects idea millions live in dire poverty
  • Poverty in the UK is 'systematic' and 'tragic', says UN special rapporteur (Some observers might conclude that the DWP had been tasked with "designing a digital and sanitised version of the 19th Century workhouse, made infamous by Charles Dickens" with "story after story" of people who had considered or attempted suicide)
  • Austerity to blame for 130,000 ‘preventable’ UK deaths (Tory scum used austerity to MURDER with impunity)
  • UN poverty expert hits back over UK ministers' 'denial of facts' and warnings of deepening poverty in Britain (Far right wing voters voting in far right wing political goons creating mayhem for those suffering under extreme austerity)
  • Tory filth's Amber Rudd to lodge complaint over UN's austerity report (Blatant truth about the tory's MURDEROUS policies against the peasantry cannot be allowed to get out)
  • We’ve had so many reports on inequality – now act (This is a centuries old problem of the British establishment getting murderous political scumbags to do their dirty work finishing off those they deem not worthy)
  • The UN has condemned Tory welfare policies. Labour must end this shame (Lives deliberately destroyed by an evil tory political mafia with Labour under Blair and Brown NOT MUCH BETTER)
  • 'Deflection script' used to get Universal Credit claimants off the phone VIDEO
    Universal Credit dad-of-three tried to kill himself while on phone to DWP

  • Universal credit childcare is hurting the poorest (The requirement for parents to pay costs upfront, and then claim them back, is a burden on the poor)
  • UK poverty as tory scum plunge Britain back into the dark ages of families all living in one room (and that's the families who have children anyone one else will be out on the street fending for themselves)
  • Britain's enemy is not Russia but its own ruling class, UN report confirms

    As the UK political establishment rips itself to pieces over Brexit, a far greater crisis continues to afflict millions of victims of Tory austerity.

    A devastating UN report into poverty in the UK provides incontrovertible evidence that the enemy of the British people is the very ruling class that has gone out of its way these past few years to convince them it is Russia. Professor Philip Alston, in his capacity as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, spent two weeks touring the United Kingdom. He did so investigating the impact of eight years of one of the most extreme austerity programs among advanced G20 economies in response to the 2008 financial crash and subsequent global recession.

    What he found was evidence of a systematic, wilful, concerted and brutal economic war unleashed by the country's right-wing Tory establishment against the poorest and most vulnerable section of British society – upending the lives of millions of people who were not responsible for the aforementioned financial crash and recession but who have been forced to pay the price.

    From the report's introduction:

    "It…seems patently unjust and contrary to British values that so many people are living in poverty. This is obvious to anyone who opens their eyes to see the immense growth in foodbanks and the queues waiting outside them, the people sleeping rough in the streets, the growth of homelessness, the sense of deep despair that leads even the Government to appoint a Minister for Suicide Prevention and civil society to report in depth on unheard of levels of loneliness and isolation."

    Though as a citizen of the UK I respectfully beg to differ with the professor's claim that such social and economic carnage seems "contrary to British values,"(on the contrary it is entirely in keeping with the values of the country's Tory establishment, an establishment for whom the dehumanization of the poor and working class is central to its ideology), the point he makes about it being "obvious to anyone who opens their eyes," is well made.

    For it is now the case that in every town and city centre in Britain, it is impossible to walk in any direction for more than a minute before coming across homeless people begging in the street. And the fact that some 13,000 of them are former soldiers, casualties of the country's various military adventures in recent years, undertaken in service to Washington, exposes the pious platitudes peddled by politicians and the government as reverence for the troops and their 'sacrifice,' as insincere garbage.

    Overall, 14 million people in the UK are now living in poverty, a figure which translates into an entire fifth of the population. Four million of them are children, while, according to Professor Alston, 1.5 million people are destitute – that is, unable to afford the basic necessities of life. And this is what the ruling class of the fifth largest economy in the world, a country that parades itself on the world stage as a pillar of democracy and human rights, considers progress.

    The values responsible for creating such a grim social landscape are compatible with the 18th not 21st century. They are proof positive that the network of elite private schools – Eton, Harrow, Fettes College et al. – where those responsible for this human carnage are inculcated with the sense of entitlement and born to rule ethos that defines them, are Britain's hotbeds of extremism.

    Professor Alston: "British compassion for those who are suffering has been replaced by a punitive, mean-spirited, and often callous approach apparently designed to instill discipline where it is least useful, to impose a rigid order on the lives of those least capable of coping with today's world, and elevating the goal of enforcing blind compliance over a genuine concern to improve the well-being of those at the lowest levels of British society."

    Here, set out above in bold relief, is the barbarism that walks hand in hand with free market capitalism. It is the same barbarism that was responsible for pushing post-Soviet Russia into a decade-long economic and social abyss in the 1990s, and the values that have pushed 14 million people in the UK into the same economic and social abyss in our time. Austerity, it bears emphasizing, is not and never has been a viable economic response to recession in a given economy.

    Instead, it is an ideological club, wielded on behalf of the rich and big business to ensure that the price paid for said economic recession is borne exclusively by those least able to bear it – namely, the poor and working people. It is class war by any other name, packaged and presented as legitimate government policy. However, in Britain’s case in 2018, this is a war like no other because, as Professor Philip Alston’s report lays bare, only one side in this war has been throwing all the punches and only one side has been taking them.

    With Christmas season upon us, the scale of human suffering across the UK ensures that the elaborate ad campaigns inviting us to shop and indulge to our heart’s content – ads depicting the middle class dream of affluence and material comfort – take on the character of a provocation. In fact, they call to mind the truism that wars take place when the government tells you who the enemy is, while revolutions take place when you work it out for yourself. In austerity Britain, who the enemy is has never been more clear.

  • Even UN admit misery inflicted on British population

    The deliberate targeting of the poorest and most vulnerable
    sections of society by the tory scum and filth
    UN envoy blasts UK government for 'great misery' of austerity
    In damning report, UN envoy accuses UK government of 'denial' over widespread social implications of fiscal programme.

    Successive UK governments over the past decade have inflicted "great misery" on millions of Britons with "punitive, mean-spirited, and often callous" austerity policies, according to the United Nations' poverty envoy. The critical remarks on Friday came amid deep political turmoil in the UK over its looming departure from the European Union - or Brexit, as it is widely known - and growing economic worries over the prospect of a disorderly exit from the bloc.

    In a damning report, Philip Alston, UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, lambasted poverty rates in Britain's age of austerity as a "social calamity and an economic disaster". "Fourteen million people, a fifth of the population, live in poverty. Four million of these are more than 50 percent below the poverty line, and 1.5 million are destitute, unable to afford basic essentials," Alston said, citing figures from the UK-based Social Metrics Commission and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation charity.

    "The experience of the United Kingdom, especially since 2010, underscores the conclusion that poverty is a political choice. Austerity could easily have spared the poor, if the political will had existed to do so," he added.

    Austerity-era Britain

    Over the past eight years, consecutive governments led by the country's Conservative party have enforced widespread austerity measures as part of efforts to reduce Britain's national debt levels in the wake of the the financial sector's implosion in 2008. The protracted British strategy of budget cutting - although not as draconian as in other EU countries, such as crisis-hit Greece - has seen funding for local authorities and public services slashed and welfare provisions dramatically cut back. According to the Local Government Association, between 2010 and 2020, local councils in the country will have lost 60p ($0.77) out of every £1 ($1.28) the government had provided for services.

    "Libraries have closed in record numbers, community and youth centers have been shrunk and underfunded, public spaces and buildings including parks and recreation centers have been sold off," Alston said in his 24-page report. But in recent months, the government has been cautiously signalling a "light at the end of the tunnel" for the country's public finances, pointing to declining debt levels and the continuous drop of the budget deficit - from almost 9.9 percent in 2009-2010 to 1.9 percent this year - amid the increased focus on spending cuts.

    In late October, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond said in his annual budget speech - his last before Brexit - that "the era of austerity is finally coming to an end". Hammond's October 29 announcement came three weeks after earlier claims by Prime Minister Theresa May that austerity was "over" and "better days" were ahead for the world's fifth largest economy.

    But critics have pointed to the shutting down of public institutions, soaring homelessness rates, rising food bank use and projected rises in poverty rates as evidence of the austerity programmes devastating social implications. In his report, Alston accused authorities of remaining "determinedly in a state of denial" over the impact of their fiscal approach.

    "The costs of austerity have fallen disproportionately upon the poor, women(Yet most of Britain's homeless are MEN????), racial and ethnic minorities, children, single parents, and people with disabilities," he said. "In the area of poverty-related policy, the evidence points to the conclusion that the driving force has not been economic but rather a commitment to achieving radical social re-engineering," he added.

    Government pushback

    In response to a request for comment on Alston's report, the UK's Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) quoted an unnamed government spokesperson as saying that it "completely" disagreed with the envoy's analysis. "With this government's changes, household incomes have never been higher, income inequality has fallen, the number of children living in workless households is at a record low and there are now one million fewer people living in absolute poverty compared with 2010," the spokesperson cited by DWP on Friday said.

    "We are absolutely committed to helping people improve their lives while providing the right support for those who need it," the spokesperson added. Also on Friday, May, who has come under intense public scrutiny and parliamentary pressure over her draft Brexit deal, announced the appointment of a new government minister to head the negotiations with Brussels. Stephen Barclay was named Brexit secretary, replacing Dominic Raab who was one of the several ministers to quit on Thursday over the proposed withdrawal agreement.

    The UK is due to leave the EU on March 29, 2019, nearly three years after 52 percent of Britons voted in favour of ending the country's 43-year membership of the 28-member bloc during a deeply divisive referendum. Kartik Raj, a researcher for Human Rights Watch, called on the UK's leaders to heed the UN envoy's report despite the ongoing political unrest.

    "Professor Alston's excoriating analysis of the UK government's failures to tackle poverty makes for devastating reading," Raj said. "The government needs to sit up and pay attention to what he has said at this crucial time, not hope that his recommendations get buried in the nonstop rolling news coverage of Brexit," he added.

  • UN poverty envoy condemns need for devolved nations to mitigate UK policy (The Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights has released a report following his recent tour of Britain, accusing ministers of being “in a state of denial” over the extent of poverty in the Britain)
  • UN envoy Philip Alston’s report which says austerity has inflicted misery on UK citizens
  • Universal Credit agents 'encouraged' to get claimants off phone VIDEO

    How tory thugs crush welfare victims under their fascist boot
    Universal Credit: An evil tory agenda of deliberate mass enforced deprivation of Britain's vulnerable citizens

  • DWP spies strip multiple sclerosis sufferer of £20,000

    Anyone not as yet dependent on UK welfare needs to know the extremes the DWP assassins will go to justify stripping away payments and a sanctioning system that leaves the vulnerable and disabled homeless and penniless.

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Life Expectancy)
  • One dismal, brutish scandal after another leads back to Number 10 (Any doubts that we are being ruled over by a brutal and ruthless tory regime is blatantly obvious in the treatment of the Windrush migrants and the continued persecution of the vulnerable and disabled)
  • FCA prosecuted eight cases compared to the DWP's 10,000 cases

  • The Financial Conduct Authority prosecuted eight cases of insider trading in the past five years and secured 12 convictions. By comparison, the Department for Work and Pensions prosecuted or penalised more than 10,000 'alleged' benefit fraudsters last year (There lies the heart of inequality where rich toffs are getting away with murder while the poor are hammered)
  • Tory scum's assassins the DWP are causing fear and terror(from 3.14) VIDEO
    Tory filth slammed by UN for vile mistreatment of Britain's disabled

  • UN slams the UK Government saying welfare cuts have created a 'human catastrophe' for disabled people
  • Disability assessors 'lack right skills'(Appalling mistreatment of the disabled by a vile tory government)
  • Tory sanctions driving victims to destitution and suicide
    Figures show link between benefit re-assessments and suicides
    Government figures suggest a link between welfare re-assessments and suicides, an MP said today.

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has carried out investigations into 60 cases where benefit claimants are said to have taken their own lives. Labour's Diana Johnson said the figures cast doubt on claims that there is no link between suicide and welfare re-assessments, with DWP carrying out the internal reviews in the last five years. The number of investigations has been falling each year, with ministers insisting the matter was taken extremely seriously. But the figures have reignited the debate on how DWP treats vulnerable benefit claimants.

    Ms Johnson said: "Ministers have repeatedly claimed there to be no link between suicide and welfare re-assessment whenever figures have come to light. "This parliamentary answer to me blows this claim out of the water. "If there was no link, there wouldn't have been 60 reviews of suicides in the past five years. "I am appalled that these figures have remained unpublished for so long."

    A written parliamentary question from the Hull North MP has revealed that DWP carried out 15 internal reviews into suicides or alleged suicides of so-called DWP "clients" in 2012/13. Fourteen reviews were carried out in each of the following two years, with 11 reviews in 2015/16. This then fell to six last year.

    "Families who've been left in the dark need to know everything the DWP knows about these cases," Ms Johnson said. "Most importantly, we need a welfare system that supports, rather than victimises, the poorest and most vulnerable in our society." In his answer to Ms Johnson, work and pensions minister Damian Hinds said the internal reviews were carried out in relation to suicides or alleged suicides.

    He had previously told Labour MP Luciana Berger: "Suicide is a tragic and complex issue which we take extremely seriously. "If information is received that a DWP client has attempted or completed suicide and it is alleged that DWP activity may have contributed to this, we carry out an internal review to establish whether anything should have been done differently." Assessment for benefits has been an ongoing controversy for DWP, particularly the effects they can have on those with mental health issues.

    Samantha Nicklin, head of campaigns at charity Rethink Mental Illness, said there was never a simple explanation for why people decide to take their own life. She added: "What we do know is that people with mental illness consistently find the welfare benefits system - the interview, the sanctions, the number of assessments - stressful and harmful to their health. "Currently the system is fundamentally unsuited to supporting people living with mental illness.

    "We hope that the next government will use this opportunity to conduct an overhaul of the system, including the nature of the assessments, to ensure that people are not needlessly penalised and everyone can get the support they need." Last year campaigners led by the Disability News Service successfully appealed to a tribunal that these internal reviews should be made public.

    Recommendations from these reviews showed that DWP staff repeatedly failed to follow strict guidelines on how to support benefit claimants who had expressed thoughts of self-harm or threatened to take their own lives, which were introduced in 2009.

  • More people come forward in the DWP ‘Kill Yourself’ scandal
    On 28 February, The Canary reported the case of a woman who claimed an assessor working on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) asked her why she hadn’t killed herself yet.

    Since we published that report, several people have approached us claiming the same thing happened to them. In this follow-up, we are publishing several of their testimonies. We have also spoken to Atos, the company which carries out assessments for the DWP. And in a separate report, we have discussed these claims with the President of the British Psychological Society, Peter Kinderman.


    Several people contacted us with similar stories to Alice Kirby’s. Most have asked that we do not mention them by name. The majority of them said they feared it could affect their claims.


    " I was asked by a woman at the Atos PIP interview: ‘Why haven’t you killed yourself yet?’ I remember it very clearly. I left the room in tears and had my PIP cut. I was too afraid to complain in case they took all the money off me. "


    " I got asked why I hadn’t successfully committed suicide yet. Was it because I was trying to con benefits? Then when I was sanctioned from ESA, the woman who phoned me to tell me said that if I had been more suicidal I would have had more hospital visits for injuries sustained. Because I didn’t have (how many?) hospital stays because of suicide attempts, they judged I wasn’t sufficiently suicidal to warrant sick benefits and she ruled I was fit for work. I have on-going physical conditions that resulted in me having to give up most of my work due to illness. The depression and severe anxiety developed due to on-going work capability assessments and constant threat of suspension of benefit. I then had to go to the job centre. That is a whole other story of horrific humiliating degrading bullying. Deliberately designed to guide you to suicide "


    " I was asked if I’d thought about killing myself and then asked how I would do it. That was PIP. Have brain injury, constant anxiety attacks, and my meds for depression were increased today by doc. Didn’t score a single point. Nothing awarded. Have an ESA one to get through one week today. Absolutely dreading it. "

    Mona Gibson:

    " The assessor asked about my depression and I said that most days it’s like a darkness over me, my mind races along and I just couldn’t focus on one thing, other days I feel so lost and useless, with worry about coping with daily things and life in general and with all my different illnesses. She asked have I ever tried to take my life? I said yes, on several times. She said what stopped me? I said what. She said why didn’t I just get it over with? I just couldn’t cope with her asking me stuff like that. I just couldn’t stop crying, and she ended the assessment, and reported lies to DWP, that I didn’t want to carry on and she felt I was managing OK. She left me in pieces. Now I have to appeal the decision to not give me the full disability. "


    " Having recently had my WCA, I can confirm these questions are being asked. In my case, I was asked “Have you ever attempted suicide?”, then ” When?”, followed by “What did you do?”. The next question was “What is stopping you trying again?”. I also had this at my previous WCA. If you give a reason why you haven’t tried again, they decide you’re fit enough to go back to work. You then have a choice of signing on as available for work, or fighting them. If you choose to fight, you can’t sign on as available for work, because it will go against you. So your only option is to go back on assessment rate of £57 per week, quite difficult.

    First stage of fighting is asking for a mandatory reconsideration, which you only have one month to do. If this fails, you can then apply for an appeal. Only if the Courts and Tribunal Service agree you have grounds will you then be allowed to appeal. It took nearly twelve months between submitting my appeal and getting a decision, just twelve months ago. Here I am again, going through the WCA, and awaiting their decision, even though the tribunal judge, a proper high court judge, told them not to assess me again for a minimum of two years. "


    " I was at my ESA assessment in Poole, Dorset, summer 2016. I was suffering from suicidal depression and cluster headache (aka suicide headache). The interview was on the third floor. I opened the window to alleviate headache symptoms and he started making jump jokes and asking why I didn’t? IN FRONT OF MY SUPPORT WORKER!!! She wanted me to make a complaint but my mental health couldn’t take more conflict. I had gassed myself in a tent only 8 weeks previously. "


    " I’ve just read your article on ESA and Atos. I went for a medical assessment on the 21/2 2017 and I was also asked why I hadn’t taken my own life yet. I have never felt so belittled. I wasn’t examined either, just asked questions. "


    The Canary asked Atos whether asking people why they hadn’t killed themselves yet was a standard question:

    " This is not a standard question, however it is important to note our health professionals should be assessing this particular risk of all claimants who present with mental health conditions. Our trained and qualified health professionals have a duty of care to all claimants and so should this topic arise in an unprompted way during wider assessment discussions, our staff are trained to sensitively ascertain the nature of a person’s mental wellbeing. If a level of risk is identified we would then be required to share this with an independent medical health specialist. "


    The Canary asked the DWP three questions about our previous report. The DWP also told us that the healthcare professionals who carry out the assessments are supported by ‘mental health champions’ who have relevant mental health work experience.

    1) Will the DWP look into these claims?

    " We are not aware of any complaints made to either DWP or our contractors on this issue, but would investigate any allegations thoroughly. "

    2) Is the DWP happy with Atos assessors asking questions that psychologists claim these assessors are insufficiently experienced to be asking?

    " All PIP assessment providers receive training on mental health conditions, including suicidal issues. "

    3) Was the DWP already aware that Atos staff were asking people why they hadn’t killed themselves yet?

    " Healthcare Professionals receive training in order to conduct functional assessments on behalf of the DWP and their training includes conducting a mental health assessment which may, if appropriate, include questions about suicide or self-harm. "


    The DWP has made it clear that there has been no complaint so far. Atos said the same thing in reply to our original report. But fear of sanctions meant that most people who approached The Canary requested anonymity. And this same fear may be preventing people from making formal complaints.

    The testimonies suggest that inadequately trained staff are asking inappropriate questions of people with disabilities. These questions are disturbing people so much that it’s affecting their ability to deal with the assessment properly; and making them afraid to speak out. As such, it may be time for the DWP to stop waiting for a complaint and look into the matter itself.

    Get Involved!

    – If you are having a mental health crisis or are feeling suicidal, contact The Samaritans.

    – Write to your MP to voice your concerns about the way the DWP and Atos handle these assessments.

    – Support Disabled People Against Cuts.

  • A letter to fellow benefit claimants who feel suicidal
  • PIP investigation: Welfare expert says two-thirds of appeals involve lying assessors
    Graeme Ellis exposes the lengths the tory mafia will go to cause untold harm to the sick and vulnerable

    Welfare rights experts have produced evidence that backs up the findings of a Disability News Service (DNS) investigation into the lies told by healthcare professionals in their disability benefit assessment reports.

    Last week, the two-month investigation revealed how assessors working for the outsourcing companies Capita and Atos – most of them nurses – had repeatedly lied, ignored written evidence and dishonestly reported the results of physical examinations. The investigation suggested a serious, institutional problem that stretched across the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and its contractors, whose staff carry out face-to-face assessments of eligibility for personal independence payment (PIP). Now two separate welfare rights advice organisations say they have their own evidence that confirms many of the DNS findings.

    Graeme Ellis , who founded the Lancaster-based social enterprise Here2Support, said he and his colleagues are currently lodging up to 30 PIP appeals a week on behalf of claimants, and “20 to 25” of them involve assessors who have told lies in their reports. Here2Support has now started requesting some tribunals to call the Atos assessors to give evidence at appeals so they can be questioned about the honesty of their reports.

    But on the three occasions they have tried this so far, all have resulted in a DWP decision-maker reversing their decision and finding in favour of the claimant, despite the mandatory reconsideration – the internal DWP appeal – having already taken place. He said this shows that DWP “know damn well that the assessors are not reporting accurately”.

    Ellis said that he has been to many assessments in which the subsequent reports bore no relation to what the assessors were told by the claimant. He said: “You read the report and your first thought is, ‘It’s somebody entirely different.’ And most of these cases are successful at appeal.”

    Ellis and his colleagues do not have the resources to attend many face-to-face assessments themselves, but he has still witnessed this happening himself about eight times in the last three months. Among the tricks played by Atos, he said, is to force PIP claimants to walk down a long corridor to get from the waiting area to the assessment room.

    Even if they are able to make it – and he has seen claimants in such discomfort that they fall against the corridor wall – this does not mean that the claimant can do so “safely, reliably and repeatedly”, which assessors should take into account, he said. He has also read reports in which the assessor said the claimant walked to the assessment room, even though they arrived in a wheelchair.

    Another frequent comment is to say the claimant showed no signs of breathlessness or anxiety, even though they had been in tears during the assessment, he said. Ellis points out that he has had some cases in which the assessor has produced an honest and accurate report, only for the DWP decision-maker to ignore what had been written.

    Asked why there were so many dishonest reports, he said: “There have got to be some [assessors]doing it for kicks, but I think it is the pressure on the employer on how many people they let through. “DWP deny it, but there is pressure from DWP on Atos and Capita to meet targets.”

    And he believes that many of the problems with dishonest reports are the result of last year’s post-budget chaos, in which the government had to perform a u-turn over plans to tighten eligibility for PIP, following the resignation of work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith. This left a hole in DWP’s spending plans, Ellis believes, that it has filled by somehow increasing pressure on the assessment regime.

    He said: “Because they were unsuccessful in the budget last year with the plans for PIP, I think this is the aftermath.” It was Ellis who, last spring, embarrassed the Tory party by resigning in disgust at George Osborne’s budget, after voting Conservative for nearly 50 years.

    He had been managing the Conservative Disability Group’s website, and left a message on the site, stating: “This website is temporarily closed owing to Disability Cuts.” Asked whether it was happy for PIP assessors to be questioned by tribunal appeal panels, a DWP spokeswoman said in a statement, released less than an hour before today’s final DNS deadline: “As you’ve not provided the details of these cases, we are unable to look into them.

    “However, assessment providers work on behalf of DWP and it is DWP who have overall responsibility for making decisions. “Therefore, it wouldn’t be appropriate for an assessor to attend a tribunal. “In many cases, appeals are granted because further medical evidence is provided.”

    Evidence of concerns about PIP assessors has also come this week from Southampton Advice and Representation Centre (SARC). Just before Christmas, SARC published research analysing the results of 100 appeal tribunals in which it supported claimants between August 2015 and December 2016.

    SARC’s analysis found that it had been successful in 78 of those cases – although it only takes on cases where it has a reasonable chance of overturning the DWP decision – the highest success rate it has had for any benefit since it was founded 35 years ago. It has also had three cases in which an initial Atos assessment report led a DWP decision-maker to award the claimant zero points for both daily living and mobility – they need eight points for the standard rate and 12 for the enhanced rate – only for the tribunal to award the claimant the enhanced rate for both elements.

    The most outrageous example was that of a claimant who had been awarded zero points after the Atos assessment, only for the tribunal to award them 50 points for daily living and 22 for mobility, while another claimant was awarded 35 points for daily living and 18 for mobility. Gary Edwards, SARC’s manager, said: “Repeatedly clients tell us and indeed the tribunal panel, that the written records of the assessment do not accurately reflect what they actually recall saying to the assessor.”

    He said earlier: “The results we have found raise serious questions about the ability of Atos and point to a wider system failure. “We have real concern about the suitability in terms of professional experience of their assessors: can a physiotherapist or paramedic seriously understand complex mental health issues? Our research suggests this is improbable.”

  • Woman with no hands had her benefits stopped because she couldn’t open a letter VIDEO
    Ken Loach: Tory government 'callous, brutal and disgraceful' and 'must be removed'
    Accepting the award for best British film at the Bafta awards in London, the veteran director says politicians speak for corporations – and film-makers must stand with the poor and vulnerable

    Ken Loach has launched an uncompromising attack on the UK government at the 70th British Academy Film Awards.

    Speaking as he picked up his award for outstanding British film for I, Daniel Blake, which is conceived as a critique of the current state of the benefits system, Loach touched on accusations by some that his film failed to reflect reality. Loach thanked his cast and crew, the people of Newcastle and the academy for “endorsing the truth of what this film says, which is that hundreds of thousands of people – the vulnerable and the poorest people – are treated by the this government with a callousness and brutality that is disgraceful.”

    Loach continued by making reference to the Tory government’s apparent U-turn on its promise to accept thousands of unaccompanied children fleeing danger in Syria and elsewhere. “It’s a brutality,” he said, “that extends to keeping out refugee children we promised to help.”

    “In the real world,” added Loach, “it’s getting darker. And in the struggle that’s coming between the rich and the powerful, the corporations and the politicians that speak for them, and the rest of us on the other side, the film-makers know which side they’re on.” Speaking at the press conference afterwards, Loach went further, saying that the government “have to be removed”. He hoped that voters would see his film, but there was little point politicians doing so as “the people actually implementing these decisions know what they’re doing. It’s conscious.”

    Their welfare policies, he said, harked back to the Victorian workhouse ethos of telling people that poverty was their fault. “They know what they’re doing. We have to change them; they have to be removed.” His words were echoed by screenwriter Paul Laverty, who sought to draw attention to the UN’s ruling on the UK’s treatment of the disabled. “They found systematic and gross violations,” he said, before saying the Tories had “denied, spun and tried to discredit” the findings.

    “They don’t give a toss,” said Laverty, that “scurvy and rickets” had returned to the country, or that “16,000 people were admitted to hospital last year with malnutrition. We have a moral obligation to do one thing, and that’s get rid of them.” Meanwhile producer Rebecca O’Brien spoke up for those employees of the Ritzy cinema not being paid the living wage. “We think that’s completely wrong in this day and age.” Dave Johns, who stars in the film, added he felt I, Daniel Blake “gives the working class a voice back. People haven’t listened to them for 40 years.”

  • The tory's murderous trail of the dead goes on and on
    Maximus had cut off ill man's welfare payments before his death

    Tory assassins Maximus and the DWP still at the mass murder of the vulnerable

    Long term sick man, 56, collapses and dies just MINUTES after being ruled 'fit to work' by Jobcentre officials (and this from the very RAG controlled by Harmsworth that was smearing the vulnerable as scroungers)

    A man died of a heart attack as he left a Jobcentre where he'd been forced to sign on after being ruled fit to work. Lawrence Bond was looking for a job after his Employment and Support Allowance was stopped last July, despite his ongoing health problems. The 56-year-old suffered a fatal heart attack on January 12 after leaving the Kentish Town Jobcentre - and his grief-stricken family claim the stress of being forced to work led to his death.

    Mr Bond's Employment and Support Allowance was cut following a second work capability assessment, set by the Department for Work and Pensions and carried out by private American firm Maximus in July. He was awaiting the outcome of a second appeal at the time of his death.

    His family said he suffered from difficulty breathing and walking, as a result of weight problems, as well as lifelong anxiety. Mr Bond's sister Iris Green said her brother also had an underlying heart condition. She also said he held down regular jobs and had been working since the age of 16 when he trained as a car mechanic.

    Mr Bond did computer studies and went to companies fixing computers, photocopiers and cash tills but lost his long-term job two years ago after his weight and unfitness made him unemployable. His family claim he 'turned up at the Jobcentre in a state of distress and anxiety, was again told that he was 'fit to work' and died of a heart attack just after he left'. Ms Green told the Camden New Journal newspaper: 'I realise that the reception staff have no clinical knowledge or responsibility for doing it, but the rules need to be changed so that they have the right and discretion when they see a human being turning up in physical distress to flag the situation up and ask for urgent re-assessment.'

    A spokeswoman for the London Ambulance Service said an ambulance crew, three single responders in cars and an advanced paramedic were sent to the scene in under seven minutes. 'Sadly, despite the best efforts of our crews, a patient died at the scene,' the service added.

    An 'ANONYMOUS' spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions said: 'The local Jobcentre had been supporting Mr Bond and our sympathies are with his family at this difficult time. 'ESA decisions are made following a thorough assessment and after considering all of the evidence, including that provided by a claimant's doctor or other medical professionals. 'Anyone who disagrees with a decision can ask for it to be reconsidered, and if they still disagree they can appeal.'

  • Sick man ruled 'fit to work' at Jobcentre collapses and dies in street minutes later
  • The tory's assassins the DWP interfered with a sick man's doctors reports that led to his death
    Dad DIES 10 months after Job Centre bosses told his doctor not to write any more sick notes.

    The DWP wrote to James Harrison's doctor behind his back and declared him fit for work 10 months before he died

    A seriously ill dad died just 10 months after Department for Work and Pensions bosses advised his GP not to write any more sick notes for him. James Harrison had been declared “fit for work” and should not get medical certificates, the letter said.

    But 10 months after the DWP contacted his doctor without telling him, James was dead at 55, the Daily Record reported.

    His daughter Abbie, 23, said: “It’s a disgrace that managers at the Job Centre, who know nothing about medicine, should interfere in any way in the relationship between a doctor and a patient. “They have no place at all telling a doctor what they should or shouldn’t give a patient. It has nothing to do with them.

    “When the Job Centre starts to get involved in telling doctors about the health of their patients, that’s a really slippery slope.” Abbie said James had worked since leaving school at a community centre near his home. But his already poor health went downhill after the centre was shut down by austerity cuts. He had a serious lung condition and a hernia before the centre closed, and developed depression and anxiety afterwards.

    Abbie said: “He’d worked all his life. He wasn’t the kind of guy who knew anything about benefits. “But as his health deteriorated, there wasn’t any chance he could do a job. He applied for employment and support allowance.” James got ESA but only at the low rate of £70 a week, the same as jobseekers’ allowance. He was then sent for one of the DWP’s hated “Work Capability Assessments” – and declared fit for work.

    Despite that decision, Abbie said James remained in constant need of medical help and had to go to his doctor regularly. But the GP repeatedly refused to give him a sick note, and James began to suspect the Jobcentre were to blame. Abbie said: “He really needed a note. He was too ill to go to the constant appointments at the Jobcentre and he didn’t want to be sanctioned. “He became convinced the DWP had been talking to his doctor behind his back.”

    Abbie didn’t believe James’s theory at the time and thought he was just confused. But when she asked to see her dad’s medical records, she found a letter in his file from Julia Savage (A RARE occasion when one of these gangsters is identified), a manager at Birkenhead Benefit Centre in James’s home city of Liverpool. The letter was addressed to James’s GP. It said: “We have decided your patient is capable of work from and including January 10, 2016.

    "This means you do not have to give your patient more medical certificates for employment and support allowance purposes unless they appeal against this decision. “You may need to again if their condition worsens significantly, or they have a new medical condition.”

    PhD student Abbie is furious that James had to waste time at his short doctor’s appointments pleading for a sick line he wasn’t going to get. And she is sickened by the way the system treated her father at every turn. She said: “I’d love to interrogate these DWP people the way they interrogated dad – ask them to explain the things they put him through.

    “Dad wasn’t well. Who knows, maybe he could have improved if he’d been given some support, rather than subjected to suspicion and scepticism at every turn.” Asked about the letter, a DWP spokeswoman said: “The GP would have been notified so they know the outcome of the assessment. “And as the letter says, there’s no longer any requirement to provide a fit note unless the claimant appeals the decision, or their medical condition worsens or they have a new medical condition.”

  • What the evils of sanctioning has on Britain's vulnerable VIDEO
    Ken Loach: life in austerity Britain is 'consciously cruel' VIDEO

    Unbelievable that the tory version of Mugabe Kwasi Kwarteng attacks Ken Loach who exposes the scum and filth attacks on the poorest and most vulnerable sections of British society. More on this tory bum here
    Disability campaigner and Conservative MP discuss cuts VIDEO
    Tory henchwoman Nicky Morgan tries to justify attacks on the poorest VIDEO
    Tory's murderous rottweiller IDS finally quits over vile welfare cuts to the most vulnerable

    Iain Duncan Smith resigns - BBC Newsnight

    But only after thousands of innocents have died from them

    We have been exposing for many years the utter hypocrisy of a tory government responsible for thousands of vulnerable citizens of the UK being psychologically tortured to the point of death thanks to the evil Eton gangsters Cameron and Osborne using their whipping boy Iain Duncan Smith and state assassins the DWP, ATOS and now Maximus to crucify the poorest, most disabled and many with severe mental illness using sanctions that remove in an instant the paltry sum they had been given to survive on.

    NEVER since the Nazi regime has a group been so vilified by the utter scum and filth who claim to be a political party using the total power of the state to murder with impunity. Thatcher's vile spirit is alive and well in the hallowed walls of 10 Downing Street when a compliant media holds these evil bastards up as some sort of moral guardians looking down on the peasants as if they are something to erase from the bottom of their well heeled boots.

    Scumbag Osborne used IDS to push through his toxic cuts that has ensured vast swathes of the population have suffered enormous harm to the point that many felt suicide was a better option. Finally this odious scumbag has quit and left the rest of the Eton mobsters to justify the enormous pain and suffering of those who faced a brutal regime only to happy to use cuts to finish off those who they view as USELESS eaters.

  • Iain Duncan Smith sensationally resigns over George Osborne's cruel disability cuts
  • Osborne forced to cancel photoshoot by furious disability cuts protest
  • Six times Iain Duncan Smith defended the indefensible (Up until this afternoon, the welfare slasher was defending cruel cuts and brutal sanctions tooth and nail)
  • Vile tory henchman Iain Duncan Smith quits: While vile tory godfather Cameron is'puzzled' by resignation
  • Iain Duncan Smith QUITS Cabinet with vicious swipe at George Osborne over shambolic disability benefit cut U-turn (Harmsworth's Daily Rat has been holding up this evil murdering scumbag IDS as some sort of HERO)
  • The tory henchmen lined up to replace IDS to continue and hammer the disabled
  • Tory scum in disarray as one of their rottweillers goes AWOL
  • Tory psychopath Osborne under fire as Treasury retreats over disability benefits cuts
  • Tory scum's disability cuts: incompetent, unprincipled and unnecessary
  • The tory bastard who stuck the knife into the sick, poor and disabled now sticks the knife into his Tory fascist pals Osborne and Cameron (A bit late with the compassion speech after thousands died thanks to their vile cuts)
  • Tory scum aim to extend murderous sanction system to those who are working
    ATOS, Maximus and the DWP are state sponsored assassins for an evil tory regime using a psychological sanctioning system that triggers suicide in those who lose their only source of income.

    THE TORY government been attacked over plans to extend controversial benefit sanctions to claimants with jobs, with critics warning introducing the "shockingly harsh" penalties risks plunging workers into poverty.

    A number of pilot schemes are currently being carried out in the UK – including in Inverness – to assess a new scheme which the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) says is aimed at helping workers on low earnings take on more hours and increase their income. Benefits can be stopped if claimants fail to meet requirements outlined by the DWP – such as missing Jobcentre appointments or failing to show evidence of looking for more work for a certain number of hours a week, on top of their usual job.

    The in-work regime, which is expected to eventually apply to around one million people, is being trialled as part of Universal Credit, the new type of benefit which is being rolled out across the country. The DWP says its aim is “redefining the contract between claimants and the welfare state” and helping work to pay. The radical scheme - one of the first of its kind in the world - means for the first time those in part-time employment will have to meet certain conditions or risk losing support from the state.

    But in a series of submissions to the House of Commons Select Committee on Work and Pensions, which is carrying out an inquiry into the "in-work progression" scheme, charities, researchers and campaigners have warned the use of harsh punitive measures risks plunging workers into financial difficulties. Researchers have uncovered worrying examples of in-work claimants being sanctioned include a man who was 'fined' £70 after missing a JobCentre appointment because he had been called into work by his employer.

    Another case involved a woman who was struggling with debt after being given multiple sanctions as she tried to juggle Jobcentre appointments with working part-time and caring responsibilities. She ended up being threatened with eviction from her home. Dr Sharon Wright, senior lecturer in public policy in urban studies at Glasgow University, is lead researcher of a team at six universities across the UK which is carrying out a five-year study funded by the Economic and Social Research Council into welfare conditionality.

    She said the sanctions system being implemented was “quite shockingly harsh” and pointed to examples of cases of in-work claimants being penalised uncovered during their research. She said: “We had one interviewee who had an appointment at the Jobcentre, but got called into work. He phoned up the JobCentre to rearrange his appointment, they told him it couldn’t be rearranged and then he was sanctioned because he didn’t go.

    “So he was actually working and they took £70 off him because he wasn’t there. The idea behind the system is that it is meant to encourage people to work, but it is actually penalising people who are in work, so it is counter-productive – that is partly because of the rigidity of the system.” Wright pointed out it was also now common for workers to have variable hours, or zero hour contracts that were unpredictable – yet people were being issued with “inflexible” appointments by the JobCentre.

    “We interviewed another woman who had been given multiple sanctions – in her case she had caring responsibilities which were unpredictable and she had work that had variable hours,” she said. “She ended up missing appointments because she was either caring or working and because the sanctions ramp up, she ended up in arrears with her rent and having bailiffs coming to the door and being threatened with eviction.

    “That is someone who from her point of view is trying to do all the right things – she is trying to meet her family obligations by doing informal care, she is trying to meet work obligations by going out to work and yet she is finding this rigid system is not taking that into account.” Wright acknowledged one beneficial aspect of the new system was that workers on lower hours would now be entitled to claim support, which they could not do under the new system - but questioned whether enough was in place to help support claimants to find more hours or better paid jobs.

    “There is no system to help people gain confidence or train them or improve their situation in terms of pay or in terms of career progression,” she said. “What is means is heavy pressure on relatively powerless workers – who are part-time workers or low paid workers – to find more work.” John Dickie, director of Child Poverty Action Group Scotland, said parents on low incomes would usually take on extra hours whenever they could.

    He said: "All the evidence is that given the opportunity and when parents can juggle childcare they take on extra hours, they want to increase their hours at work. "But there are real structural barriers in terms of the nature of the kinds of jobs that people are in - which mean limited opportunities to increase hours and increase earnings in work - as well as real issues that families face still both with the costs and availability of childcare."

    Dickie said there was plenty of evidence of the "devastating" impact sanctions could have on out-of-work benefit claimants, including reducing their chances of getting back into work by removing vital financial support and forcing families to turn to food banks. He added: "The evidence would suggest [sanctions for in-work claimants] would be completely counter-productive, and there is a very real risk that families – including families with children – will be pushed into even greater financial hardship than they already are."

    Other submissions to the Work and Pension Select Committee inquiry include a response from Oxfam, which said financial sanctions should not be included as it was "too blunt an instrument" for dealing with hugely differing circumstances. Boycott Workfare, which campaigns against sanctions, said extending sanctions to those who are in work will "punish people on the receiving end of the UK's low-pay, no-pay precarious labour market".

    Rob Gowans, policy officer at Citizens Advice Scotland, also raised concerns around the use of sanctions, saying many out-of-work benefit claimants had experienced problems as a result of the impact of sanctions. He said: “We are concerned that introducing this for people who are in work, or in part-time work, won’t really help them find a job and just push them further into hardship.

    “We would like to see a full independent fundamental review of the current sanctions regime to see what effect it has and whether it is fulfilling its purpose." A response submitted by University of Glasgow’s Medical Research Council/Chief Scientist Office Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, also noted that details of the trials being carried out by the DWP "remain scarce".

    Dr Marcia Gibson, research associate at the Unit, said it was standard practice to publish protocols for trials ahead of them taking place. She said: “If this is not done there is a risk of cherry picking - you are supposed to specify in advance which groups you are going to be interested in and which analyses you are going to run.

    “Otherwise you could run many analyses after the fact and pick the findings which suited your particular take. “If any researcher only publishes the trial findings after the fact and don’t publish their methodology in full, there is no way of knowing if they stuck to their plans or how they recruited people, for example – all kinds of really important aspects of trial design that can influence the findings need to be known in advance.”

    The DWP did not respond to questions from the Sunday Herald asking how long the pilots would last or if the evaluation of the scheme would be made public. In a statement, it said workers taking on more hours is being made possible by more generous childcare support under Universal Credit and that certain groups, such as the long-term disabled or recent victims of domestic violence, were being excluded from the trial.

    The DWP also said it would support 'hardworking families' but benefit claimants working part-time who could work more have a “responsibility to themselves and the state to take on more hours.” A spokesman for the DWP (The murderers are never quoted by name and remain anonymous for the crimes against their victims) said: “We make no apology for helping people to progress in their jobs and earn more money.

    “This is something the benefits system has never done before, and this kind of criticism completely misses the point of Universal Credit.”


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