Anxiety brought on by the lunatics running the asylum

Identifying psychopaths doesn't require a psychiatrist when any man with a modicum of common sense can see that the world is under the complete control of a bunch of well heeled lunatics using a cult to create vast chasms of wealth. That while keeping the rest of the populous in debt and in a very high state of fear and anxiety, especially the men not part of their cult, who like throughout history have had to unite to remove despots from their perch inside their ivory towers THAT IS LONG OVERDUE.

Men are topping themselves in vast numbers, like lemmings falling over a cliff. The gutter rags keep providing every excuse under the sun why that should be when there are many underlying reasons they deliberately ignore as to why the psychopathic leaders require to keep those men weakened and easily pushed over the edge. There many ruses they use that keep those men malleable and easy targets to strip them bare of any wealth they have accumulated over a life time of graft and a legal system that redistributes that wealth into the hands of those who have manipulated the law to provide easy pickings of those weakened through stealth.

Non cult men have good reason to be anxious as £millions of public money via governments are poured into so called feminist groups who are used to besmirch men and attack the very soul of the men who will at some point be lined up and stripped and left in many cases homeless and penniless and with families ripped apart to block any support network men may have to cope with the sudden and extreme fall from grace. Something many men can no longer tolerate and see the easy way out as looking for a high building or bottle of pills.

Suicide of men is being accelerated as the rich become greedier and use more extreme and faster ways of stripping them, as waiting for issues to arise in their lives keep the robber barons from attaining unfathomable wealth much quicker. All sorts of political and legal scams are being developed by the utter scum and filth to destabilise men's environments to the point they can no longer function as they were biologically intended. Devious and dangerous psychopaths are pulling their evil strings to keep them in the lifestyles they think they deserve.

It will require those non cult men to rise up and stop the vast global plundering of men's estates by a satanic force that binds these psychopaths whose main intention is to destroy men not part of their cult. We are certain given time and waking up the many men still unaware of those dangers for these bastards sinister games to be blocked when we know how they operate and being circulated across the globe to warn those as yet not fully awakened to the nightmare scenario men are facing on a daily basis through that psychopathic mindset.


  • Diversity concern as Scottish Parliament nears 20th anniversary (Holyrood is a perfect storm of what happens when extreme lunatic MAN HATING feminists, homosexuals and freemasons plot to strip Scottish heterosexual 'no cult' men of their livelihoods)