What is the best form of defence against a terror attack?

Britain has been riddled with terror attacks over recent months yet the British establishment has left ordinary citizens reliant on a slow reacting police force to protect them from impending danger. The British sheeple have been conned into believing, after Dunblane, that guns are best left in the hands of the ruling mafia, yet most of the landed gentry have vast arsenals stockpiled in case of a peasant uprising especially the royal parasites.

It is NO USE them putting freemasons disguised as cops on the streets with machine guns as that will never protect an ordinary member of the public facing an imminent terror attack. ONLY an immediate response with being armed would stop someone from dying at the hands of a terror threat. American citizens would NEVER tolerate leaving their own personal safety in the hands of a few armed cops.

Little did the British public realise the potential nightmare of allowing only those in control to handle guns leaving ordinary citizens prey to attacks both from criminal acts and the much bigger threat of a terrorist attack that is becoming all to common.


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