Heterosexual men the new black in Apartheid Scotland

The Holyrood mafia : Some of the above have since moved on

NO sign of the children stolen into care by Scotland's vile legal mafia and abused by the paedo's running them after outrageous allegations were made against their fathers?



and coming to a country near you soon with Scotland as the test bed

As long term survivors of the Scottish legal system and the utter abuses inflicted on men going through divorce we have been shocked at the latest moves by Scotland's abhorrent political mafia headed by top lawyer honcho Nicola Sturgeon. This is the equivalent of the vile apartheid rules in South Africa when specific legislation was aimed at those of colour so the new domestic abuse laws manufactured in Scotland are aimed at gender specifically heterosexual men.

Scotland is utterly controlled by freemasons UTTERLY and everything that comes out of EVIL Holyrood has MASONIC stamped all over it. As long term campaigners we have frequented that institution enough times to know how evil it can get. Not only are the supposed devolved assembly legislation twisted in its very nature but when feminists , lesbians, homosexuals, lawyers and freemasons decide what becomes law you have a tyranny so vast no heterosexual man should feel safe in his bed when the masonic judges, lawyers, cops and bailiffs set their sights on every last vestige of a mans wealth that will be sliced up to feed the ravenous monsters now given even more free rein to weaken men to the point of non existence. Ask former MSP Tommy Sheridan what lengths these evil bastards went to destroy him , his wife and child.

The very heart of freemasonry began in Kilwinning the Mother Lodge of Scotland and less than a stones throw away lies the bankruptcy regime that we have watched time and again putting the final nail in the coffin of the many men dragged into a court system that is as evil as the most horrific atrocities and goes on behind closed doors every single day. The psychological and financial destruction of NON mason men is an every day occurrence that never sees the light of the day in the corporate rags that are totally controlled by the Speculative Society a vile elitist arm of the freemasons behind some of the most wicked cover ups in Scottish history. That would Include the Dunblane massacre , the Lockerbie bombing and the Shirley McKie fingerprint charade where lawyers, judges, cops and politicians conspired to cover up the most hideous abuses of law where the many implicated saw NO justice thanks to the Spec club's total control of all things legal in Scotland.

Despite our continued efforts to expose these horrendous abuses, that ultimately impact on thousands of non mason heterosexual men yearly, the vile scum operating out of Holyrood are actually turning the screw even more with legislation that now makes it easier for those men to be brutalized by the masonic thugs masquerading as some sort of law enforcement when they are in fact the biggest silent destroyers of men not part of their satanic cult. We will keep these issues at the very forefront of our reporting.

These smug bastards suggest that all of this is to protect the poor wee downtrodden women of Scotland when it has nothing to do with protection of anybody it is the excuse for freemasons behind this abhorrent system to make it even easier to destroy men and steal everything from them including removing the biological protection of a father from their children with many ending up in Scotland's children's care system and into the hands of the paedo's of the Spec club who like at Dunblane accessed children for their own evil perverted ends. See what went on at Queen Victoria school in Dunblane where servicemen operating overseas had their children at this boarding school and where high level Spec members used to pick them up at weekends to abuse and why Dunblane was triggered as a smokescreen to distract and protect these monsters and their vile abuses.

PURE EVIL OPERATES OUT OF SCOTLAND. How do we know? We have for decades been victims of the horrors that flow from total anarchy in Scotland's creepy satanic run court system.

  • Scotland's legal mafia removing children into care? homes to feed the homopaedo rings operating them (and why heterosexual fathers are being smeared and their biological protection is taken away from children)
  • What happens to heterosexual men in Scotland when feminist leaning lawyers, lesbians, womens aid , homosexuals, and freemasons at Holyrood manufacture apartheid style laws (The most serious attack on men throughout history and promoted by the femi / homo BBC and the excuse for the legal mafia to fleece men and their families dry)
  • Scotland's legal mafia removing children into care? homes to feed the homopaedo rings operating them (and why heterosexual fathers are being smeared and their biological protection is taken away from children)
  • The evil Speculative Society who steal Scottish mens wealth through masonic run courts
  • The horrors of Dunblane and the Speculative club who helped cover it all up
  • Kilwinning, home to Scottish Templars, but it was the womb of another shadowy secret society which has become the focus of many conspiracy theories around the world the Freemasons